Excommunication Summons


Tonight, two long-term friends of mine delivered this notice to my home.

Dear Sam,

This letter is a formal notice that the stake presidency will convene a formal disciplinary council in your behalf, the result of which includes the possibility of excommunication, disfellowshipment, formal probation, or no action.  The reason for this council is that you are reported to have acted repeatedly in clear, open and deliberate public opposition to the Church or its leaders.  You have, among other things:

  1. Encouraged others to vote opposed to Church leaders.
  2. Organized more than one public “action” that expressed opposition to the Church or its leaders.

We will convene the council at 6pm on Sunday, September 9 at the Lexington Building in the stake offices.  If you are not able to attend at this date and time, please let me know as soon as practicable.

You are invited to attend this disciplinary council to give your response to the above.  Although we welcome your attendance, it is not required; you may also submit your response in writing.  Whether you attend is of course your choice.

Disciplinary councils are sacred, confidential, ecclesiastical proceedings.  If you do choose to attend your attendance and participation are conditioned upon your agreement to respect the process and abide by the standards governing the proceeding, including the following conditions:

  1. Everyone who attends the council including you and me, will sign an acknowledgment that the council will be conducted privately and confidentially and will not be recorded in any form.  Anyone unwilling to do so will not be allowed to be present at the council.  If you decline, you will not be allowed to be present, and any statement on your behalf to the council will have to the submitted in writing.
  2. You may call witnesses, one at a time, whose testimony is relevant to the issues I have set out above.  However, any such witnesses must be identified to me in writing by name, ward and stake, at least three days in advance.  You must also provide to me, in advance and in writing, a description of the subject matter on which they will testify and the content of their testimony.  In order to offer testimony, witnesses must be members of the Church in good standing.  I will abide by these same rules in regards to any witnesses that I may call.
  3. Any proposed testimony from witnesses must relate to the specific issues described above.

I anticipate that it will take about 15 minutes for the evidence in support of the above issues to be presented to the council.  You will be afforded three times that, or 45 minutes, to give your response.

As mentioned above, if you choose not to attend the council in person, you may submit a written response that will be read to the council.  I will read your statement word-for-word, without any comment from me, for up to 45 minutes.

I feel inclined to let you know that, if it is your ultimate desire and if you wish to avoid this process entirely you have the option to request that your name be removed from the records of the Church.  If you should make such a request, the council will be cancelled, and I will work with you to supply all of the information that you need to bring about that result.

Sam, I know that Heavenly Father lives and loves you.  We are his children.  His work and glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.  I know that His son Jesus Christ is central to God’s plan to help us return to Him and live with our family forever.  The atonement of Jesus Christ is real.  He is our Savior and Redeemer.  No matter the course you decide to take in this life, and no matter the outcome of this disciplinary council, as His representative in the stake where you reside, I stand ready to help you and your family in any way that I can.  I will be here to meet with you and to work with you to help strengthen your relationship with Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  My hope is that you will choose to change your course and to return to the covenant path.


President Houston Texas South Stake 

Fast 23 days.  Stand up to protect children.  Speak out against a dreadful policy.  Work to help the healing of countless kids who were severely wounded behind closed doors.  Document the horrors.  Apologize.

And what do you get?  Excommunication!  After all, we are the Mormons.  At least we used to be.

Image of the Complete Letter


223 thoughts on “Excommunication Summons

  1. As a former member, I am interested in Sam’s court hearing for many reasons. My daughter may not be interviewed by a bishop but I have nieces, nephews, cousins and close friends who are all part of the church’s flawed procedure. Don’t I have an interest in making sure they are not traumatized or shamed? (I actually have warned them all about these issues). Also, I have been shamed myself by a bishop. Doesn’t my experience make me a great witness to shed light on this situation?

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    1. Dear Glenn,

      Congratulations on leaving the MMC (Mind Control Cult) nearly a half-century ago.

      You are almost “home free.”

      Believing that the Bible describes the REAL Jesus is your next hurdle to clear.

      I am sure your logical mind will inform you that the KJV is missing all of the stories of the REAL Jesus that the PTB (powers that be) editors did not want you to read. Do you believe everything you see on network TV? You only see what the editors want you to see. Same deal with the Bible.

      Here are some of the missing stories of Jesus, just for a sample:

      The virgin birth did not happen. Jesus was conceived as we all were conceived … sexually.

      Jesus’ mother, Mary, had other kids. Jesus had siblings … like most of us.

      Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. They had kids … like most of us.

      Jesus lived around 40 years later than the NT suggests. The NT narrative was crafted to appear as it appears in the modern Bible.

      Reincarnation was the common belief back in the day. Much of the world still believes reincarnation happens.

      Jesus was an enlightened Master Teacher. He was not half-god any more than the rest of us.

      The core teachings of Jesus are timeless and certainly are Pearls of Great Price.

      Jesus did not teach the Atonement or that any of us need to be “saved.” We are all subject to the natural consequences of our free-will choices during this lifetime. We will continue to incarnate into this amazing learning experience known as Life on Earth as many times as needed to complete our spiritual maturation process … just as Jesus had done ahead of us.

      Many aspects of Mormon Doctrine are very close to truth. Discovering the babies in the bathwater is a challenge worth undertaking. I feel sad when I see exmos tossing everything into the dumpster when they figure out that JS was a liar and The Brethren are professional con artists fleecing milliions of dupes.

      I recommend Michael Newton and Garnet Schulhauser for stunning insights into Life After Death and Life Between Lives.

      Check out Ralph Ellis for a not-skewed-by-religion view of the REAL Jesus.

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      1. Glenn,

        I gladly embrace my “abject ignorance” and “apostate heretic” status as opposed to blindly signing myself up for “hook, line and sinker” manipulation by the diabolically clever dudes who invented the religion that runs your life for you.

        You have been had.

        If you are a garden-variety Christian, you sincerely believe that you were born defective (aka a disgusting “wretch like me”), and that your soul will be condemned as a total loss and sent to hell if you don’t believe that someone “paid the price” to redeem your disgusting existence long ago … but only if you declare your undying allegiance to your rescuer … while praising His Holy Name.

        Your God created a beautiful Planet Earth filled with an endless variety of flora and fauna of every description. Then He ruined it all by populating the planet with these vile, disgusting, natural-man-is-the-enemy-of-God creatures …. who all need to repent and be redeemed, or else be cast down to hell where they otherwise belong.

        I’m sure I got some of the details wrong, Glenn, but that’s pretty much what you believe.

        Am I right?

        You just choose to describe the same scenario with a flowery spin.

        Don’t misunderstand me. I am not anti-Jesus (the enlightened teacher). I am anti-Jesus (the go to hell if you don’t worship me as your God and redeemer).

        Wake … Yourself … Up.

        You are smart enough to connect the dots, Glenn.

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      2. Gary,

        I have studied the history of the REAL Christian church for over 40 years, including the origin, transmission, textual criticism and translations of the Bible, theology from the origins through the ante-Nicene Fathers, and you totally misrepresent the TRUE Christian faith. I haven’t been had, I’ve been educated through decades of personal research. You are the one who has been had.

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      3. Glenn,

        Your study and research experience sounds impressive, I must concede.

        The following is intended as a respectful inquiry:

        After all you have studied, do you presently believe that the destiny of your soul is very bleak indeed … unless you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and thereby have your sins washed away by virtue of His atoning sacrifice?

        I respect your right to believe that Christ is your Savior … in a very literal sense.

        After opinions are exchanged … however graciously or not … I will defend your right to choose your own beliefs. I also defend your right to believe that your chosen beliefs are God’s Truth, and that anyone who disagrees is sadly misinformed. That would include yours truly, in this case.

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      4. Gary:
        After all you have studied, do you presently believe that the destiny of your soul is very bleak indeed … unless you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and thereby have your sins washed away by virtue of His atoning sacrifice?

        That is indeed what the Bible so states. And which the history of the TRUE Christian Church shows has always been the belief.

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      5. Thank you, Glenn, for confirming my perception of your sincerely held belief regarding Jesus Christ.

        My own path of discovery has led me to the conclusion that original teachings of Jesus were post-transmogrified by the rulers-in-charge to severely disempower humanity and render the masses much easier to manipulate and control through fear and intimidation (fire and brimstone).

        I sincerely believe that every one of us was born with an awesome inheritance of Celestial DNA and the innate capacity of an Acorn to become a Mighty Oak through a natural process of growth and maturation.

        To prevent this unacceptable empowerment of the masses, those in charge convinced us that instead of Acorns, we were born as worthless weeds … with innate potential to become nothing worthwhile of our own accord. Hence, the need of a Savior to rescue us from our “weediness” and unworthiness.

        What if the following is a true statement, Glenn?

        As man is, God once was. As God is, man may become.

        I believe this quite literally, Glenn.

        All we need is water, nutrients, sunlight … and enough time (lifetimes) to complete our education and maturation. I believe Jesus did just that, and endeavored to teach his peers the way and the light. Unfortunately, His message was hijacked and repurposed … to control mankind instead of empowering humanity.

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  2. They haven’t picked a fight with Sam. They have picked a fight with the Lord of Heaven’s Hosts. He is the greatest advocate for children ever, and the excommunication of Sam Young in particular represents a milestone in their abuse of children. He has gone through every legal channel. Every box has been checked. Every opportunity given. They are signing their own Eternal death warrant (2nd death; spiritual death; outer darkness with no redemption) by excommunicating Sam, and they aren’t even the least bit concerned about their spiritual welfare. This is the pattern of perdition’s offspring; they never show any hint of concern that they could even be offending the Most High God in their behavior; they think they have the authority to command God.

    But vengeance is his name. And his holy wrath will fall swiftly upon them but a few years hence. It is only for the sake of the righteous that may yet be awakened and saved that he does not destroy them off the face of the earth already. Signs from heaven of God’s displeasure will be given more abundantly over the next 2-4 years. And then the window of repentance for the Wasatch area will be closed, and the Lord will make bare his holy arm in avenging his little ones and his sheep and his lambs that have been abused and cast out. The wheat and the tares are separating as we speak. In the early 2020’s the tares will be cast into the heaven from whence there will be no return.


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    1. The letter was not from the Church. It was from Sam’s SP … who knows him personally … and maybe even loves him.

      What a great Church … where local leaders feel compelled to spiritually execute their good friends … because of the ecclesiastical gun pointing at their heads from up top.

      Shit really does float to the top … in this case.

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      1. “All we need is water, nutrients, sunlight … and enough time.” Gary, you forgot that we can masturbate then and when …

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  3. So standing for what is right and helping to protect children is now considered grounds for excommunication? How about priestcraft, shouldn’t that be grounds for excommunication as well? You can write it down that in 30 or 50 years from now leaders of the future will disavow all the the current leaders are doing, just wait and see, for those who will be alive then.

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  4. Dear Sam, I miss you as well as many of our classmates. I just want you to know you are loved. Although I do not agree with you doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I hope you come to our next reunion. We all miss you.
    Sincerely Sally

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  5. *Our Father in Heaven lives! He is the Father of our spirit.
    *Jesus Christ is the literal Son of God, Divine Mesiah, Savior of World! The only true God!
    *The Holy Spirit leads us to God, testifies to us of what is really true!
    *Joseph Smith is God’s profet!
    *Joseph Smith’s witness is the foundation of true Christianity!
    * The Book of Mormon is the Word of God!
    * Pres. Russell Nelson is The Lord’s true Profet for our day, for members and non-members alike.
    *The Kingdom Of God is on earth today, even the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.
    *Sam, when you are ready the Church is ready to receive you again brother!

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    1. Adolfo, I don’t think that Sam has stood against anything that you have declared. All he has done is stand up for protecting children. If a person is excommunicated for this then what kind of a church is that?

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    2. “Jesus Christ is the literal Son of God” Bro Adolfo, can you please explain that? is this meant that God, through his sexual intercourse, begotten Jesus with his daughter Mary? sorry, I do not quite understand what you meant by that: Literally …

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  6. Sam, THANK YOU for standing up for what you believe in and for helping the innocent children of this world! I myself was asked inappropriate questions by a bishop and thought that it was normal for a bishop to ask specific questions about masturbation (in detail).

    As I grew up I discovered the clear wrong that was done to me. I myself walked away from the church about a year ago but still love the Christian principals I was taught. I believe with all my heart Jesus is the Christ and he is Pleased with your effort to stand up for the children of this world. Your voice has been heard my many and for that I thank you!

    One of the many reasons I left was because I have a responsibility to my children. A responsibility to make their life and spirituality better than mine was as a child. As parents it should be our life mission to be a better parent than our parents, and to save our children from any abuses that we may have known as a child.

    When my children are in pain or in crisis they turn to their mother and father. They also turn to Christ and their Heavenly Father – Not a man in an office that has had no formal training in how to help young minds cope with life difficulties. I have been condemned by my own bishop for the route I have been INSPIRED to take with my young family. I live in the heart of the LDS religion – Utah. To turn away from what you have been taught your whole life and to be reborn into the reality of life, spirituality and religion is a tremendously hard and difficult thing. Many members think to leave to make your life easier. What they don’t understand is that the path of self discovery is much harder than being a blind follower. I used the same methods I was taught in the LDS religion to be given the resounding answer that the LDS church has it’s flaws and is not what they profess – the ONLY true religion.

    I applaud you with a standing ovation for your efforts!!! Thank you for putting your life on this path. You have stood up and helped MY children, my neighbors children, and thousands more. People will come around and see the errors in the church. After all it is ran by men, and all men (even as hard as they may try and have great intentions) make mistakes.

    Sam THANK YOU!!!

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  7. I very much doubt that the LDS Leaders are aware of how the actions they have taken against you will affect them eternally. I also doubt that Jesus would do any such thing against you for wanting to protect children, but you have stood against an institution which is without heart at the top and have defied the leaders. It isn’t what you’ve done that is wrong; it is that you defied the leaders and their traditions of how they have done things for many years. Have they considered that they may be wrong in what they do? I doubt it. You’ve defied “authority”, as they suppose. If this isn’t unrighteous dominion, I don’t know what is. D&C 121 fits here. This action against you, to excommunicate you for wanting to protect children, doesn’t look right, it doesn’t taste right, and it doesn’t smell right. They have cut off their own authority. God bless you, Sam, for all your efforts.

    Cecil Champenois

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  8. The reality of Christianity is of course not to be found in any church of name. Yet is can be proven still today by doing as Jesus commanded the Jews who already followed him and were his disciples and apostles. He told them and coached them for forty days at how to take his name upon them with full purpose of heart such that they will receive the ‘promise of the Father’ as noted in the first chapter of the Book of Acts of the Apostles. It is not an alter call standing up and shouting ‘thank you Jesus’. It is not by virtue of priesthood ordinances either. Jesus breathed upon his apostles commanding them to receive the Holy Ghost. But that ordinance did not give them the Holy Ghost. They still had to make the effort to forsake the world and turn their minds to submit to the rule of God over their lives in the sincerity of the depths of humility and continue at this effort with one accord until they receive the actual baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost that is the promise of the Father. This event ratifies everything Jesus preached. It is what matters. Period. Churches will not teach this and if they speak of it they are selling it short not knowing the power of God’s conception of them as his children. They rise in hypocritical confidence and never do anything that would make it into the Bible as if there ever would be a genuine work of God manifested. Yet, still today there is an exception to leave this generation without excuse.

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