The Church Threatens…Member Follows Suit with Mal-Intent.


Today’s letter to my stake president and bishop.

Subject:  Me, my family and my livelihood have been threatened

Dear President______ and Bishop______,

Thanks for taking so much time to meet with me recently.

During our meeting you referred to me as an apostate multiple times.  I hope you have rethought your charges.  If not, Handbook 1 specifies that a church court is mandatory and excommunication required…if I don’t “repent.”  I took that as a threat to my church membership, the loss of my priesthood and all the blessings associated with the gospel ordinances, including entering heaven with my family.  That’s a very serious threat.

Apparently, your actions have inspired others to follow suit and offer up their own threats.  I frequently receive nasty messages from the ‘saints.’  Yesterday, a menacing email arrived that I expect you to address.  After all, you both are my pastors and should be concerned about my family’s safety.

The messages came from this email address:  The anonymous name, “The Just Avenger,” sets an ominous tone to what follows:

I hope you don’t get excommunicated. I think Jezebel’s fate would be better. You’ll never hold a temple recommend ever again. And no, you are not helping children. You’re probably a child molester and are covering your ass.

The great thing about being a business owner is being an ex-business owner. How’s your security system at work? Sounds like an upgrade is in order.
Repent or lose.

Jezebel’s fate?  Look it up and see what he’s threatening.  Lashing out to call me a child molester?  Threatening my business?

 He followed his initial threats with this:

You should be worried about the storm you created for your family and yourself.

This makes me more than uncomfortable.  It has shaken my wife.  She asked me not to share any of this with our kids to avoid them being frightened.
I don’t know if this man is in the ward or in the stake.  I have received very negative messages from former friends in our ward and stake.   Last summer, I was told, “Don’t expect to be welcomed back with open arms.”  This, by a ward member.

No matter where this message comes from, here’s what I’m expecting from my Christ-like leaders.

  1. Send this man an email.  Let him know that making threats against a person’s life, livelihood or the well being of his family is not acceptable.  It has no place in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It’s illegal.
  2. Copy me on your communication.
  3. Notify the 70’s that you serve under.  I expect the Church to officially respond to these threats and to copy me on their communications with the man making them.

You are good men.  I fully anticipate that you and the Church will comply with my expectations.  If not, and my family, my livelihood or my property are harmed, I will view your silence as complicit.

Thank you in advance for taking swift action,


P.S.  I will be taking the threats made by ‘The Avenger’ to the Sugar Land police.  You ought to send it to the Church’s legal department, too.

P.P.S  Again, I invite you to join the cause to Protect Our Children.  The changes are going to be made.  It’s just a matter of time.  The Church’s good name will be enhanced by making them sooner rather than later.  Yesterday, another serving bishop messaged me that he has embraced the protocol that the petition is calling for.

19 thoughts on “The Church Threatens…Member Follows Suit with Mal-Intent.

  1. Oh no. Not the sugar land police! They’re the worst! With their lollipop batons and powdered sugar laced sombreros, doing their happy sugar land dance in the moonlight.

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    1. I’m guessing you don’t actually realize that Sigar Land is a suburb of Houston.

      At least I hope you don’t realize that. Otherwise your comment is incredibly insensitive.

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  2. I’m 100% behind you Sam!!

    This is a terrible thing for anyone to say to you , but especially a person that follows the teachings of Christ. Shame on them !

    WOW just unbelievable!!

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  3. It is amazing to me that people like the just avenger can even fathom saying things like they did.

    This is the true fruit of the LDS church. The LDS church is a cult and as a result, nut jobs like the avenger take it upon themselves to “protect the good name of the LDS church.” Sadly, these idiots are tools of an institution which promotes this kind of behavior.

    If the stake president and bishop don’t take immediate action, to include contacting Kirton McKonkie, then they are equally culpable in fostering an environment where this behavior can arise.

    The time for legal action is now here. The LDS church is now sitting directly under a spotlight.

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  4. Sam, so sorry you and Patty are going thru this. The police should definitely become involved as soon as possible. The Church’s legal department should be the mouthpiece of the Church to this obvious mentally challenged person. I do not believe your Bishop and Stake President should become involved, no where does the email infer that he/she come from your Ward or Stake. A threat is a legal matter.

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  5. Sam, you know I love and support you and your effort. But, for what my opinion is worth, I wouldn’t send this letter. if you feel threatened you should take it to the police. They are the correct authorities, not your bishop nor your SP. I understand if you are upset, but I think it is important for you to keep focus. If you take your eye off the ball and start demanding “expectations” and throwing accusation of complicity you will damage what you are trying to accomplish. Of course, it might be nice if your leaders would send a letter on your behalf. But first, let’s be honest. Based on the tone of the threats you got do you really think a letter from them would make any difference? If the sender is a nut case who thinks you are attacking the church, wouldn’t it be logical to think s/he would assume the same of any bishop who defends you? Second, while it might be nice, I personally don’t think a letter is a reasonable expectation. There is no indication in the threats that they were from a member of your ward nor your stake. The bishop’s and SP’s job isn’t to respond to every internet flame who acts nasty to one of their members, nor to step into all the disputes of everyone who posts a blog. You are already dictating expectations regarding interviews. That is enough for them to chew on. If you start dictating expectations outside of that you run the risk of being seen as a simple mal-content who complains at everything and thus can be discounted rather than someone with legitimate concerns. Don’t let the despicable behavior of a flamer sidetrack you. Like it said, it’s just my opinion. But I would take it to those who’s job it is to do something about it (the police), You may not be on good terms with your bishop and/or stake pres right now, but all the more reason why if you feel you have to take it to them at the very least couch it in terms of “I’d sure love your help” rather than demanding something from them. Accusing them of being complicit is not how to get them on your side. You are throwing gas on the fire when you should be saving it for the vehicle of changing interview practices.

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    1. Why can’t he do both!? Demand help from his church and the local law enforcement? He’s not taking his eye off the prize, I’m sure that’s a insult to him. His whole being is submerged in this fight. Take it to ALL authorities! Post a copy of it on his buildings bulletin board. Don’t let evil people get away with doing things like this, otherwise he leaves the door wide open for more. I’m sure he has this guy scared and wishing he could take it back – which is a good thing.

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  6. I agree with Janice and Garth. The “just avenger” made serious threats against your property and family. He is an unhinged coward; hiding behind an alias. Cowards do things in the dark.
    Report this a$$hat and focus on the March march.

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  7. Why are you giving this to the Bishop/ Stake President. Those are just untrained neighbors. This needs to be given directly to the FBI. This is very much a police matter. I really wish people would stop treating their untrained church leaders as if they are therapists, cops, marriage counselors, district attorneys, etc.

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    1. I think he said he is giving it to the police.

      But it is totally appropriate that the bishop and stake president also deal with this situation

      They are leaders in an institution which allows these types of people to makes these types of threats.

      Don’t forget the Mormon meadows massacre or the Danites. The LDS church as an institution has a terrible record when it comes to this type of extreme behavior.

      The bishop and stake president have a responsibility to ensure this behavior is exposed and not tolerated in their midst.

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    2. I think because it makes a statement. Telling this coward he can’t hide under a rock, or behind a computer screen. If you’re going to make claims like that, be prepared for repercussions. Even if the Bishop and SP can’t do anything, it covers the church “base” in case they are a member. Make him sweat in his boots.

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  8. The church leadership do not care. They exist to protect the false good image of the church, nothing else. They likely enjoy this threat or even know who did it, but that’s just speculation…obviously they are not doing enough. Deal with the police only, it is clear the so-called leaders have no interest in helping what they already deemed as an apostate.

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