Tribunal Witness

Lion Running

This was sent to my stake president today, the deadline for naming witnesses.

Dear President,

A couple of items regarding the disciplinary council on the 9th.

  1. I will bring one witness, my wife, Patty Young.  She will address both charges.  Every step of my journey has been witnessed by her, up close and personal.  She’s intimately aware of my motivations and end goal. 
  2. Please forward the public statements that you plan to use against me.  Without seeing them in advance, I can’t properly vet them for authenticity, source or accuracy.  Nor can I adequately plan my response.  Many sources, especially those friendly to the Church, have distorted, misquoted, taken out of context or flat out lied.  Let’s make sure that your evidence is accurate and solid.

    You have also been privy to private communications of mine.  I was spied on and information was sent to you anonymously.  This information has no place in the council.



17 thoughts on “Tribunal Witness

    1. I wish you were the Jason Ford I knew. I’m going to pretend you are. Thanks for standing up for what is right even though the rest of your family has yet to be *woke* /enlightened. Xoxo.

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  1. Funny thing Sam, I love watching lions in Africa on Geographic Wild on TV. Could watch them all day…. so strong, so powerful and so scary. The way they can take down enormous buffalos and even elephants sometimes. Amazing! So are you.

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      1. Yeah. You sure showed him. Animals don’t instinctually live up to human standards. Please keep amazing all of us with your intelligent array of random off topic facts that have nothing to do with anything

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      2. Every metaphor, parable or symbolic comparison can be picked to pieces – why not just leave them as they stand. My words simply conveyed my personal sentiment and are not particularly important – why bother with it.

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  2. I’m very proud of Patty for standing by you and for being a witness of all that you have done in the name of protecting children. Give her a hug and let her know I support her for standing in your defense. I admire her courage to go before the counsel, who it appears has likely already made their decision on the outcome of the proceeding. Were it not so, the letter from your Stake President would not have all the conditions listed to limit your defense. I’m saddened by the church who is putting their perceived image above the need to protect children. In an early attempt to silence you, the church made this statement in a policy change: “If the person being interviewed desires, another adult may be invited to be present during the interview.” Had they implemented the appropriate requirement to elimination all questions of a sexual nature, and “require” an adult be present during interviews, they could have avoided this whole scenario. The church is now in a reactionary mode in an attempt to cover for their own failings. Sadly, you and your family are in the middle because of the pride in their hearts.

    All my love to your family,
    Ross (not my real name since I can’t dox myself for reasons I’ve shared with you)

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  3. Sam – Since I am not mormon, I have had to watch you from the bleachers. Since the very beginning, you framed your arguement as “for the children” and never as being “against the church”. You have been gentle and always loving. I admire and respect that. I and 80,000 of your internet friends will be with you in sprit.

    They can’t stop the signal.

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  4. You’ve helped give closure to me and so many other people who should not have been put through sexual worthiness interviews as children. I’m so sorry for the frustration and pain you and your family are enduring now. Thank you for standing up to protect children. How many people can say they have made such a profound difference in so many lives?

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  5. I admire you! Know that many unnamed (including active mormons) are following your journey. No matter what happens you have changed the church landscape for the better!

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  6. Sam, please make sure you have a lawyer review anything that they’re asking you to sign. I realize that this is an ecclesiastical council, but I’m worried that anything offered may have been drawn up by the Latter-Day Saints’ attorneys. In which case they won’t be in your favor or offer you any protection.

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  7. A church court worth something wouldn’t allow hearsay and would let you examine all witnesses as well as evidence against you in advance, otherwise it’s merely a sham. Great letter to your Stake President.

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  8. HI Sam and Patty…best news ever that you will be standing side by side (with the Lord God on your side)…a powerful force to be reckoned with.
    No other person at the tribunal will have his helpmeet with him. All our support and love from Lesley and Jan.

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