Dear Bishops, this could happen to you!

GavelToday, a lawsuit was filed accusing President Russell M. Nelson’s daughter and son-in-law of child sex abuse.  The alleged abuse occurred 32 years ago.

I don’t have an opinion on whether or not the allegations are true.  What I know is that the charges have been made in full public view.  The defense will be grueling and expensive.   No matter what, reputations will be tarnished.  If a verdict is rendered in favor of the plaintiffs, reputations will be destroyed.

You can read about the suit in the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune or watch it on Fox News.  The actual lawsuit filing can be found HERE.

So bishops, what does this have to do with you?  We are in a different era than in 1986.  Back then, no cell phones (mini-recorders), little concern with adults alone with children, no #metoo movement, certainly no #mormonmetoo movement.

All that has changed.  If someone accuses you of abuse of any kind while you were behind that closed door, all alone with a child & talking about sex, YOU WILL HAVE NO DEFENSE.  Our society doesn’t have sympathy for an adult who should have known better.  They will sympathize with the child every time.

Can you afford to lose your reputation?

Can you afford to defend against a criminal charge?

A stake in my home town of Houston recently instructed its bishops:  “Conduct every interview under the assumption that you are being recorded.”  Wise counsel.

Better counsel:  No one-on-one interviews, no sexual questions ever.


64 thoughts on “Dear Bishops, this could happen to you!

  1. This will likely be a HUGE mess. There is a highly credible book written about this by a high-profile woman who started a sexual abuse treatment service for Intermountain Healthcare. Her family was personally involved; her son-in-law committed suicide as part of this. This may well become a PR nightmare for the Church. It may be a good thing in the long run as it brings more attention where attention is needed—the cover-up of abuse, which is a recurring theme in the stories that Sam has received. Best case scenario is that it will bring much more focus on Sam’s work.

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    1. The “high profile” woman, Barbara Snow, has a long history of planting false memories in her clients. In a sting operation about 15 years ago, the police fed her false information, and then that information appeared in “recovered memories” in her clients.

      Any story that involves Ms. Snow as a therapist needs to be met with the strictest criticism.

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  2. With what is going on in Washington DC now., this comes out at an opportune time. The only difference being how well investigated this 30 year old crime was. Including lie detector tests. Instead of crooked politicians, we have a shady psychiatrist known for planting false memories. And again the timing is also questionable just days before General Conference. I am not sure what you are trying to imply, Sam, as this 30 year old case has nothing to do with Bishops behind closed doors. Unless you are now planning on taking upon yourself the cause of child sexual abuse ….which I would gladly support you. As that is happening nationwide, should be prosecuted to the fullest, and doesn’t just include LDS members.

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    1. Hi, Janice,

      “And again the timing is also questionable just days before General Conference. I am not sure what you are trying to imply, Sam, as this 30 year old case has nothing to do with Bishops behind closed doors. Unless you are now planning on taking upon yourself the cause of child sexual abuse ….which I would gladly support you.”

      The timing is not questionable; rather, the timing is excellent!

      Anything that succeeds in gathering dark clouds above the Conference Center during GenCon is a plus. Regardless of the truth or fiction of this new lawsuit over old news, it is a FACT that the LDS Church systematically employs its vast resources, bottomless pockets and expert legal eagles to “protect the good name of the Church” regardless of collateral damage to abuse victims.

      Do you disagree with anything in the paragraph above, Janice? If so, please check out this interview of an attorney who has prosecuted dozens of cases of child sex abuse by Mormons (not necessarily Bishops).

      You are correct that this new lawsuit does not directly relate to Bishop worthiness interviews. Good catch on that, Janice!

      You distracted yourself from connecting the dots between the inherent RISK of accusation of abuse during an interview where the Bishop has no corroborating witness that no abuse occurred.

      Sam is using this new lawsuit to scare sleeping Bishops awake!

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    1. Dear Janice,
      how can you be sure child sexual abuse is happening Nationwide? Maybe those are all hacked memories too. Are you willing to fight as long as you have no skin in the game, and it’s happening ‘across the nation’ and not in uncomfortable places like your own backyard? I just don’t know how you’ll pick and choose which ones to believe.
      Back to your question, ‘What is Sam trying to imply..’..hmmmm…. He’s a crafty fellow, I’m sure he’s out to harm innocent people, that’s been his MO in the past…
      Kidding! Truth is, he’s been involved in trying to make the world a better place, and in his own words, ‘trying to be like Jesus.’ So this BREAKING STORY is completely relevant to Sam trying to stop Bishops from taking children alone behind closed doors. Sam is saying, not only can children be harmed, Look what can happen to Bishops, if you continue this practice of taking children alone behind closed doors! There is nothing to safeguard a Bishop, along with nothing to safeguard the child. You can be accused of terrible things! That’s even in the title.
      Sam didn’t write the story. And I was kind of kidding you above, lol, because he told us right in his blog post, that he didn’t have an opinion on the story, then exactly what he was implying: accusations like this could happen to you Bishops! Now. Or 30 years from now, (which is how long it takes some victims to come forward.)
      The Deseret News was first to break this story, as far as I can tell, so going back to the source might be the best place to find out who else is implying what.

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  3. Karma, now they will maybe change their policy but you will remain excommunicated. Take that as a huge compliment, that’s who and what they are. “By their fruits thou shalt know them.” Greetings from Belgium.

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  4. Gary says “the timing is excellent.” It is amazing…like “I love it when a plan comes together.” The Lord God is incredible. It is most definitely the Timing as this situation was not just manufactured recently. I recall reading the sad story of the grandmother, who observed some deviant behaviour in her little grandson and her subsequent discoveries. When I looked for her story on the internet more recently. I was unable to find it. Sam’s courage, sacrifice and tenacity is part of God’s plan to expose The Big Cover-up of abuse.Perhaps this will now open the eyes of our children still in this church., in answer to our prayers. Was there also not a GA, Glen Pace, who reported on the issue at the time?


    1. That Glen Pace disclosure … years ago … was a flash in the pan … and then … pffft! … disappeared. As I recall, there were overtones suggesting Satanic Ritual Abuse was happening inside the Zion Curtain … or maybe we should now call it the Zion Kurton.

      The ubiquity of Satan worship and ritual sacrifice of kidnapped human babies and children throughout the elite class of the wealthy, the rulers, the celebrities, the rich and famous of Planet Earth is coming to light big time. It is looking like lotsa Big Boys and Big Girls are being prepped for Public Outing with lots of all-expense paid vacations to Gitmo coming up.

      I have no idea to what extent Mormon Church leadership and/or Mormon luminaries might be involved in these horrific crimes against Nature and Humanity. I hope not much, but it’s unlikely zero participation. The reality that The Brethren freely spend tithing million$ in hush money is not a good omen.

      It is probably fair to conjecture that whatever we DO know about is likely just the Tip of the Iceberg of the totality of what is happening in dark places perpetrated by Very Dark People.

      I am not suggesting that any of The Brethren participate in Satanic Ritual Abuse. They may be too busy covering up the regular flavor child abuse that happens quite naturally in the ranks of Church leadership.

      Think about it. What would an intelligent, thinking observer EXPECT from an institution founded by an unrepentant, out-of-control sex addict genius who came up with some of the best pick-up lines in the history of Sexual Conquest?

      “Say, Sweetie. You certainly are looking lovely, virtuous, and of good report, and praiseworthy today. Yes, indeed. If you will consent to receive my Priesthood in the Biblical sense, I will guarantee that you and your entire family go to heaven. If you do not consent, you and your family will all go to hell. Do we have a deal? My God, you are looking good today. Can you blame me for seeking after these things? Oh, sorry. I did not mean to imply that I see you as a thing. Women and children are not just things. I mean, they are not things. Women and children are people, too. I really love women. And if the women are also children, so much the better!”

      Sorry for that … uncalled-for fantasy fiction paragraph. My point is that Mormon Cult-ure has a legacy of patriarchal entitlement and fulfillment of sexual appetites … regardless of consequences. Churches attract sexual predators because of the ready-made cover story AND access to targets.

      My opinion is that our Joseph Smith institutional DNA makes the Mormon Church perhaps worse than the more civilized business models cashing in on Jesus’ name.

      Sam has an effective interim solution … providing some common-sense leadership and child protection that will NEVER be echoed by The Brethren.

      The BEST solution … admittedly a very Tall Order for many TBMs … is to say ENOUGH! and remove yourself and your children from Harm’s Way altogether.

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      1. I love that: The Zion Kurton. As for the reality of the fantasy fiction paragraph…well I found myself weeping !!! My husband says I am the most insecure person…perhaps it was those 55 years in that church what did it!!

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      2. Thank you, Lesley, for your encouraging feedback.

        [No! No! NO! … whatever you do DO NOT ENCOURAGE him!]

        One of my Guiding Maxim Revelations To Myself:

        “No amount of disrespect can fairly compensate Joseph Smith and The Brethren for what they have done … and/or continue doing.”

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      1. Went to bed early in preparation for 2nd 5 km Parkrun/walk but woke at midnight. As I speed read, I looked through the lawsuits and could barely deal with the horror. I determined to do a “Tara” ( what an incredible 50 mile run for lds children), and dedicate each step to these little children; however as the sun became hotter my burden became heavier. Eventually my second daughter, long since extricated from Mormonism, dragged me to the finish 12 minutes later than last week. Mormons, all of them/us have been existing ABOVE a cesspool of inhumanity. We have been giving credibility to Satan and his hosts without realising it. I second Gary’s admonition to get oneself and one’s children out of harm’s way. Changing names and labels is just a red herring as KUTV rightfully recognises. We need to pray to the Lord God to keep Satan at bay. This is Horrible.

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  5. It almost sounds as if Sam is advocating for his followers to accuse bishops of things they do not do behind closed doors. Why? Because they will believe a child over an adult. I’m seeing how Sam’s motives and tactics work.

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    1. Robert, really? Please refrain from writing nonsense. It only impugns your credibility and weakens your ability to influence thought here on Sam’s blog.

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      1. I don’t appreciate Robert falsely accusing my friend Sam. Because I KNOW what they did to the man I loved back in 1977. The Bishop shaming they did to him as a child, as an adolescent, and even after he asked me to marry him, left scars into his adulthood which made him not only afraid to masterbate, but afraid to express his sexual feelings even with me, the woman who loved him. In other words thry scarred him so bad, it made him IMPOTENT !!! And thousands of people can’t be lying about their own stories, either.

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  6. Makes me wonder just what percentage of claims made by children Sam has ammassed against bishops are really accurate. Thanks Sam for casting doubt on their credibility. Perhaps some are true eh?


      1. Gary, I have no means whatsoever to validate all of Sam’s claims. From my own experience I know that bishops are not the monsters that Sam is portraying them as. I’m not sure what I can and can’t believe comes from Sam.


      2. Robert, you are succumbing to “all or nothing thinking” and thereby reaching preposterous conclusions.

        “From my own experience I know that bishops are not the monsters that Sam is portraying them as.”

        Sam shares your experience, Robert. He has repeatedly and clearly communicated his sincere belief that most Bishops are kind, decent, loving, generous people with no intent whatsoever to harm children.

        Regarding your other posts:

        “There are perhaps few bishops who have unknowingly groomed a youth.”

        “It’s what I meant. Bishops are led by the Spirit. It is rare that a bishop is doing harm to a youth. The only time that could happen is if the bishop is not led by the spirit. I guess you could argue bishops and church leaders aren’t led by the Spirit, but then again, all disaffected LDS are gonna make that claim”

        That first sentence literally says: There are perhaps few bishops who … while grooming a youth … did so unknowingly.

        That is not what you meant, Robert. But you unwittingly raised one of Sam’s important talking points. An adult male interrogating a child sequestered behind a closed door and ASKING THE CHILD ABOUT THEIR SEXUAL BEHAVIOR … IS … IS …IS … the DEFINITION OF GROOMING, Robert.

        The good intentions of the Bishop are COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to whether GROOMING is taking place in the Bishop’s office. The scenario IS GROOMING the child.

        How so? It’s dirt simple, Robert. The next time an adult man invites the child to be alone with the man and then to talk about sexual matters, the child will go, “This is OK. The Bishop does this with me. It’s OK.”

        Robert, how will you tap dance your way around THAT?

        Next …

        “Bishops are led by the Spirit.”

        That’s a comforting PollyAnna sentiment, Robert. What about General Authorities? Are they also led by the Spirit? Were the Leading Luminaries who called Joseph Bishop to be MTC president led by the Spirit? What about the Bishops called by leaders guided by the spirit … Bishops who are now doing jail time for doing what?

        “I guess you could argue bishops and church leaders aren’t led by the Spirit, but then again, all disaffected LDS are gonna make that claim.”

        That is a true statement as written, Robert.

        Are “disaffected LDS” somehow automatically WRONG … because they are “disaffected”? There you go again … shooting the messenger bearing a message you do not like.

        There you go.

        By the way, Robert, you must continue defending your Testimony on the basis of LOGICAL FALLACIES in order to do what? To prevent yourself from becoming what? … could it be … to prevent your own self from becoming “disaffected LDS”?

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  7. Robert I am not too sure what you are implying. Sam is not employing any tactics and he does not have any underhand motives. The stories he shares are not those of children but in fact those of adults who have struggled to adulthood because of abuse in those tender years. Many bishops have unknowingly groomed children to be vulnerable to abuse by predators. NO-ONE has the right to ask sexually explicit questions and it is absolutely ludicrous to claim that these “officers” need to ensure that children or even adults are worthy to go to the Temple. One’s conscience is between the Lord and oneself.

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    1. Good point!

      The Mormon Church is founded upon Logical Fallacy after Logical Fallacy. The Brethren have labeled Sam “APOSTATE” so that people (hopefully not including you) who are sporting programmed, correlated, brainwash-day-miracles-between-the-ears will now COMPLETELY IGNORE Sam!

      Why would bishops listen to the advice of an apostate?

      If Jesus showed up today and joined the Church, if he did not keep most of his thoughts to himself … if he instead spoke his thoughts in public … Jesus would soon be excommunicated by The Brethren and labeled APOSTATE along with Sam.

      Why would bishops listen to the advice of… Jesus?

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      1. Brilliant deduction there Gary, you must watch Sherlock or something because that reasoning was so solid I nearly fell off my chair!
        Sam = Jesus, great conclusion, my hat is off to you good sir!


  8. I’m not implyong anything other than stating the obvious. There are perhaps few bishops who have unknowingly groomed a youth. There are however many bishops who have helped youth from falling into predators plans. It’s the opposite of what you believe.


    1. Robert, you might want to reword your sentence:

      “There are perhaps few bishops who have unknowingly groomed a youth.”

      I suspect that is not what you meant to write.

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      1. It’s what I meant. Bishops are led by the Spirit. It is rare that a bishop is doing harm to a youth. The only time that could happen is if the bishop is not led by the spirit. I guess you could argue bishops and church leaders aren’t led by the Spirit, but then again, all disaffected LDS are gonna make that claim.


  9. Gary,
    Talking with youth about the law of chastity is not grooming. I don’t know what you’re smoking but you are just flat out wrong.


    1. Robert, there is nothing wrong with talking to youth about human sexuality under the following conditions:

      1. NEVER ALONE with the youth unless YOU ARE THE FATHER, MOTHER, or GUARDIAN. That means that talking to kids about sex in a GROUP setting can be OK, providing you are not giving kids HARMFUL, WRONG information about sexual behaviors.

      Talking to a sequestered kid about CHASTITY is THE GATEWAY SEX QUESTION, Robert. And it is MOST CERTAINLY GROOMING the kid. If you think it’s NOT grooming, and you are NOT smoking anything, please start smoking something until your brain starts functioning. There are plenty of Mormon Mental Health Professionals who do NOT agree with you, Robert … that Kid Sex Talk Alone With Bishops is Not Grooming.

      2. NEVER tell any kids that Masturbation is a violation of anything. If you tell a kid (or kids) they are unclean, unworthy and a disappointment to God and Jesus … for discovering and revisiting their own, personal sexual response, THAT is child abuse. Giving kids the idea that Masturbation is a sin next to murder should win you time in jail if you do that to an innocent kid. Kids have killed themselves as a result of Masturbation Guilt dished out by their loving, caring, inspired by the Spirit, Bishop interviews.

      3. It is a good idea to teach kids that having sex with boyfriends or girlfriends before you are old enough to earn a living to support your babies is high risk behavior that can ruin your life. Sam is not promoting promiscuity among LDS kids. He just wants sex-shaming behind closed doors to STOP.

      “Talking with youth about the law of chastity is not grooming.”

      If you mean during a Sunday School class or Fireside or other group setting, I can agree with you as long as Masturbation is not taught to be a violation of the Law of Chastity. Telling kids the “chewed gum” and “nail hole” stories is child abuse. Kids who were molested are re-violated every time some dumbass Mormon adult parrots these sex-shaming stories yet again.

      Bishops have no business making it their business to monitor the underpants of all of the men, women, boys and girls who attend their ward. They are not qualified to dish out sex advice to ANYONE.

      That makes Bishop = Vigilante Sex Policeman

      As now constituted, that is precisely what The Brethren have tasked Bishops’ responsibilities to include: BE THE SEX POLICEMAN FOR YOUR WARD. Interrogate everyone in your ward regularly to monitor their sexual behaviors (aka enforce the Law of Chastity). If you find out something they’ve done that makes Jesus frown, then help them feel remorse sufficient to stop disappointing Jesus. Yank their temple recommend. Forbid them to take the sacrament so their friends wonder what they did wrong. Help them feel bad enough to repent and make Jesus happy again. It’s how Jesus wants Bishops to love their ward members, because wickedness never was happiness, and no success can compensate for naughty-naughty in your underpants.


      1. “and if you are NOT smoking anything, please start smoking something until your brain starts functioning.” I chuckled at that one.


      2. Gary, you must live in some fantasy make believe world. Almost everything you say is rodiculous. Your sex shaming accusation rants are ridiculous. You have a distorted reality of what goes on in the LDS church. Perhaps you felt shamed in your own interviews. That’s between you and the Lord. In general, LDS youth feel better about their lives than others. Why? Because they have a correct moral compass and when bad choices, which lead to shame brought on by their own conscious, are made, there is a means to repent and become cleansed from that sin along with the shame and guilt that goes along with it. Bishops help facilitate the cleansing or purifying process. I’m sorry but your views and ideas are just not based on reality.


      1. You do not need to worry about Gary. He tells it as it is. He is undeterred, and he cares about Sam, and he is erudite. Despite the fact that he too has been labelled excommunicant, apostate (I hate that word …apostate from what, the only not true church upon the face of the earth?), members of “that church”{Jesus Christ referring to “that satan”}, former members etc. do need Gary as a member of Sam’s Pride.

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      2. Thank you.

        I do appreciate your concern, Viriatu.

        We should all be more concerned about each other than we seem to be … most of the time.

        Mostly we seem to be more concerned about institutions than human beings.

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  10. “Paper Dolls” is a mnd opener for those that think all is well in Zion.

    As is the Glenn Pace memo..

    “False memory syndrome” is a lie made up by the high level perps after The Boystown (Franklin Coverup) and the McMartin Preschool incidents.

    Hell Minus One was written by a woman who had a written confession from her parents of Satanic Ritual Abuse… she went to Church Leaders and they told her to “Forgive and Forget”… after they put it to rest she died under very mysterious circumstances..

    then there is the 2001 Olympic Scandal cover up of underage girls being given as gifts to visiting members of the Olympic Committee..

    a whole lot of shredding documents by Mitt Romney on that one.

    The real question on this one is where is the National Media on this current story?

    that tells you who is in bed with who… so to speak.

    seems the Church truly is being protected by the god of this world…

    or at least its leaders.

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      1. Robert’s Glossary:

        ridiculous: Any perspective, citation, report, account, writing, opinion, conclusion, etc., with which Robert does not personally agree.

        completely ridiculous: Totally devoid of any fact, truth or relevant observation worth any thought, consideration or response whatsoever.

        I doubt that Robert will disagree with either of the above clarifications.

        If Robert labels this Glossary as ridiculous, then I will recommend that he hire out as a ghostwriter for Conference Talks.

        My late brother who lived in Southern Utah had a friend who personally knew a General Authority ghostwriter.

        No problem, Robert. Having ghostwriters, I mean. As long as you believe that the General Authorities only hire ghostwriters who are led by the Holy Spirit, All is Well in Zion.

        All is Well.

        All is Well … by definition.


      2. “then I will recommend that he hire out as a ghostwriter for Conference Talks.” A belly laugh at that my friend.


  11. The sad thing about this Supreme Court fiasco is it discredits all victims of real sexual abuse… like the boy who cried wolf…

    maybe that’s the idea.

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  12. Glen Pace was a member of the Presiding Bishopric who documented hundreds of instances of Satanic Ritual Abuse in a memo… which was released by a member of his staff .. to the Turners and published…

    Pace was quickly and quietly released and shipped off to Africa by the Church… where he was conveniently unavailable for comment…

    he never retracted the info in the memo… nor were the victims names ever published or their claims investigated.

    The Church covered it all up.. and then came the false memory accusations and a convenient investigation of a Therapist who was reportedly uncovering buried memories…

    Read Hell Minus One and what happened to the woman whose parents confessed to abusing her as a child in Satanic Rituals in a written confession.

    No prosecution or further exposure of their Coven by the Church media…

    just strongarming the confused victim into “forgiving” the evil ones.

    after she conplied,, she died under mysterious circumstances.

    Satan has integrated the Leaders of into his Fraternity… so his media won’t report this story in the National or International media.

    If they were true followers of Christ… the world would hate them and this story would be all over the major media..

    Satanic Whitewash

    I would look at the Eccles family involvement with the Palladin Rite of Freemasonry founded by Chief Satanist Albert Pike… start with their Foundations charitable donations.

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    1. Victim, thank you…I did not start with the donations; rather I googled Joseph Smith and Albert Pike. My blood runs cold. We have all been scratching around trying to come to terms with various aspects of what has been perceived as this problem or that. This whole church is contrived; it is sick. Everyone needs to get OUT…please, please.

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      1. Reading about Mormons and Masonry explains everything..becoming gods, the second anointing etc. Another unknown fact is that Joseph Smith joined the Masons in 1842 after he founded the church, and rose to the 33 rd degree the following day, He instituted the masonry symbols into the temple rites after joining the masons. According to Masons , Lucifer is the good god and Satan is the bad one. Furthermore the temple is not based on the Temple of Solomon…that requires some considerable research. There is so much to consider even the original name of this church…The Church of Christ. Perusing comments on Reddit such as the fact that “The church is dying in the place of its birth” viz. Vermont etc. etc. saddened me. Why because there is now so much infighting between Mormons and former -Mormons whereas in fact we have all embarked on a journey…unwittingly to come to a conclusion that what we held so dear, is actually just a big fat lie. Those still in are following the same path as those of us who are now out. None of us could really visualise that we had been conned, lied to and confounded. It must be excruciating for the present Q 15 to admit to this horrible situation, especially the first 3. It IS false , that is the reality and it is also so sick …refer child paedophilia. SAM you are so incredibly courageous and without you none of this would be exposed. May the Lord God continue to bless you. Do not threaten Sam or any of his supporters …it is a ploy that works only with Autistic children like my Jacoba, and it is a fine art!!

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  13. Everything is now oozing out of the cesspool of iniquity.1} R. Nelson announced 12 new temples to be built. I recall that in 2009, 3 wards were split and realigned into 3 wards each to be housed in its own meeting house. Our ward eagerly awaited its new meeting house, and waited and waited. Eventually I approached the bishop who had altered the boundaries and asked him why he had done so when there was still no building in sight/site. ” Oh Sister Lesley” he replied: “we underestimated for another ward so we had to use that money there instead.” (My son who had actually baptised this bishop, said “Mom you should not be so hard on him”.) Ten years later that ward still has no meeting house of its own. Announcing buildings does not mean that they will come to fruition but it surely indicates growth!!?? 2} Emphasis placed on FORGIVNESS and none on APOLOGISING.The Salt Lake Tribune Jan.30, 2015. 2.47 p.m. “NO APOLOGY? REALLY? MORMONS question leader Dallin H. Oaks’ stance. “The church doesn’t seek apologies,”he said, “and we do not give them.” He insisted that the word “apology” doesn’t appear in L.D.S. Scriptures. … however in order to accept the atonement of Jesus Christ as put forth by that church, one would first have to admit to wrong- doing by way of apologising. If one fails to do this, the atonement does not apply and the role/and sacrifice of Jesus Christ becomes redundant. Moreover those who suffered abuse facilitated by these church leaders should expect no apology.. They simply are not going to receive any compassion. Jesus Christ has been disregarded especially as can be observed in the Second Anointing. So why, in goodness name is this The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? And why when Joseph Smith claimed to have had a revelation from the Lord, did he not accept “The Church of Christ” as the title of the church? The Lord God would have known from the outset that there were other churches so named.
    When our first 5 children were young, there was a Family Home Evening Lesson entitled “THE LIE”. It included a cut-out of the lie…a big black furry creature with furry tentacles engulfing the lie. This church is The Lie and it is engulfed by its tentacles, and it is now beyond reason, hoist by its own petard.

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  14. Sam,

    I hope you are able to get some Main Street news to pick up the story about the sexual abuse at the hands of church leaders. While probably no where as extensive as the Catholic Church our church nonetheless has a huge path of sexual abuse and damage to their members. This has to be revealed on a global level before it stops and if it destroys the church, so be it. Do what is right and let the consequences follow. Priesthood leaders must not be allowed to do private interviews with the youth or any women period. That is the only acceptable outcome.

    I admire and applaud you for your courage and effort to do what you have done so far to rectify and bring a spotlight to this horrible policy.

    Johnny Terrell 870-351-1582


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