For a long time, I have wanted to put my thoughts down on paper, metaphorically speaking.  Over the past couple of years, unexpected philosophical developments have shaken my life.  They have been quite disconcerting.  In October 2015, a friend suggested that I start posting my thoughts in certain social channels.  I did.  By golly, I found it to be delightfully addicting, cathartic and validating.  It also helped me move forward and hone my life’s direction.

In May 2016, several people, in the groups where I post, suggested that the amount of time I invest in composing would be better served by a blog.  I love the Facebook communities.  There, I know many and am known by many.  The feedback is plentiful, interesting, and helpful in refining my thought processes.  The posts by others frequently enlightens and uplifts.  At my friends’ gentle nudging, I followed their recommendation to venture into a new world.  One that is exposed to public scrutiny.  No longer behind the protective blanket of closed groups.

I’m Mormon.  Was raised Mormon.  At 19, I served a 2 year full-time mission to Guatemala and El Salvador.  Married in the temple.  Raised 6 children in the church.  Have actively served in many callings, including a 5 year stint as an LDS bishop.  I’m still an active Mormon.  But, my faith is transitioning.

For the time being, I plan to discuss changes in my belief, decisions I’ve made, and actions I am in the process of taking.  My faith journey is by no means complete.  This odyssey has been exciting and exhilarating . . . at times.  At others, it’s been a source of anger, sadness, loneliness, alienation, frustration, and depression.  My friend who suggested writing was right on.  It has been a great help to vent, think, contemplate and refine through the written word.