My Employees Feel the Threat

NervousTonight, I sent this email to the police.

Hi Officer_____,

I really appreciate your attention to this matter.  Thanks a million.

One of my long-time employees recently got wind of the threats.  He’s ex-military.  This is how he responded:

I saw the re-post of an email you received.  It was a straight out threat of violence.   The person made comment about you being an “Ex Owner”  and questioned your security at the office and even stated to upgrade the security.  He stated “repent of lose”. 

 That dude threats the security of the office it’s no longer just a direct threat to you it is a direct threat to anyone that works here.    Sam, I need to know why you didn’t inform me/us about this threat.   I have a license to carry and I feel as though I need to be prepared and have it concealed.   Please let me know of your thoughts.  It only takes one person to feel bold enough to charge this office with a firearm.   I don’t want to be unarmed if that day comes.

Monday, I’ll let all my employees know the full details of the threats we’ve received.
All my best, Sam

Four weeks ago, I met with the entire company to discuss what I am doing with the Protect-The-Children cause.  The major article in the Houston Chronicle had just come out and the Houston news conference was around the corner.

We discussed the child interview protocol in the Mormon church.  Except for my LDS employees, all were shocked at what we do to our kids.  Everyone, including the LDS contingent, were supportive of my efforts towards change.

The purpose of the discussion was to inform them of the possible risk of losing customers.  There may be Mormon purchasing agents who would look dimly on the cause I have undertaken.  In general, we don’t know the religion of our clients or that of their superiors.  Of course, I think the vast majority of my fellow Mormons wouldn’t punish me for speaking up for protecting kids.  But, it is a possibility.

However, no discussion was had regarding physical and anonymous threats to the business.  Frequently, I’m about as naive as you can get.  The possibility of threats had never entered my mind.  When “The Avenger” sent his ominous emails, I was caught off guard and wasn’t sure what to do.  I neglected to let my employees know.  That will be corrected this coming Monday.

I want to thank all my friends who reached out with comfort suggestions, and sleuthing.  Thanks a million.

Now…..come March For The Children.  Register HERE today.

And, get this…a Salt Lake City restaurant has donated 1,000 sandwiches to feed our 1,000 marchers.

This event is going to BIG…HISTORIC…and…it will SAVE LIVES.


The Terroristic Threats May be Coming from My Own Church


Today’s letter to my bishop and stake president

Dear President_______ and Bishop_______,

Thanks for stopping by my house last Monday and visiting with my wife and daughter.  That means a lot to all of us.

Sorry, I missed you.  The Protect-The-Children movement is now taking more time than I can handle alone.  The night of your visit, I spent several hours on a conference call with a team spread across the country working out assignments.  These people are sharp and capable.  We are all committed to protecting the good name of the church by implementing policies that will protect our kids.

My wife recounted to me that your main message was one of love.  Multiple times you reiterated how much you love our family.  That’s a good thing to hear.

Your outreach of love causes me to make an outreach in return.  If you love our family, I would think you would be moved to action by the threat that has been made against us. 

Apparently, my wife told you that she isn’t really worried.  Well, she didn’t tell you everything.  Here’s what she told me after your visit.  “Sam, I don’t think that this person will attack me or the kids.  I’m concerned about the risk to the business.  What would happen to our income if he attacked your office and shut it down?”

As for me, my stomach turns with anxiety when I think about all this.  Likely, you cannot empathize unless you, your family and your livelihood have been threatened by an ominous and anonymous person going by the name of The Avenger.

Here’s more information about the person that MAY be behind this threat.  It looks like he may be here in Houston.  That’s scary to me.  It looks like he may work for the Church.  That should be scary to the Church.  

You tell me that you have an obligation to protect the good name of the Church.  I’m glad you told me that.  Because, I’m now totally on board with it. 

How crappy will the Church look if the following plays out?  

  • A person who works for the church threatens me, a high profile member. 
  • I notify the Church of the threat and where it may have come from.
  • The Church ignores me. 
  • It also ignores the threat coming from a person in it’s employ. 
  • The Avenger, who works for the Church, follows through on his threat. 

This poses a huge problem to the Church.  The liability it incurs WILL be prosecuted. 

The Church has billions of dollars in assets.  It has a huge security department.  Huge IT department.  There is no excuse for them not to investigate and call out this threat.

You might be interested in how the possible suspect was located.  I have a friend who used to work at church headquarters.  Get this…part of his job was to……find the identities of anonymous threats to the Church, its leaders and its members.   The Church actually pays people in its employ to do this.

I wish that you had sent this information up the ladder when I first sent it to you.  You really ought to do it at this point.  My friend has gone ahead and alerted the Church’s information security department.  But, I would appreciate it if that notification also came from the men who love my family.

Please let me know what action you take to protect both the Church and my family.

Thanks, Sam

 P.S.  I love you guys.  My heart goes out to you.  Only you two have the task of figuring out how to deal with Sam Young.  We are all in the spotlight now.  None of us has a road map for this journey.  Wherever it leads, it will be historic.  I think we are all just trying to do our best to do good things.  My wish is that as we continue to travel, what seems like different tracks, they will all lead to a better and safer Church for our children.

Previous Letters to my local leaders

The Church Threatens…Member Follows Suit with Mal-Intent

Terroristic Threat

Terroristic Threat

Police Sugar Land

Email sent today to my stake president and bishop

Dear President______ and Bishop_________,

Today I met with the Sugar Land Police.  I described the cause that I’m involved with and how I’m now speaking out in public.

Then I shared the two emails sent by ‘The Avenger.’

SamWhat do you think?

OfficerThat falls under the general category of ‘terroristic threat.’ 

SamWhat can I do here?

OfficerYou have two options.  Either file charges or file an information report.

SamIf you were in my shoes, what would you recommend?

OfficerFile charges.

SamOK, I want to file charges.

Brothers, I take these ominous and threatening messages seriously.  When I think of what ‘The Avenger’ has intimated, it turns my stomach with anxiety.   My wife was nervous enough that she asked me not to tell the kids.  She doesn’t want to spook them when they really can’t do much about it.  I’ve decided to let them all know so they can be a bit more wary.

Four of my six adult daughters live in this stake.  Four of my five sons-in-law live here.  Eleven of my thirteen grandchildren are also in the area of your ecclesiastical stewardship.

I’m disappointed that I have not heard a peep from either of you.  Yesterday, my wife went to church.  I was hoping that an outreach of comfort would have been made to her.  Not a word.

It’s understandable that my leaders are showing no interest in the fact that I have been threatened.  But, neglecting threats to 21 other members of my family who reside in this stake?  I know you are better men than this.

All I can imagine is that the inside information passed along to me is correct.  You have been instructed from above to ignore me.  That’s fine.  Did they also instruct you to ignore the safety of my extended family?  Either way, I expect YOU to take action.  Let ‘The Avenger’ know that his threats are out of line, illegal and could very well lead to church discipline.  I also expect the Corporate Church to take action.  God forbid that ‘The Avenger’ actually strikes.  If he does, I will lay a large share of the blame on the Church if it does nothing.

You have expressed a desire to protect the good name of the Church.  ‘The Avenger’ is threatening not only me, but also the entire Church’s good name.  I call on you and Church headquarters to speak up and defend our organization’s good name against members who would besmirch it by issuing threats to other members.


P.S. The case number at the Sugar Land Police Department is #18-0945


The Church Threatens…Member Follows Suit with Mal-Intent.


Today’s letter to my stake president and bishop.

Subject:  Me, my family and my livelihood have been threatened

Dear President______ and Bishop______,

Thanks for taking so much time to meet with me recently.

During our meeting you referred to me as an apostate multiple times.  I hope you have rethought your charges.  If not, Handbook 1 specifies that a church court is mandatory and excommunication required…if I don’t “repent.”  I took that as a threat to my church membership, the loss of my priesthood and all the blessings associated with the gospel ordinances, including entering heaven with my family.  That’s a very serious threat.

Apparently, your actions have inspired others to follow suit and offer up their own threats.  I frequently receive nasty messages from the ‘saints.’  Yesterday, a menacing email arrived that I expect you to address.  After all, you both are my pastors and should be concerned about my family’s safety.

The messages came from this email address:  The anonymous name, “The Just Avenger,” sets an ominous tone to what follows:

I hope you don’t get excommunicated. I think Jezebel’s fate would be better. You’ll never hold a temple recommend ever again. And no, you are not helping children. You’re probably a child molester and are covering your ass.

The great thing about being a business owner is being an ex-business owner. How’s your security system at work? Sounds like an upgrade is in order.
Repent or lose.

Jezebel’s fate?  Look it up and see what he’s threatening.  Lashing out to call me a child molester?  Threatening my business?

 He followed his initial threats with this:

You should be worried about the storm you created for your family and yourself.

This makes me more than uncomfortable.  It has shaken my wife.  She asked me not to share any of this with our kids to avoid them being frightened.
I don’t know if this man is in the ward or in the stake.  I have received very negative messages from former friends in our ward and stake.   Last summer, I was told, “Don’t expect to be welcomed back with open arms.”  This, by a ward member.

No matter where this message comes from, here’s what I’m expecting from my Christ-like leaders.

  1. Send this man an email.  Let him know that making threats against a person’s life, livelihood or the well being of his family is not acceptable.  It has no place in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It’s illegal.
  2. Copy me on your communication.
  3. Notify the 70’s that you serve under.  I expect the Church to officially respond to these threats and to copy me on their communications with the man making them.

You are good men.  I fully anticipate that you and the Church will comply with my expectations.  If not, and my family, my livelihood or my property are harmed, I will view your silence as complicit.

Thank you in advance for taking swift action,


P.S.  I will be taking the threats made by ‘The Avenger’ to the Sugar Land police.  You ought to send it to the Church’s legal department, too.

P.P.S  Again, I invite you to join the cause to Protect Our Children.  The changes are going to be made.  It’s just a matter of time.  The Church’s good name will be enhanced by making them sooner rather than later.  Yesterday, another serving bishop messaged me that he has embraced the protocol that the petition is calling for.

Punished for Voting Opposed

PunishmentThis is a Message to My Kids

If you ever choose to vote in disapproval and are threatened with punishment, I have your backs and so does Jesus!!!

Today, friends of mine voted opposed in their ward conference.  The immediate response from the bishop was, “I guess I’ll be needing your temple recommends.”

That’s an open threat of punishment.  Stripping them of their rights to participate in the highest order of our church ordinances.  Denying them the blessings of temple service.

This makes me very, very angry.

Obedience is the First Law of Heaven?

Jesus never said that.  His first law is gentle, gorgeous and magnificent:  Love thy neighbor as thyself.

However, obedience is constantly drummed into church messaging.  OK.  If obedience is at the top of the list, why threaten and punish this couple for their obedience?  For expressing their honest opinion in the manner that Christ has ordained?  They are obeying the law of consent.  Jesus himself made this a prominent commandment of the restoration.

But…the church is disobeying its own law of governance.  And then…threatening those who chose to obey.  What irony!  What hypocrisy!

Yeah…I’m Angry

So, should sustainings be announced with the following threat?

“Any opposed by the same sign. And if you give that same sign at this time, you will be punished. Your temple recommend will be confiscated, you will be denied access to the temple, banned from its privileges and blessings, and you will be treated as a pariah in our midst.”

This makes me so angry. It’s throwing Christ’s law right back into His face. Why don’t we just open the scriptures to D&C 28:13 and spit on it. Then D&C 26:2, spit on it. Then D&C 124:144, spit on it. Then D&C 121:39, spit on it twice, rip it out, burn it and fling the ashes to the wind.

Something is Very Rotten In Denmark

Sorry, Denmark.  Blame it on Shakespeare.  Something is rotten in the church administration.

To Church Leaders

  1. Resist unrighteous dominion.  The scriptures warn us that this will be an always-present temptation for you.  Common Consent is meant to help control it.  Our obedience to this law is meant to help and support you.
  2. Don’t make threats when we follow Jesus.