Letter to Apostles–Invitation to Temple-Side Chat

Apostles ancientThe following letter was delivered to the apostles earlier today.

Dear Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,

By now, I’m assuming that you are aware of what is taking place nightly in the shadow of our gorgeous and sacred Salt Lake Temple.  Just in case, here are the details again.

For a total of fifteen days, an event is being held across the street from temple square.  It is called Temple-side Chat with an Apostle.  Each day, one of the apostles will be invited to join us.  A chair will be provided for his comfort. The chat will last around an hour, unless the apostle desires to extend it.

People will gather each evening.  Many will be victims and survivors of the heartbreaking consequences resulting from youth interviews. They desire to speak directly with those responsible for the policies that enabled the crippling indignities suffered while they were mere children.

The stories of hundreds of these good people were delivered to your offices last March.  Elder Christofferson has read them all.  He described them as TRAGIC.  To many survivors, it has been highly meaningful that their accounts actually landed on Elder C’s desk.  That he read them is huge.  Just think what it would mean to them for an actual apostle to listen in-person to these TRAGIC stories.

A central purpose of the Savior’s gospel is healing. Our gentle Lord was in constant out-reach to those who were shunned by the priesthood holders of his time.

Jesus is lauded for healing in his wings.  As a Special Witness of Christ, please come and spread that healing to those we have harmed.  You will be spreading the Balm of Gilead not only among those present, but among thousands upon thousands around the world.

The Temple-side Chat with an Apostle begins every night at 7:00pm on the sidewalks of South Temple Street. If you would prefer a different venue, please let me know and we’ll happily convene there. Here is the schedule of invitations.

July 29:  Elder SoaresFailed to show.

July 30:  Elder Gong–Failed to show.

July 31:  Elder Renlund–Failed to show.

Aug 1:     Elder Stevenson–Failed to show.

Aug 2:     Elder RasbandFailed to show.

Aug 3:     Elder Anderson-Failed to show.

Aug 4:     Elder Christofferson-Failed to show.

Aug 5:     Elder Cook–Failed to show.

Aug 6:     Elder Bednar–Failed to show.

Aug 7:     Elder Uchtdorf-Failed to show.

Aug 8:     Elder Holland–Failed to show.

Aug 9:     Elder Ballard–Failed to show.

Aug 10:   President Eyring–Failed to show.

Aug 11:  President Oaks–Failed to show.

Aug 12:  President Nelson–Failed to show.

Thanks for your heartfelt consideration,

Sam Young

P.S. Yesterday, referring to me, you stated: “Further meetings with him are not necessary.”  If you prefer that I not to be at the Temple-Side Chat when you are present, I’ll gladly accommodate.  Healing victims and protecting children are my primary concerns.

18 thoughts on “Letter to Apostles–Invitation to Temple-Side Chat

  1. Hopefully some of these Apostles accept the invitation by showing up, sitting down, and having a heartfelt discussion with Sam and others there. What are they afraid of? Just making an appearance will demonstrate by their actions that they care, even if they disagree. Not showing up speaks volumes. I think Christ would show up if he were here.

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  2. You’re awesome Sam! There’s nothing more Christ like than standing up for children. It broke my heart a little that no one showed last night.

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    1. sorry for your broken heart. it takes real humanity to be able to stand up to the high likelihood (and personal responsibility) that jesus is fictional. making children half healthy still isnt a reasonable result.

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  3. sigh. there is such a full life that can be lived without fighting with powerful rich narcissists. i know you find it hard to let it go, but there is so much else to do. it is highly unlikely that there was a flood, exit from egyptian slavery, or a jesus. ramanujan would be a much finer ‘example’ than the illustrious bullshit stories of mr jesus.

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    1. There are people who will stay with the church even if they decide it’s a lie because for many, especially in Salt Lake, it’s a way of life and walking away isn’t easy. Of course it’s hard for him to let go — it happened to his own children. As long as the church continues to subject children to this disgusting practice, Sam is going to fight, and it’s a VERY good reason to fight. I have a TON of respect for him.

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  4. This is a heartfelt on my knees pleading that you, my apostles of my Savior, attend these chats. There are survivors there who want so much to hear your kind and loving words. We look to you for spiritual guidance, for words of great comfort, for hearing you declare that God knows our pain and sorrows.
    We are taught that pride is not of the Savior. Please don’t allow pride to keep you from doing what may be viewed as unpopular. I stand daily for the right, many times alone. As a member of the church, it’s what we teach preach and are supposed to practice.
    Please let go of whatever it is that holds any of you back. There is no protocol that states you cannot meet one of one with the members. We are all from the same Eternal Family.
    Please stand with Christ and do the right thing.
    Sam is only a mouthpiece. He seeks no glory. He wants the safety of our children. He wants to give a voice to those who have suffered at the hands of church leaders!!!
    We owe them that much. You owe them that much!! Please show your courage!

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  5. How do you know Elder Soares. “Couldn’t make it.” ?? Maybe he could and just decided not to. I would replace the wording with “No Show!”

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  6. Just meeting regular folks; ones that wouldn’t normally qualify for being around them, would have them thinking about Matthew 26:22 “And they were exceeding sorrowful, and began every one of them to say unto him, Lord, is it I?” Discipleship and prophetic witness is more than just complaining from behind a podium. Just being there does not have to mean it will just be a bash session. It can be a chance for healing. Giving blessings, anointing, hearings stories, just plain old fashioned listening, that is what the brethren can make it.

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  7. These men can’t be SEEN to ‘submit’ to the appeals of an ‘underling’ (sorry, Sam – you’re not, of course) or underlings even though they would, in fact, not be ‘submitting’ to a man at all but humbling themselves before God. They could earn a trust from those they presume to lead by doing so. Their failure to acknowledge or address wrongdoing ‘within the camp’ suggests that they merely pretend to know the God they grieve.

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  8. Wow! Is it possible that this needed to be scheduled a few months in advance or that you ask them when the best time is for them? I hope they adjusted their schedules to listen to and reach out to those who are seeking healing. God bless you for your caring efforts. This is huge! Penni Eads, Kaysville, UT

    On Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 4:30 PM, Tocubit Is Invisible’s Cubit wrote:

    > Sam Young posted: “The following letter was delivered to the apostles > earlier today. Dear Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day > Saints, By now, I’m assuming that you are aware of what is taking place > nightly in the shadow of our gorgeous and sacred Salt Lake ” >

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  9. I have never been formally diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, but I have so many Aspie traits that I identify as one. I have been blessed with many wonderful leaders over the years in church, but I have had some very traumatic experiences with others.

    I grew up making good grades in school but was very naïve as to the ways of the world. I was compliant and rarely got into any kind of trouble. My parents never gave me the “Birds and Bees” talk. I did not learn the plumbing of human reproduction until I read about it in my high school biology textbook when I was 16.

    But as I turned twelve years old, well-meaning but misguided bishops began grilling me on whether I practiced something that I will euphemistically call “self-pleasuring.” I had no idea what this act was. When I asked the leaders for clarification, they begrudgingly gave me technical answers which I still could not understand. All I could discern was that this was some dark, evil practice. Warnings against this act were also frequent topics in priesthood lessons, conferences, etc.

    In parallel, I was undergoing an early puberty. I began to erroneously feel deep guilt that any sexual urge or bodily reaction was related to this evil practice. I even began confessing to this “self-pleasuring” sin even though I still did not understand what it really was, nor had ever actually done it. I was able to serve a two-year mission, but even then I felt somewhat unworthy because of all the body-shaming warnings I had internalized from priesthood leaders. This was my first experience with church-related trauma. It is an example of the scrupulosity trap which can ensnare Aspies.

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  10. I know a lot of you won’t agree with me, but I don’t really agree with this tactic of trying to force dialogue with the Twelve and the First Presidency, Sam. (Isn’t this also a form of unrighteous dominion?) These guys have packed schedules – planned months in advance – most weekends taken up by stake conferences, etc.. I would also think that they probably have targets on their backs from haters, and wouldn’t a meeting like that invite a crazy sniper or something? I know if I was one of them, I wouldn’t feel comfortable out in the street like that. I know where Elder Stevenson was. Taking one of the few breaks he gets during the year. (Is that why this is happening now? When they are all on vacation?) But before Elder Stevensen headed off to the quiet and peace of Montana fishing, he was gracious enough to minister to the youth of my stake. He didn’t have to, but he did. It was organized, scramble fashion, in a matter of less than a week. So if you need a message from him, please accept what I learned. I am pretty sure he would agree with me.


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    1. I have been trying to reach the apostles for the better part of a year. Their response last week was that no meetings are needed. So they have totally brushed me off. That’s OK. I have been asking them to meet with or address the thousands of people who have been harmed by our policies. One thousand of us peacefully marched to the COB. Not one single authority of any level in the church could be bothered to greet us.

      It was nice of Elder Stevenson to minister to the youth of your stake. Why can’t even one apostle meet with the former youth all over the world who are still traumatized. Not even one single word.

      It’s shameful.

      I do agree on one issue, the security. I’ve told the apostles that we are willing to convene at any location of their choice.

      I really appreciate you weighing in on the discussion.

      Thanks, Sam

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  11. Hello everyone I am a new convert, I was baptized January before last. I am frankly shocked that our church leaders who seem to be so open and loving won’t come to the table. I don’t understand why they would not want to talk about these things openly. What is there to be afraid of? Satan thrives in the dark, let this all come to light. It’s confusing, disappointing and concerning.

    I am very moved and grateful to all of you for your courage to bring these things into the light. Courage by the way is from the Latin root word ‘cur’ meaning ‘heart’. I pray that our church leaders can find the courage too. I say these things in Jesus name, Amen.

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  12. Abuse happens. It’s an ugly reality of our fallen world.

    What truly bothers me about this whole discussion is the lack of it, the lack of discussion on behalf of the Church. My main question for Church leaders is this: You stated that you are fully aware of the issues that Sam and others are raising, soooooo….

    Have you prayed about it?

    And if you have prayed about it then what did the Holy Ghost say to you?

    Certainly the Holy Ghost did not advise you to ignore the suffering of vulnerable church members. Pride Is a very sneaky, vicious tool of the devil. Humility is what Jesus taught us through his example. It’s okay that the church is not perfect, nothing in the fallen world is perfect,

    Through humility we can have a sincere conversation about a difficult subject and we can begin to heal – together. When we are humble we can realize that there is noting to fear in having that conversation.

    Dear president and apostles, please I beg you to pray deeply on this matter and open your heat to the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

    Then simply have a conversation with us, tell us what the Holy Ghost said to you.

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