The Samaritans’ Feast

pastries.jpgOur action is coming to a close.  What a wonderful 3 weeks it’s been.  Awareness has spread mightily.  Healing all over the place.  Parents taking action to protect their own children.  The apostles….well, they have remained silent behind their palatial walls.  That’s OK.  We are moving forward without them and calling them to follow.

Last night, Aug 17, was our final Temple-side Chat.  Every one of them has been marvelous.  Hundreds of fine human beings graced the chats with their presence.

Tonight, Aug 18, 2018, the final evening of our Hunger Strike & Spotlight will take place.  I’m calling it The Samaritans’ Feast.  It’s my way of saying ‘thank you’ for all the support during my fast.

Where:  City Creek Park.  Corner of State St. and North Temple in SLC

When:  6:30pm MT.  Live Stream begins at 7pm

What:  I will be providing a meal; sandwiches, chips and drinks.  Enough for at least 160 people.  And…..

I’m also providing exactly the kind of dessert feast that I personally would envy.  Six hundred and forty bite-size pastries from Gourmandise will be brandished in a colorful and appetizing array.  I’ve never beheld a sight like this before.  Anxious to see it.  Anxious to see my super supportive friends enjoy the tastes, flavors and aromas.

The pastry selection includes:  Tiramasu, Napoleons, Marzipan slices, Mocha Slices, Chocolate Mousse Slices, Passionfruit Mousse Cake, Mini Eclairs, and Mini Fruit Tartlets.  Yum!!!

I really need your help here.  Come!  Bring your kids.  Let them see what the Good Samaritan is all about.  Let them rub shoulders with true Samaritans.  Let them see normal human beings who are truly heroic.  I’m talking about all of us who are trying to help others.  And….they are certain to enjoy those amazing pastries.

I also need your help with the food.  My fast doesn’t end until Sunday afternoon, the 23rd day.  So, no leftovers for me.  It’s your job to consume the entire Samaritans’ Feast.

I truly want to give a huge shout out to my Samaritan friends.

Thank you for making the Hunger Strike & Spotlight a big success.



6 thoughts on “The Samaritans’ Feast

  1. To quote the Dali Lama, “Compassion is of little value if it remains an idea.” Thank you, Sam, for putting compassion and love into action. You have raised awareness. Changes have occurred because of you. More need to happen, but you have educated and opened hearts. Thank you.

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  2. Sam, you are a Genius!

    If The Brethren were not blinded by their own Terminal Hubris, they would hire you as Vice-President of PR for the (formerly “Mormon”) Church.

    While Sam Young is ProtectingLDSChildren (successfully, I might add), Rusty-the-Jesus-Mocker is busy trying to save his Mormon Church (while seriously embarrassing himself) by attempting the equivalent of staging a Mormon Church Witness Protection Program … stupidly attempting to delete the tainted words “Mormon” and “LDS” from the English language!

    aka “The names are being changed to protect the not-even-close-to-innocent, including Apostles, Prophets, Bishops and Pedophiles.”

    Great job, Rusty! Your PR boys are playing you for the GODDAMNED FOOL fool that you are! (And I mean GODDAMNED in the most literal sense. Jesus would NEVER give you (or any GA) a temple recommend in a million years … in the wake of your PUBLIC REFUSAL to ProtectLDSChildren from egregious worthiness trauma behind closed doors.)

    I digress …. as usual.

    In other news …

    I met John Delhin for the first time yesterday at a Donor Lunch in Portland. During the roundtable story sharing time, I confessed to my good fortune of becoming very good friends with Sam Young last year. I also confessed that Sam and I hit it off like long-lost brothers when we finally met in-person in Houston. Then I confessed that Sam and I kinda fell into this curious “bromance” thing going on.

    Upon hearing this, JD offered to take a selfie with me to send to Sam. I said Sure. Then someone at the table piped up and wondered if Sam would be upset … seeing me spending time with another man. 😉 Great fun!

    Speaking of which, Sam Young, I love you dearly and to pieces. The “bromance” rumors are true (at least from my perspective). I have never met a human being who deserves my admiration and deep respect more than Sam Young. It makes me cry as I pinch myself to realize that Sam and I crossed paths and instantly bonded like SuperGlue … proof that miracles happen.

    Sam, if you are inspiring others to BRING their best gifts to the world … as you have inspired me … there is True Hope for this Pale Blue Dot.


    We no longer have to wait for Jesus to Come Again.

    He has already come … and sat Himself down in a lawn chair on South Temple with Sam the LionHeart.

    The wait is over, ladies and gentlemen … brothers and sisters.

    The wait is over.

    The Tares have so clearly separated themselves from the Wheat … during the last 3 weeks … on the World Stage … for all to see.

    Decent-hearted Mormons the world over have an important decision to make.

    Take as much time as you need …

    You will eventually connect the dots and figure it out …

    The in the meantime … please … please …

    Protect YOUR Children

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    1. I too am so impressed with Sam’s courageous efforts and HUGE HEART! During the past week, I have watched all Sam’s Mormon Stories episodes plus the HBO documentary BELIEVER. I have been inspired to search my heart and discover how I too might be a blessing to others in my neck of the woods (Portland area.) Between our precious children and our precious LGBTQ brothers and sisters, we all have work to do – and no job is too small! Keep rocking it out, SAM The SAMARITAN! 🙂

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  3. Thanks for everything you’ve done Sam—and will continue to do, no doubt. Stuart and I are honored to know you.

    Sorry to have missed this event. We have been in Virginia visiting granddaughters for the past week.

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