The Samaritans’ Feast

pastries.jpgOur action is coming to a close.  What a wonderful 3 weeks it’s been.  Awareness has spread mightily.  Healing all over the place.  Parents taking action to protect their own children.  The apostles….well, they have remained silent behind their palatial walls.  That’s OK.  We are moving forward without them and calling them to follow.

Last night, Aug 17, was our final Temple-side Chat.  Every one of them has been marvelous.  Hundreds of fine human beings graced the chats with their presence.

Tonight, Aug 18, 2018, the final evening of our Hunger Strike & Spotlight will take place.  I’m calling it The Samaritans’ Feast.  It’s my way of saying ‘thank you’ for all the support during my fast.

Where:  City Creek Park.  Corner of State St. and North Temple in SLC

When:  6:30pm MT.  Live Stream begins at 7pm

What:  I will be providing a meal; sandwiches, chips and drinks.  Enough for at least 160 people.  And…..

I’m also providing exactly the kind of dessert feast that I personally would envy.  Six hundred and forty bite-size pastries from Gourmandise will be brandished in a colorful and appetizing array.  I’ve never beheld a sight like this before.  Anxious to see it.  Anxious to see my super supportive friends enjoy the tastes, flavors and aromas.

The pastry selection includes:  Tiramasu, Napoleons, Marzipan slices, Mocha Slices, Chocolate Mousse Slices, Passionfruit Mousse Cake, Mini Eclairs, and Mini Fruit Tartlets.  Yum!!!

I really need your help here.  Come!  Bring your kids.  Let them see what the Good Samaritan is all about.  Let them rub shoulders with true Samaritans.  Let them see normal human beings who are truly heroic.  I’m talking about all of us who are trying to help others.  And….they are certain to enjoy those amazing pastries.

I also need your help with the food.  My fast doesn’t end until Sunday afternoon, the 23rd day.  So, no leftovers for me.  It’s your job to consume the entire Samaritans’ Feast.

I truly want to give a huge shout out to my Samaritan friends.

Thank you for making the Hunger Strike & Spotlight a big success.