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  • I was Mormon for 66 years of my life. During that time, I never met God.  I never saw God except in paint and sculpture.  He is a concept in my mind.  My kids are real, living flesh and blood.  Abraham is a stark example of Mormon God.  I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry.  If God were to tell me to kill my child, I would firmly let Him know that I was not willing to commit an immoral act.  And, that He as God should embrace the common morals that mankind already understands:  Killing children is heinous.  If my morality (not being willing to kill my child) sends me to hell…fine.  I’m still going to love my children above the “invisible God,” as Paul referred to him.
  • In January 2018, my stake president threatened excommunication for publicly speaking out against Mormon policies that were harming children. He said that he had an obligation to protect “the good name” of the Church.  I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry.  I put the safety of children above “the good name” of any church.  It’s ironic & detestable that ‘Jesus Christ’ would be part of the name of a church which puts protecting their name above the interests of children.
  • On the eve of my hunger strike in July 2018, the stake president told me that he’d received this revelation for me: “Walk away, Sam.  Walk away.”  According to Mormon doctrine, the stake president represents Mormon God’s will.  Well…I no longer revere a God whose will is that adults are to “walk away” from children who are being hurt.
  • In September 2018, the Mormon Church told me to disavow my words and actions regarding their treatment of children. If I didn’t, they would excommunicate.  A threat from the Mormon God.  If I didn’t shut up, sit down and stop my warning cry in behalf of all children in the LDS Church, I would be branded with the scarlet letter ‘A.’  ‘A’ for apostasy.  Sorry Mormon God, but I’m not sorry.  I have more respect and love for children than I do for a God who loves silence over safety.
  • Mormon bishops are called by Mormon God. This year several sitting bishops have been arrested for sex crimes.  One was caught in an undercover human trafficking investigation trying to recruit prostitutes to work for him.  One for sexually abusing boys in his ward.  One for molesting over 30 children.  And a few days ago, a bishop was arrested for distributing child porn.  The police believe he has sexually assaulted children in Utah and other states.  All these men were called by Mormon God and given “unfettered access” to children alone behind closed doors.

Really?  This is the God Mormons worship?  I used to be Mormon.  I used to worship Mormon God.  Excommunication was a gift that opened my eyes.  No longer will I revere a God who possesses less decency than a common man.

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  1. Why does “the good name of the church” or any church for that matter need to be protected? Simply, their fruits are their reputation. It is what it is, nothing more nothing less. Too many people in Mormonism would rather pretend what isn’t instead of what really is.

    Protect = pretext

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  2. Regarding the “Mormon God” … for an eye-opening deconstruction of where the Old Testament concept of “God” came from, may I suggest the excellent book “Saving Jesus” by Dr. Miceal Ledwith. Just today I read that the first people to worship Yeshua or Jehova were Arabs … even before Abraham.
    And the name “Elohim” isn’t even a name. It’s the plural form of the Hebrew words “El” or “Eloah”, one of the oldest designations for divinity. In other words, “Elohim” literally means Gods (plural). It’s more like a title, not a name.
    To make matters even worse for Mormons and Christians, Jesus never claimed to be more than a very accomplished human being who was a very wise and capable teacher, mentor and role model. He learned how to manipulate physical phenomenon accessing the quantum field with his thoughts (perform “miracles”) during his many years studying with enlightened masters in India during his tweens and twenties. Jesus did not die for your sins to appease the anger of his psychopath Daddy in Heaven. All of the Atonement/Sacrifice BS was added decades and centuries after Jesus left the planet as a very effective propaganda tool to enslave humanity with a crushing load of guilt, shame, sin and worthlessness … to empower the Clergy Class in their historical roles as despots and dictators.
    The stuff I am reading in “Saving Jesus” is a fascinating history revealing just how incredibly dysfunctional and defective our Christian and Jewish religious traditions and teachings are.
    It’s time to wake yourself up! Finding your way out of the Mormon Mind Control Cult is just a good start. The next order of business is to deconstruct the deep, unconscious Christian mindset programming of unworthiness, sex-shaming, powerlessness, etc.
    The good news is to learn it might be a mistake to throw Jesus himself out with the bathwater. The book is called “Saving Jesus” because it meticulously disconnects the BS religious mythology from what the core teachings of Jesus were really about … what he was trying to teach his fellow human beings. Dr. Ledwith does a masterful job of investigative reporting … tracking down the roller coaster trainwreck of lost and compromised parchments, fragments and endless translations resulting in today’s Holy Bible … which could be more accurately entitled The Holey Bible … riddled with more defects and deceptions than the Book of Mormon.
    Jesus’ teachings were/are a message of our birthright potential and human empowerment … “You are all gods … All these miracles I do you will do, and greater than these will you do.” In other words, Jesus was trying to DEMONSTRATE our human potential by SHOWING US what is possible by DOING it himself.
    A core teaching of Jesus that DID survive without being gutted and neutralized was “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you …” The Golden Rule. Be a kind, loving and decent human being. (Sadly, The Brethren have yet to figure this one out. They are so busy ignoring Jesus’ “Judge not” teaching that they don’t have any time left over to think about seriously treating others as they themselves would like to be treated if the roles were reversed.)
    What I am saying to all of you is this: When your time comes to toss The Restored Gospel into the dumpster, please consider the possibility that “Saving Jesus” might turn out to be the best decision you could make … at a time when you need something solid to hold onto … more than ever.
    I attended a conference last July 4 where Dr. Miceal Ledwith gave his presentation all about “Saving Jesus.” You can watch that same presentation yourself… right now if you like. I am in the audience watching and listening … “as he speaks.”!An2_2A4zSuD_pR57sj5C5SAKGLpj?e=5X9LDP

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  3. “Jesus never claimed to be more than a very accomplished human being who was a very wise and capable teacher, mentor and role model.”

    That’s false.

    As per the record of what Jesus actually said:

    “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

    “Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.”

    “Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side. Do not disbelieve, but believe.” Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

    Jesus indeed claimed he was far more than the things you mention.

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  4. Sam, while I applaud your actions to protect children, I take exception to your references to Jesus Christ and God. You appear to speak of the mormon god and the mormon Jesus. They are not at the the God and Jesus of the Bible. Please to not assume that Jesus had or has anything to do with the lds church using His name. Hinckley said it best when he rejected our Savior in favor of the savior of mormonism. Please do not malign the God of the Bible.


  5. Sam – the god of mormonism is not, never has been, and never will be the God of the Bible. Please stop maligning Him and His Son.

    These atrocities against children have been going on in the lds church for as long as I can remember. The “brethren” have been untouchable. Boat rockers are not looked upon kindly, as you (and others) have learned.


      1. Agreed. Boat rockers do prevail often. Not sure how David v. Goliath meets the criteria. I fully support Sam’s work but take exception to any comparison of the Mormon god and the God of the Bible. At best, they are superficially similar but fundamentally different. Rock in, Sam.

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