Lion vs. Kangaroo

Lion7:00pm Wednesday, Aug 29:  Received summons to Mormon Tribunal.

Thursday & Friday:  Consumed with media interviews and thousands of messages from supporters.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday:  Consumed with despair, dejection, disappointment.

Tuesday:  My inner LION resurrects….first thing in the morning.

In the shower, Joseph Smith’s words came to mind.  As he considered his summons to Carthage, these famous words were penned.  “I go as a lamb to the slaughter.  I am calm as a summer’s morning.”  -D&C 135:4

Well…..this freshly showered human being is not going anywhere as a lamb.  I’ve taken off the sheep’s clothing.

“I go as a LION to the slaughter.  Ready to ROAR for the children on a summer’s morning.”  -3rd Samuel 1:1

Kangaroo Hill

Over the course of 4 decades, I’ve participated in many Disciplinary Councils.  That they were fair and just was always my observation.  As for the tribunal on the 9th, I view it much differently.

The church has set rules that I’ve never seen before.  NEVER.  Four decades of discipline and they have changed the rules for little ol’ me.  This court has blatantly been degraded to Kangaroo status.  My concerns were expressed to the Church  HERE.  The Church’s Kangaroo reply is found below.

No matter

Lion will still square off with Kangaroo in his kangaroo court.

Lion will defend the children.  Kangaroo will defend the institution.

Lion has Open-eyed Morality in his corner.  Kangaroo has Blind Obedience in his.

Lion will read Stories of Sacred Children.  Kangaroo will read the Handbook.

Lion will present 29 questions.  Kangaroo’s morality will be called into question.

Lion apologizes to Kangaroo’s victims.  Kangaroo ignores its victims.

Lion has the words of Jesus.  Kangaroo has the Millstone of Jesus.

Kangaroo hopes to silence Lion.  Silly Kangaroo.  Lion will NOT be silenced.

Yeah…Sunday will be a good day for Lion’s membership to die on Kangaroo Hill.

Kangaroo’s Response to Lion’s Request


Thank you for confirming that you intend to attend the council scheduled for September 9 at 6pm.

In response to your questions, I intend to take 15 minutes, during which I will review your public statements related to the reasons listed in my previous letter for this council. I plan to be the only person speaking during this time. I also reaffirm that we will follow the other procedures outlined in my letter, and that I feel that the time allotted is sufficient for your response.

I intend to provide you with a copy of the confidentiality agreement no later than Friday of this week. 

I reiterate my love for you and your family. 

President ________


  • Kangaroo is not my Stake President.  Nope.  It’s the Mormon Church as represented in the coming Tribunal.
  • Lion is not Sam alone.  Nope.  There are now thousands upon thousands of roaring Lions.  And more Lions are joining our pride every day.


41 thoughts on “Lion vs. Kangaroo

    1. If this is a Mormon leader’s definition of love in action, no wonder there is so much abuse going on in the church. This SP is throwing Sam and his family – who he says he loves – under the bus – hurting them to save himself. Something is frighteningly amiss.

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  1. Beautifully said Sam!! I hope you can both feel and hear the rest of us in your pride roaring with you. That is going to be one deafening roar!!! #iROARwithSam

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  2. Standing with you Sam. Going as a lion! I love that! Perfect! They don’t have you, you’ve got them! I can tell. You are crouched and prepared for the battle! I love you Sam. You’ve changed my life. Aleise’s life. You’ve changed many lives. All for the better! How cool is that?!

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    1. If you say you love the defendant just before administering what you believe to be Spiritual Execution, then it’s OK. It was done lovingly … for Sam’s own good … to help him come to his senses and realize eventually that it is just wrong to criticize The Brethren, even when The Brethren are killing children.

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  3. Sam, I suggest you demand a copy of the confidentiality agreement to be provided immediately.

    Have you seen confidentiality agreements required during your prior experience with Disciplinary Councils?

    Keep in mind The Brethren are changing the rules in your honor … and not to your advantage, of course.

    The tough spot here is that Russell M. Nelson is the legal owner of the entire Church … a private club. He does not need your permission or cooperation to eject you from membership … at his pleasure … and for any reason or no reason. He doesn’t even have to convene a Disciplinary Council, nor does he even have to invite you to defend your membership. He is within his legal rights to make any arbitrary rules that suit him and require you to obey and comply as a condition of being invited on his private property to attend the Tribunal.

    He has already constrained your appearance within a set of limitations that have already trashed your ability to defend yourself using all available witnesses you might choose to call. By restricting your witnesses to members in good standing … most of whom are afraid to be seen supporting Sam Young … even if they DO support you in their hearts … your ability to craft a defense of your own choosing has been nontrivially compromised. All intentional, of course.

    So … according to Russell’s Rules of Engagement, you have 45 minutes of “free speech”. Just make sure the confidentiality agreement does not make you sign away your freedom to publish your “free speech” from the rooftops. Russell must keep the proceedings as secret as possible. Your goal, of course, is to make the proceedings as public as possible. Be sure you do not agree to not publish your recollection to the best of your ability of what was said to you during the Tribunal.

    As far as you know, is Russell allowing you to have one or more silent (non-speaking) witnesses present in the room during the entire proceeding? You should request that you be allowed two witnesses of your choosing to be present. “Through the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every truth be established.” Sam + 2 = 3. You should be entitled to being able to establish your version of the truth here. If your SP refuses, you can get his refusal on the record. That alone is a damning indictment of the kangaroo proceeding. Russell gets more than a dozen witnesses; Sam gets zero? Is that it?

    I think half of the High Councilors will draw straws to be your alleged advocate … or however that is described. You should be free to interview your advocates after the Tribunal as additional witnesses and expect them to answer your questions about what they remember about the proceedings.

    I am trying to leave no stone unturned here. Maybe others who read this will think of more measures you can undertake to maximize your ability to defend yourself on this grossly skewed playing field.

    The good part here is that Russell will be shooting all of his toes off in the Court of Public Opinion with this sham mockery of fair, due process … Court of Love?

    Russell thinks he can make a steaming pile of rancid shit smell nice and fresh … simply by labeling it “Love.”

    Nice try, Russell. Nice try.

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  4. Your situation deeply troubles me. I have never experienced sexual abuse of any kind in the LDS church in close to 60 years while living in different Canadian provinces and in Utah. I do believe there has been inappropriate sexual conduct by too many leaders. I believe you have done all you can. You can not mandate good behavior. I am most concerned that you continue to fight a war you cannot win. Think of your losses if you continue… Heavenly Father knows about all this. He will heal his children in his own time and in his own way. Please step back…

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  5. I’m in WA state and behind you all the way. I was a member in good standing for 25 yrs and when I stopped going I was shunned by many women in my ward. I tried to get my name off the roles but a former bishop said “no”. All my people that are LDS know how I feel about “Protect the Children”.
    They’ve seen my posts on FB and not one has asked me about it! It’s insane! In our society people who prey on children are losers, pedophiles, creeps, and all assorted other names! And yet, these good Mormons are ignorant of the truth!
    It honestly makes me sick!
    Sam, God is preparing for you to do a great thing for the CHILDREN!!

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  6. I’m reminded of the second trial of John D. Lee. The Church needed a scapegoat desperately and offered up one of their most faithful members to absolve all others that were living in the Southern Utah area. Nearly everyone was implicit in some way. My family stories about our pioneer heroes omitted the little fact that a simple and faithful man named William Greenwood Senior sat on that kangaroo court that held his friend, church member and neighbor and “voted to sustain the leaders of the Church,” and find John D. Lee guilty for the mass murder at Mountain Meadows. The pressures are enormous to comply with “directions” in tightly organized communities.

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  7. I agree. Signing a confidentiality agreement not to write as you wish about the proceedings is the same as the non-disclosure statements the church insists victims of sexual abuse sign to hide church leaders’ abuse from the public. I no longer have any respect for the president and apostles, and have begun to think of them, and refer to them as “ little weasels.”

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    1. Agree with you. Sam dont sign anything. They are trying to get you not to “talk”. Be like Joyce in 1977.
      They couldn’t shut her up or back her off. Now forty one years later we all know she was telling the TRUTH about the Bishop Shaming of her fiance and his brainwashing. Go in with confidence.
      Roar Sam Roar!!!

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  8. Crying for you, Sam, and for all of the children and many that are now adults or having passed through the veil. Heaven is weeping for you, too, and angels and many supporters are cheering you on! Penni

    On Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 10:52 PM Tocubit Is Invisible’s Cubit wrote:

    > Sam Young posted: “7:00pm Wednesday, Aug 29: Received summons to Mormon > Tribunal. Thursday & Friday: Consumed with media interviews and thousands > of messages from supporters. Saturday, Sunday, Monday: Consumed with > despair, dejection, disappointment. Tuesday: My ” >

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  9. Wow…you see the Church in a WHOLE new light, and its MEAN, and SCARY! I will be praying for you. My God is kind and just, definitely not the one they are depicting. I am sorry you are going through this, but I am SO DAMN PROUD of you, and I know God is too. You are the voice no one wanted to come forward and be. Look in the mirror and say over and over again, I did what was right. We are behind you all the way!!!

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  10. Sam, if you have to call yourself a lion, then you never were one.

    Also, if you are willing to openly mock the Church as a “kangaroo,” then you obviously no longer believe it to be the one true Church of God, so why pretend that you care about being excommunicated?

    You’re gross.

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      1. The fact that you continue to call members and leaders of The Church by the wrong name shows how little respect you have for our Savior and His Church.

        Your actions and words are not of someone that has humbled himself to the Lord, but someone that only wishes to create opposition and lift one’s self.

        You say that becuase The Church doesn’t publicly condemn your questions, therefore they condone them. Based of your own logic your condone the hate, mockery, and opposition of your followers. If your cause was true, you would have condemned your followers disgusting words and actions since the beginning. You would have stopped their praise of you and never mention the possibility of making history.
        Your actions speak of someone that thinks himself better than his peers, becuase it’s your way or the highway, right?

        I’m sorry that your heart has hardened because of your pride and distaste of the Savior’s Church.
        I hope you can look towards the Savior and not towards the validation and praise of your followers.

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      2. Wade,
        Attacking Sam’s character is a poor rebuttal. Perhaps you might challenge one of Sam’s ideas about protecting LDS children instead, but you can’t because all of Sam’s ideas to protect LDS children are solid and stand on their own merits.

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      3. My eyes are focused on the Savior’s teaching and example. He threatens those who harm children. I embrace HIS cause to protect our kids. Come join me my friend. It appears that you have a good heart. Put it to work in our common cause to save our children.

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      4. Deflecting the conversation to highlight your “good deeds” and painting the picture that you’re better than the Savior’s Church, what a shame. It’s the response I expected, but not the one I was hoping for.

        You’ve done this since the beginning and you continue to do it now with your disciplinary council. Highlighting your good deeds, playing the victim, and creating the narrative that the Church is the bad guy. Making yourself a martyr when you don’t need to. With your words and actions, you’re creating contention and furthering the divide between your followers and the Church.
        Did Christ purposely create contention between his followers and others before he was crucified? What about Joesph Smith? Did he do what you are currently doing before he was sent to jail or before he was murdered?

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      5. Wade,

        You are living your life inside a Fantasy TBM Bubble and apparently still believe the Cartoon History of the Church we were all fed as truth beginning with our baby bottles. (You should be made aware that 60.000 missionaries CONTINUE TO TEACH HISTORICAL BS to investigators around the world.)

        Any mention or acknowledgment in your writing that thousands of LDS children’s lives and well-being was severely damaged by shaming Bishops interviews is MISSING from your ad hominen rhetoric focused on impugning the messenger.

        Sam is all about Protecting LDS Children … while all you seem to care about is Protecting The Brethren and their institution from the bright spotlight of exposure and disclosure that Sam is shining in their eyes.

        On Wade’s Watch … children will CONTINUE to be shamed and guilted … some fatally … while you whine about Sam making the Church look bad. He is doing that because the CHURCH IS BAD and bears no resemblance to how Jesus would treat children if He actually ran a Church … which he so clearly does not.

        Wake … Yourself …. Up.

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      6. Thank you Gary. Spot on. I continue to reiterate: the Mormon Church destroyed my family. Something is frighteningly amiss with the president and the apostles.

        Sam speaking up To Protect LDS Children and ask for a policy change has been incredibly healing.

        I expected that the president and apostles would want to minister to their wounded. Iinstead, they’ve hidden out and are using their power to excommunicate Sam. In reading the comments of TBM’s against Sam, the tragedy of the cult programming of those who drank the Cool Aid at Jonestown comes to mind. In that cult, parents handed over their children too.

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      7. In this case, Maggie, let’s call it Kolob Kool-Aid.

        No amount of public disrespect and ridicule will ever adequately compensate The Brethren for their direct and proximate role in the needless suicides of countless Mormon youth.

        May God literally damn those evil bastards to hell and back forever and ever. Amen.

        Other than that, isn’t this a Great Church … or what!

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      1. You follow the teachings and examples of our Savior? Can you show me where in the scriptures Jesus openly mocked and taunted other people to get them to obey or change their minds? Can you show me where Jesus created a public campaign trying to discredit other people? Can you show me where Jesus accepted negative and bad behavior among his followers?
        Can you show me where Jesus played the victim? Since you received the request of a disciplinary council you’ve played the victim and dramatized so that you’d be a martyr. Why should you being excommunicated mean anything? It doesn’t stop you, does it? You know it doesn’t mean the end… if you’re not lying about your testimony and desire to be a member, you know you can always come back.

        So here’s a request because you seem to enjoy giving them: Publicly apologize. For your anger, mockery and unwillingness to compromise and find a middle ground. Condemn the negativity in your posts and among your followers. Stand up to the commenters that mock and hate the Savior’s Church. Defend it. Condemn your followers’ praise for you. Stop highlighting your actions and your status within the Church (they shouldn’t matter if your only focus are the kids).

        And one last thing, ask yourself this: when was the last time you opened up the Book of Mormon? Had family prayer? Pray by yourself and really open up to our Heavenly Father and be humble to his promptings.

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      2. Publicly apologize? I did that to the whole world a couple of weeks ago. A an ordained bishop, along with 38 other ordained bishops, I apologized to all the victims who have been horribly harmed by our irresponsible interviews. I expected the apostles to do that. Where are they? Jesus taught the parable of the Good Samaritan. They are playing the part of the priests. Totally ignoring all the children that their policies have beaten up and left in the ditches on the side of the road.

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      3. Dear Wade,

        By their fruits ye shall know them.

        Let’s mark the scoreboard and see how Sam Young vs The Brethren stack up:


        As a result of the public speaking and writing of Sam Young: ??

        As a result of the public speaking and writing of The Brethren: ??

        I don’t know what the correct number is for The Brethren. The result is THE HIGHEST SUICIDE RATE IN THE NATION FOR UTAH with its high concentrations of Mormons who believe The Brethren speak for God.

        The number for Sam Young is LESS THAN ZERO.

        I say less than zero because Sam has been a catalyst for the long-awaited healing and recovery of hundreds (if not thousands) of casualties of Bishop worthiness interviews.

        Wade, I respectfully request that you extract your misinformed, brainwashed head from your butt and take a look around and SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING UNDER YOUR NOSE courtesy of your Beloved Brethren In Charge.


        Thousands of members and non-members have fallen in love with Sam Young for the simple reason that he comports himself more like Jesus Christ than the entire staff of Q70’s and Q15 lined up head-to-toe on the head of a pin.

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  11. Now that is the Sam Young that I have come to know and respect!! Your pride is made up of thousands of people who will be roaring with you on September 9! You are doing the Lord’s work- never forget that!! Those men have no power o dominion over you…Our Lord and Savior will be walking side by side with you into the church. You have all the power!!! Love and prayers to you, I will be there on Sunday!

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  12. No authority. No keys. Not your friends. With friends like these, you don’t need enemies.

    A wise man once told me…

    Conspiring , controlling vermin will only do to you what you allow them to do. These Men and this church DOES NOT represent the Father. Where are the fruits and signs of my Father? They are nowhere to be seen.

    Father has armed you with a “spiritual middle finger” for a good reason. Use it Brother.

    Darkness writhes and riggles upon the ground when light is shone upon it as a beam of sunlight upon the face of a soul sucking vampire .

    The brigamite sect has become a massive soul sucking vampire who’s true and obvious signs and fruits are not Fathers but rather the (g)OD of this earth and yet attempt to blaspheme the very name of HIS son while speaking smooth things of all manner. Deception is an interesting thing.

    Climb out of this spiritual shackle filled box my brother.

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  13. Sam, I love you. I honor your courage and sacrifice. The apostasy of the church was prophecied in the Book of Mormon. 3Ne 3:16
    But I’m sure you know all of that. If you haven’t already done so, please seek for the One mighty and strong (D&C 85:7) who is testified should come to set the Lord’s House in order.
    The gospel is still true even though it is led by corrupt sadducees and pharisees.

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  14. Some of the Blind and walking dead Comments from TBM (true blue Mormons) in here are hilarious. Read your scripts Mormons! Read your scripts and see the insane degree of contradiction and anti Christ teachings, policy and behaviour of your holy, non prophetic, non seership and non revelation bearing idols you worship , respect and hold in honor in your hearts. This church IS IN A SOLID AND CLEAR STATE OF APOSTASY TO THE DIRECT TEACHINGS OF THE FATHER AND SON. If you ACTUALLY read THEIR HOLY words, you would see it. Until then, keep your delusional TBM comments to yourselves. I’m embarrassed on your behalves because of your ignorance and uneducated lazy states of mind and spirits.

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