Excommunication Appeal Inquiry

Appeal Cartoon

Today, I sent this email to the stake president and executive secretary.

Hi President __________ & Brother____________,

It’s been 2 weeks since I submitted the appeal to my excommunication.  I realize that none of us have much experience with this.  But, do you have any idea of when I could expect a response from the First Presidency?

Whatever verdict is ultimately rendered, I want to assure you that I hold you both in love and high esteem.

Kind regards,

Sam Young

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26 thoughts on “Excommunication Appeal Inquiry

  1. Dude,

    Don’t continue to waste your time. “The “Church” is based on a complete fraud not unlike the debauchary in Waco, TX in the 1980s.

    Having been a Mormon most of my life, it took about…oh…about…30 minutes of VERY superficial research to disprove the ENTIRE Mormon “doctrine.”

    Frankly, you’re chasing a complete lie. Wake up to the not-so-pleasant reality that there is no God.

    When you’re dead, you’re dead. End of story.

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    1. You’re entitled to your beliefs, but never tell another person how he should believe. You don’t have that right. Frankly it’s rude and arrogant.

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      1. Yes, rude and arrogant…but true. I find it painful to see another human being chasing a complete, laughable lie.

        Granted, we’re all predisposed to believe that we’re surperior to other evolved mammals…because we can, and we need the comfort that comes from some assurance that we’re not like that poor squirrel that we saw stuck to the pavement that we just drove over.

        But, just because we want something to be true doesn’t make it true.


      2. They teach “lie upon lie, decept upon decept,” con upon con, abuse upon abuse and bullying all the way. How did I completely miss that last one for so long, and even justified it, “Leaders are only human and they make mistakes. We all need some nudging to salvation…” Then why the commandments to Obey Them and not question Them when they are not perfect as Christ is and are not even speaking with or even following Christ? That is simply Satan’s Plan. Matt 7: 20-24 How did we miss those things for so long (Isaiah 5: 20-21), no eyes to see or ears to hear, as He called to us and kept warning? Yes, He had it right.

        Jesus told us to warn our neighbors… He warned us and did not abandon us and told us to leave the 99 to rescue the one when needed. They cast out the one to keep fleecing the 99. He warned us clearly of the damages of the Pharisees and what they really are and who their father really is.

        I’ll stick with and follow Jesus, thank you.

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  2. I agree with Kelley. My husband was Mormon until I met him. I showed him a book I once read and asked him to refute it. He tried, but couldn’t, and it changed his life for the better. Finding out the truth about your church can hurt a lot, but the truth also sets you free. I can completely understand how hurt you must feel. I can also understand how some people might not WANT to know the truth and would rather continue on because it’s a deeply rooted part of their lives. Sam, you were told you can’t be in heaven with your family, and I KNOW you don’t believe that–but that’s what the church believes. This is a short book and is Christ centered. I want to share it with you because I care ❤ http://mit.irr.org/his-own-hand-upon-papyrus-part-1

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  3. Sam, this has been your problem from the beginning. You lack patience. Did you really think that you would have an answer by now. Look at Church History for how long Joseph Smith waited for the plates and other answers. And your phony letter to your Stake President. In your last correspondence to the First Presidency, you blamed your excommunication on the Stake President. You have yet to take responsibility for your own actions. You were not excommunicated because of protecting children, you were excommunicated for questioning the leadership of the church and their authority. Go read more church history and you will find many who were excommunicated for the same reason….actually most of them in the early days. Until you can accept your responsibility in your actions and words, you probably won’t hear anything. My husband did exactly what he was told to do….took responsibility, repented, lived the gospel and attend church regularly and it was 3 years before he was reinstated. You have some grandiose idea that because you had a noble cause, you are exempt from the commandments the rest of us are bound to. You have a noble cause, but you wanted it changed when Sam wanted to change it and how Sam wanted it changed. You refused to wait for the Lord. The brethren at the last conference said that the two hour block had been studied for years. I know that is true, having several friends all over th USA and some foreign countries who have been involved in experiments with this concept for years. Patience is a virtue that Christ held dear knowing he had little time to get his message to the people. Then he called apostles to carry on the work and gave them the Comforter to guide them. Patience is a virtue we must all obtain. And sometimes it’s hard….but necessary.


    1. I have no patience when children are being harmed. I have no patience whatsoever in finding out that my child was asked if she masturbated. I have no patience for an untrained man asking another of my daughters if she had anal sex. That is so disgusting. I will not have patience when we have an irresponsible & immoral system that puts our children in great danger. I take full responsibility for my words and actions. Jesus had patience? Well then I’m following his patient example. He gave no warning to the temple administrators. With his anger on full display used a whip to clean his house of filth. Over and over he was openly critical of the highest church leaders of his time. What did get for that? He was put to death. According to modern prophets words, I was meted out an even worse fate….excommunication. I will not ‘humbly’ submit to men who harbor a system that harms children. I willingly submit to the teachings and example of Jesus and have thrown the millstone of my neck. I will not tolerate the damage so cavalierly done to our children. You are right, I’m not exempt from the commandments. I follow them. To do different from what I have done would be to disrespect Christ and his gospel, not to mention violating my baptismal and temple covenants. I don’t know what commandments your are bound to that are different from mine. But, they must be way different.

      P.S. I’m starting to realize an important element in the story of the Good Samaritan. The church leaders who refused to help the beaten man were simply having patience by passing by on the other side of the road. That damn Samaritan, why couldn’t he have had the same patience and followed the church leaders example.

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    2. So the answer is to just bow your head to your leaders, kiss their ring, and say yes? The Catholics have been doing that for years. Look at the problems they have. Is that what you want to be? You bring up church history yet your fail to bring up the scriptures. The scriptures do not require members to bear testimony, have faith in, or sustain any church leader in order to have a relationship with God. You’re preaching the same idolatrous traditions that the church has embraced for over a hundred years. Russel Nelson isn’t Jesus. Thomas Monson wasn’t Jesus. These men have no more control over your salvation than the Pope. Salvation is between you and the Lord. No one else.

      In the early days the church operated on something called Common Consent. That idea meant that the normal member had an actual say in how the church operated. Members could decide how the church was run. They could decide who their leaders were. They could decide what the policies were. They could decide how long they actually wanted to worship. Joseph wasn’t a dictator. Brigham certainly was. Yet, the scriptures are very clear that the purpose of priesthood is not to rule or exercise authority over others but to kneel and serve in order to uplift. It is not to enable dictators. It is not to exercise control. If anyone attempts to do so, then priesthood is withdrawn. Yet the church leadership today is all about control. The office of Bishop has been completely twisted from the days of Newel Whitney.

      Today the church is top-down hierarchy of control. Do the scriptures support such an oppressive structure? Where is the agency? Where is the choice? Is the only choice today is to bend the knee to your next level manager or leave? Is that really how heaven operates? Do as your told or you’re out? Shouldn’t it be more like “teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.” One of these is Satan’s plan, and the other Christ’s.

      So you can go on about how meeting attendance and leader worship is the measure of a man’s righteousness. The scriptures will disagree. They scriptures do state very clearly that God loves the children and pronounces terrible consequences on those who harm them or allow them to be harmed. By refusing to acknowledge and properly deal with the issue, the top leadership is likely complicit in the abuse. Either way it shows the church has no spiritual discernment left. The abuse will continue. More children will suffer. And you’re OK with that because your leaders tell you to be.

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    3. Janice,
      You lack humility, love and respect. Idolatry is also contrary to the commandments of God. By not questioning abusive policies of your church leaders you are putting your trust in the arm of flesh. You are guilty of idolatry. The scriptures warn of the latter day shepherds eating the flock. Do you think this won’t, isn’t or can’t happen? The scriptures condemn those who love adorning the churches more than they love the needy (Mormon 8). The Lord promises that “they who are NOT apostles and prophets shall be known” (D&C 64:38). Why is there a prophecy in D&C 85:7 that there will be one mighty and strong who will set in order the house of God? Why is that necessary? It’s because the shepherds are wicked. The pretending apostles and false prophets in Salt Lake are wicked. And they will fall. The LDS church is part of the great whore of all the earth. And great must be the fall thereof.

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  4. Don’t worry Sam. Your excommunication will be upheld and in one years time people will of moved on to the next exmormon martyr hogging the spotlight. The harsh truth is woke post-Mormons have a short attention span and will be eager to find the newest person who will surely be the downfall of the church. For real this time! We mean it!

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      1. Robert,
        Several people and organizations are already working within the bounds of the law to combat the danger to children in homes.

        Sam and others are working to influence changes in church policy to keep LDS children safe during church activities.

        It makes sense and it’s reasonable that people are working on keeping children safe in both types of venues, don’t you think?

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      2. What kind of verification methodology to you have in place to ensure the stories you compile and present as evidence of abuse are in fact genuine?

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      3. Good question.

        I believe stories of those who have been harmed from the get-go. I don’t challenge them. I don’t ask for proof. Even the Mormon Church has publicly stated in their March 2018 policy change that “most” stories of abuse are truthful.

        I have personally spoken or corresponded with hundreds of survivors who have shared their stories. Two of them are from my own daughters.

        A few days ago, the church published a new website on abuse. Several stories were shared. All are anonymous. I’m sure that they have the names and contact information of the authors….just like I do.


  5. HTC,
    I guess if it was an actual problem then perhaps so. Sam’s complaints though is not a problem. If Sam is serious about protecting LDS children then he needs to be addressing why parents aren’t properly teaching their youth about morality, placing restrictions on internet and television. The statistics say that 90% of youth have been or will be exposed to hardcore pornography and the average age of first exposure is 11 years old. I’m curious why, if Sam is so adamant to protect LDS children, that he hasn’t addresses this real problem directly. Hasn’t said one word about it. Instead he wants to chastise the church leadership because they do want to do something about it.

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  6. If I lack humility then you are being judgmental. You don’t know me. THE POLICY WAS CHANGED, PEOPLE. To have changed it any other way would have taken away the AGENCY of the individual being interviewed. He/she has the right to have someone in the interview with them. Sam has a good heart and his cause has opened the eyes of many who are ignorant. But he also avoided the responsibility of the parents in this matter. Maybe that was because of the guilt he felt for not knowing what went on with his daughters. When I found out what the Bishop asked my daughters, I emailed him although he was no longer a member of our ward, and let him know what I felt was wrong with his questions. I never heard back from him which was no surprise. Parents should be the ones preparing their children for these interviews and explaining the importance of the questions.
    The D & C does say that the most important person we should be listening to on the earth at this time is the living prophet. He is the Lords mouthpiece for us now. I don’t worship Pres Nelson, but I certainly believe because of my own personal revelation that he speaks for the Lord at this time.
    I also believe that although horrible things happened to many who wrote to Sam, that our youth are aware of more of the worldly things than we were, and I don’t think these type of interviews are still happening. There was a time many years ago when men in the church felt by virtue of the priesthood they could do and say anything.
    Sam, your anger is showing and hopefully that will pass. Your cause is good of that I agree. You will one day understand why so many hearts were broken when you let this cause take over your common sense.
    Did you ever contact the Bishop that offended your daughters? It gave me tremendous relief that as a parent, I told him he was wrong. It put the power back where it belongs.

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    1. I let my cause take over my common sense? No Janice, I am using my common sense. Every person outside the church and many inside agree that the Mormon interview practices are repulsive and the damage they cause is horrific. They are all using their common sense. One-on-one interviews with sex questions are still happening. I continue to get reports of them. A bishop in north Texas has been mandated by his stake president to ask the kids about masturbation. He is the only bishop in the stake that is refusing to do it.

      Regarding anger. I’m not sure what instance you are referring to. But, anger is a valuable emotion. Christ himself demonstrated that. No longer will I be ashamed of displaying indignation when it’s appropriate.


      1. Sam, I get you. I understand what you are saying. Thank you for what you did and continue to try to do. My eyes have been opened to a lot. The church is not what I thought it was for all my life. When we allow others who we think have more inspiration than we do to overrule our own common sense, or stop our questioning of the rightness of anything, then that is wrong. Duh. Why didn’t I know this before?

        Because my eyes were blinded, just like it says in the Book of Mormon. I see it in my own family and friends now. I am glad I prayed to know the truth and started to wake up. It is hard though because many in my family will not see the truth yet. I have hope they will.

        My husband was recently released as a bishop in a church college young single adult ward. I asked him if he had been instructed to ask the “M” question, he said he had been, it was just termed different, “self stimulation”. I hate that he was asked to ask this and we didn’t know better at the time, to just refuse to ask this.

        Now, when I think of Pres. Nelson, I can’t help wondering why he would not address your concerns, and why he instructed your excommunicaton, because obviously it came down from the top. When my husband and I would listen to you, it was so obvious that you had love in your heart, that you were a Christlike person, that your heart was broken for the many wounded victims. Why wasn’t Pres. Nelson’s and the other top leaders? Why? Why are they so above the hurting abused people who are laying on the side of the road? Why? I get your anger. It’s not wrong. You are not in the wrong. I think you have more support than you know and more of us who have opened our eyes, but are still stuck for a time because of the blindness of those we care about. Change has started, it can’t be stopped, it is coming even for the “LDS” “Mormon” church. Sorry, couldn’t resist! Keep your chin up! Find love and joy every day, that’s my motto. Sending love and support!


  7. Sam, why do you want to be admitted back into the LDS church? I’ve followed your blog for a while and it doesn’t seem like you actually like the church, it’s teachings, practices or people very much. Why go back?

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    1. Sam doesnt want back. His appeal is for the purpose to be rejected through the appeal to further justify his distaste for church leadership and fuel the fire he has against it.


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