Excommunication Summons


Tonight, two long-term friends of mine delivered this notice to my home.

Dear Sam,

This letter is a formal notice that the stake presidency will convene a formal disciplinary council in your behalf, the result of which includes the possibility of excommunication, disfellowshipment, formal probation, or no action.  The reason for this council is that you are reported to have acted repeatedly in clear, open and deliberate public opposition to the Church or its leaders.  You have, among other things:

  1. Encouraged others to vote opposed to Church leaders.
  2. Organized more than one public “action” that expressed opposition to the Church or its leaders.

We will convene the council at 6pm on Sunday, September 9 at the Lexington Building in the stake offices.  If you are not able to attend at this date and time, please let me know as soon as practicable.

You are invited to attend this disciplinary council to give your response to the above.  Although we welcome your attendance, it is not required; you may also submit your response in writing.  Whether you attend is of course your choice.

Disciplinary councils are sacred, confidential, ecclesiastical proceedings.  If you do choose to attend your attendance and participation are conditioned upon your agreement to respect the process and abide by the standards governing the proceeding, including the following conditions:

  1. Everyone who attends the council including you and me, will sign an acknowledgment that the council will be conducted privately and confidentially and will not be recorded in any form.  Anyone unwilling to do so will not be allowed to be present at the council.  If you decline, you will not be allowed to be present, and any statement on your behalf to the council will have to the submitted in writing.
  2. You may call witnesses, one at a time, whose testimony is relevant to the issues I have set out above.  However, any such witnesses must be identified to me in writing by name, ward and stake, at least three days in advance.  You must also provide to me, in advance and in writing, a description of the subject matter on which they will testify and the content of their testimony.  In order to offer testimony, witnesses must be members of the Church in good standing.  I will abide by these same rules in regards to any witnesses that I may call.
  3. Any proposed testimony from witnesses must relate to the specific issues described above.

I anticipate that it will take about 15 minutes for the evidence in support of the above issues to be presented to the council.  You will be afforded three times that, or 45 minutes, to give your response.

As mentioned above, if you choose not to attend the council in person, you may submit a written response that will be read to the council.  I will read your statement word-for-word, without any comment from me, for up to 45 minutes.

I feel inclined to let you know that, if it is your ultimate desire and if you wish to avoid this process entirely you have the option to request that your name be removed from the records of the Church.  If you should make such a request, the council will be cancelled, and I will work with you to supply all of the information that you need to bring about that result.

Sam, I know that Heavenly Father lives and loves you.  We are his children.  His work and glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.  I know that His son Jesus Christ is central to God’s plan to help us return to Him and live with our family forever.  The atonement of Jesus Christ is real.  He is our Savior and Redeemer.  No matter the course you decide to take in this life, and no matter the outcome of this disciplinary council, as His representative in the stake where you reside, I stand ready to help you and your family in any way that I can.  I will be here to meet with you and to work with you to help strengthen your relationship with Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  My hope is that you will choose to change your course and to return to the covenant path.


President Houston Texas South Stake 

Fast 23 days.  Stand up to protect children.  Speak out against a dreadful policy.  Work to help the healing of countless kids who were severely wounded behind closed doors.  Document the horrors.  Apologize.

And what do you get?  Excommunication!  After all, we are the Mormons.  At least we used to be.

Image of the Complete Letter


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  1. Sam
    Just wanted to let you know that you and everyone involved will be in my prayers. Pay no mind to negative comments. Thanks for your courage, faithfulness and testimony. You have always been someone I admire. The church is a better place with you as a person in it, I’m sure all those who will be involved in this council feel the same way as I do I hope somehow you can see that. Always your friend.

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    1. He needs out of that evil church they are haters and evil and they are the ones who need to be excumunucated out of this world!! They are so hateful and think they are above the law!! Leave Sam

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  2. Ugh. The LDS church is so controlling. It really gets me that you don’t even “have” to be present for them to ex you, and in fact being there in person is apparently a privilege you only get by agreeing to their confidentiality terms. So many stupid things about that process, that letter, and the LDS church in general. Getting in line = waaaaay more important than standing up for innocent children. Good luck to you, Sam, and don’t let them bully you into doing anything contrary to your own conscience!

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  3. …”Tonight, two long-term friends of mine delivered this notice to my home”…

    This sentence is the worse part of all the things that you are living with Sam… it’s sad…

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  4. Sam:
    I personally feel you have been kicking against the pricks for a while. Anybody that openly goes to Mormonstories podcast is hoping to be excommunicated. I believe you are wrong in all facets sir. I am sorry it has had to come to this, if you truly wanted to open your eyes now is the time. The policy has changed, and you’re work should be done there. Yet you openly push and kick. So obviously you want to leave the church, you want to be excommunicated and you want to do it with as much publicity as possible ala Kate Kelly and John Dehlin. Shielding children from real life issues isn’t what protects them, introducing them to boundaries, guidelines, and ways to stay within those boundaries is what protects them. You sir are currently delusional if you claim you still want to be a member of the church and claim that children are in danger in the church. Honestly you just needed a soapbox to make your excommunication more public and you found, shame on you, not for exploiting children but for exploiting the claims of protecting them for your own personal sick purpose. I know they say hate the sin and love the sinner, and so I guess it’s the many many sinful and perverse acts you are currently committing in the name of a false cause that I hate. Good luck to you sir, Here’s praying that it hits you hard and brings you to repentance of which you are so sorely in need of. Jesus died for your sins also and its a good thing because they are plentiful. Repent and Return and submit yourself to the will of the Lord, that is my prayer for you.

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    1. You, sir, and your pompous reply are the embodiment of why I left the church. My prayer is that you get off your self created pedestal and wake up. I pray you never have children who have to go through what I went through as a child in a bishops office.

      All of your disgusting judgment in God’s name. Give me a break!

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    2. The policy has not changed enough. Children are still being harmed. Protecting these children is worth every sacrifice that can be made. Sam is sacrificing his own good standing in the Church for the safety of precious children. It brings to mind John 15:13 “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Sam is willing to give up his current life, including his daily routines and church membership, to help another.

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    3. Why is it that believers always resort to personal attacks? Sam, your efforts will change the church’s harmful policy eventually and after the church receives enough outside pressure, and guys like Chase will mindlessly get on board and just assume god works on his own timeline.

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    4. So much for judge not lest ye be judged. Throwing in random a “sir” here or there doesn’t change your judgmental and condescending response. If you are really of the opinion that no children are in danger in the LDS church, you are the one who needs to wake up. There are a lot of people who are living with the horror of what they experienced in a bishop’s office. There is a difference between protecting children from child molesters and hiding them from real world issues. Justifying this horrible behavior in any way makes you part of the problem. Thank goodness that so many people are waking up and removing themselves from the church, myself included. Life is a lot sweeter without the controlling, blind, idiocy of the church.

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    5. Wow, so so judgemental…enough said except to wonder why you are opposed to protecting lds children? My husband has a theory …I am sure you would prefer these
      children to be left vulnerable.

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    6. You are deplorable. I pray you find the truth. You are in a cult and it’s truly sickening that you wish him evil and ill will do to your beliefs. Guess what the whole world outside of your church know that it is a cult. When you reach the end of your life and see that you were mislead. Sam will have the last laugh then.

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      1. The church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints is obviously not a cult—- According to the American sociological Association‘s members’ scholarly papers, there are a few characteristics of cults—-none of which the LDS church fits: 1. They shun education, it undermines the teaching of the cult-– – the LDS embrace education and are among the highest educated per capita in the world 2. The leaders define reality in a cult… you aren’t allowed to ask for yourself…… LDS tell you to ask for yourself …all the time. 3. There are penalties for leaving a cult, quite often harmful penalties…… You’re free to leave the LDS church if you wish at any time, as you can see there’s plenty who have …4. There penalties for revealing the teachings of a cult, quite often harmful penalties….This is not true about the LDS church either 5. Cults are isolated geographically/socially from families… The LDS live in the world and hold regular jobs and live about everywhere there are people 6. Cults encourage immoral acts, mutders, incest, rapes, illicit sexual practices…… LDS prohibit all those things 7. Cults are secretive and only specific people can join them… The LDS invite the whole world to join them and learn all there is to learn 8. Cults are subversive to the government or seek to overthrow it…. The articles of faith of the LDS Church specifically says we support the notion of government and believe in participating in them and respecting them… Interestingly, the LDS church fits these practices less than other mainstream religions… Actually not at all!

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      2. Jae,

        It’s a cult period. No this or that.. it is a cult. They’re liars and vile. You all put on this “we love everything ” face. Yes I know all about your cult.. care to learn what the church pays your Prophet?? Yes Jae, even the Quorum get paid.

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    7. Jesus does for your sins too Chase. Stop being a judgmental prick yourself. But do continue to bury your self righteous head in the sands of your phony religion. Sam is an enlightened man and is serving his people well. He’ll be better off once he’s free from that church.

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    8. Oh look! I found what may be the most cult-ish sentence ever written:
      “Shielding children from real life issues isn’t what protects them, introducing them to boundaries, guidelines, and ways to stay within those boundaries is what protects them.”
      That’s some strooooong brainwashing at work, there, my friend. Good luck to you.

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    9. Wow. Just another typical “I’m above you because I don’t step out of line” Mormon. Anybody who goes to the Mormonstories podcast isn’t hoping to be excommunicated, they’re hoping to open their minds and see things from a different perspective; one that isn’t the same bull they’ve been fed their whole lives. I applaud people who go to that podcast. It shows that they’re able to question things and actually think for themselves, rather than continuing to allow an organization control their every action and thought. “Shielding children from real life issues…”
      so, you admit that there is/was an issue? Yes, maybe the right way is to teach the child what the boundaries are. But why should they have to apply a lesson like that in an interview with their BISHOP! Don’t pray your fake little “I care about you so I gotta pray for you” prayer. He’s better off without it.

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    10. The pursuit of truth and the defense of minor children has to be most important and more important than just going along to get along. Congratulations and God continue to bless you for your strong stand against this terrible policy which isn’t even mormon/lds doctrine. So the church wants you to go over the cliff with them. Don’t follow them. Follow Jesus. He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

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    11. Wow let me guess you see yourself as upstanding member of the church?!? Your are the epitome of what makes the church such a hypocrisy. They have not fixed their policy they have put a stupid bandaid on it!!

      Using your own words-

      Here’s praying that you will remember what being a Christian is all about. That you may realize the hate and judgement that is clear in your above statement. That you may realize this is going against the very basics of what the church supposedly stands for.

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    12. Hey Sam! I grew up in Sandy UT as a NON Mormon , if you want to see a world of love and welcoming arms that will stand by you in ANY fight you have to stand up for children, check out Hilltop United Methodist Church. They would love to meet you!

      P.s. Just ignore that guy! He can’t see your blessing! 🙂

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  5. Dearest Sam I am so sorry that your good works are being taken as apostasy. Frankly, my good man, once you are free from the bonds of the LDS church, you will feel so much better. There is a freedom to truly become Gods servant.
    I love my life now that I am not confined by a man made church! My relationship with Jesus is closer than ever.
    You deserve Gods REAL LOVE, not some group of men turning their backs on you and saying they are doing this in the name of God!
    Peace my good man and straight up love!

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  6. Dear Sam,

    Today I called the Church Office building on your behalf. I was looped through to Tom’s office and sent back to anyone in the Public Relations department. I had a lengthy conversation with a sister who answered the phone. The first words out of my mouth were, “Sam Young in Houston Texas could be excommunicated, and I do not want to see this happen.” I expressed my next concern, “Do you mean to tell me that Bishops and leaders are allowed to question my young son about masturbation?! That’s just sickening. Those are words my child doesn’t need to hear in a church building. Those are to be discussed at home, not from church leaders. I made it through being a teenager in the 1980’s, and the farthest the questioning went with me was simply put as, “Do you keep the law of chastity.” That was it for me. Nothing more was ever asked.

    As a single, LDS Mother of one child I am raising alone, we have one goal as parents. To get our children through life, raise them in the gospel, and pray they make it through life unscathed. Sam, may you be blessed for standing up for what is right. May you feel peace within for bringing these things to light. This sister in the Public Relations department informed me this morning of changes that are being wrought because of your mission to make changes in bringing things to light. We stand with you and pray for you Sam.

    According to the 88th and 93rd sections of the Doc. and Cov., the Priesthood of God was designed to administer the Light of Christ for the purpose of salvation and to administer the ordinances of the Gospel. It is not, nor has it ever been, a license to brow beat members of the Church. I served a mission for almost twenty months from 1991 to 1993. I had the greatest mission president, but then again, all of us who served with this amazing soul are quite biased. It was like having Hugh Nibley for a mission president. He taught us well, we absorbed those spiritual teachings. Alma chapter four has weighed heavily on my mind since June. We learn that the non members of the church during that time are more righteous than the members. I’m so weary of seeing people being judgmental. I’m sure you are too. See Alma 4:19. 2nd Nephi 28:14 ties in with that.

    We are told to stay in the boat, but how can you when you are facing excommunication? Why can’t their be a healthy discussion with fear of reprimand? On campus when I returned to college after not being in a classroom for twenty years, one of my professors asked me how I defined my spiritual anchor in life. I replied with just two words. “Sacred space.” To not allow the profane things of the world in my space. With tears from her eyes, she asked if I was LDS, and where I learned this. I told her, “Hugh Nibley and my mission president.” She asked if she could borrow one of my books. I lent it to her for a month. Within sacred space, those demarcation lines were evident on Mount Sinai, also in the garden of Eden, which I consider to be ‘Temple space.’ Mount Sinai was considered Temple space. The portable Temple in the wilderness. Sam, once we’ve been to the temple, we take those things with us everywhere we go. Sam, worse case scenario, if you are excommunicated, remember, they can’t take away your dignity.

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    1. “the Public Relations department informed me this morning of changes that are being wrought because of your mission to make changes in bringing things to light. ” What changes did she say are being wrought?

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      1. Hey,

        I came across your situation and wasn’t sure what the issue is at hand. I’ve read through quite a few comments to try and understand what the concern is involving children but haven’t been able to discern what it is. Can you tell me what you’re hoping to affect?

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      2. The same protection for Mormon children that all other churches have already put in place: No one-on-one interviews. No sexually explicit questions, ever.

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      3. You really need to show the entire hard copy of your letter, Sam. If you want the support of the naysayers and people waiting, you’ve got to take a screen shot of the ENTIRE LETTER.

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    2. High Nibly abused his own daughter Martha Beck. She shared her trauma in her book, Leaving the Saints.

      Secrets don’t heal. We put these men on pedistals and they do evil acts behind closed doors.


    3. High Nibly abused his own daughter Martha Beck. She shared her trauma in her book, Leaving the Saints.

      Secrets don’t heal. We put these men on pedistals and they do evil acts behind closed doors.


  7. Fyi my response was aimed at Chase Mayeou, not you Sam. Not sure why my reply didnt show up as a reply to him. I stand with you here as a fellow Texan, Sam! Born and raised in Utah and now reside in Austin.


  8. Meh…he’s better off than trying to convince one of the most homophobic, transphobic, mysoginistic and controlling organizations in the world to change their stances. I mean, it took em til 1978 and mounted pressure from members and the public to stop being racist.

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  9. Hey Sam, I’m sure this question looks familiar:
    “Do you support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?”

    I’m just reading through some of the comments here in your blog and I see a lot of “Liked by Sam Young” links under many of the comments.

    “Horrible!! Proof that they worship Lucifer and do his works.”
    “…This is no church of God or Jesus. It is a church of shame and greed.”
    “… The church is an evil institution for ignoring this problem and protecting evil men…”
    “It’s a Brutal moment for many of us when we finally realize how corrupt this Religious Organization really is…”
    “This is an organization of Pharisees and Saducees the likes of which Jesus himself would be ashamed.”
    “Don’t forget that Jesus is not on their side. Jesus is Enough.”

    Heck I’m barely having to cherry pick here, it seems like every comment is something about how the Church isn’t run by God, is evil, and it’s leaders are disgusting pedophiles. I find it interesting you liked every one of these comments, kind of shows that you agree and support what they are saying. If anything, you are certainly encouraging people to continue opposing God’s church, and thus you continue to validate bullet #2 on your letter.

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      1. @Sam, I think you kind of missed my point bud, you don’t think this blog in and of itself is another example of organizing people to express opposition to the Church and its leaders? I wouldn’t be surprised if someone on the disciplinary council doesn’t use this blog as evidence against you. Just saying.

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      2. Is there a place to see the entire actual letter? It would help me to see it and to show to other people.


      3. As a descendant if Joseph Smith, I feel the need to speak up. God has heard the cries of his children, the parents and friends of his children and if I was in the presidents shoes right now, let’s just say I wouldn’t be afraid of you posting videos. I’d be afraid of what god is going to do to me for not heeding the cries! Period! And I am praying for their mercy.

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    1. Jason, how you can claim the Mormon church is God’s church is astounding. You need to read Matthew 23, and realize that Christ’s words apply directly to the LDS church.

      The LDS church is not God’s church. You clearly have not read the scriptures. You do not seem to have any sympathy or love in your heart. If you did, you would side with Sam.

      How does one actually communicate with someone who is blind? Can you recognize the error of your words? Can you actually take a step back and listen and understand what Sam has done to protect children, and even the reputation of the church?

      If you really believe in Christ, look more closely at Christ, his words and actions. Look at who Christ associated with. Look at who Christ criticized. Look very closely.

      Patrick Henry once said, “We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men…
      Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation?

      For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.”

      Are you truly capable of wanting to see the truth, to know the worst and provide for it? Are you as strong as Patrick Henry?

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  10. Sam,

    It’s interesting that Joseph Smith, Jr., suffered himself to be called before a common council, which council is convened at the behest of any faithful members in good standing who have raised up a controversy, and it has proven sufficiently to have merits to be worthy of a trial. (See D&C 107:82-84) There was an unpublished oracle given to Joseph in 1838 detailing how a Church President can be impeached and it expanded upon the concept of common members raising up a controversy and having Church officers subjected to a trial. It isn’t a trial that makes them accountable to the whims of the people, but rather a trial to discern their performance of their duties and the degree to which they have kept integrity to the “thus saith the Lord” oracles of God and ratified as such.

    If someone is going to be called up for a disciplinary council, simply because they are endeavoring to raise up a controversy against an officer and/or a policy of the Church, then we have indeed entered into a time when spiritual tyranny is being employed to give undue protection to a manner of governance that is foreign to the Father’s Celestial laws and principles of Zion.

    Latter-day Saints in good standing are all of equal importance since we are commanded as a Church to “be one”. We aren’t “one” if the parameters for addressing our grievances against officers is automatically answered with the threat of spiritual capital punishment where someone is denied the gift of the Holy Ghost from (unjust) excommunication. Those who perpetrate this will be called up in the final judgment and relegated to Perdition as doing this is the unpardonable sin spoken of in D&C 132:27. This threat would be like the USA beginning to apply physical capital punishment to those who wish to criticize and raise up a controversy against our political officers. It wouldn’t matter if their criticisms are correct or not, they go to the gallows simply for criticizing. This is Luciferian tyranny. The adversary is a lying, murderous coward and this letter oozes such cowardice.

    Sadly, this is further evidence that this totalitarian “central control & command” trend is increasing in the Church and it is representative of us turning more and more to do things according to Babylon’s approach. Micro-management of everything and disallowing superiors to be transparently scrutinized. This is not characteristic of an organization that is “one”. This is the model of tyranny!

    I’m so glad to know that regardless of how much this trend will continue, the time will come when the Saints will rally their strength to hold true to the founding principles of Mormonism and that any degree of Luciferian infiltration/usurpation will be purged from us. The tares do not win in the end. The adversary is given a season of time to buffet us and take us for a spoil, and we are in that season ever since we transgressed and were driven out of the Garden of Eden in Jackson County Missouri and pushed out into the lone and dreary wilderness of the Great Basin. In due time Zion’s redemption will come and Lucifer’s tyranny will be cast down from heaven, which simply means all those overcome by the delusions and the spirit of “murder for gain (power)” to please the world shall be impeached.

    Also, I don’t fault the leadership for this trend. It’s the spiritually lazy members who want to abdicate more and more of their personal responsibilities upon the leaders. They tempt the leaders to go for it by praising them and showering them with worship. Members of this mindset represent a great danger to the leaders and is why Elder Uchtdorf was warned by President Faust to “do not inhale”, with regard to all of the gushing praises and adulation the members will offer them.

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    1. Jason, you realize that is you blindly follow a man (in leadership or not) it does not mean you are following god. First off, god gave all humans the freedom of choice. So, leaders are also free to choose to step off the path. Second off, protecting children from having pornographic question being asked them before they have the ability to comprehend such things is not a trend, it’s common sense! And further more if you agree that a filling grown man (whom of which has the ability to listen to Satan because of free will) can ask your kid/ kids or any child for that matter, adult questions, then you sir are in fact blindly follow Satan himself. Trust me, I know what kind of damage it can do to a child if they know about what happens behind closed doors. It is detrimental! And if that hasn’t given you a clue, here’s this, exposing children to adult content is stealing their innocence from them, which is exactly what Satan wants and what Jesus does not, therefore do you want to advocate for doing Satan’s job? Or do you think you should agree with those of us who have common sense. I mean seriously! Who on earth, aside from those who are sick in the mind, would ever agree that these questions are ok to ask anyone let alone a child?!?!?!? Come on!!!!! But hey if that hasn’t convinced you, I sincerely pray for your mercy because god will bring his wrath down on those who have harmed his most innocent, the children!

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  11. I’ve never been asked “sexual questions” in interviews and I have had many, many interviews. The actual question for temple recommends asks “Do you live the law of Chastity?” That is it. The interviewee is free to say yes or no or expound. They are not asked specifics regarding their morality unless they are confessing. In that circumstance it may be helpful to know more information in order to determine the severity of the sin or circumstance, but that information is completely voluntary (and I believe parents can be present in those interviews if desired). I have had times in my life where I have been able to answer “Yes” and other times where I’ve needed to talk about some struggles. I have never felt uncomfortable or pushed, even when I was talking about more in depth topics. So I’m kind of confused where people are getting the idea that all bishops/stake presidents are asking sexually explicit questions? If there are some who are asking inappropriate questions then wouldn’t it be on the head of the bishop, not the church? Just like we can’t blame the whole catholic church for certain priests who choose to do inappropriate things with children. There are no teachings or policies in the catholic church that would merit that, therefore it is the priest who should be dealt with. Anyway, those are my thoughts. I’ve never felt uncomfortable in an interview even when I was younger.

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    1. Heather, just because you haven’t been asked these questions doesn’t mean that bishops and stake presidents aren’t asking other people these questions. When I was still in the church, I was asked specifics about sexual behavior including masturbation, pornography, and other topics that were not appropriate to be asked by someone in authority of a child of 13 in a private interview. It is both on the heads of those asking the questions and on the church that allows it to happen.

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      1. She is not saying others have not been asked these questions … neither am I …. it just isn’t policy … there are good bishops , okay bishops and then there are bishops that make huge mistakes …. but in general , the policy is asking only the basic question ….

        “Do you keep the law of chastity?”

        And only probe further if you give them a reason to … I am not saying it doesn’t happen in any other way but as a church , the policy is to ask that question and only take it further if they are given a reason to … how can they do more than this ?

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    2. Is that what this has all been about? How personal interviews are conducted ? …. because it was the same for me as Heather just described…. they only ask about the law of chastity and only probe further depending on how you answer … if they need to know more … I really don’t know how things can be approached in a better way… and maybe there are bishops that have gone further than this but that is not what you call policy ….

      Like Heather’s example of priests making mistakes , huge ones, not being how we see the entire Catholic world …. a good Christian is a good Christian … Period !someone who learns to really connect with his teaching and his example to know , to really know who he really is and truly believes in Jesus Christ ….

      Oh Heather I would like your comment but it won’t seem to let me ….

      So that is what this is all about ? How one on one interviews are conducted and asking explicit questions ?

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      1. I totally agree with Heather and Josh. I have been interviewed many, many times both as a youth and adult and have never been asked more than “do you live the law of chastity”. Check it out-it is not church policy to ask sexual questions. Bishops have a list of questions they are to ask. Don’t you agree Sam?

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      2. None of you seem to realize that just because it never happened to YOU, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened to someone else.
        Congratulations, you never had to experience in depth sexual questions as a youth. Sam probably didn’t either, but he’s an advocate for those who have. Good lord. You’re all missing the point.


    3. I’m kind of confused where you are getting the idea that anyone is saying “all bishops/stake presidents”. It’s not about all. It *is* about too many. If you want to know where that idea comes from, go read the thousands of stories. As for the catholic church, the analogy is apt. If some Catholic bishops fail to discipline heinous crimes by priests and knowingly fail to protect children from them, then there is a problem. A policy that encourages bishops to discipline priests instead of enabling them is needed. Similarly, if the LDS church perpetuates a policy that enables damage to children, and it knows of the damage it is causing, then it must bear some of the blame. No one claims the church is responsible for rogue actors. They become responsible, however, if they knowingly protect and enable rogue actors with a misguided policy.

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      1. Protect LDS Children has many tragic stories and the common 29 questions asked. A google search of sexual abuse in the Mormon Church is also informative.

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  12. Sam, you have the love and support of thousands and thousands. On the one hand, I wonder why anyone would want to be a formal LDS member any more. But on the other hand, what a disgusting, underhanded way to deal with somebody who is acting for the clear good of so many people, and all while other religious, service, and cultural organizations have strict policies against what the LDS refuses to change. I have had very close family members sexually abused by LDS men in positions of authority. This problem is real, and it is disgusting, and the LDS Church cares more about its image and power than the welfare of people. Go get ’em, Sam! We love you!

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  13. So humm… 1. Encouraged others to vote opposed to Church leaders? No Sam invited others to attended church and vote with him, I dont recall you encouraging anyone to vote one way or another though inviting friends to vote with you so they have comfort is not a bad thing. They decieded hiw they would vote. encouraging anyone to vote opposed? Sounds like b.s. to me. Sounds like Sam did the Christ like thing.
    2. Organized more than one public “action” that expressed opposition to the Church or its leaders? I saw public events to protect children and promote healing. Is the church against having safe places for kids? If so who is in the wrong? Not Sam. Another Christ like example. I see no fault and condemnation is a load of horse dung.
    Keep up your postive influence Sam. I have tears, this is what the Lord suffered condemnation and judgement for being a righteous person, and His grace paid for our sins so we wont have too. I remember a conference talk that spoke of not looking back, lot wife turned to salt and we were told to move forward. Hypocrisy is so think its disingenuous and indifferent. Indifference is the opposite of love not hate, this is a court of love? I dont see it.

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    1. Is this about something more than how one on one interviews are conducted? Of a specific age ? Or what

      Am I missing something ? Is this about something more than that ???

      Because if it is about how one on one interviews are conducted … especially the youth , the policy of the church is to ask the straight up question , “ Do you keep the law of Chastity ?” and only take it further if they are asked about it or if the person being interviewed gives them a reason they need to know more … not necessarily even if they say , no they are not keeping it … then the bishop or stake president probes further if they don’t explain what they mean …. they simply ask, “What Do you mean? In what way do you think or feel you are struggling with it? “ or something like unto it … no explicit questions unless they are asked questions about it …

      This is how to approach it … if a bishop or stake president does not approach it in this way , then they better have a very very good reason to do so but even then , they really shouldn’t ever be going outside that …. in any case , this is how the church approaches this and if a bishop or steak president does not follow after this … they are going against Or beyond their calling and the spirit of God …

      And they certainly don’t have permission or support do so …. but there is one thing , there is a lot of trust endowed upon a bishop and stake president … it is so very important to have faith and trust and believe in someone they call to become a bishop or stake president and if they break that trust placed on them …. well let’s just say , they should take that responsibility with the utmost respect for the fear of God…. if they break their vows and abuse their calling … it will be very bad for them …. it will be something they pay for … the justice of God cannot be avoided …

      As for protecting children …. I am all for it …. as long … I don’t really know what all of you are specifically thinking of …. What it is you want to protect them from …. ? Seriously , I am just trying to figure this out … see the full picture …. i don’t know if I do yet …

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  14. Sam, I am so sorry to see that you are now facing a Church disciplinary council. I feel that your intent with the protectldschildren movement, however unconventional, was good. I am thankful that your website gave me a place to share my story and to be validated by the stories of so many others who have suffered unrighteous dominion, falsely, in the name of the Church and of the Lord. My hope and prayer for you is that it will be a real council, and not a kangaroo court; one where the Spirit can be present, with its accompanying gift of discernment and charity, the pure love of Christ. That was not my experience when it happened to me, but I can still hope for the ideal experience for you. May our Heavenly Father bless you and be with you as you seek Him. He will be there when nobody else is. Of that I bear witness in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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  15. You’re a giant among men, Sam! The work you have done, the sacrifices you have made are more than worth it if you protected one child.

    But you have done so much more.

    Should the DC decide to excommunicate you, those of us who have been treated likewise will be here for you as you adjust to your new status. Should you decide to work back into good standing I, for one, will support you. I did it once, too (I am a double excommunicant).

    Best wishes, Sam. You’re supported and loved.

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  16. Sam, you are more Christ-like than any other person I have met within the church my entire life. If they feel that you have to be put under a disciplinary council, they have forgotten what Christ actually taught, and have only listened to what they are NOT supposed to do. Thank you. This whole thing brought up deep-seeded issues that I had with questions that I got asked as a young teen and I’m glad that someone is finally standing up to it. You have my 100% support and love.

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  17. This whole comment thread makes me so happy I’m not Christian.

    Good God people, there’s more to life than doing what you’re told, by men who do not know God- yet justify a need for control with a boring ass book.

    God is in nature, life, and self reflection- not the sterile halls of cookie cutter churches.

    This need for man to dominate man in the name of God is true blasphemy.


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  18. Sam Young, I am incredibly thankful that you have brought attention to “the horrors that occur in bishop’s interviews behind closed doors”. There is quite a bit of proof on the website that you have, in which individuals may post their experiences. Not all bishop interviews are the same, it is true, so there may be those who do not have the negative experiences that take place in interviews behind closed doors. Members of the church are encouraged by the leadership to have a strict code of obedience. Elder Oaks has told us that we should “obey” our leaders “even when they are wrong”. Think about that!!!!! God gave his children an intellect, the ability to think and reason. Why would God give us that capability if he did not expect us to use it? Dear Sam when I came across the information that you thankfully put out to the public I admired you very much and still do. I also totally expected that you would get a letter like the one you posted. The church is very vulnerable; because of that the church is not able to let a person who is calling attention to some of their issues remain a member in good standing. The church will excommunicate to prevent members in good standing from following you. Most members when they hear that a person has been excommunicated will not even listen to what they are saying. Excommunication is a weapon used by the church to limit the damage that can be caused by an individual who sees clearly the errors the church is making. To the church you are like a cancer that must be cut out.or there will be others that will follow in a similar path to yours. So what they are trying to do is limit the damage that you have the ability to create. But me, I am thankful for you and people like you; for your courage and determination to stand up for the truth. Truth is an exceptionally powerful tool. Truth eventually always wins even though it can sometimes tale a while. Thank you very much Sam. Remember God is on the side of TRUTH. Christ taught; “I am the way, the TRUTH and the Light. Best of Blessings to you SAM.

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  19. Sam, all our love to you. It’s one thing to read about and have a book knowledge of what other believing LDSs have gone through when unjustly excommunicated, usually for “insubordination.” (but still having allegiance to Christ) It turns out it’s a whole different thing to actually go through the experience. It rends the heart. Reminds me of the 6th Lecture on Faith. It *is* vain to assume you can truly follow Christ without experiencing at least some of the exact same things He did. Just as you are now. Betrayal, hypocrisy, love feigned, false priests who oppress, being cast out/excommunicated by those who should have reached out to lovingly correct some actual misdeed. By those who proclaim: “All is well in Zion! Yea, Zion prospereth!” It is the same pattern in every age. It repeats in every book of scripture. God bless you as you go through this painful process. Keep your trust in Him/Them!

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  20. This guy is off his rocker. There’s no way to tell what a person has done without basic follow up questions. Do you live the law of chastity? Answer – No. Ok. Thanks for your honest answer, but I can’t help you because I literally have no idea what this means. Maybe you watched something inappropriate or maybe you molested your cousin, but this guy doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so I guess that’s the end of the conversation.

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  21. Dear Sam Young,

    The First Presidency released the new guidelines for interviewing youth on 20 June, seemingly as a response to the attention you had brought to this controversial issue. I am therefore interested in understanding what happened after that date, especially the grounds for summoning you to the disciplinary council.

    Peter Tvertsin Knipschildt.

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  22. Interesting comments. I made a comment months ago in regards to children interviews and mentioned that the Mormon church should put cameras in rooms to protect children from abuse and I was lambasted for it by many. Thought that was odd reactions to the suggestions. That having been said, schools are pushing sexual agendas as early as kindergarten exposing these children to explicit sexualised subjects and am wondering what people on here think about that. Is it only when sexuality is discussed in a church setting that it is deemed harmful? As far as ex-communication there is one immediate benefit. You are 10% richer.

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    (Contact details for author and for Sam Young)


    Bishop Who Disagrees Receives Ex-Communication Notice

    Vancouver, BC, August 31, 2018. Sam Young, an engineer and Mormon Bishop from Houston, Texas, leader of international Protect LDS Children, who went on a hunger strike to ask for a policy change, has received notice from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to appear before a disciplinary committee on September 9th for speaking publicly against the sexual abuse of children in church interviews.

    Young posted a copy of the excommunication notice on his website Tocubit is Invisible’s Cubit with the comments below: Fast 23 days. Stand up to protect children. Speak out against a dreadful policy. Work to help the healing of countless kids who were severely wounded behind closed doors. Document the horrors. Apologize. And what do you get? Excommunication! After all, we are the Mormons. At least we used to be.

    Thousands recently came forward with details of being sexually assaulted as children during “moral cleanliness” interviews by church bishops. Young is asking the church for: No One-On-One-Interviews. No Sexually Explicit Questions, Ever.

    As part of mandated LDS policy and practice, girls and boys as young as eight are closeted behind closed doors with a lay volunteer, an older man with no appropriate training or a background check, and asked if they masturbate. Bishops are given no restrictions by the church on the questions they may ask.

    A list of 29 of the most common sexual questions children have been asked are posted on Young’s website Tocubit is Invisible’s Cubit and on Protect LDS Children.

    Facebook for Protect LDS Children, and other media, consider the questions too pornographic to post.

    Young, a father of six girls, and a grandfather, was unaware that these questions were being asked by other bishops until four of his adult daughters told him this past year. Young has spent over $150,000 of his retirement savings to ask the church to stop normalizing sexual abuse within the LDS culture.

    The petition Young started to stop these interviews now has over 55,000 signatures. This past spring, over 1,000 joined him in a march to church headquarters in Salt Lake City to deliver the petition and three books containing survivor’s stories, Sacred Stories of Sacred Children to each of the 15 top church leaders. Other rallies were held internationally.

    # # #


  24. Don’t usually post on any websites, but have to weigh in on this one since it has recently hit too close to home for comfort. About a year ago, my husband showed me an article in the newspaper about our former bishop who was being investigated for drugging and sexually abusing two young men who he had worked with while serving as our bishop. I was shocked and extremely scared as my own son was in a priest quorum with this Bishop for a very long time. I was simply horrified to say the least and extremely grateful after contacting my son on his mission to find out that my son had not been abused (but will say I feel 97% confident about that, but still a 3% question lurks in my mind). We have been very protective of our children, so this was so disturbing. The most disturbing part was that this bishop was so likable and someone who was generally trusted. He had served his time and was honorably released as bishop and was currently serving as a secretary to one of the members of the seventy when the article came out in the newspaper. Needless to say, it was way too close to home. Words cannot describe the horror I felt for the two boys, who obviously had been emotionally scarred from the experience–having a trusted spiritual leader do something like that is completely unexcusable. I’m now of the opinion that no Church leaders should ever be discussing sexual worthiness or anything sexual in nature with children or youth or even young adults. In my opinion, protecting children trumps any Church’s right to ensure that everyone is worthy to enter their temple. What about the temple that these children are? What about the desecration of their temple that happened at the hands of a chosen spiritual leader who is lyiing about his own worthiness? Obviously, there is a flaw in a system that would allow such atrocities to happen and it should be fixed.

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  25. Listening to the rationale that the Stake President is “just following orders” in sending out the notice reminds me of psychologist Stanley Milgram’s experiment with ordering participants in his study to administer electric shocks. The majority obediently follow orders. A few refuse to mindlessly follow Milgram’s arguments to hurt another person.

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    1. Funny, isn’t it, how everyone seems to place the blame elsewhere! The leaders will say it didn’t come from them (at the top, I mean), and the SPs will say they didn’t want to do it but were pressured by the guy above them. So, really, no one takes responsibility for the harm being done. It is reprehensible.

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  26. We can be sure the Disciplinary Council order came from up top. People do not excommunicate their friends for protecting children unless they have a gun to their head.

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  27. So I guess that most of the comments writers simply can’t read.
    This is not an excommunication notice but a procedural letter mentioning all the possible outcomes, including no action.

    So much hate makes me think that the devil is laughing right now.
    So many insults without even knowing what you’re all talking about.
    If you think that the Church’s policy is too strict, maybe you should try to read, after you learn how obviously, what the Bible says about sexual transgressions. It’s harsh, people were killed over it, lots of them.
    Just read the old testament
    and realize how merciful is the
    Christ through the faithful leaders of His true Church.

    But I guess that you’d better have your kids taught by Instagram than by a loving bishop, far from being perfect but trying his best.

    People here made me sick and even prouder to be a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints because if you haters are right then I’d rather be wrong.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be on my way to vomit all the BS I’ve red from ignorants on this page.

    Best of luck to you Sam.
    Pride is hard to swallow, isn’t it?

    You might have the attention and support of a bunch of people that will let you down the minute you won’t be entertaining enough for them, but if you’ve ever had a testimony, then you know where the truth stands.

    Remember the scriptures…not because you want to believe something means that this is true. We only lie to ourselves like Zeezrom or Korihor would confirm that.

    Well, excuse my French but…I’m French

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    1. Sebastien,

      I appreciate your well-written post.

      You are a living data-point example demonstration of the severe “drain bamage” that can happen to vulnerable humans who come under the brainwashday miracle effects of the Salt Lake City Mind Control Cult.

      Your opening statement triggers this question for you:

      If Sam’s SP does not fully intend to excommunicate Sam’s ass on Sep 9, why did SP suggest that Sam preemptively RESIGN to avoid the DC?

      Your TBM pretzel brain was unable to connect those simple dots in Sam’s letter.

      I won’t expend time and energy to comment on the rest of your butt-stupid post. I ordinarily don’t result to ad hominen attack, but I am willing to make an exception in your case … your letter is THAT ridiculous.

      BTW, you are an ideal TBM … the kind The Brethren love to have in their Church. You are practicing the first three principles of the Restored Gospel:

      1) obedience;

      2) obedience;

      3) obedience.

      You are letting The Brethren do your thinking for you.

      Well Dunn*, thou good and faithful servant.

      * reference to Paul H. Dunn, whose crime was to make up faith-promoting, entertaining stories about himself pawned off as truth. Never mind this exactly what JS did … and what The Brethren now do for a living.

      I will give you some homework … with intent to help you think your way out of what The Brethren have done to your poor, abused, pretzeled, controlled brain, Sebastien. These two websites are all you need to know:


      Sebastien, I especially dare you to read the Gospel Topics Essays (there are eleven links on this page) WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED BY THE CHURCH on its official website … published by The Brethren … with hopes that YOU never discover these essays.


      You will discover some VERY interesting things about the version of the History of the Church that you were taught in Sunday School and Seminary … the same version that 60,000 missionaries continue to teach investigators to this day.

      No need to thank me, Sebastien. You are most welcome anyway.

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      1. Okay Gary. You do have much ad hominen in your comment. Never-the-less, I LOL’d when I got to “butt-stupid post.”


      2. Hey, Sam!

        Regarding the ad hominem content of my response to Sebastien, I’m of the opinion that civilized subtleties are totally lost on those with thoroughly washed brains. I think a whack up the side of the head with a verbal two-by-four is what’s required to get their TBM attention sometimes. Of course, not all TBMs are that densely resistant to logical thought, but Sebastien has so clearly been successfully disconnected by The Brethren from anything that smells like non-correlated, non-cult-speak.

        BTW, excellent response to your SP! The requirement that all of your witnesses be members in good standing is itself an egregious miscarriage of due-process justice. aka… All of your witnesses must show acceptable evidence they have been brainwashed by The Brethren. You are not allowed any witnesses who are not presumably under cult mind-control.

        The secrecy and no-recordings-allowed is itself a miscarriage of justice. Secrecy is the breeding ground of fraud and deception. LDS, Inc. knows full well that if the DC proceedings were made public, the net effect of the DC would be that it’s THE CHURCH on trial, not Sam Young. The court of public opinion would find the Church GUILTY of ignoring virtually ALL of the teachings of Jesus in their knee-jerk reaction to eject Sam Young instead of opening a dialog to understand the critical issues that place Mormon youth at risk of self-loathing forever and with the inevitability that more LDS teens will kill themselves … why? …. because The Brethren DO NOT CARE if LDS kids kill themselves.

        DEAD CHILDREN is totally OK … as long as their Eternal Gravy Train is not disturbed.

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  28. Brother Young (Sam)

    I would seriously take a look at the letter. There are fundamental problems with it.

    1)When addressed we are not addressed by our first names. It starts Brother or Sister. In writing or speaking to one another

    2) What I see is that you have just been voicing an opinion on a matter. there should be no cause for a disciplinary hearing if all you are doing is voicing a concern.

    3) I don’t see how this is effecting other people unless you are influencing them by saying “stand with me or else”

    4) Any communication are mailed not hand delivered by people friends or otherwise. to respect privacy of the individual whether from The Presidency in Utah on down to local stake, ward or branch offices.

    I would call the stake executive secretary to see if you can meet with a member of the stake presidency to validate this hearing on the 9th too to make sure it is a legit letter as well.


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    1. Notices of disciplinary councils are hand delivered by two members of the high council (or bishopric if a bishop’s court) as outlined in the handbook. It’s legit.

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  29. Sam, your efforts to help the children of your church are supremely admirable and I’m sorry that the LDS church leaders see fit to chastise you in this way. You deserve better, as do the children and families for whom you speak out so valiantly. Regardless of how the council goes, I believe it is inevitable that what you ask will some day come to pass … “There is nothing like a dream to create the future” ~Victor Hugo

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  30. When the summons letter addresses you as “Sam” and not as “Bishop Young” or “Brother Young”, the final verdict seems to already have been decided. Gawd-damn, that is harsh! Even a non-believing/agnostic/atheist member of the church who submits a membership resignation letter to the COB will receive an initial response from them which addresses them as “Brother/Sister [so-and-so]”.

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