My Employees Feel the Threat

NervousTonight, I sent this email to the police.

Hi Officer_____,

I really appreciate your attention to this matter.  Thanks a million.

One of my long-time employees recently got wind of the threats.  He’s ex-military.  This is how he responded:

I saw the re-post of an email you received.  It was a straight out threat of violence.   The person made comment about you being an “Ex Owner”  and questioned your security at the office and even stated to upgrade the security.  He stated “repent of lose”. 

 That dude threats the security of the office it’s no longer just a direct threat to you it is a direct threat to anyone that works here.    Sam, I need to know why you didn’t inform me/us about this threat.   I have a license to carry and I feel as though I need to be prepared and have it concealed.   Please let me know of your thoughts.  It only takes one person to feel bold enough to charge this office with a firearm.   I don’t want to be unarmed if that day comes.

Monday, I’ll let all my employees know the full details of the threats we’ve received.
All my best, Sam

Four weeks ago, I met with the entire company to discuss what I am doing with the Protect-The-Children cause.  The major article in the Houston Chronicle had just come out and the Houston news conference was around the corner.

We discussed the child interview protocol in the Mormon church.  Except for my LDS employees, all were shocked at what we do to our kids.  Everyone, including the LDS contingent, were supportive of my efforts towards change.

The purpose of the discussion was to inform them of the possible risk of losing customers.  There may be Mormon purchasing agents who would look dimly on the cause I have undertaken.  In general, we don’t know the religion of our clients or that of their superiors.  Of course, I think the vast majority of my fellow Mormons wouldn’t punish me for speaking up for protecting kids.  But, it is a possibility.

However, no discussion was had regarding physical and anonymous threats to the business.  Frequently, I’m about as naive as you can get.  The possibility of threats had never entered my mind.  When “The Avenger” sent his ominous emails, I was caught off guard and wasn’t sure what to do.  I neglected to let my employees know.  That will be corrected this coming Monday.

I want to thank all my friends who reached out with comfort suggestions, and sleuthing.  Thanks a million.

Now…..come March For The Children.  Register HERE today.

And, get this…a Salt Lake City restaurant has donated 1,000 sandwiches to feed our 1,000 marchers.

This event is going to BIG…HISTORIC…and…it will SAVE LIVES.


3 thoughts on “My Employees Feel the Threat

  1. Sam,

    Just read this on in the Parent Handbook page.

    Shaming is supposed to happen and its justified. Here is the passage that states it.

    “Shame about the human body, its parts and purposes, is justified only when a person uses it for carnal purposes. Teach your children that they will find joy in their bodies when they use them virtuously after the manner taught by Christ.”

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