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microphones-1-1.jpgOn Sunday, September 16, I stood before 5 TV news cameras and 250 supporters in the shadow of the Salt Lake Temple.  A few days before, the verdict of my disciplinary council had been delivered to me in a sealed envelope.  On this occasion I opened the letter and read it to the world.  Here are the words I dispensed in response.

Last Sunday, September 9,  a disciplinary Council was convened to consider the disposition of my membership.  I have been formally accused of apostasy. 

The court began at 6pm and lasted 1 ½ hours.  During the tribunal, my stake president, the Church’s official representative in my area, spent 15 minutes presenting the evidence against me.  I was then allowed 45 minutes to present my case.  The Stake President then made a declaration that surprised me.  He stated that no decision would be announced that night.  Instead, the verdict would be given to me in a few days.  Sure enough a few days ago, 2 men arrived at my place of business and delivered this envelope containing my sentence.

It’s likely that this is the first time in Mormon history that a disciplinary council decision has been opened in public by the accused.  Usually, excommunication is viewed with shame and dishonor.  My case is diametrically different.   Whatever decision is rendered, whether it’s excommunication or exoneration, I will wear it as a badge honor.   It will be my reward for standing up to protect our children and for having given a voice to the countless children in our past who have been so badly harmed behind closed doors. 

(I then opened and read the letter.  You can link to it HERE.)


What a supreme disappointment.  Let me start by forgiving my stake president.  In a church court he is the sole decision maker.  No one else has a vote.  But, I’m not going to lay this travesty on him.  I don’t believe he had any choice.  This has been orchestrated by the very people who felt their authority was threatened by me—the leadership at the very top.  They have shown their true colors.  This verdict is all about them and their power structure.  They sent down the edict to protect themselves rather than to protect our precious children.

They continue to mandate one-on-one interviews where sexually explicit questions are approved and facilitated.  I have confronted these top church leaders with a list of 29 disgusting, filthy questions that are being asked to our children.  They responded with silence!  The First Presidency condones this pornography behind closed doors with our children.  That is sickening.  I presented the same 29 probing questions as evidence at my tribunal.  They were not silent.  They excommunicated me.  The whistle blower has been kicked out and branded with the label of apostasy.

I also presented the apostles with several thousand horror stories of how their policies have wrought dreadful damage.  They ignored these accounts from their own victims.  Brushed them aside with not a single mention.  At the tribunal, as part of my evidence, I gave all 16 members of the council a printed book with 802 accounts of abuse resulting from one-on-one interviews with probing sexually explicit questions.  No thank you was uttered.  No compassion for the victims was spoken.  Instead they chose to kick the whistle blower out.

4 Observations


By excommunicating the whistle blower the apostles have chosen to protect themselves and throw the bishops under the bus. They have shown a complete disregard for the reputations of the local congregational leaders. 

For too long, Mormon children have been the collateral damage of one-on-one meetings with Mormon bishops.  That is going to be reversed.  The values of society are changing…for the better.  MORMON BISHOPS are going to become the collateral damage rather than the children.  Many parents and children are not going to stand for this any long.  I am now aware of 3 interviews between minors and bishops that have been recorded. 

I just received the following message about a recent bishop’s interview:  “My 15 year old daughter had a bishops interview and he asked her if she views pornography. My daughter said “No.” Then the bishop asked her ‘What would you do if your friends walked up to you and tried to show you pornography?’  In what sick fantasy world does this bishop think my daughter needs to answer his questions about a fictional scenario in which teenage girls watch porn together?!  Worthlessness interviews are insane & need to stop.  She recorded her interview, but I think it might against the law to do that without both parties permission. I will post it if I’m wrong.”

Many people are fed up.  Teenagers have cell phones.  Before I entered last Sunday’s tribunal, my cell phone was confiscated to prevent a recording.  In addition, I was forced to sign a non-record agreement on penalty of being barred from my own hearing.  Going forward the Church will not be able to prevent teenagers from recording masturbation interviews.  Bishops & bishop counselors…I encourage & warn you…do not take children all alone behind closed doors.  Do not discuss sex.  From now on, every time you do, you risk your reputation and livelihood.


In Massachussetts, if you call the child abuse hotline and tell them that a man is taking a kid in private and asking them probing sexual questions about their masturbation, pornography and sexual activities – they would start an investigation.

If you told them it was a catholic priest who was doing it – they would be even more interested in investigating it.

If you told them it was a Mormon Bishop who was doing it – they would say it makes no difference.

In 18 states, including Utah, Idaho and Arizona, all citizens are mandated reporters when they become aware of child abuse.  What the church subjects our children to is abusive. When more parents start waking up to that fact – people are going to start reporting the local bishops for conducting these interviews and state authorities will take action. 

Bishops be warned, people are now watching.  Children are now recording.  Your livelihoods and reputations are at risk.  My excommunication is a clear demonstration that the church is not serious about child safety and they certainly don’t give a damn about your safety.  Nope.  You are on your own.  When bishops start being reported to the child abuse hotline, that bishop’s reputation will be toast & it will tarnish the reputation of all bishops.  YOU will become the collateral damage of a policy that protects no one; not you, not our children.


Some people claim that what Mormons allow to be done to their children doesn’t really affect the general society outside of the Mormon Church. That’s a bogus claim.  When our children die by suicide, the effects ripple through other children’s lives.  When Mormon children are shamed into self-hatred they often start making terrible decisions, turning to alcohol, drugs, disastrous marriages, divorce.  A dysfunctional self-loathing youth becoming a dysfunctional self-loathing adult.  Our practice has put many kids in a shame cycle that causes their self-worth to spiral lower and lower, drowning them in anxiety and desperation. This is very costly to the welfare of our entire society.


I have been excommunicated from the Church. But, they have no power to excommunicate me from the cause of protecting children and promoting the healing of my friends.  There are tens of thousands of us who are actively involved in the movement to protect LDS Children.  I now direct my words to the victims and survivors of Mormon worthiness interviews.  We see you.  We hear you.  We are sorry for what happened to you.  It was wrong.  Very wrong.  We know you were horribly hurt.  You were alone.  You were a mere child.  Today we boldly stand up and speak up to give your child-self a voice.  Thank you for allowing me and all of us to be a part of your healing journey.  Thank you for locking arms with me and so many others in daring to face down the Mormon Church in order to protect today’s children.

For our children’s sake, this whistle blower is not going to stop roaring.

Excommunication Edict

Hangmans scaffold

I, Sam Young, have been excommunicated from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Following is the official notification.


September 12, 2018

Brother Young,

This letter is to inform you of the decision of the disciplinary council that was held in your behalf on 09 September 2018 at the Houston Texas South Stake Center.

We have carefully and prayerfully reviewed this matter in order to reach a decision on what action to take.  It is the decision of the council that you be excommunicated for conduct contrary to the laws and order of the Church.  This means that you are no longer a member of the Church and do not enjoy any privileges of Church membership.  You may not hold a temple recommend, wear temple garments, pay tithes and offerings, or exercise the priesthood in any way.  We welcome you to attend public Church meetings, if your conduct is orderly, but you may not serve in a Church position, speak or offer a public prayer in Church meetings, partake of the sacrament or participate in the sustaining of Church officers.

This action was not taken because of your opinion or position on protecting children.  The Church has a strong desire to protect children and, as you know, issued updated guidelines for interviewing youth earlier this year.  Teaching standards of morality to youth and helping them follow those standards–including in interviews with priesthood leaders–is an important responsibility of parents and of the Church.  The issue is not that you have concerns–or even that you disagree with the Church’s guidelines, rather it is your persistent, aggressive effort to persuade others to your point of view by repeatedly and deliberately attacking and publicly opposing the Church and its leaders.  You are entitled to your opinion or position, but you cannot remain a member in good standing while attacking the Church and its leaders and trying to get others to follow you.

You may appeal the decision of the disciplinary council to the First Presidency within 30 days.  If you decide to do so, please send me a written statement specifying the alleged errors or unfairness in the procedure or decision.  I will then forward your statement to the First Presidency.

Excommunication almost always lasts at least one year.  In order to be readmitted to membership in the Church, you will need to demonstrate that you have stopped actions that undermine the Church and its leaders.

Please understand that this decision is an invitation for you to repent and return.  The Savior loves you.  We love you and your family.  We invite you to return to God’s covenant path and enjoy the fullness of the blessings he has in store for you and your family.  With your consent, your Bishop and Stake President will continue to assist you in that process.

With Love,

xxxxx x. xxxxxx

Stake President, Houston Texas South Stake


Scan of the Excommunication Edit

Tribunal Summons

Verdict is In….the Envelope

ProtectLDSChildren Logo


September 14, 2018

Media Advisory:  Sam Young to Hold Press Conference in Salt Lake City on Sunday Detailing Outcome of Excommunication Proceedings by Mormon Church

After Refusing to Protect LDS Children, Church Seeks to Silence Growing Grassroots Movement, Excommunicate Whistleblower

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – This Sunday, September 16th at 12:00 PM MT, Sam Young, an LDS Church Bishop and the founder of Protect LDS Children will hold a press conference detailing the outcome of his Excommunication proceedings from the Mormon Church.  Church leaders delivered a verdict letter to Young’s business in Houston and at Sunday’s press conference, he will open and read aloud this verdict for the first time.

Young has been on a months-long campaign to raise awareness about the negative impact of sexually explicit one-on-one interviews that take place with Church officials and has drawn thousands of supporters to rallies in Salt Lake City. Despite all of his efforts to protect children and young people, Young was recently summoned to an Excommunication hearing in Houston by the Church in an effort to silence this growing grassroots movement.   

Young’s efforts are especially timely as this movement has also come at the same time as new stories of past abuse and coverups by leaders have emerged within the Catholic Church as well.  Just as the Catholic Church has publicly apologized and recognized the damage it has done, Young continues to implore the LDS Church to do the same.

  • WHO:            Press Conference with Sam Young & Supporters
  • WHEN:          Sunday, September 16, 12:00 PM MT
  • WHERE:        South Temple across the street from Temple Square, Salt Lake City

The press conference will be livestreamed on Protect LDS Children’s Facebook page.

Background: Sam Young, founder of Protect LDS Children, has fought an uphill battle against the LDS Church to urge LDS Church leaders to end sexually explicit one-on-one interviews with children. Protect LDS Children has compiled a list of 29 actual questions that Bishops have asked young children in interviewsmost of them too explicit to be read aloud in public, so Young and Protect LDS Children are asking the Apostles and Bishops of the Mormon Church to admit that even just one of these questions is out of bounds and inappropriate.

Petitions to Protect the Children have garnered over 58,000 signatures.  Protect LDS Children also recently released a powerful new video outlining the range of sexually explicit questions that are allowed to be asked of children under current Church policy.  Click here to watch.

Books containing the firsthand accounts of the damage done to hundreds of children as a result of this Church policy were also delivered to LDS Church leaders at a rally on March 30th.  You can read over 800 stories of victims by clicking here.

Additional Background: 

New LDS Church guidelines issued recently do not mandate a parent or guardian be present in any one-on-one “interviews” by male Church leaders, but rather, leave it up to the children to decide, and also do not address the issue of sexually-explicit questions and conversations  This effort has gathered worldwide support, as more survivors and families have come forward to share their stories of how one-on-one “interviews” by LDS Bishops negatively impacted their self-esteem, self-worth, and emotional well-being. You can read the petition by clicking here.


Please share.  HERE‘s an appropriate version for media outlets.

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Excommunication Tribunal Summons


Tribunal Testimonies

chopping block

***Trigger Warning—Sexually Explicit Content***

The tribunal is now past.  Sept 9, 2018 will fade into history.  But, our cause to protect Mormon children will not.

The council lasted only 1 1/2 hours.  NO VERDICT WAS REACHED.  How about that.  The outcome is be mailed to me “in a few days.”

Once the verdict is announced, I’ll give more details of the proceedings.  All in all, I felt very good about the whole thing.  The mood of the court members was somber at the start.  Animated and lighter at the end.  Before hand my odds were 1 in a million at exoneration over excommunication.  Afterwards, I’d give it 2 in a million.

Although, I don’t have a recording of  the proceedings, I do have the presentations that both my wife and I delivered.  45 minutes was my allotted time.  I finished with just a couple of minutes to spare.  My speech was delivered with plenty of emotion.  Fiery at times.  Teary at others.

Sam’s Testimony

Dear President _______,

Thank you for calling this council.  It has provided a once in a life time opportunity for each man who is seated around this table.  Just by calling the council, regardless of the outcome, you have amped up the awareness of my cause to a new level.  You have saved children’s lives with the publicity this court has already produced.

The decision you make tonight will have ramifications that ripple into waves around the world.  I have confidence that you, President ______, have the courage and wisdom to make the right decision.  I know how difficult that can be.  You will be risking a lot.  I can testify that following Jesus Christ and doing what is right is a reward in and of itself.

Esteemed members of the council.

God has given you a unique opportunity.  One that will likely never come again.  This council will be like no other that you ever serve on.  It will be historic.  I encourage you to actively serve tonight.  Speak up for what is in your heart.  Stand up for what you know to be right.  Be on the virtuous side of history.

I recognize that you don’t have any vote in the outcome.  You do have a voice.  Use it to support President _______ in making the choice to put this stake on the right side of Mormon history.

242 years ago, 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence.  They risked everything to stand up for freedom.  They were vindicated and lived with the satisfaction of doing what was right but what was super hard.  None of them had to live with the regret of having come down on the wrong side of history.

You face a similar decision today.  The world is watching.  The Church membership is watching.  Not just Salt Lake City.  In this room, the stage has been set.

Your decision will be seen for what it really is.  Which is more important?  Protecting the church leaders or protecting our children.  The world sees how Mormons are treating their kids.  They are disgusted by it.  If you choose to excommunicate, the world will not only see what Mormons do to their own children, but they will also see how we treat those who speak up to protect our little ones.

That is the choice that this council comes down to:  Protect the leaders or protect the children.

The Millennial Star, an early Church Publication, contains the following quote.  Many have attributed it to Joseph Smith.

“We have heard men who hold the priesthood remark that they would do anything they were told to do by those who preside over them — even if they knew it was wrong. But such obedience as this is worse than folly to us. It is slavery in the extreme. The man who would thus willingly degrade himself should not claim a rank among intelligent beings until he turns from his folly. A man of God would despise this idea.”

Tonight, let’s be men of God, let’s claim our rank among intelligent beings, and throw off the bonds of extreme slavery.

What are we doing to our kids that is so wrong?

We have an institutionalized policy mandating bishops and their counselors to take minors behind closed doors all alone, and ask these children sexual questions.  Every one of you in this room has been groomed to accept this as a normal thing.  IT IS NOT NORMAL.  It is not part of the restoration.  It is not found in any scripture.  Not the bible.  Not the Book of Mormon.  Not the Doctrine & Covenants.

No other institutional church or youth serving entity in the country does this.  Everyone outside of the church recognizes that this is way beyond improper.  It’s dangerous, irresponsible and now borders on being illegal.

Last Tuesday, I received this message from a fellow Church member.

“I am taking my recertification training as a physician and one of our training is on mandated reporting of sexual abuse.  It got me thinking.  I called the sexual abuse reporting hotline.

I asked them, ‘If I was aware that there was a man taking kids behind closed doors and interrogating them about sex – would that be a reportable event?’

The answer: yes!

He goes on:

“In Massachusetts, if you were to call their child abuse hotline and tell them that a man was taking a kid in private and asking them probing sexual questions about their masturbation, pornography and sexual activities – they would start an investigation.

If you told them it was a catholic priest who was doing it – they would be even more interested in investigating it.

If you told them it was a Mormon Bishop who was doing it – they would say it makes no difference.”

What the church subjects our children to is abusive. When more parents start waking up to that fact – people are going to start reporting the local bishops for conducting these interviews and then state authorities will take action.

Many states have mandatory reporting for certain professionals, like teachers, doctors and law enforcement – but there are also 18 states in which every individual is a mandatory reporter. That means that if there is someone who knows and understands that these interview are abusive in one of these states – they are legally obligated to report that these men – these lay bishops – are engaged in these inappropriate and abusive acts and they will be investigated.

Many Mormon Bishops are professionals. Dentists, doctors or attorneys – and they are, themselves subject to professional licensing in order to practice. They are not only held to professional standards of ethical and accountable behavior within the confines of their offices – but if they are reported to engage in inappropriate and abusive acts with a child, they may be subject to investigation by their professional licensing boards.

These good men are being put at risk in their professions by the policies of the church continuing to require them to conduct interviews which are immoral, unethical and abusive.

The writing is on the wall. These practices will not be tolerated by a society that understands the harm and danger in allowing such things to be normalized and accepted. I have worked to educate and inform members and nonmembers alike of the clear and present danger posed by these interviews.  And now that people are informed, they are not going to sit back and do nothing.

As said by early Church leaders, Let’s our claim our rank among intelligent beings.  Our bishops will soon be in the crosshairs of society’s wisdom to prevent child sex abuse.  Excommunicating me sends the message to Salt Lake City that our bishops’ reputations are expendable.

29 questions

What are the dangerous and disgusting questions that are currently being asked by bishops?

I have collected thousands of testimonials from adults of what they were asked as children.  From these testimonials, I have culled the questions that I’m about to put into your hands.  I’ve heard some members say, “I’ve never been asked those questions.”  That’s not the point.  That’s like dismissing a rape victim by saying, “I’ve never been raped.”

I’ve heard some bishops say, “I’ve never asked those questions.”  Ok.  Again, that is dismissing the rape victim with, “Well, I’ve never raped anybody.

Four of my daughters were asked questions from this list.  This is what set me off on my path to protect our Mormon children.  It was only last summer when my kids told me about this.  I was incensed to discover that my kids were abused all alone by these filthy, dirty, pornographic questions.

I have presented these questions to the highest levels of the church.  I challenged the apostles to condemn even one of them.   With their silence they have condoned every evil question that I’ll now read.  (Hand-out the question sheet)

Do you masturbate?

Do you know what a vagina is?

What were you thinking of while you masturbated?

Do you masturbate under or over the panties?

How many fingers do you use?

When was the last time you watched pornography?

What type of pornography do you watch?

Do you masturbate while you watch pornography?

Where and how did your boyfriend touch you?

Where your nipples hard?

Did you get wet?

Where were his fingers?

Where was your underwear?

What color were your panties?

Did you orgasm?

Did you know that once boys reach a certain level of arousal, they have no choice but to keep going, that they can no longer stop their sexual advances?

Have you ever put your penis in another boy’s anus and if so, did you like it?

Describe the sexual positions you engaged?

Did you engage in oral sex?

Did she orgasm?

Was she shaved?

Did you ejaculate?

How many times did he ejaculate?

Where did he ejaculate?

Did you engage in anal sex?

Did the boy ejaculate in your mouth?

Did you put your mouth on her vagina, or use your fingers?

Did he touch your breasts?

Did you touch his penis?

How far did he penetrate you?

To a rape victim:

Did you like it?

What did you do to egg him on?

What were you wearing?

Did you orgasm?

Let’s be men of God.  Let’s claim our rank among intelligent beings.  Condemn every question on this list.  Excommunication WILL send the message that you condone the hideously immoral practice of probing children with pornography like this.  I want all the men in this room and the entire world to know that I CONDEMN this in the harshest and angriest tone I can muster.  Tonight IS the time for you to follow Christ’s example of angry indignation.  Take the whip to the temple and overturn the tables of evil that have infiltrated our church.

Stories of Our Sacred Children

(Hand-out Books)

I’m gifting you something that I consider sacred.  These are children’s stories.  Accounts of what we have done to our precious little ones.  I applaud the courage that it took for adults to relive their childhood trauma by putting it on paper.  Most have suffered in silence for years and years.  For the majority, their healing began with sharing their story, in a safe place of validation.  Thousands upon thousands now rally around them in empathy and compassion.

As you know, I’m still a bishop according to church doctrine.  Last month I was joined by 38 other ordained Mormon bishops in apologizing to the victims you hold in your hands.   The apology was read by our friend, Bishop Bill Moore of the Sugar Land 1st ward, and broadcast to the world.

Bishops’ Apology

“As Bishops having been ordained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with humility and boldness, we apologize to you, the thousands of children, now adults, who were harmed by bishop interviews.

We didn’t understand how our words and actions could be dangerous and damaging.  We know now.  Some of you were groomed for tragic sexual abuse.  We apologize.  Some were sexually assaulted by their own bishops.  How can we apologize for something so unconscionable?  We.are.sorry.

We recognize that thousands were mercilessly and most often inadvertently shamed.  Shamed into self-loathing as youth.  Oh, how we apologize for that.  Many were shamed into making very poor life choices.  Some were shamed into taking their own lives.  To the parents of those whose children died by suicide, we sincerely apologize from the deepest depths of our hearts.

Many of you have suffered for decades with open wounds from what happened to you behind closed doors.  We are sorry and offer our sincere apology.

You are worthy.  You were always worthy.  We see you.  We hear you.  We give you voice.  What happened to you was wrong.  So wrong.  Hand in hand with you, victims of our dreadful policy, we now march forward to protect the children and youth of today.  Our sorrow is not expressed in words alone.  Hopefully, you will recognize our contrition by our strong and continued actions.

We love you.”

The Stories

#710  This happened about 2 months ago.

“My 17 year old daughter has been sexually active for a bit. Her mom and I knew about it and mostly talked about safe sex.  Daughter felt she needed to repent, went to the bishop—who is a really decent guy—and he pulled out a sheet of paper and said “I’ve been instructed to ask you these questions. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t have to answer them.” He then asked a bunch of explicit questions: who, how often, what happened, details, etc.

“She did not come out uplifted. She felt shamed and shaken. He’s a good guy, she said, but once it went to the questions on the paper, it went downhill fast. She hasn’t attended church for the last few weeks. Thanks Mormon church. You just lost another good one with your abusive policies.”

Guilt is feeling like you have done something bad.  Shame?  That’s feeling like you are bad.  Probing children about sex, all alone, by an untrained man, is heaping shame on our children.

Kip Eliason’s story.  As a teenager he took his own life.   Shamed over masturbation.  Something all boys do and most can’t stop.  He didn’t know that.  He thought he was alone in his shame induced self-hatred.  Reinforced by bishops who were clueless in their good intentions.  Clueless about how deadly shame is.  Kip is gone.  Died by suicide

#169 Samuel Bresee.  4 years ago, at 14 years old.  He died by suicide.  The evidence he left behind told the story of shaming from bishops interviews.  This boy came to dislike these meetings.  His father highly encouraged him to continue meeting with the bishop.  Today, this father regrets that he ever permitted his now lost son to meet all alone behind closed doors with an untrained man.   He will live with that the rest of his life.

You brethren, also, will have to live with whatever decision is made tonight.  Be men of God.  Stand up for our children so that none are ever shamed into suicide again.

#120 Sandy’s story, not her real name.  Many of you in this room know her family.

“When I was about to be baptized, at almost 8 years old, I had already been being molested for several years by another member of the congregation, who happened to be the bishop-at-the-time’s brother.  In my baptismal interview, this bishop brought up the law of chastity, and asked if I knew what it meant.  I didn’t, really.  He asked me if I had ever let anyone touch me under my clothes where a bathing suit would cover. I don’t remember exactly what I said, I just remember the fear I felt in that moment when I realized that *that* is what the law of chastity was talking about. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to be baptized, and so I wouldn’t be able to be with my family after I died.

“I remember feeling frozen, and being too afraid to talk anymore. He asked me to show him where, and how I had “let” someone touch me, by guiding his hands to do the same.  I was too afraid, and ashamed.  So instead, he had me sit on his lap, and he hugged me tight. He told me that he needed to determine how *exactly* I had sinned, in order for him to ask God to forgive me, so he told me that he was “feeling prompted” to demonstrate a few things, and I only had to nod “yes” or “no” to let him know if I had done them before, and he told me he was also going to ask me if the things he was going to do felt good, so that he could determine how fervently he needed to pray for me to be forgiven.  In that “interview” he sat me on his bishop’s desk in front of him, and had me lie back with my knees bent and legs open. He stimulated me with his fingers over, and then under my underwear, and then digitally penetrated me both vaginally and anally.”

#388 Groomed by bishop interviews that it was ok to go behind a closed door and talk about sex.  That set her up to be sexually assaulted by a Sunday School teacher

#456 Bishop sexually assaults another 7 year old

#481 Sex abuse by bishop counselor

#582 Raped by the bishop

#586 Raped by the bishop

#719 1st counselor raping girls in the ward

#758 Bishop groomed and later sexually touched a youth

#779  Bishop had this boy masturbate in the bishop’s office

#783 Sexual abuse by the bishop

#785 Sexual assault by the bishop

#788 Two bishops molesting kids

#799 Sex in the bishop’s office with a 17 year old girl

#805 Sexual abuse by a seminary teacher.  Groomed by bishop

The stories are gut-wrenching, tragic and so preventable.

Here are the consequences that are voiced over and over and over:

  • Childhood Self-loathing.
  • Self-loathing as an adult.
  • Normalizing children to sexual questions by adult men.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Impaired sexual relations after marriage.
  • Years of recovery from childhood shaming. Often lasting decades
  • Suicide ideation.
  • Attempted suicide.
  • Suicide completion.

Last spring, 1,000 of us marched in Salt Lake City, from City Hall to the Church Office Building.  We delivered similar books like the ones that you have in your hands.  Our hope was that they would land in the apostles’ hands.  President ______ confirmed that at least Elder Christofferson did receive the stories, read them and called them tragic.

But that was a private communication, through a third party, behind closed doors.  Publicly the apostles have said nothing.  These are the victims of a policy that the apostles mandate.  These are their victims.  Jesus plainly taught how we should act towards the wounded on the side of the road.  In his gorgeous parable of the Good Samaritan, the priesthood holders were painted with a very bad light.  In their haughty haste they turned their noses up at the sight of the bruised and broken.  It was the despised Samaritan who crossed the road.  He gently bound up the wounds.  He put the thieves’ victim on his own horse and led him to a healing path.

Tonight, my friends, you have an important choice.  One outcome will put you on the side of the priests.  The other will show you to be Samaritans.  I’m referring to this night as the Samaritan’s night.  People are gathered in many locations around the country in vigils awaiting your decision.  They are gathered as Samaritans, supporting those who have been so dreadfully harmed by what bishops have done.  Sometimes the harm was overt and purposeful.  Most times the bishop had no idea of the deep wounds he inflicted.  By excommunicating me, many victims will feel re-traumatized.

I invite you my friends to join the Samaritans.  Cross the road to the Samaritan side. Recognize & validate the survivors.  Engage the covenant path.  Mourn with those who mourn.  Comfort those who need comfort.  Minister to the least of these.

Regarding this issue, Jesus weighed in with powerful words.  This is the only time that he threatened physical violence.

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Stories of 802 millstones are in your hands.  Stand up and be men of God.  Risk doing what is right.  My conscience is clear.  I want yours to be clear, too.  Whatever the outcome is tonight,  you will have to live with it.  History will vindicate or villainize.  If the conclusion of this council is to facilitate harming our children, that decision will never be vindicated.

May this day be the day you chose to protect the little ones rather than protecting an institution.

This evening, I’ve delivered a witness to you.  I am not alone.  My sails are billowing with the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.  He is my dear and powerful ally.

May he be yours, too.


Patty’s Testimony (My wife)

I’m really glad I have the opportunity to be here to discuss the situation at hand with Sam.  I think my comments about his journey will address both issues that he is being held accountable for in this hearing.

Since we started dating 40 years ago, Sam has always reached out to the lonely, the shy, the widows, the needy, the overlooked, and the outcast.

As the stake single adult representative he would attend the events to make sure these marginalized members felt seen, heard and cared for. At dances he made sure that every girl was danced with and at firesides he made sure every person in attendance got a handshake and personal acknowledgment. Every assignment he has ever received he has always given 150% which is why he has been given many difficult callings such as high council member over stake activities and the older single adult program, stake young men’s president when we took our youth to Salt Lake City, ward mission leader, when he had to go to the mat with the mission president for taking our missionaries away, Easter Cantata chair, and countless others. In each situation he went the extra mile, but his most challenging and rewarding calling from the Lord was as a Bishop in the Maplewood First Ward where there were numerous needs were  from a diverse group of members living within the boundaries.  At least 30 children in the primary were being raised in single mother homes. These moms felt that the church leadership continued to focus on “ideal families”.   These women would come to Sam in tears feeling that they were second class citizens in the church, who were being forgotten.  Instead of being praised for making the best of their situation, they were being told they would never be enough.  He brought this issue to the attention of local leaders, who shut him down refusing to acknowledge the needs of these women.  He then tried to reach the higher authorities who wouldn’t accept his calls or return any communication from a Bishop concerned for his flock.  Finally, after several failed attempts to reach anyone in the priesthood, he reached out to the General Relief Society President who expressed her concerns for single parents as well.  She was grateful to Sam and told him to continue the good work of reassuring these women of their worth and value, but not to expect a swift change in current attitude.  So that’s just what he did, he spent time with them, listened to them, and even hired many of them to work for his business.  Maplewood also had several members who were handicapped, confined to wheel chairs and could not use the bathrooms in the church building.  This oversight kept these members from attending church.   When Sam found out about this situation he immediately went to the person in charge of church buildings in our area to remedy the issue.  He was told that Salt Lake refused to make the changes to install a  handicapped bathroom at this time, so my husband took matters into his own hands and informed the authorities that he would be hiring a contractor and paying for the remodeling himself.  The very next day, the building representative called and said that the changes would be made.  To say the least Sam is a man of action

Several years later, he recognized another group of members in the church who were being alienated.  People who had questions, doubts, or concerns about the church and no safe place to discuss them.  People who were dismissed by their leaders as unrighteous or unfaithful.  People who were hurt and confused, who needed fellowship.  After seeing the needs of these people, Sam began to have weekly “talkerias” where members could sit and discuss things they felt were not permitted within church walls.  He always encouraged ward and stake leaders to attend these events, but none ever accepted his invitation.  Sam was concerned  that too many good people were leaving the church and was looking to church leaders to help find a solution.    Instead they denied that this was a problem.

During this time, Sam joined several online communities of current and former members who posted about uncomfortable or harmful experiences with church leaders. He was very skeptical that these things could be happening in the church, but felt it was worth exploring.  After finding out that his own daughters were asked sexually explicit questions in this very stake, he began his campaign to end this practice.  First he went to his bishop who denied that these things were occurring and repeatedly insisted there was nothing that could or should be done, so Sam then went to the Stake President, who also decided  this matter wasn’t worthy of further discussion or any kind of action.  At this point, he was given no other choice but to reach out to the General Authorities, calling upon them to amend the handbook of instructions on how to interview our youth and children.  To keep our children and our leaders safe, but as before when he was bishop, his pleas to help the needy fell on deaf ears.

But again, Sam is a man of action.  So he took it into his own hands to bring attention to this problem, since conventional methods of reform were not working.  He began voting opposed to the policy of interviewing minors alone about sexual matters, not voting opposed to the church leaders themselves, but to the decision to turn a blind eye to this harmful practice occurring in our church.  and again our Stake Leaders didn’t try to really understand his no votes.  There only concern was that he conform to church traditions of never voicing a concern.  He began to promote his cause with the media in hopes to finally reach the ears of the apostles, who so far had refused to listen.  His public criticism to make the LDS church a safer place for our youth does not make him an apostate, but rather a disciple of Christ who wants the best for the Lord’s church.

During the last few years that I’ve been going through this process with Sam, I’ve had a chance to sit back and observe.  The one thing I’ve noticed is that this church has changed since I joined 48 years ago as a 15 year old girl.  All the teachings I’ve learned as a member seem to be lost and forgotten in the “legalistic” rulings from the prophets.  We talk less and less about the savior who is kind and loving and does not inquire about our worthiness because he already knows us to be worthy of His love and His atonement.  Since they raised the bar over a decade ago, the church has become more oppressive and punitive with little room for joy and happiness.  We are always being told to obey our church leaders or we won’t receive blessings.  It’s almost become tyrannical versus edifying.  The straight and narrow path is a road that allows for freedom and self agency to choose your passage, but the Church has shrunk that path down to a tightrope in which a small misstep leads to shame, embarrassment, and harsh judgment from the leaders.

Neil L. Andersen stated that “fear and faith cannot coexist in our hearts at the same time”, yet I see so much fear in the leaders and members of this church.  Leaders are afraid to be criticized, afraid to make change, afraid to leave the safety of their small circle of brothers. The members are afraid to speak up, afraid to ask questions, afraid of being excommunicated.  The apostles seem to treat their leadership position more as the executive of a corporation, than as the shepherd who knows each member of his flock by name. What does it really mean to be special witnesses of Jesus Christ

Luke 15:4 says “What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he loses one of them, doth leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?” Sam has continually gone after those lost sheep, he has done so much good to help people who have been harmed by unrighteous dominion,  who feel that any opinion other than the leaders is incorrect and sacrilegious.  He has sat with them, talked with them, cried with them, prayed with them, and helped with their healing process when the Church wouldn’t.

The Lord asks us to seek revelation. ALL are called upon, not just the Church leaders. All members of the Church, including Sam, should be free to express and bring forth their spiritual promptings without fear of repercussions. Oftentimes, my children have been my best counselors. They would bring something to my attention that may have been critical. This hurt my pride as a parent, but after honest contemplation, I realized they were right. Truth can come from the greatest of us, the smallest of us, and everyone in between.   1st Nephi 16:2-3  is one of our family favorites.  Please take time to read it.

Today, Sam is being judged by a handbook, not by his heart, his righteous desires, or his good fruits.  But on the final judgment day I am not worried about Sam standing before the Lord . Whatever decision you make today can and will be overruled by our Savior.

If you choose to excommunicate Sam today without having taken anytime to really understand the suffering of these victims nor have  personally witnessed the amount of healing that has occurred since Sam has tried to prevent this from happening to others; I don’t see how that judgment would be pleasing to the Lord .  There is no denying that Sam is following the will and example of Jesus Christ. The prophet just asked us to call us by our true name—members of the church of Jesus Christ, so that we maintain that emphasis that it is Jesus Christ we follow—not an organization or a handbook. These things are subject to change at anytime. The Lord’s command to mourn with those that mourn, comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and to leave the 90 and 9 to seek after the lost sheep is enduring. It was there long before any handbook and will be there long after this policy is finally updated.

I plead with you today to remember the wise words, “Who am I to judge another, when I walk imperfectly?” As his wife, the one who knows his heart, his intentions, and the fruits of his labors better than anyone in this building, I can tell you with confidence, that this work has been a good one. And it is not the will of the Lord that Sam be stripped of his saving ordinances for seeking to serve the Lord and to follow the example of Jesus Christ.


Confidentiality Agreement and Response

imageThursday Sep 6, 2018

I sent this email to the stake president.

Friday, Sep 7, 2018

Stake president’s response.


Thank you for letting me know that you intend on calling Patti as your only witness during the council.  I have included a copy of the confidentiality agreement that you and Patti will need to sign. As I mentioned, I intend to review your own public statements relating to the matters mentioned in my original letter.

I reiterate my love for you and your family.

President ______


  1. I acknowledge that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints considers disciplinary councils to be sacred and confidential and that, therefore, participants are not allowed to make recordings of the proceedings, or to otherwise transmit the proceedings.
  2. I acknowledge that I have been asked not to make or permit anyone else to make any form of electronic recording or transmission of the disciplinary council and that I have assured Church officers that I will comply with this request.
  3. I agree that I will not use any device to make an audio or video recording of the proceedings of the disciplinary council and that I will not ask or permit anyone else to do so.
  4. I acknowledge and agree that my participation in the disciplinary council is conditioned on this Agreement and that I will not be allowed to be present at the council if I do not sign this Acknowledgment and Agreement.

Friday, Sept 7, 2018

My reply to the stake president.


“I intend to review your own public statements.”  What!!

Are these recorded statements that I actually spoke?  Are they my own writings?  Are they quotes from newspapers, TV or radio?

Without the actual quotes, I have no way to evaluate if they are accurate or what the context is.  How can I prepare an adequate response?

Why have you not sent me the evidence?  Do you want me NOT to be prepared? 

We are 2 days away from you voiding my family sealings.  Do you have no concept of how this could hurt my children, my wife and my grandchildren?  Yet you seem to treat this whole thing so cavalierly.

You have me sign a non-disclosure agreement.  I am not afraid of any of the contents of this court being revealed to the world.  Are you afraid of how the church would look if the proceedings were shared to the world?  You are not protecting me.  I don’t need protecting.  But, I’m bowing in submission to your requirement to sign.  I’m okay signing.  Recording our meetings has never been my method anyway.

However, I’m NOT okay with you HIDING the evidence from me.  How is that fair?  Or is this Disciplinary Council not meant to be fair?  Are you simply railroading the Church’s foregone conclusion to excommunicate?  Why the hell are we even having a court if that’s the case?

By concealing evidence you clearly don’t want me to come prepared.

Please send me the evidence that I’m defending against.  Otherwise, you are making this into a complete kangaroo trial.


P.S.  You keep reiterating how much you love me…and then you treat me like this????

And you love my family????  You are disrespecting my family by denying their father the ability to prepare for the trial of his eternity.


I find it odd that this document contains the word ‘Agreement.’  There was no negotiation whatsoever.  Only a threat.  If I didn’t sign, I would be eliminated from the court that was called “in my behalf.”  This is classic unrighteous dominion.  Another example of the church fulfilling its own damning prophecies.

D&C 121

39 We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.

41 No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned;

No persuasion.  Just a cold mandate dictated from Salt Lake City.

Love & HATE

***Sexual Abuse Trigger Warning of the Highest Order***

Sam I am.  I am a man…filled with love and HATE.


I know this woman personally and love her.  She ran 50 miles in ONE day to support the Hunger Strike in August.  Stunning!  Now I understand why she is so committed to protecting children  Thank you Tara, my amazing friend.


I HATE the Mormon policy of serving up children to predators on a silver platter.
I HATE the damn stinking history of my church protecting sexual predators.

#727 Tara’s Story

My story is difficult for many to believe, but I have spent many years healing and finding evidence to validate to myself that it is true and many of my family member have started speaking about abuse they remembered years after I held onto the hope that my experiences were to crazy to be true.

My story starts before I was born. When my father was 6 years old his parents were divorced, both of my grandparents were put in mental institutions for several months, and their six children were removed from the home. I was told my whole life that they just both had nervous breakdowns. I found out after his death that the reason why, was because my grandfather would hire deacon age boys to babysit, and when he took them home would sexually abuse the boys.

Instead of going to prison the church and the justice system covered it up and put him in a mental hospital for a few months. My grandfather moved to Utah, continued to serve as an active member of the church, served as a Boy Scout leader, and later served two missions. He never stopped sexually abusing kids, and the story get much darker.

I believe my abuse probably started a week after my birth. He started training me to perform sexual acts on men from as early as I can remember, and probably earlier than I could remember. It turned out that my grandfather was training me because he worked with an organized group of men who were trafficking children for sex, and producing child pornography including snuff films, which I was a part of.

My grandfather had a lot of control over my father when my father worked for him and eventually took over his business. My grandfather had a lot of influence into where we lived, and made sure we lived in wards and stakes in which members of his trafficking ring could have access to and control the children in the families of the adult perpetrators. In the ward I lived in from the ages of 2-7, the stake president and the bishop of my ward were involved in my abuse. There was a neighbor two doors down, who would take me into his basement, give me drugs and either sell me to men to perform sexual acts on or produce pornography using me as a subject. This may be difficult for people to believe but there are other survivors who have validated my story and some of the details including the leaders who were involved in my abuse.

There were many times I would come home from that neighbors house, have difficulty staying awake at the table and go into respiratory distress and pass out. I had likely been given opiates and other drugs to produce different effects to add to the drama of whatever sick media they were producing with me. I will spare you the details because they are truly awful and beyond what most people could conceive. The prostitution and selling of my body on a frequent basis started by the time I was 5 years old. Prior to that time I was being prepared and trained to do whatever they told me to.

The only way a child can survive such horror, is too split or dissociate from the experience. For those of us with complex trauma of this kind, we survive by compartmentalizing this abuse so that we can survive, and for many years may have only fragments or complete amnesia until we become older and are safe enough to heal. Most of my childhood memories were not existent or fragmented in my conscious awareness for many years, but the pain and flashbacks that were confusing lead to self-destructive behavior when I was older.

This kind of abuse happened through my whole childhood and included group rapes, group ritualistic torture and making of snuff films, and included at least on child being killed, in which I was forced to participate and then partake in forms of cannabalism that were are for the purpose of producing these films and selling them on a dark black market.

But every Sunday my bishop stood up and preached the word of God. When I turned 11 years old, my parents moved us again to a different city, under the influence of my grandfather choosing the house for us. It happened to be next door to two polygamist families who were involved in this ring, and a bishop who was called to be the Stake President and was involved in my abuse. They rely on the torture and use of drug and the extreme of the abuse splitting a mind and intentionally push a victim to the point of Dissociation, and also administer drugs that induce forgetfulness after the abuse episode. This sick bishop would bring me into his office as a youth and ask me if I had ever done certain things, by describing the acts to test my memory and see what I could remember in my conscious state and if I was at risk for telling on him. I didn’t realize that is what he was doing when I was a teenager, I just felt very awkward and dirty by the time I left his office.

When I was 15 I did start having a lot of flashbacks that made me feel crazy, I attempted suicide a few times, and developed a severe eating disorder. Because I started talking I was shut up by being taken to a therapist who was a part of this group, and for 16 months he drugged me, hypnotized me, raped me, and trafficked me by prostituting me from his office and producing pornography, three days per week, for 4-6 hours at a time, and used various methods of mind control to mess up my sense of reality and what was real. By the end, at the age of 17, he convinced me to leave my home to go live with his daughter in an appartment in a small, isolated college town away from anyone I knew. It ended up being a set up, and I was used the whole time, drugged, and raped by multiple men for a period of 4 months. Oh, and yes, there was a bishopric member of the local singles ward who was trafficking me.

When I finally barely escaped with my life, I was very fragmented, and at that time could not access many of my memories and lost awareness of much of any of that time period until several years later. I tried to go to a bishop and only told him that my grandfather had abused me. He cautioned me that they might be false memories, and so I should probably not tell anyone in case I was wrong, and made me feel like a horrible person because if I couldn’t be believed maybe I couldn’t trust myself and I was just evil for remembering such horrible things.

I shoved it away for a long time, got married in the temple, but had serious mental health breakdowns when I had children and flashbacks were triggered, it lead to a severe relapse with an eating disorder that nearly killed me before I really finally started to heal.

Healing has been a process of years of very intensive therapy and rebuilding my life. When I have gone to my own priesthood leaders and have shared even a light edited version of my story and struggles they are often traumatized, have disbelief, and from there on out avoid me, instead of helping me to feel like a normal human being worth being a part of God’s kingdom. At some point I lost trust in the ability for my leaders to be safe in supporting me or knowing me at all.

I have found healing and support through friends and people who show me kindness and genuine love, not through my leaders. I have become a therapist and now help others who have suffered these horrors of abuse and trafficking.

Sam is the first bishop I have felt heard me and appreciated me, and wasn’t afraid of me knowing any part of my history. Honestly I felt the saviors love through Sam more than I have any of my leaders. Sam walks in the light of the Savior and if you excommunicate him for following the commission of the Savior, the fallout will be on your heads.


I’ll gladly exchange my membership to prevent this kind of inhuman behavior to continue.  Where is Jesus Christ?  Is there any General Authority who really believes in Christ’s teachings?  They condone the crap that allows this to happen.  They ignore and look away from the victims.  I clearly see the colors of the GA’s.

I HATE our pernicious policy!!!  I HATE what it does to our innocents!!!


The Samaritans’ Night

good-samaritanMy The tribunal is 2 short days away.  I plan to take hundreds of witnesses with me.  All wrapped up in a book of Sacred Stories.

Over the past week, I’ve transferred over 100 new stories to the website.  About that many are still awaiting review.  This afternoon, I’ve been binge reading and transferring.   Oh the anger I’ve felt for what we have done.  Oh the sadness for the children to whom we’ve done it.  It makes me want to clinch my fists, gallop to the court and pulverize the pernicious practice that is so precious to Mormonism.  It’s not precious.  IT.IS.PERVERTED.

A Focus Change–Please

This Sunday evening, many of you will gather for vigils in far-flung locations, including the quaint hamlet of Sugar Land, Texas.  You are gathering to support me.  I appreciate that very much.  However, I’d like to change the focus away from me.

The tribunal’s verdict may be an emotional roller coaster.  I can’t predict how I’ll react.  But, I’ll be okay.  Friends and family will be there to bouy me up.

Here’s my real concern.  How will my excommunication affect the thousands upon thousands of victims who are paying attention?  Our movement has given voice, validation and empathy to generations of traumatized children who are now adults.  With a safe place, widespread support and understanding, many have finally embarked on a healing journey.  My concern is that those who have been beaten, bruised and left abandoned on the side of the road may feel violated again as their stories are effectively rejected by the church in the form of my excommunication.

Here’s what I’d like to ask.  Let’s call the September 9th The Samaritans’ Night.  You are the Samaritans.  Gathered together in support of our dear wounded friends.  Many of you having been wounded yourselves.  And now, joined arm-in-arm, we are fellow Samaritans.  I am proud to be a part of you.

Whatever happens, we should celebrate one of the mostt gorgeous teachings of all time.  Jesus has issued a clear call to take up the name and character of Samaritan.

Story #717 caused me to clench my teeth in resolve as angry tears welled up.  I’m so sorry my friend that this occurred.

Still in therapy?  How can the church be so blind to what we do to children.  September 9, Samaritans will gather to pour oil and wine in your wounds.  Put you on their own horse and guide you safely to the inn.  You are loved.

I grew up in the same ward as a lot of my Facebook friends. We all had the same Bishops and ward leaders and I am so grateful to those that have shared their stories.

At age 11, I was in a room alone with the First Counselor for a worthiness interview. I was asked about specific items – masturbation, pornography, oral sex – none that I had ever heard of. I came home and looked those items up on the household computer. As a child, I had no idea how to use incognito mode and one day our home had a new rule that we could only use the computer in plain sight in the living room. No other explanation. We never had ‘the talk’ and sex education, including consent parts, was something I was always pulled out from school for.

Then, when I was 15, I was sexually assaulted by someone at school. I came home crying and finally told my mother a few days later via a hand-written letter. She then wrote me back, saying I needed to talk to the Bishop. I had avoided it since my initial meeting, but went anyway.

It was there that I was told that my assault was a direct consequence of wearing immodest shirts to young women activities earlier that month. He asked me if I was wet. He asked me if the boy was hard. He asked me if I liked it. Or if I had touched myself thinking about it. He told me I shouldn’t destroy that boy’s reputation over my own sins. I was forbidden to take the sacrament so I could repent. I walked out of there and left the church.

I’m still in therapy over this. Sexually explicit interviews are not acceptable in any way, shape, or form, for people under 18. It has damaged me in ways that are irreparable and I don’t want any other human beings to ever go through this.

Tribunal Witness

Lion Running

This was sent to my stake president today, the deadline for naming witnesses.

Dear President,

A couple of items regarding the disciplinary council on the 9th.

  1. I will bring one witness, my wife, Patty Young.  She will address both charges.  Every step of my journey has been witnessed by her, up close and personal.  She’s intimately aware of my motivations and end goal. 
  2. Please forward the public statements that you plan to use against me.  Without seeing them in advance, I can’t properly vet them for authenticity, source or accuracy.  Nor can I adequately plan my response.  Many sources, especially those friendly to the Church, have distorted, misquoted, taken out of context or flat out lied.  Let’s make sure that your evidence is accurate and solid.

    You have also been privy to private communications of mine.  I was spied on and information was sent to you anonymously.  This information has no place in the council.



Lion vs. Kangaroo

Lion7:00pm Wednesday, Aug 29:  Received summons to Mormon Tribunal.

Thursday & Friday:  Consumed with media interviews and thousands of messages from supporters.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday:  Consumed with despair, dejection, disappointment.

Tuesday:  My inner LION resurrects….first thing in the morning.

In the shower, Joseph Smith’s words came to mind.  As he considered his summons to Carthage, these famous words were penned.  “I go as a lamb to the slaughter.  I am calm as a summer’s morning.”  -D&C 135:4

Well…..this freshly showered human being is not going anywhere as a lamb.  I’ve taken off the sheep’s clothing.

“I go as a LION to the slaughter.  Ready to ROAR for the children on a summer’s morning.”  -3rd Samuel 1:1

Kangaroo Hill

Over the course of 4 decades, I’ve participated in many Disciplinary Councils.  That they were fair and just was always my observation.  As for the tribunal on the 9th, I view it much differently.

The church has set rules that I’ve never seen before.  NEVER.  Four decades of discipline and they have changed the rules for little ol’ me.  This court has blatantly been degraded to Kangaroo status.  My concerns were expressed to the Church  HERE.  The Church’s Kangaroo reply is found below.

No matter

Lion will still square off with Kangaroo in his kangaroo court.

Lion will defend the children.  Kangaroo will defend the institution.

Lion has Open-eyed Morality in his corner.  Kangaroo has Blind Obedience in his.

Lion will read Stories of Sacred Children.  Kangaroo will read the Handbook.

Lion will present 29 questions.  Kangaroo’s morality will be called into question.

Lion apologizes to Kangaroo’s victims.  Kangaroo ignores its victims.

Lion has the words of Jesus.  Kangaroo has the Millstone of Jesus.

Kangaroo hopes to silence Lion.  Silly Kangaroo.  Lion will NOT be silenced.

Yeah…Sunday will be a good day for Lion’s membership to die on Kangaroo Hill.

Kangaroo’s Response to Lion’s Request


Thank you for confirming that you intend to attend the council scheduled for September 9 at 6pm.

In response to your questions, I intend to take 15 minutes, during which I will review your public statements related to the reasons listed in my previous letter for this council. I plan to be the only person speaking during this time. I also reaffirm that we will follow the other procedures outlined in my letter, and that I feel that the time allotted is sufficient for your response.

I intend to provide you with a copy of the confidentiality agreement no later than Friday of this week. 

I reiterate my love for you and your family. 

President ________


  • Kangaroo is not my Stake President.  Nope.  It’s the Mormon Church as represented in the coming Tribunal.
  • Lion is not Sam alone.  Nope.  There are now thousands upon thousands of roaring Lions.  And more Lions are joining our pride every day.