Confidentiality Agreement and Response

imageThursday Sep 6, 2018

I sent this email to the stake president.

Friday, Sep 7, 2018

Stake president’s response.


Thank you for letting me know that you intend on calling Patti as your only witness during the council.  I have included a copy of the confidentiality agreement that you and Patti will need to sign. As I mentioned, I intend to review your own public statements relating to the matters mentioned in my original letter.

I reiterate my love for you and your family.

President ______


  1. I acknowledge that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints considers disciplinary councils to be sacred and confidential and that, therefore, participants are not allowed to make recordings of the proceedings, or to otherwise transmit the proceedings.
  2. I acknowledge that I have been asked not to make or permit anyone else to make any form of electronic recording or transmission of the disciplinary council and that I have assured Church officers that I will comply with this request.
  3. I agree that I will not use any device to make an audio or video recording of the proceedings of the disciplinary council and that I will not ask or permit anyone else to do so.
  4. I acknowledge and agree that my participation in the disciplinary council is conditioned on this Agreement and that I will not be allowed to be present at the council if I do not sign this Acknowledgment and Agreement.

Friday, Sept 7, 2018

My reply to the stake president.


“I intend to review your own public statements.”  What!!

Are these recorded statements that I actually spoke?  Are they my own writings?  Are they quotes from newspapers, TV or radio?

Without the actual quotes, I have no way to evaluate if they are accurate or what the context is.  How can I prepare an adequate response?

Why have you not sent me the evidence?  Do you want me NOT to be prepared? 

We are 2 days away from you voiding my family sealings.  Do you have no concept of how this could hurt my children, my wife and my grandchildren?  Yet you seem to treat this whole thing so cavalierly.

You have me sign a non-disclosure agreement.  I am not afraid of any of the contents of this court being revealed to the world.  Are you afraid of how the church would look if the proceedings were shared to the world?  You are not protecting me.  I don’t need protecting.  But, I’m bowing in submission to your requirement to sign.  I’m okay signing.  Recording our meetings has never been my method anyway.

However, I’m NOT okay with you HIDING the evidence from me.  How is that fair?  Or is this Disciplinary Council not meant to be fair?  Are you simply railroading the Church’s foregone conclusion to excommunicate?  Why the hell are we even having a court if that’s the case?

By concealing evidence you clearly don’t want me to come prepared.

Please send me the evidence that I’m defending against.  Otherwise, you are making this into a complete kangaroo trial.


P.S.  You keep reiterating how much you love me…and then you treat me like this????

And you love my family????  You are disrespecting my family by denying their father the ability to prepare for the trial of his eternity.


I find it odd that this document contains the word ‘Agreement.’  There was no negotiation whatsoever.  Only a threat.  If I didn’t sign, I would be eliminated from the court that was called “in my behalf.”  This is classic unrighteous dominion.  Another example of the church fulfilling its own damning prophecies.

D&C 121

39 We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.

41 No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned;

No persuasion.  Just a cold mandate dictated from Salt Lake City.

39 thoughts on “Confidentiality Agreement and Response

  1. Like many other large corporations, they set the narrative and the terms, then the member (customer) ether agrees or not. There is little room for negotiation. That’s what is wrong with our society.

    Good relationships foster negotiation between all involved.

    Best of wishes Sam.

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  2. It is amazing how legalistic and one sided the church has become. It is the original multilevel marketing corporation much more than a church. Your letter to the stake president will probably not get them to change their process but it does a great job of pointing to the unfairness and the foregone conclusion they are seeking.

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  3. Your sentence is decided from the start, this is a fake trial and it’s not a Court of Love but you know what? You will find out that this is not the church of Jesus Christ and from Christ it has only a name not to pay taxes. This is the greatest and saddest discovery I made after leaving the Mormon church. Congratulations, from tomorrow on you will have a 10% raise, you will be free but before you realise that you will still shed many tears. I am done with that church I gave 26 years of my life, all my resources, that destroyed my family and was racist against me and my kids. Greetings from Belgium

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  4. I forgot to mention this. 3 weeks ago, I saw 2 missionaries in Brussels talking to a man. I went to them and I told the man the following “I gave 26 years of my life to this so called church. I was a branch president, temple worker, missionary, married in the temple and they destroyed my family, were racist to me and to my kids, robbed me 10% of my income by making me believe they were a church… and I turned to one of the missionaries and gave him the patriarcal grip and asked him “what is this, has it a name?” He freaked out when I gave him the answer. The man that was talking to the missionaries followed me and told me “don’t worry, I gave them a fake mobile number.” Priceless 🙂

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  5. Agreed, Sam. Likely the decision is already handed down from up top, so no amount of persuasion will likely change their mind. After 45 minutes of defending the righteousness of your cause, the stake president will likely stand and say that the court is not about morality or righteousness, but apostasy, and that you are found to be in apostasy and no longer a member of the church. I’ve seen this kind of tactic before. Then they will all feign friendship by giving you hugs to console their “now” dead conscience and go on their way. Amen to the priesthood of those men.

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  6. I seriously think you should have a stenographer take notes. Write everything down. Or record it. They have no right to do this to you. You are being railroaded and they don’t want it exposed.

    Whatever you decide, you are more righteous than all of them. They can’t see past their stupid egos to view the lives that have been destroyed. All while you are trying to pick up the pieces of their victims and save these clowns from themselves.

    I am free and better due in part to your efforts. The repercussions of your selfless actions will last longer than this corrupt corporation. The lives saved cannot be counted. This is your legacy. This is your eternal family. You have countless lives on your hands. SAVED LIVES!!! On your hands.

    If there is a god, he will know you by these works. You have nothing to fear from your maker. Your concience should be clear.

    If there is no god, you have improve the world by your suffering. The human condition is measurably better because of you. Every life you have touched is greater than it was before you were there.

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  7. Sounds to me that possibly a GA will be at the meeting. That may be all this hubbub. Hmm. Is a church legally able to enforce this agreement anyway should you talk? Would they prosecute? I don’t trust much any more

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    1. A GA wouldn’t stoop to attending an excommunication. Plus, they have to be able to claim they’re hands-off on this decision and it’s all the fault of the local leaders.

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      1. I agree Abbey..but I also feel with the history of the church and the heads that may be at stake here, there is at least some collusion behind getting Sam to back off. Things may be worse under the surface of this scandal than we can imagine. Let’s hope not, but the stories keep coming.

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      2. Oh it’s definitely from the top. Sam’s priesthood leaders have known what type of person he was for years and never thought he needed to be disciplined for it. It wasn’t until he caught the attention of the media and made the 15 look bad that he’s suddenly an “apostate.” HQ definitely is behind this decision, but they never admit to it. They issue orders like that via phone (or in the case of KK during a GA meeting with local SPs supposedly about other matters) so there’s no paper trail and they can wash their hands of the affair completely. They’re a corporation ruled by a lawfirm. They know exactly what they’re doing.

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  8. Sam, I continue to shake my head at how illogical these proceedings against you by the LDS Church are. The world is watching, and is now very sure that the president and apostles are protecting abusers among themselves, working diligently to ensure easy access remains to children for them to abuse.

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  9. The Jesus they supposedly represent said this. “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! 24“You blind guides, who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel! (Matthew 23:23-24)
    Based on this, it seems like the LDS Church is “gagging on procedures while swallowing the abuse of children!”

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  10. Sam Young you are about to be set free!!!!!
    These men can not take anything away from you that is real and that is from Christ. It is an illusion to believe that they can.
    You should read “Unrelenting: Between Sodom and Zion” by Kevin Annett. He was a Reverend in The United Church of Canada. He found that the Church and the Government were conspiring to kill off the Ahousaht Indians in Canada and steal their land. The Indian children were forced into residential schools and there was at least a 50% death rate. It was no accident, the children were being murdered. Kevin Annett has made it his life purpose to bring this to light and to bring justice. Mr. Annett lost absolutely everything. His job/income as a minister, his wife and two daughters (the Canadian church brought about his divorce). He stood firm in his determination to fight for the right and to stand against evil.
    A quote from the book that makes me think of your situation. “The thing that’s hiding in this town hates what you’re doing, You’re pulling back it’s mask and it hates you for it and it won’t stop until your dead. It’s hiding right inside your own church and people don’t even see it. And you’re the one who’s been sent to expose it… it knows you’ll never stop, even when you lose everything and everyone in your life. You were sent to show what this horrible thing is and how it’s hiding here in these fake churches and how people have to leave the churches and go back to God. And the only thing that’ll ever protect you from now on is God.”
    Blessings to you Sam Young. You are on the Lord’s errand and he will stand with you.

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  11. If the priesthood is real and the D&C is legitimate then these abusers had their amen from heaven a long time ago. Their only tactics are coercion and unrighteous dominion. Pure love, persuasion, and love unfeigned are not known in the halls of the Latter-day Saints.


  12. This treatment, and worse, explains very succinctly the way I was treated the very last time I officially, as a member, stepped foot in an LDS Chapel. It ended with both the Bishop and Stake President accusing me and my at the time wife of apostasy for things we did not do, threatening us that we couldn’t go to the temple without actually revoking our temple recommends, lying to us (I caught the SP in multiple lies throughout the entire process), and raising their voices at us, with absolutely no reference to scripture as we quoted scripture after scripture supporting how a simple post of mine on Facebook showing love to my gay brothers and sisters was a Christian thing to do. There was no Priesthood in that room that day. In fact, I argue there has been no Priesthood in this church, perhaps even since the latter Nauvoo years of Joseph Smith’s life. It’s sad – really, really sad. And the further I’m out the more I learn, the more people are willing to share with me their stories, and the more I realize it wasn’t the Church I thought it actually was when I was in and unwilling to be open to these possibilities.

    Sorry you have to go through this Sam. Much love from this fellow Houstonian at least happy the Astros took over Boston! 😉 You’re always a friend in my book.

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  13. They are scared that there is a repeat of the court that was recorded by the guy who wrote the CES letter where you have the perfect example of a kangaroo court .

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  14. Hi Sam and Patti (Patty), Jan, Jacoba and I are rather isolated at this time on our smallholding…we have lovely neighbours of other denominations. Most of our children support us w.r.t. security problems etc. and one of our daughters visits regularly…she is “a free spirit”. When we see members of the church they look askance at us. We have a very special son, who sees to every emotional, spiritual and social need. Today we are fasting for both of you in this little corner of South Africa. We have been clearing rubbish that was dumped alongside our old carport, and weeding there. We are salvaging the stones from the 30 foot high chimney wall from our thatched roof house which was burnt down almost two years ago and will place the stones on this area. Our daughter planted a most beautiful rockery next to this area last Spring. On the side of the carport we will paint the words : Dedicated to Sam Young: Protectlds children. Whatever the outcome know this that the Lord God will determine the outcome and what sometimes seems to be a bad situation, is often good. Two nights ago when someone managed to get through 2 electric fences? and broke into Jan’s container, our son was appalled when I told him that we had slept in the cars instead of our beautiful converted stables waiting for the thieves to come back . “In the cars Mama but they may only come back in 2 weeks time?” So what seems bad is in fact a wake-up call, to up our security and have our Robo-Gards reset, and a better lock for the container. How on earth can a “Kangaroo Court” determine anything especially your relationship with the Lord and your eternal relationship with your family members (except to falsely impinge on it through lies )and further how could we have made Covenants through such people? Outside the parameters of “that church” ( w.r. t. Jesus Christ, who referred to “that satan”), perhaps you can approach the highest court in “the land of the brave and the free”. Quoting from Karen Armstrong ‘The Bible’ pg. 229 The Epilogue: ” Buber [ i.e.The Jewish philosopher 1878-1965 Martin Buber] said that each reader should stand before the bible as Moses stood before the burning bush, listening intently and preparing for a revelation that willl force him or her to lay aside former preconceptions. If this offends the religious establishment, we might remind them, …that the authorities are also accountable to the miqra of scripture (miqra “a summons” that called Jewish people to action).

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  15. Sam, special thoughts to you and your wife today. I know it seems like a charade to many of us but I’m sensitive the personal effect this is having on you. Stay strong my friend.

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    1. Because they want to be able to deny anything he says, saying he has no proof, and it’s the word of an apostate against all those other “righteous men” in the room.

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  16. Hi Sam, I was looking through the internet about what they could possible use against you and I have found this video.

    I am going to show up today in Sugar Land to offer my support to protect lds children.

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  17. Sam, your stake president is a tool. He’s a tool of the LDS church general authorities. That man thinks he’s doing the work of God, but he is not. He is in fact carrying out the will of the adversary.

    Your stake president believes he is doing what God wants, but he does not know God. He has not read the scriptures, and he surely does not understand them.

    It is sad to say, but your stake president is a despicable man. He has no priesthood. He has no authority with God, and he does not know God. He has literally cut himself off from the presence of the divine.

    He is only carrying out very carefully spelled out orders from SLC. He does not want anyone to know this, but if he were a real man, he would publish the written instructions he’s received and transcribe the verbal instructions he has received to let the world see.

    If truth and God were on his side, he would have nothing to fear. Yet, he hides his real intentions and conceals what he has been told to do from SLC. I hope he reads every comment here. I hope he reads all of it.

    I hope he lays awake at night and thinks about the people he chose to serve. I hope he can one day read the scriptures and come to know the real Jesus. The Jesus who said, suffer the children to come unto me. The Jesus who protected children. The Jesus who associated with sinners. The Jesus who condemned the Pharisees.

    Your stake president does not know Jesus. He claims authority from God, but he has none. What a sad and pathetic man. What sad and pathetic men lead the LDS church. It is a tragedy. They could be a good influence in the world, but they choose evil instead. Shame on them. Shame on all of them.

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