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Sam in Lion TieToday is September 2, 2018.  My excommunication tribunal is now 1 week away on the 9th.  I plan to present a vigorous defense.  Never-the-less,  I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in hell that I will emerge with my membership intact.

I’ll be stripped of my bishopric, priesthood, saving ordinances and blessings.  I will be ripped from spending eternity with my family.  I’ll be consigned to an everlasting location with no future interaction with God, Jesus or my loved ones.

As an apostate, I am considered worse than murderers, rapists and pedophiles.  I will be condemned to spend the eternities in Outer Darkness.

What a gracious Mormon God we have.  How blessed we are that He has placed His power of judgment in the hands of men.  The power to tear a dad away from his family forevermore and damn him to the darkest corner of the universe.  A destination worse than hell.

Today, I attended my last Fast & Testimony meeting as a member.  I chose to share my final testimony with my ward family.  You can listen to it or read it below.


4 years ago, at age 61, my faith started to transition….into a beautiful faith in Jesus Christ.

In 1842, 2 years before his death, Joseph Smith penned The Articles of Faith.  In the early days of the Church, a  vote was held to canonize these 13 tenets of our religion as scripture. 

The 4th one says this:  ‘We believe that the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are: first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!!   Reading through the entire list of 13 articles, there are no instructions whatsoever to place our faith anywhere else.  Just in Jesus Christ.

President Nelson recently re-announced to the world what the proper, God-given name of our church is:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It makes me happy that he reinforced this.

The Church of Jesus Christ.  The only being in whom our scriptures instruct us to have faith.  He is now the only being in whom I place my faith.

What gorgeous teachings he has given us.  The good Samaritan.  The parable of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked.  Reaching out to the marginalized, the vulnerable.  In his words, “The Least of these.”  Protecting children with his threat of physical violence to any who would harm them.  And his poignant summary of the commandments….love, just love.

What a glorious example he has set for us to follow.  He lived his parables.  He was the Samaritan who reached out to heal while the priesthood leaders ignored the wounded on the side of the road.  He sat with, supped with, talked with those on the margins of society.  He was criticized for doing so by the leaders of the church.  He was not restrained in speaking openly in opposition.  As a result, he paid the price with his own life.

Beautiful teachings.  Stunning example.  He asks us to follow him.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.

I love the teachings and example of Christ.  I now have 65 years of lived experience to KNOW that his way is a good and fulfilling way to live life.

This is likely the last time that I will bear testimony in the church that I love.  I have been summoned by my friends to a church court next Sunday.  I will likely be excommunicated by my friends for standing up and speaking out to protect our children. 

I don’t want to lose my membership.  But, I will go there with comfort that I am trying my darnedest to follow the teachings and example of my Savior.  He was tried, convicted and executed.  In the end, that worked out for Him and all the rest of us.

I share this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


As I left the podium, the bishop stood.  We hugged.  It was sweet.  I whispered in his ear, “I love you.”

Several women shed tears.

Two couples called me a hero.

Three men invited me to lunch on different days this week.

Several expressed love.

Several expressed support.

All in all it was a good day for a final testimony.

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  1. Sam, it is only through your belief and faith in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ that you are saved. When you have your relationship with Him, no power on earth can keep you from spending eternity with our Father God and with all who share our belief and faith in Jesus Christ. He is the one who decides where we spend eternity not any church officials. We have Christ’s promise in Holy Scripture to rely on and that is all we need. Let His Holy Spirit within you guide you through this trial. Jesus will stand beside you through it all. I will be praying for you as will many others.

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  2. Sam you are truly a good man! Standing up for others when you benefit nothing and only face opposition isn’t easy. I’ve paid close attention to the comments on your blog and other articles including ones on Deseret news. It can’t be easy but know that we know your cause is just! I love telling your story of bravery and determination. It’s been inspiring to me and to all those I have told. I beg you not to stop. This is just the beginning and I feel that in the next few months this could be catapulted to the front of the news cycles. With the Pensilvania report coming to the public the timing has never been more perfect.

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  3. I left the church due to racism and many other things. I experienced racism in church at the Belgium Antwerp Stake. After being sick in 2006 I started researching and I discovered that the church is not a church and not even close the church of Jesus Christ. So, don’t worry. I hope your marriage stands, mine didn’t. I miss my family but I never came in contact with toxic people, liars, racist and so much more. I was a missionary, worked for the church, married in the temple, branch president, temple worker… What the church preaches and what the church does are totally different things. Jesus would spit on it. Greetings from Belgium, I am very proud of you.

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  4. Oh Sam…i am very glad to hear you speak of your faith in Jesus. It is Jesus who saves us, not any man. Rest and gain strength in your relationship with him. When all the “religious things” fall away and all you have left is Jesus, that is the best place to be. Freedom!! Love and prayers.

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  5. I think Sam Young is lifting the curtain to expose the lie. Either God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are lying and they are not Eternally one omnipotent God, and they trust in man to judge and carry out Their eternal purposes through corrupt and evil councils. Or, men are lying when they present themselves as possessing the power and authority to judge and determine who gets the Eternal Blessings of God.

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  6. I applaud you, sir. What a beautiful testimony- spot on. I left the church 5 years ago. Guess what? I still live every day as Jesus would want me to. (Well i try)! My God is kind and understanding! He loves me and allows me to make decisions – and I know He’s proud of you too. I know it. I wish you best of luck and happiness!

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  7. It can happen to anyone, that would dare stand for good and truth. John 6:71
    He was speaking about Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot. For although Judas was one of the Twelve, he was later to betray Jesus.
    and, Matt 25: 21 His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master!’

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  8. Sam, Jesus knows your heart,

    John 10:
    27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me;
    28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
    29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.
    30 I and my Father are one

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  9. It is up to you whether it is your final testimony or not. Within a year you may again bear your testimony if you choose to repent and comeback . It is up to you whether you truly believe or whether you blame God and the church for the things you have done. Your “testimony and story” sounded bitter. Rise above it. Let him work in your heart but you have to go to him. You know that as well as knowing what you must do It does not matter whether you are innocent or guilty. What man says does not matter what matters is are you willing to go through the fire for God? Christ was not guilty. Yet he went through the fire for you. May he reach down for your out stretched hand and pull you up.

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    1. Diane,

      It is The Brethren who need to repent … not Sam.

      Nobody has committed suicide as a result of being shamed and made to feel dirty and worthless … by Sam Young.

      Wake … Yourself … Up

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    2. Diane Wright, you obviously have partaken of the mormon kool-aid. Pull your head out of the sand and stop bashing people who do not believe as you. This man has nothing to repent for. You however do. Who are you to sit in judgement of another. You are exactly what is wrong with the mormon church and it’s members. Brainwashed by a cult to believe that anyone who is not a temple worthy mormon will not spend eternity with their family. You have no idea how wrong you are.

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      1. I agree. People like Dianne are really spiritually and psychological ly brsinwashed by tgst cult. She is pitiful in her arrogance.


    3. Who are you to say what he should say in his testimony and that it sounds bitter… everything hes believed in his being ripped out of underneath him cuz he’s standing up for something that’s so many of us are so proud of him for. There has got to be better way to conduct these Bishop interviews being scarred by them I know there’s got to be a different way

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    4. Wow. He literally gets run out of his church for trying to protect children, and you somehow see that he has to repent? That’s truly sick.

      As one of the little girls that was severely affected by this 15 some odd years ago, thank you Sam!!

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    5. So you’re implying that LDS people are the only Christians, only people who bear testimony of their spiritual growth, and only ones who repent? Maybe you need to repent for your arrogance. Go to other churches for a month as penance. Hopefully you’ll come out of that experience with less prejudice.

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    6. “Within a year you may again bear your testimony if you choose to repent and comeback”

      Of what, pray tell, does he need to repent? Which of the Savior’s commandments did he break by calling attention to reports of bad things happening to children and demanding something be done to help the children and prevent further problems?

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    7. What !!!!! This man has noth8ng to repent for and how dare you tell him he is wrong8ng standing up for the safety of the children in the church, do you even know what he stands accused of ??? PROCTECTING CHILDREN that’s what , so explain to me please how that’s a sin and how this Bishop has done wrong .
      No child or young person should be asked questions about their body , their sex life or any other question regarding their body and what they do with their body. Many of these children and young people might not know a lot about sex and to have a stranger ask them about things they have no knowledge of and then explain it to them is disgusting, would YOU want sex and all it’s beauty and wonders explained to your child in a sordid manner by a stranger?? I know I wouldn’t. And don’t you dare bring Jesus into this, this is not what Jesus taught, you show me anywhere in the scriptures where it says a strange man must interview you and or your children and ask them about sex , you can’t because it doesn’t exist, this is something man made and as such can be discontinued.
      The men are open8ng themselves to accusation as well as public liability, in many countries it is an affect to speak to children who are not your own about sex , it’s known as GROOMING. Do you really want to see your bishop go to jail for this , I know I don’t, I actually have a fairly decent Bishop but I know I am one of the lucky one. So I suggest you look in the mirror and ask yourself , would you allow a stranger to ask these questions of your children and would you support a stranger in do8ng so ?? If your answer I’d yes then you need to call child services and ask them to remove your children for their safety . Jesus taught love and forgiveness but this Bishop has done knowing wrong but throw a light on something which the Church should have stopped years ago.

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  10. Sam, you are a beautiful human being. You would be an asset to any Christian Church that doesn’t place women and children on the final rung of the ladder of priority.

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  11. I habe never agreed with the church for casting out members for their indiscretions.. For many in the church habe done the same thing. They just haven’t been caught. Or choose to stand behind lies.. Good never have man the right to judge.. Profits and leaders are here to teach.. To show the love and kindness of God.. And to guide us to the light and God’s and his son s unconditional love.. your father in heaven will never turn his back on you.. No sinner has the right to judge another sinner.. No one in the church is perfect.. No one.. God knows your heart knows your sins and he is the only one who can judge fairly.. The church members who do this will be held accountable. Your salvation is in God’s hands.. Not the churches. Or any other human for that matter.. Forgive then for they know not what they do.. Follow the Lord as you know you should.. It will be ok ..

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  12. Everyone who seems to be taken by this apostate Sam Young never realized that he cannot or will not show any form of statistics. All he has is anecdotal evidence, which is nothing but him grasping at straws. He uses inflammatory words, he’s basically acting like Trump. Many of you probably don’t even like Trump, why be taken by Sam? He’s wanted to get excommunicated this whole time. He’s tried really hard to do so. And now that he’s publicly told people not to join the church and that he is closer to Jesus than the church is, do you all honestly think any organized religion would stand for that?

    They didn’t call him in when he talked about protecting children. They didn’t call him in when he talked about the church needing more protection. Nope, they called him in when he started to tell people that Jesus wasn’t at the head of the church, when he told people not to join the church, and when he made it clear that the church isn’t the restored gospel. That’s when the church realized he is on his way out.

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    1. Jeri,

      Sam proclaimed that investigators should be informed about child worthiness interviews … BEFORE they join the Church … and then make an informed decision.

      Your mischaracterization of what Sam actually said betrays your TBM brainwash.

      Sam gave The Brethren the benefit of the doubt by presuming they already received the revelation to stop the grooming interviews and sex question shaming.

      It is The Brethren who have shown their true colors by continuing to throw LDS children under the bus by ejecting Sam from the Church.

      Don’t like the message? Shoot the messenger. Problem solved.

      In case you are confused, the EXCOMMUNICATION OF SAM YOUNG signals his resounding SUCCESS at Protecting LDS Children.

      The Brethren has now REMOVED ALL DOUBT that Mormon kids are in serious and proximate DANGER every time they darken the door of a Mormon chapel.

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    2. Read the book:The sins of Bro. Curtis. This will open your eyes about how sexual abuse is covered up and or ignored in the church. It came out years ago and the ‘bretheren’ did nothing to make sure this never happened again. Find it at your local library, ask them for an inter-library loan if they do not have it. A definite eye-opener.

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    3. Don’t be ridiculous. Where would Sam go – for ‘statistics’? And why would you discount numerous instances – of personal testimony – as ‘anecdotal’. Yours is the shrill gainsaying voice of hysterical gossipers and tale-bearers. Your mouth is full of lies.

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    4. Hey Jeri Astrick fuck off. You’re gonna call him an apostate as a way of dismissing his message. That doesn’t work in the real world. Maybe inside the walls of the Mormon church, but the church is wrong here.

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    5. Exactly. Sam legit half a hunger strike to try to get these people to talk about these interviews. And they couldn’t be bothered. But of course, they found some way to excommunicate him anyways.

      You want stats? You want to know what he’s talking about is accurate? I’m one of the kids he was trying to defend! I could tell you a story about what my bishop did to me when I was a child that would sicken anyone. Just because you’re too blind to see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

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      1. My heart goes out to you Daniel… Your Bishop was obviously wrong in how he dealt with you as a child… And our general authorities would not condone “sickening” behavior from ANY bishop… There are all kinds of Bishops, leaders, teachers, parents, etc…. And none are perfect and except Christ….. In my heart i don’t believe Sam, who sounds like a good man, was excommunicated only because he was defending children. God bless you. God bless Sam.

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    6. I nearly took spoons to my eyes because I took my bishop’s advice about pornography literally.

      “If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out.”

      He was referring to pornography to pluck from my life but as a young teenager I thought he was suggesting to pluck out my eye. Thankfully I didn’t go through with it.

      I was 14 years old. Regardless of the “sin” I had committed, no child should have been given that counsel. Even then, due to other experiences with leadership interviews, I have had multiple suicide attempts.

      So no, I don’t give a darn if Sam has given anecdotal evidence because it has happened to me and one is too much.

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    7. In reality, “the church” refers to all of Christianity. Sam never said Jesus isn’t the head of Christianity. He did say that until this particular church becomes safer for children that people should put of joining it. That is a commonsensical choice. There are many churches that value children’s safety more than this one does. I have spoken with several pastors in different denominations about this problem of worthiness interviews. Sometimes without even knowing that I’m referring to a Mormon church, they always respond with “Good Lord, what a toxic sounding church.” They tell me to find a new denomination. They give me information on their church’s child protection policies. If pastors can advise people not to go a church because it isn’t safe, why cannot a bishop do the same? Bishops supposedly have the same authority as pastors if not more so. This is not an excommunicable offense.


    1. If a thousand ancedotes say pretty much the same thing, I call it a preponderance of the evidence.

      If a charismatic dude comes up with nine different stories on why he founded a Church, I call that BS.

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  13. Sam. Youre a hero, you will go down in history as one who stood for truth and for what is right! Even when faced with death you stood steal! No man will harm you because what you represent is truth. And the truth cannot be killed! If they dare excomunicate you it will be against their very interest. Theyre awaking the giant.

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  14. Sam- I was told of your story by some friends. I applaud your bravery and courage to stand up to the machine of the Mormon organization. Any parent SHOULD be
    outraged at what is happening by these so called “Men of God.” Its appalling that you are the one being kicked out…when it should be these disgusting predators of children! What does it matter whether you “tried” to get excommunicated or not. The God of the Bible encourages us to SEEK the TRUTH! If a “church” does not encourage truth seeking what devious beliefs are they trying to hide. The TRUTH of God stands up to our human scrutiny and study. Anyone who “chooses” to accept teaching without their own study is a lamb being led to the slaughter. Keep seeking that truth and put it to the test!!! God is already showing you HIS truth and it will stand forever! As someone mentioned before, God knows HIS sheep. The LORD is your strength and song, NOT the Mormon organization. Praying for the strength of your personal faith and that your eyes will continue to SEE the truth of the GOD of the Bible!!!!

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  15. Jesus asked for children to be protected, so did you, Mormon authorities have decided to go the opposite way and they will pay for the consequences. You may call it punishment, karma, justice, or whatever you like, but both them and you will reap what you have sowed.Of course the reward will be much different. As a teenager I was also shamed and blamed and asked very personal questions during interviews. My parents were not members so they never knew was happening and I was so brainwashed that I just accepted it as something normal.

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  16. If you truly want to keep your membership in the Church of Jesus Christ, there is a simple way:

    Humble yourself before the Lord and repent. Submit yourself into the Lord’s hands and cease speaking evil of the Lord’s anointed. Seek the Lord in fasting and prayer. Study Mosiah 26.

    Seek the Lord with full purpose of heart and you will not be excommunicated.

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    1. If you support children being victimized like this, you dont understand much of anything.

      If you support a man being silenced for trying to protect children, you are a serious part of ththe problem.

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  17. How does this work, members of the LDS faith and leaders pointing the finger of judgement at Bishop Sam Young. Sam is defending children and attempting to protect little ones from abuse. Is there abuse? Read the cases for crying out loud. Don’t get on the wrong side of this one friends!! Remember what Jesus taught in Luke 17 : 2
    “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones” Wake up….

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  18. For those who have judged and criticized Sam in this forum, ask yourself why YOU continue to allow children to be shamed and asked sexual questions. YOU are complicit in this horrific practice. Do you understand that?

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  19. One of the last REAL Mormon Bishops is leaving the building soon. May his accusers millstones weigh heavy and noticeable as millstones should.
    Love you Bishop Sam. When I left the church over thirty years ago, I swore I would never call anyone by that title again. Well, during the last few weeks, I met a real bishop, and that is you. My family and I will be here for you and yours. Hugs!

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  20. Just watched the movie Spotlight tonight and it was truly eye opening. Maybe some of those who are defending the church should watch this movie and maybe then you’ll realize how often this does/can happen. Sam is just bringing the Spotlight to this problem within our church.

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  21. Know that many of us will be there with you in spirit – I wish I could be there in person. Suffice it to say that in my church anybody who asked a child such questions would be arrested! How dare they go after you for wanting to prevent child abuse. HOW DARE THEY.

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  22. Are you sure you were a bishop? I understand you need to sound as dramatic as possible to rally your followers behind you, but saying “consigned to an everlasting location with no future interaction with God, Jesus or my loved ones.” or “I will be condemned to spend the eternities in Outer Darkness.” are not the words of someone with a bishopric background.

    Also, you’d know that disciplinary councils are not only meant for excommunication.


  23. You are not being excommunicated for “protecting children.” Your own words make it clear that you are an apostate who no longer believes in the Church and actively encourages others to leave. In other words, you’ve already excommunicated yourself, so the Church has no choice but to ratify your own choices.

    Disagree? Here’s your own apostate words:

    “[The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints] is the most extreme, unsafe church in America. I would not join the church today.”

    You’ve also explicitly encouraged others to either leave the Church, to not join it in the first place, and/or to publicly oppose Church leaders.

    Your last testimony is hypocritical tripe. You hate the Church, you no longer have a testimony, and you wanted out. Now that you’re getting exactly what you wanted, you’re trying to portray yourself as the victim?

    I thought you were supposed to be a lion. More like a weasel, apparently.


  24. Love you, Sam. I did not realize that members who are excommunicated went to outer darkness. I thought that was only for those who denied the Holy Ghost. I have never thought that God loves Mormons more than others. This whole thing is so sad. Penni

    On Sun, Sep 2, 2018 at 4:55 PM Tocubit Is Invisible’s Cubit wrote:

    > Sam Young posted: “Today is September 2, 2018. My excommunication > tribunal is now 1 week away on the 9th. I plan to present a vigorous > defense. Never-the-less, I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in > hell that I will emerge with my membership intact. I’ll be stri” >

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    1. Members that are excommunicated are not sent to outer darkness, he’s just being dramatic.
      The only people who are sent to outer darkness are those that denie the Holy Ghost. You’d have to have a perfect knowledge of our Savior and the gospel to denie the Holy Ghost or in other words have “the vail” lifted complete from our eye to be able to denie the Holy Ghost.

      Only a small handful of people even have the option to denie the Holy Ghost. It’s impossible for us to do it.
      Examples: Moses, The Brother of Jared.
      People who have literally spoken to Christ face to face. Preformed miracles and seen the powers of Christ first hand. For them to denie the Holy Ghost would be like us dening that the sun exist.


      1. Yeah it’s a pretty common misconception. I’ve even heard stories of missionaries telling people that left the church that they’re going to outer darkness.

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      2. I’m sorry Wade. The church changes doctrine quite regularly. When growing up, I was taught that APOSTATES go to outer darkness. It was graphically illustrated on a chart that used to come in the front of Books of Remembrance sold by the church. I was not aware that they had changed this wonderful doctrine. So, where do APOSTATES go these days?


      3. You’re telling me for the past 50 years, you’ve only relied on your understanding and knowledge of the gospel of Christ from when you were 15? That’s sad.

        Do you even know what the word “regularly” means. Let me help you, it means at uniform intervals of time or a constant definite pattern.
        So, can you tell me the length of time in which the doctrine changes regularly? Also, can you give me five examples of doctrine that has changed recently? Should be easy, right? Seeing as it changes so regularly.

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      4. Sorry, Wade. Do your own research. I no longer have time to engage you. Protecting children is my mission. Not educating you on all the changes in doctrine that have occurred throughout the history of the church.


      5. You no longer have time for little ol’ me, because your sole mission is to protect children. If that’s true, how come you have time to dramatize your disciplinary council meeting? You don’t have to go or even address it. More time for the children, right?

        Looks like you have time to demonize your “friends” in leadership positions and allow your followers to scrutinize them, belittle them and mock them.
        Looks like you have time to address the praise that you receive from others.
        Looks like you have time to speak about making history.
        Looks like you have time to invite Apostles to locations that are surrounded by people who have openly called for violence against them.
        Looks like you have time to browse anti-forms that mock, belittle, encourage hate, and celebrate the death of leaders of The Church and it’s members.
        Now, how does that all fit into your sole mission? Oh, wait, none of it does. Because you’re not sincere about your cause. You only wish to stir up the hearts of men, create opposition, hate, contention, and raise yourself.

        Also, it’s pretty funny you couldn’t even give me a single example of regularly changed doctrine. You seemed so confident in your statement, I guess not.

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    1. Sam became an apostate when he publicly called the Church “insane,” “extreme,” and “the most unsafe church in America,” and when said that he wished he hadn’t joined it and would encourage others not to. Whether or not he gets excommunicated doesn’t change the fact that he has already chosen to be an apostate. Notice in his “testimony” that he never mentions a testimony in anything specific to the Church.

      He’s made it very clear that he no longer believes in the Church, and he has actively worked to lead others away from it. His fake “testimony” and overly dramatic story here (really, “the women were weeping and the men all wanted to have lunch with me?) are a manipulative ploy to draw more souls away from God by pretending that the Church is taking something away from him when, in fact, he threw it in the garbage a long, long time ago.

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      1. Somewhere you got some weird ideas my friend. I don’t know who told you I said I wished I hadn’t joined it and would encourage others not to. That’s a lie. It’s not good to repeat lies. I’d ask for a reference, but I know one doesn’t exist, because I have never said ti.

        Fake testimony? I bear witness of Jesus Christ and you call it fake. There is no way to respond adequately to this. It’s childish and silly.


    2. Not all who are excommunicated considered apostates. But, I am. Although they didn’t included the word “apostasy” in the letter, that’s what I am charged with.


      1. Sinning and Disobeying The Brethren are two very different offenses.

        The Brethren do not care if you sin. You’ll just lose your TR most of the time. Or for egregious infractions, you can be disfellowshipped or even excommunicated … but never as an apostate.

        But may God help you if you dare to disobey Q15 Priesthood Authority.

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  25. Sam, I followed a link posted in the comments of the article – about your pending ‘Court of Love’ – in the Salt Lake Tribune. As an ex-elder, as well as an iconoclastic non-believer – in God, the Holy Ghost – though a firm believer in the Apotheosis of Jesus, to the Christian Godhead – I can only observe you’re being hoisted, in large part, by your own petard.

    This kind of mindless fealty, to an authoritarian religious organization. Set up to sell tickets – through it’s own, self-aggrandizing set(s) of of High Priests and Prophets – to a God of their own making as well as a whole list of rather unique heavenly rewards – has you agonizing over your own personal imagined loss. Through the sacrifice of those personal tokens of church ‘authority,’ that you have no doubt wielded – at one point or another – over the ‘church status’, of other men and boys.

    Thus, your own crucifixion – on the Alter of Honest Discourse (because it is, after all, arguably the most innocent, who are felled in this manner) – should also occasion a new awakening. As it has with so many others. That ‘The Church’ only has as much power over you, as you concede to them. But that once ‘beyond their reach’, as it were, a whole new awakening awaits. As you take back your own powers. To experience new, personal connections – with the God(s) of your imaginings.

    But as you can hopefully see, there is no need for a belief in the Devil – or Satan. Man is fully capable of generating his own multi-stranded threads of evil, in this world. And therefore – fully capable of standing in Satan’s stead.

    As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn observed, “The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.”

    It’s our job to work on removing that beam from our own eye. While not failing to observe the problems it entails, for others – in positions of authority above us.

    You’re apparently about to take that leap of faith, you’ve been secretly anticipating. Thanks to – and with the help of – your Mormon brotherhood. Who are – again, as you have no doubt previously done – standing by to congratulate the Church hierarchy, and assure each other, of the pressing need to remove this apostate (one Sam Young), from the presence of the faithful.

    Good luck. And I wish you well. You are certain to land on your feet.

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  26. Hi Sam, “By comparing and contrasting, we come to know the truth.” I just heard this said today and I like it. It makes sense. By comparing and contrasting what you have said and how you have acted, to what the “brethren” have said and done, it has helped me see first hand what really is Christ like, loving behavior. Which behavior most matches the scriptures? I think it is pretty plain. Your mission is having effect. It is helping all of us to see and to choose, how do we want to be? Some of us can’t be named because of the fear that is a part of this church and what our families would do, but we see and hear you and support you! I have been seeing the hypocrisy in the LDS church for a long time. It has been so difficult to see another reality than what I ever thought. Truth is coming out in all areas. People who post hurtful comments on here to you, I feel sorry for. I think of the saying “hurt people, hurt people.” I feel sorry for people who do not yet see what the LDS church is all about, money and how they appear to the world. To see the truth is hard. But, it is important to realize that what really matters is showing love for everyone and protecting the innocent children. Thank you for your example. Some of the rest of us are working up our courage!

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    1. Sounds a lot less lethally boring than Mormonism …

      As He Is So Are We?

      BTW, I believe As He Is, so we were created with the literal potential to become.

      We do not need a Savior. We will eventually shake off all of the dumb-us-down programming, and get out of our own way, and eventually fulfill the destiny of our essence.

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