Terroristic Threat

Police Sugar Land

Email sent today to my stake president and bishop

Dear President______ and Bishop_________,

Today I met with the Sugar Land Police.  I described the cause that I’m involved with and how I’m now speaking out in public.

Then I shared the two emails sent by ‘The Avenger.’

SamWhat do you think?

OfficerThat falls under the general category of ‘terroristic threat.’ 

SamWhat can I do here?

OfficerYou have two options.  Either file charges or file an information report.

SamIf you were in my shoes, what would you recommend?

OfficerFile charges.

SamOK, I want to file charges.

Brothers, I take these ominous and threatening messages seriously.  When I think of what ‘The Avenger’ has intimated, it turns my stomach with anxiety.   My wife was nervous enough that she asked me not to tell the kids.  She doesn’t want to spook them when they really can’t do much about it.  I’ve decided to let them all know so they can be a bit more wary.

Four of my six adult daughters live in this stake.  Four of my five sons-in-law live here.  Eleven of my thirteen grandchildren are also in the area of your ecclesiastical stewardship.

I’m disappointed that I have not heard a peep from either of you.  Yesterday, my wife went to church.  I was hoping that an outreach of comfort would have been made to her.  Not a word.

It’s understandable that my leaders are showing no interest in the fact that I have been threatened.  But, neglecting threats to 21 other members of my family who reside in this stake?  I know you are better men than this.

All I can imagine is that the inside information passed along to me is correct.  You have been instructed from above to ignore me.  That’s fine.  Did they also instruct you to ignore the safety of my extended family?  Either way, I expect YOU to take action.  Let ‘The Avenger’ know that his threats are out of line, illegal and could very well lead to church discipline.  I also expect the Corporate Church to take action.  God forbid that ‘The Avenger’ actually strikes.  If he does, I will lay a large share of the blame on the Church if it does nothing.

You have expressed a desire to protect the good name of the Church.  ‘The Avenger’ is threatening not only me, but also the entire Church’s good name.  I call on you and Church headquarters to speak up and defend our organization’s good name against members who would besmirch it by issuing threats to other members.


P.S. The case number at the Sugar Land Police Department is #18-0945


24 thoughts on “Terroristic Threat

  1. You did the right thing by asking to Police to investigate and take action. I agree that the church leaders should speak out against this person as it seems likely to be a vigilante church member. Maybe you should call your Stake President and ask him if he plans to help you?

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  2. You did the right thing.

    The leaders should care about your safety too , not just your family. You are part of their flock too.

    They should announce in all wards and meetings that “The Avenger’s” tactics are beyond low and Un-Christlike. If they address it in all meetings that this church does not approve of these type of tactics and anything close to this is totally unacceptable, i believe “ the avenger “ will stop harassing you.

    I stand with you and your fight to protect our children!

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  3. The bishop and the stake president need to expose this behavior in their ward and stake. It is their responsibility to demonstrate publicly that they condemn these actions. By remaining silent they condone these actions and continues to allow an environment in their ward and stake to permit these types of extreme behavior to exist.

    Whether or not the bishop and stake presidents agree with your cause is irrelevant. A terroristic threat has been made in their midst and it is their duty to expose it, it is their duty to see that every member in their congregations know how wrong it is.

    Shame on them for not taking a stand! If they continue to remain silent, if you were ever to take legal action, I would absolutely include them as aiding and abetting this extreme behavior.

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  4. Dear Sam,

    Err on the side of caution … good judgment call in my opinion. And a strong message to The Brethren that you have a sincere heart, with real intent.

    Just gotta say this . . .

    It is entirely possible that The Brethren are secretly pleased with “The Avenger’s” threat against an increasingly uncomfortable thorn in their side aka Sam Young.

    If they remain silent with full awareness that a member of the Church is threatening physical violence against Sam Young, that silence can (and should) be interpreted as TACIT APPROVAL by The Brethren and Sam’s local leaders. Actually, the local leaders are on Puppet Strings from the COB, so let’s just put it ALL on The Brethren where it squarely belongs.

    One of the dangerous characteristics of a Mind Control Cult is the phenomenon where fully brainwashed followers … totally inebriated on the Kolob Kool-Aid … will take it upon themselves to protect their Cult and the Cult Leaders … independently on their own initiative … driven by a distorted perception that Sam Young represents a clear and present danger to the Cult.

    Truth be told, Sam, you DO represent a clear and present danger to the survival and food supply of the Cult Leaders. Your initiative threatens to remove the extremely powerful Mind Control tool of GUILT and SHAME from their toolbox arsenal that so effectively keeps faithful members in Pay, Pray, Obey mode (with Pray being optional, btw).

    I realize that TBMs do not appreciate hearing the LDS Church described as a Mind Control Cult. Decades ago when I was a fully believing member in good standing, I would have bristled myself if someone labeled my cherished Church a Cult.

    The problem is this: When it comes to dealing with Sam Young, the BEHAVIOR of The Brethren and Sam’s local Priesthood leaders (BP & SP) … so far … conforms in alarming alignment with what you should expect from … Cult leaders.

    Whether the LDS Church is a Cult or not, it is an undeniable FACT that the innocence of LDS children everywhere is being systematically insulted, if not destroyed, behind closed doors by Mormon Bishops … just doing their duty as a Judge of Childhood Sexual Purity in Israel.

    Adults are similarly harmed by sexual shaming, but our society presumes that adults have capacity to take care of themselves. Never mind that human beings who have been sufficiently shamed and guilted during their formative years … never truly grow up into mature, emotionally healthy adults with any sense of safe boundaries .. for themselves personally … or for their own children.

    The Church has created a society wherein ostensibly grown-up parents are crippled from being able to safeguard their own children. Thank God that at least SOME LDS parents are able to hear Sam loud and clear, and decide to protect their own kids.. regardless of what the geniuses in Salt Lake City decide to do … or so far … NOT do.

    Sam, your clear intention is to just change a POLICY of the LDS Church. To the uninitiated, that sounds like a reasonable request that should be readily granted with cooperation from Church leadership.

    Are they readily granting your request?

    Why not?

    Could it be that granting your request … and thereby relinquishing the Mind Control Chains of GUILT and SHAME that keep faithful members under their control … would be perceived by The Brethren as tantamount to … suicide … for the long-term viability of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

    Sam, I am painting this clear picture for you with the intent that you more fully understand who and what you are dealing with here.

    If anyone else is watching, this is for YOUR benefit as well.

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    1. Yes! At first the thought of the church approving of the avengers actions didnt cross my mind, but yes!! They may just be glad someone is threatening Sam, infact … they might have been aware of it before Sam even was. Which is a scary thought. Im not saying the first presidency probably knows…just think Mountain Meadows here.

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      1. Amber Dawn,

        Thank you for having an open mind … open enough to consider the possible motivations behind the deafening SILENCE of The Brethren in response to Sam Young.

        It’s a truly ingenious modus operandi … when you scrutinize it … without TBM Confirmation Bias that automatically presumes The Brethren to be walking Jesus clones.

        They are no such thing.

        In fact, The Brethren are the diametric OPPOSITE of Jesus. Here is another example …

        The Brethren claim from their pulpit that they LOVE people with same-sex-attraction.

        “We LOVE you, but please don’t try to have your babies blessed as new members of our Church. Or baptized with the other kids who are turning 8. We LOVE you, but what you are doing is technically APOSTASY according to our Operating Manual. We LOVE you, but we’re required to EXCOMMUNICATE you because you refuse to keep a lid on your same-sex-attraction, which we do not like. But we LOVE you.”

        The Brethren believe that Church members are clueless and stupid … too brainwashed to see and comprehend the facts and evidence under their noses. When gay Church members feel so much self-loathing they commit suicide, what do The Brethren DO about it?

        … crickets …

        Or they pay lots of tithing money for professionally produced videos featuring “success stories” of gay members who marry a girl and have kids anyway. Do videos like this make gays feel hopeful, or even MORE unworthy?

        Another example where The Brethren demonstrate their inspired genius ….

        The Brethren may hate homosexuality, but they LOVE masturbation. They absolutely LOVE it.


        It’s low hanging fruit … a cheap and effective trick … that works on boys and girls, men and women of all ages. By declaring masturbation a serious moral sin that makes you unworthy to take or pass the Sacrament or attend the Temple, the natural act of masturbation (and natural inability to NOT masturbate) gives The Brethren virtually unlimited access to a never-ending treasure trove of GUILT and SHAME that is easily heaped upon the hearts and souls of members everywhere … boys and girls … men and women.

        Members are burdened and preoccupied under the heavy weight of feeling UNWORTHY and feeling like a PIECE OF SHIT in the eyes of God aka their Bishop’s eyes. These members are EASY TO CONTROL and are far more UNLIKELY to feel happy, well-adjusted and content with their lives.

        What’s bad about members feeling happy, well-adjusted and content? What’s bad about members feeling GUILT-FREE, SHAME-FREE and …. drum roll … actually GOOD ENOUGH ???

        Happy, intelligent, self-guided individuals are way more likely to figure out that being an active Mormon struggling with GUILT, SHAME and UNWORTHINESS is a sad way to waste a perfectly wonderful Life.

        If you are preoccupied over GUILT and SHAME … trying to figure out whether to kill yourself or not … you don’t have TIME or ENERGY to figure out that The Brethren do not have YOUR best interests at heart … only THEIRS.

        Pay, Pray, Obey. Feel the GUILT! Feel that SHAME! You are UNWORTHY! God LOVES you, but He does not LIKE you … because you are unfortunately a DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT … unless you do a better job of Pay, Pray, Obey. even then, you will NEVER be good enough. NEVER.

        The Brethren LOVE masturbation. They just LOVE it! It’s a dream come true for a Mind Control Cult to maintain Control of its source of power and money

        For these reasons and others … The Brethren have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER is discontinuing their HIGHLY EFFECTIVE WORTHINESS INTERVIEWS where anything short of UNTAINTED SEXUAL PURITY brings the Wrath of God crashing down upon your unworthy, disappointing head.

        In the meantime, Sam is executing a SUCCESSFUL END RUN around The Brethren. Good hearted members and leaders are increasingly FOLLOWING SAM and ignoring THE BRETHEN when it comes to ACTION to stop these egregiously harmful …. lets relable them … UNworthiness Interviews.

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  5. Sam, just take yourself out of the Mormon Church already!!! Whatever your testimony is, you feel a need to have this war with the leaders of the LDS faith. I have been in sympathy with some of your feelings, but you have taken it to a whole new level. The Avenger will leave you alone if you shut the hell up and stop trying to put the entire church in an untenable position.

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    1. Dear Carolyn,

      Lemme attempt to make this as Crystal Clear as possible for you (and others who read this).

      To Sam you wrote:

      “… you feel a need to have this war with the leaders of the LDS faith.”

      Poor choice of words. There is a huge difference between a “Petition” (for Redress of Grievance) and a “War.” Sam is literally Petitioning for a Policy Change with intent to Protect LDS Children from egregious harm. Sam is being civilized and peaceful. The Brethren have FORCED Sam to resort to powerfully effective tactics to get the attention of The Brethren, Church members, and Planet Earth.

      Your use of the word “war” is appropriate in a different context than you intended. You won’t like what I am about to write … but this statement is supported by a ton of evidence collected by Sam in the form of online statements from LDS members who have suffered egregiously as a direct and proximate result of Bishop Worthiness Interviews. See how this hits you, Carolyn:

      The Brethren (LDS top leadership) are waging War on Mormon children and adolescents.

      How do we know this an actual War?

      Well, ask yourself what happens during the Wars of History? Don’t lots of people get either killed or maimed?

      Holding that concept about “the wages of war”, ask yourself what happens when The Brethren facilitate and encourage Bishops and Stake Presidents to conduct sexually explicit interrogations of LDS children and teens?

      Please read the paragraph above several times.

      Your TBM Cognition Blockage probably just kicked in, Carolyn. Your mind cannot go there … to the truthful and factual answer to the question.

      I will help you connect TWO DOTS that your brain refuses to connect for you. Here are the TWO DOTS with a line between them representing CAUSE >>>>> EFFECT.

      [[[ The Brethren’s Sexual Purity Interviews ]]] > > > > > > > [[[ Dead LDS Children ]]]

      Carolyn, notice what is happening in your brain AS WE SPEAK! Your TBM brain is neurologically UNABLE to comprehend the literal meaning of the > > > > > > > > cause and effect connection you just looked at. That information went into your brain and collided HEAD ON with a TBM COGNITION BLOCKAGE in your brain neurons.

      Instead of comprehending the FACTUAL REALITY that the teachings of The Brethren in combination with Bishop Worthiness Interviews have resulted in LDS youth feeling so damaged and worthless that some of them TAKE THEIR OWN LIVES … your TBM brain has been successfully programmed to transmogrify these FACTS into an irrational conclusion that Sam Young is waging “war with the leaders of the LDS faith.”

      Carolyn, on the contrary, here is what Sam is courageously in the process of achieving (and he WILL be successful, by the way).

      [[[ The Brethren discontinue Sexual Purity Interviews ]]] > > > > > > [[[ Alive LDS Children ]]]

      I invite you to consider this reply to you very carefully. I invite you to SEARCH YOUR OWN HEART AND SOUL. See if you can sense the COGNITION BLOCKAGE that is happening in your brain. Then see if you can DO SOMETHING about removing it or navigating around it … and then get on board with Sam and HELP him Protect LDS Children … instead of lobbying for MORE DEAD KIDS.

      [[[ Carolyn votes for ]]] > > > > > > [[[ More Dead LDS Children ]]]

      I am very confident that YOU do not want More Dead Kids.

      Please, please, please, Carolyn. STOP acting and talking like you DO.

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    2. Dear Carolyn,

      As an active believing Mormon I am saddened by your comments on this blog. Of course like you I believe my Bishop and Stake President are good men who would never harm children. This isn’t about them. This is about how I and others are moved nearly to tears reading about actual cases of abuse by a very few church leaders. And a few in a large church ends up being far too many. I read an article posted yesterday by a professional LDS therapist. He saw that our church had released a statement a few weeks back “We are unaware of any organization that does more than the Church to stop and prevent abuse.”

      Well, he who works with abused children as a therapist published a list yesterday of 16 things the Church doesn’t do that other organizations have in place to prevent abuse and a list of several churches with more extensive policies and practices around protecting children. If our church leaders are unaware of these best practices shouldn’t they be made aware? These are children we are talking about protecting, of course they should be made aware! The best practices of protection should be put in place. And the best thing is, these practices are not impossible, they don’t change the doctrine of the church and they will help us all to be better leaders and parents and brothers and sisters in the gospel! These practices will in fact protect our leaders and the reputation of our church as an organization. So it’s a win for everyone! There is no need for an “untenable position”.

      When I pray about this topic, the Holy Spirit whispers to me that these children are precious and deserve these protections. Also that our leaders deserve this protection for them as well. He inspires me with deep unmistakable feelings of love that tell me it is essential for me to ask my stake president to consider these changes and to take them to the General Church leaders. God inspires me to continue to do this until the children are protected the best we can. The Spirit testifies of truth and the Spirit will testify the truth to you as well: that we can do more to protect children. I testify to you that telling a brother to “shut the hell up and stop trying to put the entire church in an untenable position” is not of God. I feel sad that you wrote that. Our course none of us can or should condone what “The Avenger” wrote to Sam. It seems to be a vigilante Mormon but we don’t know for sure. Whoever it is has really messed up and I hope will be held accountable for their actions. Breaking the law by making terroristic threats is not of God and the laws of our country will hold him or her to account if they are caught.

      I want to do my best to protect children. I believe Sam is doing the same as are so many others.

      But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

      Here is the article by the professional LDS therapist.


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    1. Carolyn,

      Thank you for responding.

      What ARE your intentions?

      Near as I can discern … using my powers of discernment .. your intention is for Sam to STOP his initiative to Protect LDS Children … which you described as “… this war with the leaders of the LDS faith.”

      Is that a fair characterization? That you want Sam to just STOP?

      Or perhaps you would like for Sam to use a different approach to Protect LDS Children? If so, what different approach would you suggest?

      Or perhaps you do not see that LDS Children are in need of protection? That is a real possibility.

      Or maybe you just want him to resign his Church membership?.

      Would you mind clarifying your “intentions” with regard to Sam’s initiative?

      I brought up some serious talking points in my reply to you. Would you care to respond with more detail regarding statements that came across as “judging your intentions”?

      I truly appreciate your participation on Sam’s blog, Carolyn. It is important to capture TBM thoughts on these topics of interest. A better understanding about how Sam is rubbing you the wrong way would be helpful.

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  6. If Sam is this angry with the church and the leadership, why doesn’t he just leave? I believe he has a larger agenda than protecting anyone. Sam hasn’t always rubbed me the wrong way, I just think he is looking for a fight and determined to have one in public. Not every priesthood leader engages in shaming, mortifying or hurting young people. You talk as though it is common. I just don’t buy it. .

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    1. Carolyn,

      Kinda sounds like you might be judging Sam’s intentions … stating your conjecture that ” ,,, he has has a larger agenda than protecting anyone…. looking for a fight and determined to have one in public.”

      The “fight” as you call it has gone public … thanks to The Brethren … who refused to respond to Sam in a more private setting.

      “I just don’t buy it.”

      You appear to have not read any of the stories on Sam’s website … numbering in the several hundreds by now. If you have not read any stories, how credible is your armchair opinion?

      It appears, Carolyn, that your own intention seems primarily to be to protect The Brethren and the good name of the Church.

      Sam’s expressed intention is to Protect LDS Children … and he is ALREADY succeeding, regardless of the ongoing SILENCE from Church leadership (other than Sam’s SP and BP charging him with Apostasy).

      A few Bishops and/or Stake Presidents (and lots of LDS parents) have already announced their decision to effectively FOLLOW SAM instead of business as usual (behind closed doors).

      I respect your right to Protect LDS Leaders, Carolyn. They DO need protection, because they are being tried in the court of public opinion …. with their only defense so far …. crickets.

      Thank you again for expressing your displeasure with what Sam is doing. You represent thousands and thousands of other faithful Church members who feel pretty much the same as you do, but who keep silent.

      Maybe the way it works is that The Brethren have no need to defend themselves, because faithful members such as yourself, Carolyn, are doing it for them.

      Protect LDS Leaders.

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    2. No one has ever said that *every* priesthood leader engages in shaming, mortifying, or hurting young people. Sam certainly hasn’t. In fact, we have seen that many leaders don’t ask sexually explicit questions. The problem is that *some* do. It is obvious from the response so far that the number who do mortify, shame, and hurt is too high. Further, some (not all, but some) general authorities encourage bishops to ask these questions. Not every mosquito carries a terrible disease, but enough do that it is wise to protect.

      As for why doesn’t he just leave, well the same could be asked of you. If you don’t like that the church is getting a bad name why don’t you leave? Obviously that’s a silly question. You have some reason for staying, and so does Sam. Just because you don’t understand or agree doesn’t make his choice wrong. It isn’t my business, nor yours, to make that choice for him. Christ welcomed all to the table.

      I won’t put words in Sam’s mouth, however, from a Mormon theological standpoint he has good reason to stay. After all, why did Samual the Lamanite stay on the wall as they were shooting at him? Why not just leave? Why did Abinadi stay at King Noah’s court and condemn it? Why not just leave? Why did any prophet lift his voice? Heck, for that matter why do missionaries knock on door after door when they are shut to them? Because, when the spirit calls to proclaim justice and preach repentance, some are willing. And, yes, I do think Sam is calling on LDS leadership to turn to righteousness. It is a shame they don’t appear to be inspired enough to do it without such prophetic prompting.

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    3. Yes Carolyn, not every priesthood leader engages in negative practices, but enough do. Not everyone who gets the flu dies, yet enough do that we vaccinate against it anyway.

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  7. I’m not defending anyone. Seems to me Sam has been trying to pick fights over almost anything. I still say, leave,Sam, and be done with it. I’m certainly not protecting the good name of the church, but then, I still have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. Sam has lost his, even though he insists he hasn’t. Sorry for him. It can be difficult to separate the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the mere mortals who run the day to day operations of a global church. Sam needs to channel his energy into finding another platform for his anger, disappointment and hostility. I still have strong faith in our priesthood leaders – Bishops and Stake Presidents. I think they are good people trying to do the right thing. I’m not sure what it is that Sam is trying to accomplish other than stir the pot and make a name for himself (apostate). I empathize with his wife, children, Bishop and Stake President. I think he will keep on antagonizing and picking at his clergy until he gets bored with the whole thing. He is not the first to attempt an assassination of the Mormon Church, nor will he be the last I’m sure. I, too, have had my disagreements with the priesthood leaders of the church but I will not allow these disagreements to lead me away from what I know is an eternal truth. Hopefully, Sam will have a change of heart and attitude at some point. Maybe he’s just looking for a little notoriety at the expense of Mormon church leaders??? Seems that way to me.

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    1. Have you read any of the stories from the HUNDREDS of victims? You talk about Sam picking a fight … but unfortunately, the Church no longer allows for Common Consent on weighty or rather ANY matters. It no longer allows for any member to voice a true and/or valid concern without being labeled as an “apostate” for speaking ill of the Lord’s anointed. Unfortunately, because you, and many other faithful members, can’t or don’t want to believe it is happening or has happened, it will just keep happening. It will only stop when it is too painful to allow it to continue. The Church has paid millions (of tithing money) in lawsuits over some of these behaviors, but they still allow it to happen. This is why Sam has resorted to an open (public) forum. It should never have had to get this public, but there was no other viable option. You cannot even write a letter to the GA’s and have them look at your concerns. It always gets bumped back to a Stake level. How would you propose to make them stop? Because, I promise you, many, many of us have tried in the very minuscule paths afforded to us, with no results.

      I have had some amazing Bishops and Stake Presidents. I know they are in the majority. However, the few who exercised unrighteousness dominion severely harmed me in my formative years. I’ve been a victim of these very interviews … even though I NEVER participated in sexual sin. It took me years of counseling and suffering to heal from the abuse. Some of these same shaming and inappropriate discussions occurred with 2 of my 3 children.

      You are very lucky if you have not had to feel shame or abuse in one of these interviews. But, please don’t discount the hundreds and thousands of us who have. We have never had anyone stand up for us and be willing to to do whatever it took to be heard and protected.

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  8. ‘Thus Emma, faced almost daily with “having to clean so filthy a floor as was left by the men chewing tobacco, spoke to Joseph about the matter. David Whitmer’s account supports Brigham Young’s description….. cursed Mrs. Smith to make the ironical remark that “It would be a good thing if a revelation could be had declaring the use of tobacco a sin and commanding its suppression.” Emma had the support of the women. JOSEPH made the issue a source of prayer and the Word of Wisdom was a result.’ (Mormon Newsgroup Postings …”Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith”. by Linda King Newell and Valeen Tippetts Avery. )

    Just how many of the so-called revelations in the LDS church were prompted from the ground up ? Imagine, just imagine if Joseph had told Emma to LEAVE just because she had complained about a disgusting habit which left dirt and stains on the wooden floor? So now Sam Young has complained , if you can call it that, about a disgusting situation, which has stained the lives of many people, small folk and young people, one way or the other.

    It should have been so simple: Thank you Brother Young for bringing this terrible situation to our attention and offering some suggestions. We will take it to the Lord in prayer.

    It is totally unacceptable to JUDGE Sam Young in this manner. Someone had to turn the tide. As my husband always quips : “If you think you can do a better job then you do it.” The Lord must have decided that Sam was to speak on behalf of our children. And talking of “our children” the Lord entrusted our children to us and not to not the LDS church!! We were too trusting and foolishly relinquished that trust.
    We resigned in October 2017 although it had been a while coming.Some thoughts gleaned in those 55 years were wedged in my brain e.g. People are not called to positions in the church because they are perfect for the job but rather because they need to go through the Refiner’s fire. Also previously IMO there are prophets and prophets and those of importance are those who heralded in the 7 dispensations. ( These thoughts no longer bear any significance in my life, only when as a TBM I CTR.)

    We love where we are now …it is perfect but for the fact that we have 4 children in (and 4 out) and our grandchildren who are still “in”. One great blessing is our youngest daughter, who is autistic and high-functioning and was not ever baptised 🙂

    We all need to support Sam in a dignified and educated manner and restrain any destructive criticism. He, as a father, has received personal revelation from God not contrary to the teachings in the LDS church…to protect his children and grandchildren and in so doing our offspring may also benefit. What could be more precious!

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  9. I think using the label of “apostate” is the wrong term to use here. Apostasy is the renunciation of a belief or set of beliefs. Which beliefs has Sam renounced? Leadership infallibility? That’s now a core doctrine? When? The Scientologists have a better term for what overly-faithful members may see in Sam, “Suppressive Person.” Why not use that term?

    The term is often applied to those whom the Church perceives as its enemies, such as those whose “disastrous” and “suppressive” acts are said to impede the progress of individual Scientologists or the Scientology movement. Calling someone an “apostate” or an “ark steady-er” is unhelpful, to yourself especially.

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