Bishop arrested

Today as I drove to work, I felt this wonderful God-given emotion well-up.  It’s been awhile since ire has made its appearance.  When it comes, I now embrace it.  It motivates me to action and creativity.

Where did this anger come from this morning?

I continue to receive stories everyday.  Sometimes to share on the website.  Sometimes by PM or email which is not meant to be shared.  The anger boiled up as I contrasted the devastation done to countless children and the deadly silence from the Mormon Church.

They come out with asinine revelations like every time the nickname ‘Mormon’ is used it’s a victory for Satan.  THAT IS STUPID.  Trivial statements like this reveal the emperor’s nakedness.

Yet, their so-called communications with God leave policies in place that facilitate self-hatred among our children.  They offer no apology for the vast damage done.  No validation.  No recognition.  No discussion.  Instead–PRIDE. ARROGANCE. HUBRIS.  Showing supreme hypocrisy in their claim that they speak for Jesus Christ himself.

I was already angry this afternoon when I received notice that a sitting bishop in Utah had been arrested in a human trafficking sting.  Here’s a quote from the Police Department’s  news release about this bishop.

“Moss has recently served as a leader of a local religious congregation, which also allowed him contact with vulnerable individuals who could be exploited.”

Vulnerable individuals?  They are referring to the Mormon children who he was mandated to interview regularly.  Exploited?  Bishops can ask any sexual question, no matter how pornographic.  From “Do you masturbate?” to….well there is no limit.

The police understand the danger and noted it in their release.  When will ALL MORMON PARENTS get it?  When you allow your children to be interviewed all alone about sex, you are serving-up your vulnerable and precious ones on a silver platter for possible abuse, dreadful damage and years of recovery.


*Unless it’s by a professionally trained counselor.

Climb a Mountain, Save a Child


I’m also angry that the church is so obstinate in their refusal to protect children that I feel forced to continue fighting for change.  So be it.  This year we will fight for change in every denomination.  Sex abuse scandals are coming to light everywhere.  I really appreciate the Houston Chronicle’s in-depth investigative article into the problems of the Southern Baptist Convention.

With anger at my back, I’m going to climb mountains to save children.  To raise awareness to the imperative need of putting safeguards in place in every church and every youth serving institution.

I haven’t yet posted the full details of plans for this year.  I will soon.  But there is news today:  The flags have arrived!!!  In their primary color glory.  We are working on the website and they’ll be available for purchase in a few days.  Of course, you can make your own.

Make plans now to climb a mountain, a hill or a driveway and plant a flag.

The date for the coming march has been set and approved by the Salt Lake City permitting office.  Saturday, October 5, 2019.  This is history in the making.

As the country continues to be rocked by child sex abuse scandals on a massive scale, we will not sit on our thumbs and just read about it.  On a massive scale, we will shout from the mountain tops for this horror to end.  It’s up to us.  Not the media.  Not the church hierarchy.  Not the government.  Us.  Us folks whose children are at risk.

Make plans now to be part of the 5,000 men, women and children who will unfurl flags from all around the globe in the streets of Salt Lake City.  This needs to be massive.  This will be massive.  Our children need for our voices to be loud, large & unmistakably clear.


28 thoughts on “Anger!!!!!

  1. Wow! Leaves little to be desired of the watchmen on the tower…

    Maybe this will stop when people start calling the police each and every time a bishop meets alone with a child and talks about sexual related matters.

    Perhaps church leaders remain silent because they aren’t the ones that came up with the solution. Sadly, I think it’s about saving face which has already backfired on them.

    Edited to fix errors.

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  2. Wow. You dont even know what you’re taking about. There was never a revelation that said using the nickname Mormon was a victory for Satan. But typical Nehor rhetoric. You wont even correct it after I post this. You’ll simply attack me, accuse me of not wanting to protect children or try to twist it some other way.

    You have completely lost the support of active members. You can see all you main supporters are nonmembers or exmembers.

    You are truly a sad lost soul.

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    1. Hi Jim,

      Let me quote directly from President Nelson’s talk in last October’s General Conference.

      “If we allow nicknames to be used or adopt or even sponsor those nicknames ourselves, He is offended.” Pres Nelson was referring to Jesus being offended.

      “When it comes to nicknames of the Church, such as the “LDS Church,” or the “Mormon Church,” the most important thing in those names is the absence of the Savior’s name. To remove the Lord’s name from the Lord’s Church is a major victory for Satan. ”

      Pres Nelson prefaced his talk by saying that it was the Lord Himself who impressed on his mind that this message should be delivered to the members.

      Completely lost the support of active members? If active members are offended by me posting President Nelson’s words from conference, well….I don’t know what to say about that. But, I happen to know many many members who totally support the changes that our movement has called for.

      Attack you? Nope. I appreciate that you took the time to read my blog and make a comment. Thank you my friend.

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    2. Hi, Jim. I am an active member and am fully in support of Sam. What he is trying to do is wonderful and if you stopped looking at the church through your rose-colored glasses you would be able to see that it is not a perfect organization.

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    3. “Today I feel compelled to discuss with you a matter of great importance. Some weeks ago, I released a statement regarding a course correction for the name of the Church. I did this because the Lord impressed upon my mind the importance of the name He decreed for His Church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” — Russell M. Nelson

      It sounds pretty clear to me that Dr. Nelson is claiming the Lord revealed this to him. I.e. revelation.

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    4. Hey Jim, if you can’t see the problem here, I think you are the lost person (not soul). Lost in the blindness of defending the leadership and their stupid statements. They really don’t care about the many victims of abuse by the bishops, stake presidents and others. All they care and live for is the corporation.

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    5. Deflection. Straw man. Red herring. Did you miss one? What else?Can we return to the point, Jim? This creep was a bishop. With access to children. Alone. Behind closed doors. If fighting to stop this from happening makes ‘active members’ not support a person, then I pray ‘active members’ will not support me.

      ‘Even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.’

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  3. I would just like to point out that one thing I see continuously posted is that they aren’t trained therefore they aren’t safe to be with. This isn’t a dig against Sam or anyone, but as a parent if you want to be truly vigilant understand that trained and certified counselors can be just as bad. The following article talks about therapists specifically, but it has numbers as well as great advice. There is evil everywhere. Y’all have a great day.

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    1. That was my thought exactly when I read “counselors”. Those counselors are drugging the masses, as well, putting thoughts into our children’s minds and I could go on. As we wait for the return of our Savior it will continuously get worse. Heck fire we are murdering babies outside the womb, now.

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  4. I knew you would be feeling things about this as I did. Although I have several views on it, the biggest one is that this guy is one of thousands that should Absolutely be persecuted for their Asinine Behavior. Hopefully Utah, especially, can start cleaning up better and Inflicting serious consequences on Sexual Predators. It’s one of the dirtiest places for Child Pornography and drugs in the country. There is a massive industry in all of the (No can hear, No can see) attitudes amongst the indoctrinated and the ones who fear judgement from the blissfully ignorant. It’s all not happening if people stay in business and the media is Heavily diluting and Biased often.

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      1. Mormons like you, Carlos, are why a lot of people leave the church. In fact, if someone is truly following the Lord, that would be motivation to leave the church, since this church that claims his name and claims to speak for him does not follow the teachings of Jesus itself.

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      1. You wouldn’t have departed from the Church if you were following the Lord. You’ve been fooled by Satan.


  5. Jim,

    Funny how our point of view determines our response. Pointing out areas for the church to improve are words of contention, of the devil, and Nehor rhetoric to the TBM, while pointing our areas for gentiles to improve are words of love, of the spirit, and Captain Moroni Rhetoric.

    Of course we are all biased, and I hate to pretend that I’m not. So, I’ll acknowledge Sam’s words could conceivably be either Nehor rhetoric or righteous anger akin to Cpt Moroni. OTOH, the words and actions of the church could also be either. However, by their fruits ye shall know them.

    Considering the sacrifice Sam and others who have spoken words (of truth) to power (the LDS), has been willing to pay, not for himself but for others, and the arrogance and lack of transparency of church leaders, I find Sam words ring much more of love and revelation that anything I’ve heard from the LDS pulpit in a very long time.

    So for my money, if Sam is a lost soul at least by any Christ-like measurement I trust he is heading in the right direction. That is more trust than I can extend to the great and spacious church office building.

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