Creating a Perfect Paradise for Pedophiles


SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) published an article describing  Mormon interview practices with children an “invitation for sexual abuse.”   The Salt Lake Tribune followed up with their article entitled “Sexual abuse survivors group of ‘Spotlight’ fame calls on Mormon church to change interview system.”

The LDS Church, by way of the Deseret News, responded with this editorial:  “In our opinion:  Mormon bishop interviews are not ‘invitations’ for abuse.”

So, which is it?

Experts say—Invitation for abuse

Church says—Not an Invitation for abuse

Well, well.  Let’s consider it from a pedophile’s perspective.  What conditions would be conducive to a Perfect Paradise for Pedophiles?

Check markNo fingerprint check.

Check markNo background check.

Check markUnfettered access to children.

Check markInstitutional requirement that all children meet one-on-one with a man behind closed doors.

Check markInstitutional requirement that no parent or other adult be in the same room when a child is all alone with an adult male leader.

Check markInstitutional acceptance, expectation, and instruction that sexual matters be discussed between a child and a grown man behind-closed-doors.

Check markNo restrictions whatsoever on how sexually graphic one-on-one interviews with children can be.

Every single one of those Check mark marks applies to the Mormon Church….ONLY the Mormon church.  No other reputable institution in America condones this behavior.  In fact, every other institution in our country condemns this conduct.

What do YOU think?

Is the interview protocol for children in my church an invitation for abuse?  Or simply a sacred opportunity for a child and his or her spiritual male leader?

Pedophiles In Our Midst

Jan 2018:   Former Bishop charged with sex abuse.

Jan 2018:  Stake Executive Secretary Arrested for Groping Teenager

Dec 2017:  American Fork LDS bishop counselor arrested for reported sexual abuse

Sep 2017:  Mormon bishop took his own life during sex abuse trial

Aug 2017:  Mormon high priest admits 21 child sex offences

Jul 2017:   Former LDS bishop avoids arrest warrant by fleeing to Venezuela

Jun 2017:  Former LDS bishop arrested for alleged child sex abuse

Apr 2017:  Outcry as Utah judge calls Mormon bishop who raped a girl a ‘good man’

Jan 2014:  Former LDS bishop arrested on count of luring minor for sexual exploitation

Nov 2013:  Ex-Mormon bishop pleads guilty in sexual assaults of two teens

Nov 2011:  Former LDS Bishop sentenced in sex abuse case

Dec 2008:  Former LDS bishop sentenced for molesting young girls

Feb 2005:  Former Stake President sentenced for sex soliciting a 14 year old

May 1999:  Mormons caught up in wave of pedophile accusations

Come on, my Mormon friends.  This has to make your stomach turn.  These pedophiles were Bishops and Stake Presidents!!!  Never…ever…allow your child to go behind closed doors with an any adult, even at church.

Protect The Children NOW

In 2018, this monstrous practice WILL be struck down….as we all join our efforts together.

  1. Add your name to 10,000 thundering voices
  2. Share your story on  This is important.  We now have 66 stories of inappropriate interviews and the harms they have caused.  Our goal is 1,000.  The documentation of this wide swath of damage will draw strong media coverage.
  3. Stay tuned…..

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10,000 Gifts for Our Children

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Eve, 2017….a milestone for our children was attained.  10,000 signatures on the Petition:  Protect The Children–Stop Sexually Explicit Interview of Mormon Youth

This is the first major step in our march to stop behind-closed-door interviews where our children are probed about sexual matters.

I want to thank everyone who has taken a stand with your signature.  Thank you for sharing, discussing and speaking up.  I know many of you took a lot flack from friends and family.  Let me assure you that your reputation is not at risk.  We are on the right side of history.

BTW, I have often seen the petition referred to as “Sam Young’s” petition.  Once upon a time, that description was fitting.  No longer.  It’s “OUR” petition.  It now belongs to 10,000 protectors of children.

Very Important Next Step

The petition has already accomplished a lot of good.  However, much work still remains to induce the church to make the drastic changes that we want.  Several initiatives will be rolled out over the coming 3 months.  Please stay the course.  If our 10,000 dissipates, the task will be that much harder.

Over the next 2 weeks, our goal is to record 1,000 stories of youth interviews and their consequences.  We have already reached 4% of the target.  This step is critical in promoting our cause to the media.  It will be media attention that will ultimately catalyze change at church headquarters.

Take the next 10 minutes and do the following:

  1. Go to the new site
  2. Click on SHARE YOUR STORY
  3. Record your story.  It can be as long or short as you choose.

Thanks in advance for your help.


You may be interested as to where the Protect-The-Children people are located.

I’ve broken it down by State and then by Country.  All U.S. states are represented along with 54 countries around the world.

By State

State Count %
UT    4,517 47.40%
CA      761 7.99%
AZ      538 5.65%
TX      509 5.34%
ID      461 4.84%
WA      421 4.42%
OR      253 2.66%
CO      238 2.50%
NV      176 1.85%
VA      113 1.19%
NC      100 1.05%
NY        96 1.01%
FL        94 0.99%
OH        81 0.85%
MO        78 0.82%
IL        74 0.78%
GA        66 0.69%
PA        65 0.68%
IN        60 0.63%
MI        57 0.60%
NM        54 0.57%
WY        49 0.51%
MN        47 0.49%
MA        44 0.46%
TN        44 0.46%
MD        43 0.45%
MT        41 0.43%
IA        38 0.40%
WI        37 0.39%
HI        35 0.37%
OK        35 0.37%
AR        30 0.31%
KS        29 0.30%
NJ        29 0.30%
KY        28 0.29%
SC        28 0.29%
AL        26 0.27%
AK        22 0.23%
CT        21 0.22%
LA        17 0.18%
NE        16 0.17%
SD          9 0.09%
WV          9 0.09%
ME          6 0.06%
ND          6 0.06%
NH          6 0.06%
DC          5 0.05%
MS          5 0.05%
VT          5 0.05%
RI          4 0.04%
DE          3 0.03%
TOT   9,529

By Country

Country Count %
USA     9,531 92.79%
Canada       232 2.26%
UK       137 1.33%
Australia         90 0.88%
Sweden         39 0.38%
Brazil         25 0.24%
Germany         24 0.23%
Norway         19 0.18%
Finland         18 0.18%
New Zealand         16 0.16%
France         10 0.10%
Netherlands         10 0.10%
Spain         10 0.10%
South Africa           9 0.09%
Ireland           8 0.08%
Japan           7 0.07%
Philippines           7 0.07%
Switzerland           7 0.07%
Denmark           6 0.06%
India           6 0.06%
Mexico           6 0.06%
Austria           4 0.04%
Greece           4 0.04%
Italy           4 0.04%
Singapore           3 0.03%
Belgium           2 0.02%
Chile           2 0.02%
China           2 0.02%
Colombia           2 0.02%
Dominican Republic           2 0.02%
Hungary           2 0.02%
Malaysia           2 0.02%
Peru           2 0.02%
Russia           2 0.02%
South Korea           2 0.02%
Thailand           2 0.02%
UAE           2 0.02%
Antigua and Barbuda           1 0.01%
Argentina           1 0.01%
Bulgaria           1 0.01%
Costa Rica           1 0.01%
Czech Republic           1 0.01%
Ecuador           1 0.01%
Estonia           1 0.01%
Hong Kong           1 0.01%
Iceland           1 0.01%
Jamaica           1 0.01%
Kuwait           1 0.01%
Luxembourg           1 0.01%
Panama           1 0.01%
Puerto Rico           1 0.01%
Uganda           1 0.01%
Zimbabwe           1 0.01%
TOT    10,272

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Children are Sacred…Policies are Not

david-goliathIn response to the Petition, ‘Protect The Children,’ the LDS Church recently released a statement.  In it, bishops’ interviews with children are called “sacred opportunities.”

A sacred opportunity?

Taking a child behind closed doors, all alone, with an older untrained man?  This is a sacred opportunity?

Then, talking to the child about masturbation, all alone, behind that closed door?  Really?  You have the audacity to call this sacred?

Every church in America has outlawed this egregious behavior….except one….the LDS Church, my church.

Calling this dangerous and disgusting practice sacred befouls the very meaning of the word sacred.  Policies are NOT sacred.  Practices are NOT sacred.  Especially NOT this one.

Then What is Sacred?



And….Adults have a sacred obligation…to protect our sacred children.

Five Stones

David, in preparing for his epic clash with Goliath, “chose five smooth stones out of the brook, and put them in a shepherd’s bag.”

For our epic clash with Goliath, we will also need five smooth stones.  The first stone is now securely nestled in the bag…10,000 signatures of responsible adults.

It’s time to gather up our second stone…1,000 stories of inappropriate youth interviews and their harmful consequences.

Here’s what I’m asking of you…share your story.

  1. Go to the new site
  2. Click on “Share Your Story.”
  3. Record your story of inappropriate interview questions and the harm done.  It can be as simple as, “The bishop asked inappropriate sexual questions which caused self-loathing during my teen years.”
  4. Share this blog post and encourage others to record their stories.  But, only if it’s safe.

This little stone of 1,000 stories will be very important going forward.  Please help us put it in our shepherd’s bag.

Until a week ago, we had no real plan…except for completing the current step.  That’s changed.  We now have a battle plan.  I’ll outline it all soon.  In the meantime, let’s get those 1,000 stories.  WE made the 10,000 happen.  WE can make these 1,000 happen, too.

Thanks for enthusiastically embracing our sacred duty to protect the children.

Additional Resources

Destroying Childhood One Interview at a Time

YoungWomanToday, I received the following comment.  It was attached to a disturbing story recounting the damage that untrained bishops can unwittingly unleash.

This issue was a major part of the destruction of my childhood.  I shared my story on your website.  That’s the first time I’ve ever actually shared that story before.  I kept it inside for so long and tried to minimize it.  All I can think of is how Furious I would be if it had been my daughter.

Her story is recorded on the new Protect LDS Children website.  I’m not going to reveal which one it is.  After all, she has just now gathered the courage to put it in writing.  However, all the narratives shown may very well have “destroyed a childhood.”

To my dear friend of lost childhood:  My heart and tears go out to you.  What was done to you was wrong.  I am sorry.  Thousands of thundering voices are now speaking out to prevent this from happening to children of the future.

New Website

It is evident that we need an easily accessible location for the media and members to read about the harm these interviews cause.


Please:  Go to the new site and record your story.

Please:  Share the existence of the new site so that others can record their story.

Thanks for your incredible support.  We are going to change the church.  You, me, and 10,000 others.

Oh yeah….SIGN the Petition if you haven’t yet.  Join 10,000 thundering voices to protect our children

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Want your child behind closed doors, all alone with a man talking masturbation? Then join the Mormon Church. We are the ONLY ones who do it.

Disgusted Girl

Yep.  That’s right.  You can’t find masturbation interviews for your children anywhere else.

“No other reputable institutional church, private or public school, sports group, youth serving organization, or community center allows one-on-one meetings between adults and children.  It’s an invitation for sexual abuse. Why is the LDS church endorsing this horrible practice?”  –Statement by Joelle Casteix, SNAP Western Regional Leader

SNAP is a prominent support group that helped expose widespread sexual abuse by Catholic priests.  The acronym stands for Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests.

In no uncertain terms, SNAP condemns what has become an LDS institutional hallmark, masturbation interviews.  According to Ms. Casteix, “The ramifications of these meetings are horrific.”

My Fellow Mormons

I’m ashamed that these closed-door-interviews are still part of our culture.  They certainly are not doctrine.  We are condoning the shame and self-loathing that our children are experiencing.

The rest of the world has already made changes to protect the kids.  Every institutional church and youth serving organization have eliminated behind-closed -doors-all-alone meetings with children…..except us.

We were forced by the Federal Government to abandon polygamy.  We lagged years behind the civil rights movement in finally ditching our embarrassing racism.  We are now years behind society again.  If you allow our “horrific” practice to continue….the harm to our children is on you!!!

***My Non-Mormon Friends***

You, your relatives, your neighbors or friends may be considering joining my Mormon Church.  If so, be aware that we are the ONLY church in America that conducts sexually oriented interviews with children, all alone, behind closed doors.

I’m giving you a heads up.  Your children WILL regularly be called into private one-on-one meetings with a leader of your congregation.  Often without your knowledge or consent.  It is very likely that those interviews will be sexually oriented with sexually probing questions.  Always behind closed doors and without a parent in the room.

The Church offers many good things.  I encourage you to seriously weigh the good against the severe risks that your children will be exposed to.

Additional Resources

Join us by adding your thundering voice to the PETITION

Next To Murder

Lonely.jpgFor the Strength of Youth

Children in the Mormon church, my church, are instructed to live by the precepts taught in a pamphlet called “For the Strength of Youth.”  Under the heading ‘Sexual Purity,’ the following is taught.

In God’s sight, sexual sins are extremely serious.  The prophet Alma taught that sexual sins are more serious than any other sins except murder

Here’s a question for you.  Is masturbation a sexual sin?  The vast majority of the membership would say yes.  So…really?   Masturbation is so heinous that it ranks right below murder?

Most reasonable adults would recognize this laughable and ludicrous.  If not idiotic.

However, we are not talking about adults here.  These teachings are targeted directly at our children.  From the tender age of 12, all the way to 17.  Six years of linking masturbation and murder in the same sentence.  For many, these childhood teachings, reinforced by years of probing youth interviews, will cement in place open wounds of shame that will haunt them into adulthood.

Certainly, parents must see the crushing guilt that can come crashing down on our most vulnerable children.  Not just shame.  Guilt.  Guilt of a heinous crime against God.  Is it any wonder that some kids live with self-loathing all through their teen years?  Can you see why some of our children ideate suicide?  And some attempt it?  And the tragic few who actually complete it?

Some of my fellow church members would claim that no kid would actually view masturbation as serious as being next to murder.  Oh…how you misjudge the vulnerability of our children.

Other fellow Mormons would say no bishop would ever teach such a gross exaggeration to a child behind closed doors.  Oh…how you underestimate our leaders’ commitment to the actual teachings coming out of Salt Lake City.  ‘For the Strength of Youth’ is held up as the standard for interviewing our children.

Read and thoughtfully consider the dangerous nature of an interview recorded on the Petition.

Most recent interview with my son, Bishop equated masturbation second to murder. And my son had to apologize to his father for I don’t know what!  Second to murder? Are you completely off your rocker? That was the last straw for me, I will not allow my children to go through that mental and emotional abuse. 

My recommendation

  1.  Never allow your child to go behind a closed door, all alone, with any man.  As the parent, accompany your child to ALL youth interviews.
  2. Never allow sexual matters to be discussed in these interviews.  There is too much danger for harm.  The sexual development of your child is YOUR responsibility as the parent.
  3. Actively teach your child that masturbation  and other sexual sins are NOT anywhere next to murder.

In the meantime, almost 7,000 strong are actively engaged in bringing this practice to a halt.  We are committed to Protecting our Children.

Join us by adding your thundering voice to the PETITION.

Additional Resources

Petition Already Protecting Children

Lion Protecting CubsToday, this message showed up in my inbox:

Hi Sam – I wanted to reach out personally and thank you for what you’re doing.  My wife has struggled with my evolution of beliefs over the past year.  So, I’ve been reluctant to bring up church stuff with her.  Yesterday, out of the blue, she said to me, “Have you heard about that petition?” 

That kick-started a conversation during which she openly and passionately agreed with your message and proclaimed how she won’t allow our daughters to be questioned alone with a Bishop and not at all on worthiness and sexuality. 

My oldest daughter is a few months away from youth interviews and I had been worried about how to handle the desire to protect my children, while also not harming the very fragile relationship I have with my wife in relation to the church.  It couldn’t have gone better. 

She’s considering sharing the petition on her facebook timeline.  Her mama bear has come out.

Thank you.  Sincerely.


The petition is now at 6,010 signatures.

However…..this is NOT the most important statistic.  The real significance is what’s happening in homes and families.  Several members have now resolved to protect their children from being taken behind closed doors, all alone, with an untrained older man.  And then probed about masturbation and other sexually oriented matters.

Stand Up to Protect Our Vulnerable Children

Help me and 6,000 other thundering voices to eradicate this dangerous and damaging practice.

Sign the Petition.  Share the Petition.

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