Death Threat goes to the Police

Police Case

Last night I received this lovely message:

“I promise you, Sam Young, if you ever attempt to destroy a family or pass legislature to destroy a family because the parents are teaching true doctrine to their kids and raising them in the fear of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I will personally kill you. I will also personally kill anyone who attempts to destroy my family and will always teach my kids that acting on LGBTQ+ temptations is a sin, and punish it accordingly. I would come out 100% victorious too, you can count on that. However, being LGBTQ+ is not a sin. Thus, consider yourself warned. This warning goes for everyone else too.” —Mike Forella

I take this threat seriously, both regarding me and others who are associated with Protect LDS Children.  The perpetrator has cast his threatening net far and wide.

This morning a visit was paid to the Sugar Land Police.   I reported the threat, described our cause and reviewed the blog post that evoked the words, “I will personally kill you.”  I also turned over the menacing man’s email and IP addresses.   Of course, I realize that the name and email could be fake.

The officer had an interesting question for me:  “Your cause is just.  However, by speaking publicly you are going to get negative push-back.  Can you pursue your cause without being out in the open?”

Well….that train has already left the station.

The case will now be sent to the investigating officers.  An update should be available in a week or so.

This is the first death threat I’ve received.  But, not the first criminal threat.  Last February, threats were made against my family, my business and against my person.  All were reported to the police.  Ultimately, the authorities didn’t have enough information to track down the menace.  Hopefully, this time they will.

I don’t believe we should allow threats of violence to be made with impunity.  Otherwise, they will proliferate.

Here are the articles that chronicle the previous incidents.

The Church threatens, member follows with mal-intent

Terroristic Threat

The terroristic threats may be coming from my own church 

My employees feel the threat


15 thoughts on “Death Threat goes to the Police

  1. The letter reads like you’re threatening his abilities to abuse. A little unnerving. You ok? All the best to you and thanks for what you’ve done. I still have kids and grandkids in the church. Wish you’d been around when I was having my interviews. It’s still a bad memory, so here’s to better change.

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  2. The message rings false to me. Not saying it wasn’t posted on your site by *somebody*, it’s just that most people who are not part of the LGBTQ+ community would just say “gay” or “homosexual” or “lesbian” instead of LGBTQ+. Feels like a false flag to me. Either way, I hope the police are able to find the perpetrator so you can rest easy.

    That said, I have supported what you do and stand for since I first heard of you. Keep standing strong.

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  3. You should warn your family, if you haven’t already. Good for you that you’ve reported it to the police. Intimidating and threatening emails should always be taken seriously. Hope they catch this creep!

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  4. I don’t understand in what way you are “destroying families.” I think that’s why they excommunicate people; to create the perception among the “faithful” that you’re a threat. Obviously it works. I hope they catch him.

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    1. The church excommunicated Sam because of his utter distaste for the church and it’s leadership and for his seeking for others to join his cause and crusade against the church.

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      1. Utter distaste for the church and it’s leadership? Nope. I have a distaste for a policy. I have spoken out strongly and loudly against it. I am not against the church or its leadership. Making changes to protect children will help the church and its leaders. That’s what I want to see for the church.

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      2. From somebody who’s never belonged, Robert, I assure you that what they did to Sam makes them look absolutely awful. I’m not sure what they could have done that would have been worse. Shame on them!

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      3. I don’t see what he’s doing as a “crusade against the church.” It seems like a “crusade to protect children (and bishops).” I guess if you think that you have to believe that all church policies are decreed by God, then I can see how you might believe that disagreeing with them is a “crusade against the church.” But it is neither doctrinal, nor healthy, to believe that church leaders are infallible.

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  5. The light of God surrounds you, the love of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you. Wherever you are, God is and all is well.

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  6. So what Mike in essence is saying is that, being a good, honest, true christian man that he is, he, is going to not be a christian and kill you….yeah….cog dis much Mike? Love how anti-christian people can be when they feel threatened or imagine being threatened. Mike the cake is a lie. Get help.


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