The Hero–Jim Dabakis

Jim Dabakis

During the first session of the October 2018 General Conference of the Mormon Church, President Dallin H. Oaks delivered a very troubling speech.

In response, Oaks was called out by a sitting Utah state senator–Jim Dabakis.  Finally, the irresponsible words of Mormon leaders are being condemned in the political arena.  The groundbreaking courage of Senator Dabakis is highly admirable.

I echo his bold sentiment:

To all LGBTQ youth in Utah and EVERYWHERE else,

You are precious.  You are as normal as I am, a 65 year old straight man.  I see you.  I hear you.  I love you.  Disregard the reprehensible bullying tactics used by Elder Oaks.  Society is moving forward.  The likes of Elder Oaks are being left behind.  You, my dear gay, trans, lesbian, bi and queer youth, will no longer be left behind.  Not by me.  Not by Senator Dabakis.  Not by the locomotive of societal progress.  And not by the thousands upon thousands of members of the LDS Church who totally disagree with the church’s treatment of our children and youth.  We stand by you.  We will not be silent.


The public protest of Senator Dabakis gives me encouragement and validation.  For the past couple of weeks, I have mulled over what to do next.  I’d tentatively decided to take a daunting step into the Texas political arena.  You see, our state Legislature has ALREADY given a name to the damage that Mormon interviews cause to our children.  We Texans call it CHILD ABUSE.  Here’s the applicable description:

What Constitutes Abuse in Texas

Inflicting or failing to reasonably prevent others from inflicting mental or emotional injury impairing child’s growth, development, or psychological functioning; physical injury resulting in substantial harm; sexual abuse, exploitation, use of controlled substance resulting in mental or physical harm to child.

What’s more, Texas is a Mandatory reporting state for everybody.

Texas law requires anyone with knowledge of suspected child abuse or neglect to report it to the appropriate authorities.  This mandatory reporting requirement applies to all individuals and is not limited to teachers or health care professionals.  The law even extends to individuals whose personal communications may be otherwise privileged, such as attorneys, clergy members and doctors or nurses.

The sacred stories of damaged Mormon children are laced with the type of child abuse defined in red above.

In the Lone Star State, the laws are already in place to stop what is happening behind Mormon Bishops’ closed doors.  What is needed is a mechanism to arouse broad public awareness.  Then, to bring that public awareness to the attention of political, law enforcement and child protection leaders.

Details of how to move this initiative forward are being discussed and hashed out.  Not sure when it will be launched.  But, it’s coming.  Thank you Senator Dabakis for the stimulus and encouragement you have provided to me.

Thanks also go to my stake president for handing me the MEGAPHONE of excommunication.  I plan to use it well.



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    1. Now it’s time to get back to bed. I was so excited about the Dabakis statement that I couldn’t sleep. Now that the blog is posted, I’ll rest like a lion cub.

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  1. I knew I shouldn’t have watched the talks,but as the two people whom I love most are still in, I watched so that I could know what was coming their direction. I thought I was ready. I wasn’t. I listened as the darts flew toward me and so many of my loved ones. I didn’t get married. I was never attracted enough to anyone, male or female, to date. I don’t want kids. I already have my sister, who needs me, maybe forever, maybe not. But I can’t in good conscience risk bringing in a child who would take all my efforts away from her. I remember being called unworthy, both directly and undirectly throughout my college years. I feel so much anger over the gender norms being thrown down the pulpit. Gender is so much more complex than we ever realized. I hope that no one that was forced to hear this dribble winds up hurting themselves over this bull. Hug your loved ones and be kind tonight to those who truly need it.

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  2. Has not Sam testified of the wrongs of what have occurred from asking CHILDREN sexually explicate questions? Yea, he has boldly, and what was the LDS / Brighamite church done in response, they want to cast him out, and have said Sam Young is of the Devil and will not get back in his place where he belongs and we need to remove him from our ranks. All while at the same time protecting the one on the right of the picture. Who had his books sell in Deseret Book until recently as the LDS / Brighamite church trying to hide or be secret about what is going on. I have never read any of his books, but I can speculate it would of had things that mostly tickled peoples ears, especially considering he has not had the baptism of fire or if he once did he has lost it because of his sins and crimes against God and the people. A repentant man will confess of his sins, not hide behind the law or lawyers. Now also take a look at which man the LDS / Brighamite church is supporting and which one they are forsaking. To me this is a very dirty rotten fruit of theirs.

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  3. Sleep little lion cub. I will too, knowing someone who cares for me and other survivors, and for the children, will arise rested to fight another day and protect us from the hyenas. Brave Lion, how we love you. Sleep the peace of the just and loved. Angels will watch over our Lion and Lioness.

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  4. As an active, participating member of the Church, I am deeply disturbed by a blatant contradiction in Elder Oaks’ talk. He states that the Brethren have knowledge of the premortal status of men and women, and teaches that gender was fixed before this life. The brethren unfortunately have a dismal track record recording man’s premortal nature, and they have declared their own teachings to be false on this count. Here we go with direct quotes:

    From First Presidency statement, August 17, 1949:
    “The position of the Church regarding the Negro may be understood when another doctrine of the Church is kept in mind, namely, that the conduct of spirits in the premortal existence has some determining effect upon the conditions and circumstances under which these spirits take on mortality… the worth of the privilege is so great that spirits are willing to come to earth and take on bodies no matter what the handicap may be as to the kind of bodies they are to secure; and that among the handicaps, failure of the right to enjoy in mortality the blessings of the priesthood is a handicap which spirits are willing to assume in order that they might come to earth. “

    Fast forward to the essay on race and the priesthood on (approved by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve):
    “Today, the Church disavows the theories advanced in the past that black skin is a sign of divine disfavor or curse, or that it reflects unrighteous actions in a premortal life; that mixed-race marriages are a sin; or that blacks or people of any other race or ethnicity are inferior in any way to anyone else.”

    Here we see that the Church itself declares the falsehood of its own doctrine taught for 126 years. As deeply disturbing as this should be to all church members, Elder Oaks continues to open wounds as he now expects us to believe that he is an authoritative voice on the pre-existence. This lack of honesty regarding lapses in the revelatory process adds to the immense harm already done and which continues to occur.

    Why do we continue to speak out and not just leave the Church alone? Clearly, it is because we care about those being harmed. They lie wounded beside the road. We see them because they are our family and friends. False teachings divide families and separate friends. It is happening around me as I write this. It’s time for this to stop. It is time for more honesty and caring from these leaders. We cannot sit idly by; we have a moral imperative to speak up. To call acting on that moral imperative apostasy is ludicrous and evil.

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    1. Dear Steve,

      What you wrote is a masterpiece of eloquence and insight based on documented History of the Church from its own mouth … speaking out of both sides, I might add.

      Your compelling assessment of the Knife Twisting delivered by Elder Oaks yesterday should be seen by everyone. On this blog, it needs to be read ten times over by Robert Osborn, who just wrote that he loves Elder Oaks and completely agrees with him.

      I am glad Robert is so forthcoming with his perspective on this important issue. He demonstrates what many TBMs, no doubt, think and feel about gays and others born with non-straightforward gender issues to somehow resolve in a complicated world that largely refuses to understand, embrace or accept them as who they are.

      Here is my own take on Elder Oaks’ talk yesterday.

      The fundamental problem here is that Elder Oaks is basing his statements on a PATENTLY ABJECT FALSEHOOD. His claim that gender is a fixed attribute of our eternal spirit souls is simply, inexorably and unequivocally NOT TRUE.

      How do I know that? Why can I speak with conviction about something behind the “veil”?

      I have learned a lot about the Spirit Realm since freeing my heart and mind from Joseph’s Myth 38 years ago. The human race did not stop learning and discovering truth just because Joseph Smith founded the Mormon Church. Thousands, Millions and Billions of other thinking, curious souls have been endeavoring to understand our existence on Planet Earth and explore every aspect of the human condition that both limits and expands our reality. Turns out that WE GET TO CHOOSE limitation or expansion.

      The lazy and timid among us let others do all of the exploration and discovery and merely sign up for a pre-packaged belief system … where the thinking has been done. Others of us don’t even get to choose when we are b.i.c. born in correlation. We grow up with our brains molded and correlated by others who are serving their own agenda at our expense … while they stand confidently (coincidentally right now … as we speak on this blog) at the impressive pulpit in their great and spacious building and instructing us that everything they do is for OUR benefit, and that we cannot possibly, ever be happy or hope to amount to anything worthwhile without their guidance and direction.

      I was b.i.c. in 1950 … destined to think like Robert Osborn is thinking right now … with a correlated brain, a pre-programmed heart, and a soul not owned or controlled by me, but by others.

      I am one of the lucky ones whose life circumstances jolted me awake enough to smell the coffee and deliver myself to freedom and to reclaiming ownership of my own mind, my own heart, and my own soul.

      Steve Young, I do not know you or any details of your personal playbook (other than what you have shared so far on Sam’s blog … which I deeply appreciate, by the way). What I do know is that you clearly and obviously have not handed ownership of your own heart and your personal core values to Dallin Oaks and his well-dressed companions sitting with him there on the dais.

      What you wrote touched my heart, Steve, because it originated in your own heart and soul and motivated you to write what you expressed here today. Heartstring resonance just occurred. This is the same powerful phenomenon that Sam Young has tapped into and skillfully nurtured into a worldwide movement that has already saved lives and will continue to protect and defend the innocent and vulnerable from … protect them from what? …. protect them from Dallin Oaks and the institution that enables him and The Brethren to inflict their own personal bias and prejudice upon millions of at-risk human beings.

      We do not have to rely on Joseph Smith or two-thousand-year-old (heavily redacted and edited) writings for information on the human condition. We live in the Information Age. The Brethren teach their members to FEAR information from non-correlated sources.



      Why, then do The Brethren go to such extreme and deliberate measures to PROTECT their members from … from what? … to protect them from INFORMATION?

      The answer is obvious to the uncontrolled, uncorrelated psyche. The Brethren know full well that the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is extremely vulnerable to being proximately shredded by … shredded by what? … shredded by information.

      In the time it takes to attend Church JUST ONE TIME (2 hours now), most Testimonies of the Truthfulness of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ are exposed and vulnerable to being shredded to pieces. In two hours. Two hours is the time it will take a TBM to read the CES Letter. Well before you even get done reading, your testimony will be an unrecognizable, dismembered jumble of smoking tatters.

      The betrayal you will be feeling in your psyche might overwhelm you and turn your world upside down. But one thing will become clear to you within moments. A light will turn on brightly and illuminate your understanding. You will see Dallin Oaks and The Brethren in a whole different light … a white light of truth where their TRUE COLORS suddenly come into sharp focus for you. You suddenly see them for who they really are and what the are really about … as diametrically opposed to who they SAY they are and what they TELL YOU they are about … all for your own good, of course.

      At that point, you have gifted yourself with the opportunity to make an important decision … based on that arch-enemy of the Restored Gospel … based on … information.

      Speaking of information, and circling back to the topic at hand, Elder Oaks is dispensing bad information. I have learned through studying Michael Newton (“Journey of Souls” and follow-on books) and from multiple other sources that the impenetrable “veil” between most of us and the Spirit Realm has been traversed many times and in many ways by various fellow humans throughout history, many who are alive today.

      Sometimes, when people have a remarkable experience, they feel motivated to actually remark about it. They write it down. After that happens, the curious among us might actually READ what they wrote … and then think about it .. ponder it … consider it.

      As a result of my choice to read about the experiences of others, I now feel like I have a remarkably clear, coherent and cohesive concept of what Life Between Lives in the Spirit Realm is actually about, and how things work there, and what form do Spirit Beings take, and how do they interact with each other, etc.

      From all sources that seem credible to me, the verdict is virtually unanimous that in our non-incarnated Spiritual Body/Entity Form … we are without gender. We can (and do) express in the Spirit Realm in male or female appearance as we please while relating with one another, and also incarnate in various lifetimes as physically male, female … or somewhere in between … for this wild ride on Planet Earth.

      To boil it down to a sound bite:

      Dallin Oaks is FULL OF SHIT and should SHUT THE FUCK UP … NOW!

      He is hurting people … and even killing people … as he speaks. His talk yesterday has non-zero potential to push marginalized, at-risk Mormons over the edge to suicide.

      While we expect that God will ultimately damn Dallin Oaks to hell, in the meantime, we can marshal our own resources to PUBLICALLY DAMN DALLIN OURSELVES and simultaneously reach out to those most harmed by the lethal rhetoric of this loose and lethal canon … squarely aimed at the most vulnerable among us … those most in need of a Good Samaritan to reach out and touch their hearts with loving kindness … you know … what Jesus would do.

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      1. I was gonna correct “loose and lethal canon” to “loose and lethal cannon” … but then I realized that in this context, BOTH meanings are relevant. For many TBMs, the words emitting from Apostolic Pie Holes are equivalent to canonized scripture aka the Word of God.

        Not good.

        Not good at all.

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    2. PS –

      Steve, what you wrote is powerful.

      The fact that you wrote that as an active, participating member of the Church adds even more horsepower to your words.

      There is a way for tens of thousands of others who care about all things Mormon to read your words … just in the next day or two.

      I am asking your permission to post your words on with >94,000 subscribers … and countless “lurking” TBMs.

      With sensitivity to your personal situation, attributing your words to “anonymous” is easily doable. Or if you are ready to take credit, I can do that. You realize, of course, that anytime you attach your name to something that does not bathe The Brethren in Halos of Righteousness exposes you to Sam’s fate.

      Please consider my request, Steve. If you opt No, I will totally understand and respect your wishes. Regardless, posting your powerfully expressed reaction to Dallin Oaks here on Sam’s blog was an act of courage, for which I commend you sincerely.

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      1. Thanks, Gary, for your kind words to me. I’m happy for you to repost my comments anywhere without my name. Why the anonymity? I think that the reason for that makes another important point. Right now I cannot afford the potential repercussions with family, friends, church, and employment. Additionally, I can’t deal with the added complexity of being called in by my bishop or stake president. However, I’m sure that this site is being watched. This is indeed a sad commentary regarding how those who dare to speak up may be ostracized, stigmatized, and otherwise discredited. But I do believe that the way that the Church has declared its own doctrine to be false is something that many haven’t seen in the way that those two juxtaposed quotations illustrate. I like the idea of those quotations being cited together for all to see and to form their own conclusions about. So please feel free to use the information sans my name. Thank you.

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    3. Hello, Steve,

      Thank you for giving me permission for anonymous reddit posting of your excellent exposure of how reliable modern-day prophetic revelations are in real life.

      It’s good you are aware that Salt-Lake-Nazis monitor Sam’s blog. Someone is probably being paid with tithing money to read every word Sam writes (or reads). Still, keeping your name OFF reddit is a good idea. You are taking enough risk already.

      I will avoid the temptation to post a reddit link here on Sam’s blog. Maybe I will share some keywords so you can find it and check out the responses. Actually, just searching on some of your text should work.

      Steve, your eloquently expressed concern will help awaken … maybe more people than you would ever think possible. Thank you again.

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  5. I love Dallin H. Oaks. What a wonderful man, prophet, and true disciple of Jesus Christ. In a world upside down not knowing good from bad, right from wrong, it’s comforting to know we have men of God not afraid to spell out eternal truths and set a straight course.
    His main message was that in a secularist society we should not look to them for our eternal salvation and truth. We have identity. The family is ordained of God and is his plan for happiness.


    1. Hello Robert. I think that many of us are pleased to hear your feelings, and are happy that you are willing to speak up despite the fact that there are opinions posted here that differ from your own. I’m just wondering if you would be willing to give your thoughts on a question or two. If you are not comfortable responding, that is fine—I would respect your preferences. But I’m wondering how you would address what appear to be blatantly contradictory doctrinal pronouncements by the Church as outlined in my post from 11:11 am this morning. I have in mind my testimony of D&C 1:38, D&C 3:2, and Enos’ experience knowing that his sins were forgiven because he know that God could not lie. I find it difficult to wrap my head around the fact that the Church has explicitly renounced its own doctrines in light of these scriptures. Would you care to share your thoughts on this specific issue?

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      1. There have been times when doctrines of the church weren’t neccesarily correct such as blacks and the priesthood. I think it wise to remember that often times man’s own reasoning comes into play and sometimes those opinions or theories make it into manuals and doctrines. Whereas the church doctrine isn’t perfect, it does retain the authority to govern the Kingdom of God on this Earth. There is no religion out there that has perfect doctrine. Neither doest any man on Earth possess a perfect knowledge of all truth. So, why should we expect perfect doctrine then? God allows us as imperfect beings to figure out things on our own for the most part. If God always just revealed all truth all the time man would be lazy and wouldn’t grow.
        As time has progressed the church has streamlined and correlated materials to have less mistakes and although not perfect it it still possesses more correct doctrines than all other religions. The Proclamation to the World on the Family is a heavily worked and agreed upon doctrine.

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    2. Robert,

      Thank you for your thoughtful answer to Steve’s sincere inquiry.

      … and for confirming … with an eloquently expressed opinion … that the Church is simply not true.

      My mailman makes mistakes from time to time … delivering mail to me that is addressed to someone else.

      The difference here is … when my mailman makes a mistake, nobody ends their life … because of a misunderstanding … caused by … Oops! … a mistake.

      If the Church is as half as flawed as you described, Robert, then building your life on such a compromised foundation is high-risk behavior.

      Multiple prophets have told you they will never lead you astray. You just told us you do not believe that.

      What assurance do you have that Elder Oaks’ today will not be thrown under the bus tomorrow?

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      1. First off, no one ends their life on a supposed mistake the church makes. The church isn’t usurping ones agency and forcing them to kill themselves. For whatever reason a person committs suicide it’s most likely that they were mentally unstable to begin with.
        That said, Oaks is not mistaken in stating the eternal identity of our spirits. The conditions in the world have forced morality to fade and the side effect of that is suicide. My best friend committed suicide last year because of his lifetime addiction to pornography leading to unlawful immoral behavior. I have an uncle in prison because of his addiction to pornography led to unlawful immoral behaviors. I had good neighbors, a nice little family, who decided to leave the church and change their genders. They are filled with so much hate now it’s unreal, they have no good friends.
        You tell me? Why is it that the happiest people I know are those who remain convicted and active to the church teachings? The strongest families I know are those who follow the prophets counsel. By their fruits ye shall know.
        Even listening to you I can sense the hate and discontent you have. I have peace. At one time I too left the church. I didn’t find the happiness I thought I would find. So, through miraculous circumstance I have returned and am now filled with the Savior’s love which brings peace to ones soul.
        The church doesn’t have to be perfect and exact in it’s doctrine to be a true church. In fact, I would be highly suspect if everything was exact and perfect as we are imperfect people and can’t live as of yet to an exact set of principles and laws. That revelation is revealed line upon line, precept upon precept, assures to me that the Lord works within our imperfections in order to bring about God’s will.
        I have found that those who leave the church and remain critical become hateful, spiteful, and less useful in society. Yes, it happened to me too. It’s reality. Why? Because they stop serving their fellow man in large degree. The church is an institution of service. Faithful church members donate their valuable time and resources towards helping others. There is peace in doing that. Our eternal gender is knowledge that after death we can continue that sociality we enjoy here. We don’t turn into “its”. If that seems offensive to you it’s because you do not understand. Ask Sam Young what he thinks about his eternal gender. Ask him if he wishes to be with his wife in the next life.

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      2. You’re painting with a broad brush. Not all of “those who leave the church and remain critical become hateful, spiteful, and less useful in society.” It’s not hate to examine and refute bad ideas and beliefs nor to change gender, but merely a different point of view and path of life for people. You might consider that many of the happiest and most moral people on earth are those who aren’t religious. I suppose you don’t hang around such people, and subscribe to false ideologies about these people while on your pious bandwagon with other believers. I have found everything outside of religion that I once found inside of it — the good, bad, and ugly.

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      3. Robert,

        Thank you once again for taking the time to elucidate further your perspective on these important matters.

        After you die, you will discover firsthand whether your male gender is a permanent attribute of your enduring spirit/soul.

        Mormon Doctrine is correct that there is a Plan of Eternal Progression. Unfortunately, they got most of the details wrong. As I opened my awareness to embrace uncorrelated discoveries of many fellow human beings sharing what they personally ran into, I discovered that the actual Plan of Eternal Progression makes the Mormon version look … well … undeniably … ridiculous and downright stupid.

        Just for fun, I will list a few critical ingredients of the Actual Plan and why Reality makes so much more sense than the Mormon transmogrification I was born and correlated to believe:

        > Reincarnation. We reincarnate as protagonists in a variety of Life playbooks here on Planet Earth … described at times as “the toughest school in the Universe.” Why is reincarnation a good idea? Well, Robert, are you learning and growing in all the ways you have the potential to learn and grow … in this ONE lifetime? If you returned for other experiences and scenarios, do you think you might learn and grow more and more each time? How many lifetimes do you think it would take for you to pretty much learn everything there is to learn about the human condition with its limitations and challenges. My answer: probably many dozens if not hundreds.

        What is the VERY BEST WAY to understand what it is like to be a human female? If you knew what it is like to be a human female, do you think you would learn to treat human females with more love and respect? What is the very best way to gain that understanding, Robert? Can you top being BORN AS A HUMAN FEMALE and living lifetimes as a HUMAN FEMALE as the very best way to learn and grow in that regard?

        This is a core reason why our spirit/souls are not gender-specific, Robert. We would thus be deprived of the deep and rich learning and growing opportunity that comes ONLY through firsthand experience … living inside female (or male) skin … for an entire lifetime(s).

        Mormonism gives you ONE SHOT. Good luck with that, Robert. Lucky for you, Mormonism got it wrong, and you WILL most likely be coming back for more … by your own free will and choice … and as a woman many times. That will be a good thing.

        > Atonement. Wages of sin is death. When you sin, you overdraw your Justice and Mercy account. Only Jesus can redeem you. Otherwise, you are screwed, blued and tattooed … forever. To access your Jesus redemption, you gotta patronize The Brethren, the exclusive Jesus agents on Planet Earth. Accept no substitutes. It will cost you ten percent, but that’s a small price to pay for … for what? … to redeem your soul from eternal damnation? Why? Because you did what? You jerked off? You chose behaviors that harmed yourself or others?

        Robert, the Atonement is pure BS. It was invented by Religion Entrepreneur Geniuses to enslave humanity and control the world. If you choose a suboptimal behavior, you reap the consequences. When you get tired of the consequences, you will choose a different behavior with a happier outcome.

        Dirt simple, Robert. You reap what you sow. No Silent Note Takers or Cosmic Bookkeeping required. If you are a slow learner, no problem. We’ve got all the time in the world for you to try it again … and again … and again … until you figure out that Jesus knew what he was talking about (sans all the crap that was inserted into the written version that Jesus never intended).

        Treat and respect others as you would appreciate being treated and respected if your roles were reversed … AND … Judge not.

        What does “judge not” mean? Could it possibly mean … Don’t judge? Perfect segue to the next bullet …

        > Judgment. You get ONE SHOT, then you get JUDGED. Is that how you raised your kids, Robert? ONE SHOT. Judgment. Reward -OR- Punishment. Period. Done. Game over. You lost? So sorry. Better luck next time. Oh, wait. THERE IS NO NEXT TIME. OOoooh! Too bad. Bummer, right? Have a nice eternity.

        I just described the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, Robert. That is what YOU have signed yourself up for. Even someone with a single-digit IQ can determine immediately that what I just described is BS … makes no sense. This is what happens to people when they sign up for “the thinking has been done.”

        I respect your right to figure out your own Life Pathway and then stay the course as long as it makes sense to you, Robert. I just offered you THREE bullets to consider and think about.

        Actual Reality is supremely, beautifully perfect to bring to pass the progression and spiritual maturation and ultimate happiness and fulfillment of you and me. I am very lucky to have discovered 38 years ago where NOT to look for it.

        The cool thing is that we are allowed to GET IT WRONG as many times as it takes us to wake ourselves up. Doesn’t that sound just a little more appealing than …


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  6. Hugs, Sam. Praying for you in this endeavor.

    On Sun, Oct 7, 2018 at 1:51 AM Tocubit Is Invisible’s Cubit wrote:

    > Sam Young posted: ” During the first session of the October 2018 General > Conference of the Mormon Church, President Dallin H. Oaks delivered a very > troubling speech. In response, Oaks was called out by a sitting Utah state > senator–Jim Dabakis. Finally, the irresponsible” >

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  7. Sam, nice work sir. I think you will find your excommunication is a blessing and now your eyes will be totally opened. I found a great calm and a new love for all people that was only parroted words as a member, while behind the closed doors of the church was a seething double standard and double talk. Being able to have your own thoughts is the real you..and the real blessing in all of this. You’ll see a lot of differences in the way YOU actually think of a lot of things. No one in the church will believe that, until they are out. Then it’s like a switch-flip. Good luck.

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  8. Haroldthecat,
    I know for a fact that in general, those who completely leave the church often turn into hurtful, spiteful folks. Its the reality of it, no joke. One of the effects that accompanies those who do is they spend large parts of their free time to accuse and diminish others. This blog is yet another example of this fact. More hours are spent on this blog by Sam reflecting negativity and hate. Its the real truth.

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    1. Robert,

      You find what you seek.

      What you do not seek, you do not find.

      That’s a curse and a blessing of the human condition.

      We get to choose our own “realities” … and then we live there.

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  9. I promise you, Sam Young, if you ever attempt to destroy a family or pass legislature to destroy a family because the parents are teaching true doctrine to their kids and raising them in the fear of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I will personally kill you. I will also personally kill anyone who attempts to destroy my family and will always teach my kids that acting on LGBTQ+ temptations is a sin, and punish it accordingly. I would come out 100% victorious too, you can count on that. However, being LGBTQ+ is not a sin. Thus, consider yourself warned. This warning goes for everyone else too.


    1. @Mike Forella

      You are piece of crap. Lot of respect for Sam, I won’t use the words here that you deserve to hear from my mouth you piece of garbage. How dare you threaten someone like that. Go to hell, you god damned mother effer.

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      1. Hi Christian,

        I decided to allow Mike’s comment to stay on the blog. I have also chosen not to respond personally to him. Tomorrow this threat will be reported to the police.

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    2. Mike Forella,
      1. There is no need to fear the Savior. He teaches a Gospel of love and hope, not one of killing and exclusion.
      2. I would never seek to destroy your family. Neither would Sam. Please don’t destroy anyone else’s, just because they may look differently than yours.
      3. It is not a sin to BE. It is not a sin to love and be loved in return. That would be like telling me to not ever act like a woman, even though I’m a woman. It’s impossible. God made us who we are; and we must embrace this as humans. I know it’s a big change for a lot of us, but that’s ok. Love will see us all through.
      4. Threatening to kill someone is a crime. Authorities have no doubt been notified.
      I hope you can find peace, and I hope you can make appropriate reparations to Sam and everyone else you have threatened with your response.

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    3. Mike you are confused. What do you think Sam is about? He is proposing legislation to protect children from potential sexual predators who hide out in religions and take advantage of situations we unfortunately have in Mormonism. This is a known problem with these types of predators, they try to blend in, this regularly happens in schools, in scouting, in multiple religions, including Christian churches everywhere, and also it is now being reported in Mormonism.

      Sam has not and is not planning to pass legislation of any kind, that would be the job of the legislature. Also, nobody is trying to pass laws to destroy families who teach Christian doctrines. You are free to teach your children true religion, which is about love and charity and tolerance, or even teach hatred and bigotry against LGBTQ+ people who act on their drives. I feel sorry for your children if you punish them for sins, that sounds like abuse.

      You are NOT free to threaten to kill anyone for any reason, you would NOT come out victorious, you would be put in jail, possibly on death row. And someone else would take care of your family. Is that what you really want?

      Mike, Sam is free to try and influence legislation, everyone is, including you. If you don’t like what Sam is doing, then oppose him in legal ways. Your warning is irrational and you need help before you hurt someone, including yourself. Please get some help. And if you are a Troll just trying to harass Sam, making death threats is illegal. Especially in Texas.

      Liked by 3 people

    4. You are a sad, sad, warped little man. How small you must be to threaten any fellow human being, let alone a person who is obviously so much greater than you. Right now, I am imagining you are a person who abuses his wife and family. In any case, it’s going to be incredibly embarrassing for you when the police are knocking on your door tomorrow. You WILL be reported. Threatening lives is, you know, illegal.

      Liked by 2 people

    5. So if your kid acts on being LGBT you will punish them accordingly? What kind of punishment are you talking about?

      They have agency to act for themselves. Would you disown them? Thats not true love for your children. That’s conditional love…. Do what I say, I love you, do not what I say and your cut off.

      Is this how the Lord works? I think Not!

      BTW, pretty disturbing your comments to Sam. You need to apologize and grow up!

      Liked by 2 people

    6. You spew so much hate in this threat to Sam, it makes me wonder what kind of verbal and physical actions you must take against your own family when they step out of line. Maybe you should seek out anger management therapy? Your response is definitely not one that would come from someone who follows Jesus’s teachings, but one from someone who desires to control the behavior of anyone who does something you don’t agree with.

      I hope Sam also asks the authorities to check in on your wife and children’s well being to make sure your anger problems aren’t manifesting in similar illegal ways against them.

      Please look into medication and meditation. They can work wonders for your little anger problem. Please change as society despises men like you and I’m sure if anyone found out you were a narcissistic psychopath underneath your happy Mormon facade you would stop getting the love and admiration you so desire.

      Please study Jesus and discover what it really means to be a Christian so you can emulate him moving forward.

      Have a great day, you insane disgusting little man.

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    7. Hi Mike,

      Never will I fail to hug a gay kid who needs one because people like you won’t. Could you do me a favor and snipe me with a head shot with at least a 308. I mean, if you really want to do up close and personal, that’s cool. I just prefer the surprise. Safer for you too. I hope you have a gay day full of sunshine and rainbows. You sound like you need it.


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  10. Mike.
    I have a gay son. And he is the world to me. He has taught me what the true nature of love is.

    He has introduced me to a community that has so much pure love for people, I had no idea this existed before.

    My family has become stronger, larger, and more loving than ever before!

    I can never thank him enough for his courage to be honest about who he is.

    While I can appreciate how passionate people are about things, even enough to kill for them. Trust me, I understand this from a protective nature. I honestly do. I hope that you don’t kill anyone over how they differ in their expression/understanding of Christlike love.

    And I genuinely hope you can find what I’ve found in life. It’s truly life changing and amazing.

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  11. I wrote this a while back for you Sam, and now seems the time for me to give it directly to you.

    The Morning of the Samaritan

    Fear not little one;
    light kindles itself in hands
    held out to lift you from night’s menace.
    His sacred wrath has flickered into bright flame
    in the shaking fist of fiercely clawed determination.
    There is one who loves you,
    who follows his Savior’s footsteps
    down long illusory paths of darkness, pushing
    night away with fiery wings.
    Illuminating day is on morning’s mouth,
    shouting away monsters,
    roaring louder than shadows and secrets.
    He who created you, child, will keep you
    in the heart of His lion.
    Fear not, little one.

    S. Nielson

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  12. Anonymity brings out true colors. For those professing “faith” and spouting animosity – shame on you. You should email your own words to the presidency and see what they have to say about your “faith”. I don’t believe in god, but I’m more christian than you will ever be.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Don’t you have site access logs and IP information on him? Seems like something that would have logged if I were in your shoes. Anyway I think it’s a good thing you’ve got going.

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