Subpoena to be Issued

Police Sugar Land

Recently, a death threat was issued against me and supporters of the cause to Protect LDS Children.  I took this seriously and filed a report to the police on October 9.  According to them, this kind of threat is illegal.

Today, I received a call from the detective entrusted with the case.  He informed me that a subpoena is being issued to positively identify the source of the threat.  I had previously provided the police with the email and IP address that are associated with the threatening message.

Many people have spoken publicly in support of Protect LDS Children.  Some have expressed concerns about also being a target of this threat.  I hope this reassures you that action is being taken.

It’s so interesting to look back on the summer of 2017.  I was starting to comprehend what happens behind closed bishop doors in the LDS Church.   I was so naive.  Things appeared so obviously egregious to me.  I assumed that once local awareness was raised that everyone would call for an immediate change to the policy.  Wow…was I ever wrong.

A year and a half has transpired.  The church has excommunicated me.  One member has threatened harm to me….and my family….and my business.  Another member has threatened to “personally kill” me.

And guess what.  Mormon children are still being taken behind closed doors and probed with sexual questions.



Death Threat goes to the Police

Police Case

Last night I received this lovely message:

“I promise you, Sam Young, if you ever attempt to destroy a family or pass legislature to destroy a family because the parents are teaching true doctrine to their kids and raising them in the fear of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I will personally kill you. I will also personally kill anyone who attempts to destroy my family and will always teach my kids that acting on LGBTQ+ temptations is a sin, and punish it accordingly. I would come out 100% victorious too, you can count on that. However, being LGBTQ+ is not a sin. Thus, consider yourself warned. This warning goes for everyone else too.” —Mike Forella

I take this threat seriously, both regarding me and others who are associated with Protect LDS Children.  The perpetrator has cast his threatening net far and wide.

This morning a visit was paid to the Sugar Land Police.   I reported the threat, described our cause and reviewed the blog post that evoked the words, “I will personally kill you.”  I also turned over the menacing man’s email and IP addresses.   Of course, I realize that the name and email could be fake.

The officer had an interesting question for me:  “Your cause is just.  However, by speaking publicly you are going to get negative push-back.  Can you pursue your cause without being out in the open?”

Well….that train has already left the station.

The case will now be sent to the investigating officers.  An update should be available in a week or so.

This is the first death threat I’ve received.  But, not the first criminal threat.  Last February, threats were made against my family, my business and against my person.  All were reported to the police.  Ultimately, the authorities didn’t have enough information to track down the menace.  Hopefully, this time they will.

I don’t believe we should allow threats of violence to be made with impunity.  Otherwise, they will proliferate.

Here are the articles that chronicle the previous incidents.

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My Employees Feel the Threat

NervousTonight, I sent this email to the police.

Hi Officer_____,

I really appreciate your attention to this matter.  Thanks a million.

One of my long-time employees recently got wind of the threats.  He’s ex-military.  This is how he responded:

I saw the re-post of an email you received.  It was a straight out threat of violence.   The person made comment about you being an “Ex Owner”  and questioned your security at the office and even stated to upgrade the security.  He stated “repent of lose”. 

 That dude threats the security of the office it’s no longer just a direct threat to you it is a direct threat to anyone that works here.    Sam, I need to know why you didn’t inform me/us about this threat.   I have a license to carry and I feel as though I need to be prepared and have it concealed.   Please let me know of your thoughts.  It only takes one person to feel bold enough to charge this office with a firearm.   I don’t want to be unarmed if that day comes.

Monday, I’ll let all my employees know the full details of the threats we’ve received.
All my best, Sam

Four weeks ago, I met with the entire company to discuss what I am doing with the Protect-The-Children cause.  The major article in the Houston Chronicle had just come out and the Houston news conference was around the corner.

We discussed the child interview protocol in the Mormon church.  Except for my LDS employees, all were shocked at what we do to our kids.  Everyone, including the LDS contingent, were supportive of my efforts towards change.

The purpose of the discussion was to inform them of the possible risk of losing customers.  There may be Mormon purchasing agents who would look dimly on the cause I have undertaken.  In general, we don’t know the religion of our clients or that of their superiors.  Of course, I think the vast majority of my fellow Mormons wouldn’t punish me for speaking up for protecting kids.  But, it is a possibility.

However, no discussion was had regarding physical and anonymous threats to the business.  Frequently, I’m about as naive as you can get.  The possibility of threats had never entered my mind.  When “The Avenger” sent his ominous emails, I was caught off guard and wasn’t sure what to do.  I neglected to let my employees know.  That will be corrected this coming Monday.

I want to thank all my friends who reached out with comfort suggestions, and sleuthing.  Thanks a million.

Now…..come March For The Children.  Register HERE today.

And, get this…a Salt Lake City restaurant has donated 1,000 sandwiches to feed our 1,000 marchers.

This event is going to BIG…HISTORIC…and…it will SAVE LIVES.