Subpoena to be Issued

Police Sugar Land

Recently, a death threat was issued against me and supporters of the cause to Protect LDS Children.  I took this seriously and filed a report to the police on October 9.  According to them, this kind of threat is illegal.

Today, I received a call from the detective entrusted with the case.  He informed me that a subpoena is being issued to positively identify the source of the threat.  I had previously provided the police with the email and IP address that are associated with the threatening message.

Many people have spoken publicly in support of Protect LDS Children.  Some have expressed concerns about also being a target of this threat.  I hope this reassures you that action is being taken.

It’s so interesting to look back on the summer of 2017.  I was starting to comprehend what happens behind closed bishop doors in the LDS Church.   I was so naive.  Things appeared so obviously egregious to me.  I assumed that once local awareness was raised that everyone would call for an immediate change to the policy.  Wow…was I ever wrong.

A year and a half has transpired.  The church has excommunicated me.  One member has threatened harm to me….and my family….and my business.  Another member has threatened to “personally kill” me.

And guess what.  Mormon children are still being taken behind closed doors and probed with sexual questions.



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  1. Wow!

    On Wed, Oct 17, 2018 at 8:55 PM Tocubit Is Invisible’s Cubit wrote:

    > Sam Young posted: ” Recently, a death threat was issued against me and > supporters of the cause to Protect LDS Children. I took this seriously and > filed a report to the police on October 9. According to them, this kind of > threat is illegal. Today, I received a call from ” >

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    1. Sam, me and JM are so worried about you. Remember she told you by phone how she had over s hundred recorded death threats and actual attempts on her life. Now you see that she wasn’t being paranoid when she told you to look hour doors and look behind you to make sure they weren’t following you. JM skways f you know that back in the 80s, when Jeremiah films premiered the film Godmakers, they had death threats too.

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    2. Sam, me and JM are so worried about you. Remember she told you by phone how she had over s hundred recorded death threats and actual attempts on her life. Now you see that she wasn’t being paranoid when she told you thst when you go out, to lock your doors and look behind you to make sure they weren’t following you. JM always does this, by habit now. And did you know that back in the 80s, when Jeremiah films premiered the anti-Mormon film The Godmakers, they had death threats too.


  2. I recognise this ‘operation’ too to some extent, Sam. In my naivety, I too thought that it would only be necessary to raise the concern to leaders whom I believed had been ill informed or misinformed about a case of child sexual abuse and of their “shooting the messenger” instead of the abuse. I naively believed that all that was needed was that they be informed so that they would right the wrong. I never doubted what I believed was their good intent. But no, the ‘priesthood’ closed ranks and promoted the Bishop (who ‘shot the messenger’) to the HC. Loyalty to the organisation and the status quo appears to trump everything else … even the gospel.

  3. Unfortunately, only a system that is sick protects the sick. It makes one wonder—how far up (and back) does the sickness go?

    You’ve poked a beast, sir—it needs to be seen for what it is, but it may come at a high cost to anyone who would fight for good, until enough of us see it for what it is and band together to overcome it.

    You are not alone. Poke on. Dig until the diseased roots are exposed for all to see. And together, let us light the darkness.

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  4. Sam,

    Well done. Correct action. The right thing to do.

    “Do what is right; let the consequences follow?”

    Sounds nice (when you actually do what is RIGHT), but MormonDumb goes more like this:

    “Do what you WANT; ignore the consequences as long as possible … until at long last … they finally bite you hard in your sorry ass … and make you pay for what you have done.”

    Sam, by now you might probably start to agree with me … regarding what I posted moments ago on your Excommunication Appeal blog post:

    “Collateral Damage of lives ruined by crushing guilt and shame is not even seen as Damage from The Brethren’s perspective. It is POSITIVE FEEDBACK indicating that their Hook, Line & Sinker Control Grip on their marks is working quite well as designed.>

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  5. Sam, I know you are aware that the policy did change. Children are now able to take someone in the room with them. The Bishop is to ask the one question…do you obey the law of chastity. You have implied that you have received communication to the contrary. If so you should share that. You need to stop defaming the names of all the good Bishops out there who are following the policy. You speak as if this is a common practice among these predominantly good men. It is time for those who are making these accusations to start filing charges and naming names.

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    1. You really don’t understand the problem. Have you read any of the almost 1000 stories posted by individuals on ? This is a small sampling as there are certainly many 1000’s of untold stories. If you’ve read any of the sad stories and don’t feel there is a need for change, then you don’t have the capacity to see the harm that has and can be done by worthiness interviews. You are in denial that there is a problem and living in a bubble created by the church, that one should never question what they demand of members. Yes the church made changes this past summer, but they stopped short of what should have been done which would have ended the ongoing demand for change. They should have REQUIRED that another adult of the child’s choosing be present for all interviews. They should have EXPLICITLY stated that no questions of a sexual nature should be asked. I totally agree that most bishops are good and most past bishops were good. I was asked inappropriate questions both as a child and young adult that I felt obligated to answer. I felt unnecessary guilt as a result, that I carried with me for 30+ years until recently when I reached the conclusion that my worthiness is between me and the Lord and the bishop does not need to know what is between me and God. You are ridiculous to say that naming names and filing charges is what should be done. The men that asked me questions thought they were doing what was right. Does pointing out names at this point solve any problems from the past. The right thing to do is to stop ALL sexual questions of youth. If the church wants to ask questions of those that are over 18 and considered adults, they could do that. If worthiness interviews are required for children to perform temple work, stop sending children to the temple until they are 18. I also don’t think you understand the grooming that is taking place by asking worthiness questions on a regular basis (at least twice a year) starting at age 12. Are you in denial that impressionable young minds are being groomed? Maybe you never had anything to confess or felt lasting shame in your youth. If so, good for you. But for the many thousands that did, a little compassion on your part would be appreciated.

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      1. Roy, I believe that you are absolutely right in not having interviews of any kind up to the age of 18. That would solve all the problems and put the responsibility where it belongs to teach the children. Don’t let them go to the Temple until age 18 or at their marriage or mission interviews. This sounds like the perfect plant. Parents would need to accept the responsibility for the teaching of their children. Children could no longer use the church leaders as the reason for their inactivity. This will eliminate all problems…right?

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      2. Sam, me and JM are so worried about you. Remember she told you by phone how she had once recorded over a hundred death threats from Mormons and has had actual attempts on her life? Now you see that she wasn’t being paranoid when she told you that when you go out, to lock your doors and look behind you to make sure they weren’t following you. JM always does this, by habit now. And did you know that back in the 80s, when Jeremiah Films premiered the anti-Mormon film “The Godmakers”, they had death threats too. But back to JM. She was triple billed with Christopher Plummer and Geena Davis at the Sarasoda Florida Film Festival a few years ago and the festival had bodyguards go with her even when she went out to eat. Anyway, on Sunday the last day of the festival, she told her bodyguards they could have the day off so they could have some time with their families, as she had no public appearances that day. She had just planned to go say goodbye to Christopher and Geena. She was just going to shake their hand and tell them
        she had enjoyed working with them and then listen to their talk about their film careers at the Sarasoda Opera House that day.
        However as their talk ended and people were leaving, JM exited out into the aisle and started up to the stage to tell Christopher’and Geena goodbye when a crazed Mormon came running up behind her, got a Half Nelson around her throat and began loudly screaming “Joe Smith is a prophet of God.The church is true,” like some kind of a maniac! Too kate, JM realized she had made a fatal mistake by letting her bodyguards off early. The ushers and security guards from the Opera House, however, rushed in and pulled the nutcase off of her, but there was a few tense moments there. And I don’t doubt that Mike Norton has received death threats as well as others like you and JM who have been so public about speaking out against Mormonism. Be careful my friend, Sam. Keep in mind it is NOT a religion, it is a 400 billion dollar business corporation and they operate like theeàl1 mob because they have a lot to lose. Your movement has become a Big Thing now, and may garner international media attention, and their PR Machine won’t like that. They may start to go after you like they did JM. We are praying for God to watch over you and your family.

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      3. Janice,

        I want to send you some props for agreeing with Roy that worthiness interviews of LDS youth should stop (until age 18 is a good start).


        The Brethren will NEVER EVER make that change.


        They cannot even force themselves to voluntarily relinquish the exquisitely effective Mind Control Tool that is the natural byproduct of institutionally administered Guilt and Shame.

        My other post addressed to you covers this in detail.

        Janice, I want you to compare your personal core values with what you might determine as the apparent core values of The Brethren … based on their behaviors. (Ignore their words, Janice. Talk is cheap. Liars lie. It’s what liars do. They lie. They tell you what they want you to think and believe about how loving and righteous they are. Do you believe their words, Janice? Or do you believe their actions?)


    2. You do understand, Janice, that the church leaders a) are not limited to only asking “do you keep the law of chastity?” That if it is answered “no” the can ask any follow up sexually explicit questions they want?

      b) do you not recognize that “do you keep the law of chastity” IS a sexual question?

      And c) that the onus of having another adult in the room is laid upon the child?

      There is a huge imbalance of power between a bishop and a child. What happens when a bishop tells a child “no” when he asks for a second adult in the room? Will the child cave? I would have.

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    3. Janice, I agree with you in eliminating youth interviews. If the church would jump past what Sam is requesting and eliminate youth interviews altogether, I think parents, children, and bishops all win. If the church wants children to do baptisms for the dead, the question should be nothing more than do you want to. If worthiness interviews are required, bump up the age to 18. This would solve a lot of problems and allow children to be free of invasive questioning. Repentance needs to be a more personal pursuit without having your bishop involved in the details. The church can teach repentance without being involved in each individuals details. Guilt is felt without having your bishop magnify the feelings.

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    4. Janice,

      Your bucket of WHITEWASH might be getting a little low by now.

      A third party adult ONLY shows up for a Bishop interview IF AND ONLY IF the child is assertive enough to tell their Bishop, “Sure, I will come in for my interview, but I want So-And-So to come with me. I want to make sure that everyone behaves appropriately during my interview.”


      If the child’s parent has PREVIOUSLY informed (or threatened) the Bishop that NO INTERVIEW shall take place with MY CHILD IF I AM NOT THERE IN PERSON.

      Janice, put down your WHITEWASH BRUSH for a moment and take a guess about WHAT PERCENTAGE of child worthiness interviews are now happening with MORE THAN TWO PEOPLE in the Bishop’s office?

      I don’t know what the number is either, but I’d bet my eternal salvation that it is a SINGLE DIGIT that might round off to 1 … if we are lucky.

      …. next whitewash …

      >>> what madmaxdc wrote <<<< He nailed what I would have written about now.

      For God's sake, Janice! You are obviously a VERY intelligent woman with a wonderful, loving heart. The only parts of you that are not functioning normally are your EYES and your BRAIN. You see the Church through a See-No-Evil filter that does what? What does a TBM See-No-Evil filter do?

      Duh … It filters out all of the evil from any view or perspective of the Church and The Brethren.

      It makes you BLIND to the obvious, Janice.

      Kids formerly known as LDS kids (that in and of itself demonstrated to the WORLD that President Nelson is an uninspired loose cannon spouting pure nonsense .. Say what, President Nelson? Jesus gets TRIGGERED when his name is supplanted by "LDS" or "Mormon"? Jesus gets OFFENDED? Janice … WAKE UP! You are following a doddering geriatric with WAY TOO MUCH power and influence over you.)

      … sorry …I got distracted … back on point.

      LDS kids will STILL BE GUILTED AND SHAMED over masturbation. THAT AIN'T GONNA STOP, Janice. Even if the kid is smart enough to LIE TO THE BISHOP, then they have the SELF-IMPOSED guilt trip of KNOWING beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are … a LIAR?

      LDS kids will still get their pick of the one of the following self-images:

      A. Sinner next to murderer, immoral, unworthy, unclean, unloveable, social pariah, PERVERT.

      B. Liar AND Pervert.

      Is this a great Church of what., Janice. EVERY KID SHOULD GET THOSE TWO CHOICES!

      Do you realize? Can your imparied TBM cognition? Can you possibly let it into your psyche that what I just wrote … and what you just read … IS WHAT IS STILL HAPPENING?

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      1. Typos:

        Is this a great Church of [or] what., Janice. EVERY KID SHOULD GET THOSE TWO CHOICES!

        Do you realize? Can your imparied [impaired] TBM cognition? Can you possibly let it into your psyche that what I just wrote … and what you just read … IS WHAT IS STILL HAPPENING?

        Sam, can you fix my typos and delete this correction? I do not have edit privileges. Thanks, WordPress. Nice feature.

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    5. Being able to take someone in doesn’t equate to any significant change. Any teen I’ve counseled that is LDS and involved in sexual exploration likely isn’t going to go ask a parent to come to the interview and most parents aren’t going to exhibit mistrust of the bishop by asking to attend.

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  6. Gary, my late husband used to say about me, my mom, and sister “that we talked to hear our own voices”. This is very much what I feel when I read some of your posts as well as others. I understood very little of what you wrote. In reading this one comment page, I have learned that one person believes I have no compassion while another reads my same post and has decided I have a big heart. As a TBM, I do try to look for the best in people. I know for a fact that there are some warped minds within the church and believe Satan is alive and well and after the good ones. I believe Sam’s blog has brought out two kinds of people. Ones who have actually been harmed by a few warped Priesthood holders and ones who have used this forum to dramatize things that never happened. It has given then just another excuse for leaving the church. And their parents want to believe them so they feel no guilt themselves. It is also like the avid fisherman who has told the story over so many times that the fish he caught has gone from 6 inches to 6 feet over the years. What I have asked Sam is how many letters he has received since the policy changes. I also think Sam has given an open forum to some who are mentally challenged. Some who just want to be heard whether true or not. One good thing that has come of this is that parents are doing what they should be doing and taking charge. They should be telling Bishops that they WILL be present for all interviews. Those children are their responsibility. I think the policy in place now is adequate if children over the age of 12 are going to be allowed to do baptisms. Do you have any idea the good they are doing? It is phenomenal.


    1. “Parents should be telling Bishops that they WILL be present in all interviews.” Boy, do I ever love you wisdom my friend.


    2. Janice,

      For sure, Sam’s initiatives have raised awareness with SOME LDS parents who have opened their eyes far enough to understand the NON-TRIVIAL RISK their kids face during a Bishop worthiness interview with just the Bishop and the kid present.

      We have no statistics to generate numbers, of course, but, Janice, don’t you think that the vast majority of LDS parents trust and respect their good-hearted, self-sacrificing Bishops to safeguard their kids during worthiness interviews?


      Only a tiny fraction of Bishops are child molesters. Sam knows that. I know that. You know that. We ALL know that.

      The problem … which Sam has repeated hundreds of times by now … the PROBLEM IS THE POLICY.

      What POLICY?


      There is a problem here that maybe has not received enough clarification. Maybe Sam might weigh in on this issue, which I will describe.

      IF NO OTHER IMPROVEMENT WAS MADE with the Bishop interview policy, I think it would help MILLIONS of LDS kids and adults if The Brethren would issue a prophetic utterance declaring that masturbation, pleasuring yourself sexually, IS NOT A SIN.

      If kids were not shamed for discovering the sexual response of THEIR OWN BODIES … the burden of guilt and shame could be IMMEDIATELY LIFTED from literally MILLIONS of Church members who let The Brethren make their what-is-acceptable decisions for them. The Brethren could lift the burden of shame and guilt of MILLIONS of members by writing and publishing JUST ONE PARAGRAPH. That is all it would take to make a HUGE difference in the self-esteem and emotional well-being of MILLIONS of Mormons.

      I think it’s likely true that MOST LDS kids do not have sex with their teenage peers. I personally think that kids should be taught that having sex is very risky behavior that can easily RUIN THEIR LIVES when unwanted babies are the consequence.

      In case you are wondering (big presumption, probably wrong), my opinion is that premarital sex for couples in adult relationships should be a personal decision. Holding sexual gratification HOSTAGE until people marry each other can be a recipe for disaster. Making one of the most important decisions of your life under-the-influence of POWERFUL HORMONES is downright ridiculous, in my opinion. Maybe abstinence works OK for some couples … and if so … well and good. But the one-size-fits-all approach is wrong-headed … seems to me.

      In my personal case, my young wife and I were both virgins when we married in the Salt Lake Temple. I was so horny, Janice, that as my new bride and I drive north towards Idaho for our honeymoon wedding night, I had my dick out (exposed) in the car while I was driving away from the temple … I was so desperate for some kind of sexual gratification. I don’t even remember what happened … while driving … I think nothing much. This is a humiliating and embarrassing disclosure, Janice, but worth it to make this personal. IT IS VERY PERSONAL.

      The girl I chose to marry turned out to be a rage-a-holic and became increasingly violent, first towards my property, and then towards my body. I endured gradually escalating physical violence for 18 years … until she nearly killed me (serial bludgeoning and internal hemorrhaging). I dialed 911 to save my own life.

      Would I have made a different decision if a TEMPLE MARRIAGE had not been my ONLY TICKET to have morally acceptable sex?

      I don’t know, Janice. Do you? Do you know WHAT IS BEST FOR EVERYONE?


      The Brethren will NEVER say that masturbation is OK. The guilt and shame that MOST members feel (youth and adults) when they masturbate is far, far too much of an effective and reliable MIND CONTROL TOOL. It keeps members in a state of handing over their moral authority to The Brethren. Along with their moral authority, members also hand over the KEYS TO THEIR PERSONAL SELF-ESTEEM AND SENSE OF WORTHINESS AND LOVE-ABILITY to whom, Janice?

      To The Brethren.

      The Brethren are holding the KEYS TO SELF-ESTEEM AND SENSE OF BEING A GOOD AND ACCEPTABLE AND LOVE-ABLE PERSON … holding those keys hostage, Janice. The ONLY thing a member has to do to TRASH THEIR SELF-ESTEEM and FEEL LIKE SHIT-ON-A-STICK INCARNATE … is to succumb to that powerful sex drive that can be so easily, temporarily resolved … with a moment of personal pleasure.

      Janice, I spend hours of my time writing about this because … because WHY?

      Because I love my fellow humans on this, MY PLANET EARTH. This is MY WATCH.

      I feel a strong motivation to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of so many decent, vulnerable, innocent, genuinely kind and loving fellow humans who are SUFFERING NEEDLESSLY on account of having been born into the MIND CONTROL ENTRAPMENT that used to be called the MORMON CHURCH.

      This is Sam Young’s watch as well. He genuinely loves his fellow human beings, and has done MUCH to reduce the UNNECESSARY SUFFERING of LDS kids and adults.

      We’ve only just begun … to put our love into action, Janice. (I should not speak for Sam … but I do feel like I know his heart … which humbles me to tears, quite frankly.)

      I am about to write a very strong statement. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to speak this frankly, but I will put it out there and see how it resonates … or not.

      I totally believe that what I am about to write is absolutely, unequivocally the truth of the matter.


      I must be clear that I am not trivializing physical rape with this comparison. What I AM doing is using that comparison to attempt to express my understanding of the DEPTH OF DAMAGE AND HARM that the Mormon Church inflicts upon its members … without them even remotely understanding what is happening to them and what it is costing them.

      Janice, thousands of former members who have awakened and removed themselves to safety … outside of the Church … will not think my statement is untrue or even an exaggeration. There are over 95,000 subscribers to who would ditto my statement in a heartbeat. Their eyes have opened. You can read their stories of the profound sense of betrayal most have endured when they finally arrived at the undeniable realization that … Joseph Lied. He made it all up. The Church is a fraud. The Brethren are lying con-artists who profit immensely at the expense of their innocent, clueless marks.

      I realize that you will see my statement as the irrational ranting of a disaffected former member who succumbed to the temptings of Stan … er … I mean Satan. I am not trying to convince you of anything, Janice. Your die is cast. But others reading this might be stirred to take a closer look at their lives and perhaps realize there are alternative perspectives that may not all be dismissible rantings.

      My heart goes out to you, Janice. I do not know you personally, but I can say with honesty of heart that I love you. You are one of my fellow human beings here on MY PLANET EARTH for a truly wild ride of adventure and learning. You and I have so much in common. I presume you are b.i.c. just like I am. That makes us brother and sister more so than otherwise. We share Mormon DNA, you and I. ( I am ignoring President Nelson’s patently ridiculous attempt at rebranding the Church … pathetic, dumbass behavior. He wants me to write Church of Jesus Christ DNA.)

      Janice, there are two major groups of people with Mormon DNA. 1) Those who still believe the Church is true; and 2) Those who have made the stunning, monumental, life-altering discovery that the Church is, in fact, a colossal fraud.

      I celebrate my Mormon DNA, Janice. I feel proud that my great great uncle wrote the beloved hymn about Joseph’s Myth First Vision. I also feel proud that I managed to join group #2 above … some 38 years ago … with a lot of help from life circumstances, I might add.

      You will agree that I write too much. I will stop for now. I write because I am passionate, Janice. I do not want my fellow humans on this wild ride to suffer needlessly. We all suffer as much as we need to … until we have had enough. In that sense, suffering is OK … because it leads to lessons learned, and an increased capacity for making healthy and happy choices.

      One of the healthiest and happiest choices a Mormon can make is to wake up and take back control of their own mind and control of their own life from … The Brethren … who have their own … NOT your … best interest and well-being at heart.

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  7. My issue is simply that “The Law of Chastity” is a Temple Covenant. The Covenants are not to be discussed outside of the Temple Walls. Are children condemned for their lack of “Obedience” and “Sacrifice” Are children expected to honor the instructions of “Constant”, “Undeviating”, “Exactness” in keeping all the temple Covenants? Are baptized children required to keep all the “Commandments” required of Adults? Unless the Bishops office is considered a Temple the open-ended question it’s self is a violation of the Bishop’s Covenants. The term “The Law Of Chastity” is clearly defined in the Endowment and is the only covenant with an exact and clear definition! That “Sacred” nature of the sexual subject is defined as activity between Temple married and sealed adults and it has no place and does not concern any sexual activity of any other members or non-members of the Church! Making adherence to “The Law of Chastity,” a requirement to receive “The Law of Chastity” is insanity, Do we impose tithing on nonmembers as a requirement, prior to receiving missionary lessons and baptism? Is this the message the Church wants to carry to the unbelieving world? Perfection in all things or Damnation from birth and the Atonement has no efficacy to anyone without complete and total perfection in all things. Keep “The Law of the Gospel” and “The Law of Consecration” and “The Laws of The Lord, of God, and of Elohim” and “Obedience” and “Sacrifice” and “The Law of Chastity” in the Temple. Salvation for all men is dependent on Obedience to all the Laws and Ordinances of the “Gospel.” Received in the temple, not in a Bishop’s office!

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    1. Larry,

      Thank you for a fresh and very interesting perspective on The Law of Chastity as being a temple covenant and not applicable necessarily to the “unwashed” (very literally speaking).

      The only problem with your argument is that Temple Covenants are all BS. Joseph made all of that shit up … or more accurately plagiarized the bulk of the SSD sacred song & dance from Freemasonry.

      “Unless the Bishops office is considered a Temple the open-ended question it’s self is a violation of the Bishop’s Covenants. The term “The Law Of Chastity” is clearly defined in the Endowment and is the only covenant with an exact and clear definition! That “Sacred” nature of the sexual subject is defined as activity between Temple married and sealed adults and it has no place and does not concern any sexual activity of any other members or non-members of the Church! Making adherence to “The Law of Chastity,” a requirement to receive “The Law of Chastity” is insanity …”

      Larry, I gotta give you props for connecting some un-obvious dots there! Thank you for thinking some original thoughts … much needed around TBM land.

      In addition to relentless guilting and shaming over nearly everything sexual (except making new tithe payers), another effective Mind Control Tool in The Brethren’s handy toolbox is Mormon Perfectionism. No matter how good you are, how much you have accomplished or continue to accomplish… it’s never quite enough. You are NEVER quite good enough.

      Utah seems to rank as the mentally unhealthiest state in the union. Sex shaming and self-esteem shot full of holes every Sunday and twice more in April and October does the trick.

      Is this a Great Church or what?

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  8. Keep up the good work Sam. I have also received death threats from members of the Mormon Church trying to shut me up about the Ritual Abuse I endured as a child. When they couldn’t shut me up of course they slandered me and told everyone I was crazy cuz who would believe that Mormons had anything to do with Satanic Ritual Abuse… Those who believed…were the 300-800 children who suffered and even those who were silenced by their death. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph finally expose the truth.

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  9. I find it funny that nobody sees the blatant lies in all of this. Further evidence that Sam misleads to gain public support.

    Police do not issue subpoenas…… but nice try.

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    1. Yep, police don’t issue subpoenas. Where did you get the information that police issued a subpoena?

      A detective entrusted with the case informed Sam that a subpoena was being issued, yet Sam didn’t say “who” issued it.

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    2. “Police do not issue subpoenas.” You are correct. Thanks for pointing that out to all the uninformed readers here who were not aware of this important fact. In addition, I’d like to school these uninformed readers that police don’t issue subpoenas, search warrants or any other type of warrant. Detectives secure these legal documents from a judge.

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      1. wikipedia is not a valid source for verifiable evidence (This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (January 2017) (Learn how and when to remove this template message)) – also, no where in that article did it say they can – and even if they do, its because they are acting as AGENTS of the court. All that aside, the original claim is that the detective told him a subpoena would be issued. A seasoned detective would not have told him that. He would have informed him that charges were filed (which they have not).


      2. defenderoftruth,

        Do you believe that Sam is consciously intending to deceive?

        We all make innocent mistakes … get something wrong inadvertently … like misunderstanding subpoenas, etc.

        Are you suggesting that Sam is making up stories that are not true?

        It appears that you might be looking for opportunities to shoot the messenger … maybe because you don’t appreciate the message much?

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      3. Well said, Gary.

        The Mormon Church teaches its members to sustain fallible church leaders and not criticize the leadership even if leaders are wrong, yet, should not the leadership sustain fallible members and not criticize them as well – I wonder if it’s only a one way street. Church leaders have taught that all members of the church are disciples, no matter their calling, and all are important from the ward librarian to the apostle. It makes me wonder if the leadership trusts and has confidence in its members. Making honest mistakes and listening to criticism should be a two-way street, especially in a true church where nobody should be above approach or reproach. In my opinion, all disciples are accountable to the whole body of the church.


      4. HTC,

        “It makes me wonder if the leadership trusts and has confidence in its members.”

        Zero wonderment on this end …

        Only “trust and confidence” in the same sense that a mosquito has trust and confidence in YOU when it’s sucking blood and depositing toxins in return … a special way to say, “Thank you, kind sir, for the donation. It’s pleasure doing business with you … until you die. Just please, don’t swat me.”

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