Letter to Apostles–Invitation to Temple-Side Chat

Apostles ancientThe following letter was delivered to the apostles earlier today.

Dear Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,

By now, I’m assuming that you are aware of what is taking place nightly in the shadow of our gorgeous and sacred Salt Lake Temple.  Just in case, here are the details again.

For a total of fifteen days, an event is being held across the street from temple square.  It is called Temple-side Chat with an Apostle.  Each day, one of the apostles will be invited to join us.  A chair will be provided for his comfort. The chat will last around an hour, unless the apostle desires to extend it.

People will gather each evening.  Many will be victims and survivors of the heartbreaking consequences resulting from youth interviews. They desire to speak directly with those responsible for the policies that enabled the crippling indignities suffered while they were mere children.

The stories of hundreds of these good people were delivered to your offices last March.  Elder Christofferson has read them all.  He described them as TRAGIC.  To many survivors, it has been highly meaningful that their accounts actually landed on Elder C’s desk.  That he read them is huge.  Just think what it would mean to them for an actual apostle to listen in-person to these TRAGIC stories.

A central purpose of the Savior’s gospel is healing. Our gentle Lord was in constant out-reach to those who were shunned by the priesthood holders of his time.

Jesus is lauded for healing in his wings.  As a Special Witness of Christ, please come and spread that healing to those we have harmed.  You will be spreading the Balm of Gilead not only among those present, but among thousands upon thousands around the world.

The Temple-side Chat with an Apostle begins every night at 7:00pm on the sidewalks of South Temple Street. If you would prefer a different venue, please let me know and we’ll happily convene there. Here is the schedule of invitations.

July 29:  Elder SoaresFailed to show.

July 30:  Elder Gong–Failed to show.

July 31:  Elder Renlund–Failed to show.

Aug 1:     Elder Stevenson–Failed to show.

Aug 2:     Elder RasbandFailed to show.

Aug 3:     Elder Anderson-Failed to show.

Aug 4:     Elder Christofferson-Failed to show.

Aug 5:     Elder Cook–Failed to show.

Aug 6:     Elder Bednar–Failed to show.

Aug 7:     Elder Uchtdorf-Failed to show.

Aug 8:     Elder Holland–Failed to show.

Aug 9:     Elder Ballard–Failed to show.

Aug 10:   President Eyring–Failed to show.

Aug 11:  President Oaks–Failed to show.

Aug 12:  President Nelson–Failed to show.

Thanks for your heartfelt consideration,

Sam Young

P.S. Yesterday, referring to me, you stated: “Further meetings with him are not necessary.”  If you prefer that I not to be at the Temple-Side Chat when you are present, I’ll gladly accommodate.  Healing victims and protecting children are my primary concerns.

Pompous, Petty and Infantile

First Pres

Dear Stake President,

I hope this missive finds you well as our beautiful spring weather is about to fade into summer’s heat.

Over the past few years, I have sent you several letters that I hoped would be passed up the chain of priesthood authority.  So far, I have not heard any word in response.  I’d like to know to whom you forwarded my communications.

Below you will find a new letter that I’ve written to the apostles.

This is actually my 4th letter to them.  The first one was entrusted to your care several months ago.  The next 2 were printed as full page spreads in the Salt Lake Tribune and the Ogden Standard Examiner.  The ads in the paper cost me a total of $25,000.  Hopefully, this one will only cost me time.  Please forward it to them.

BTW, I’d love to sit down with you and reopen discussions on changes we should make in our stake.

All my best,


Dear Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,

Although, I don’t believe that you are pompous, petty and infantile, it appears that some highly respected members do.  At least, that’s the way I interpret what they are saying. 

Listen to this quote from a prominent and renowned member:

“If you want to change the church, it’s possible to do that at the grass roots level.   That’s what I call trickle up revelation.  It’s an important force, maybe one of the most important forces in the church.  The one thing that you can absolutely guarantee is that a frontal assault on the brethren or even the perception of that will cause them to dig in.  You have to be politically savvy.”

No matter how something is brought to a person’s attention, if it’s the right thing to do, we do it.  To dig in and stall if the other party is not “politically savvy” reflects a pompous, petty and infantile attitude. 

I believe that you have the opposite approach, the one described by Elder David A. Bednar in the recent General Conference.

He instructed us in the Christ-like quality of meekness.

“A distinguishing characteristic of meekness is a particular spiritual receptivity to learning both from the Holy Ghost and from people who may seem less capable, experienced, or educated, who may not hold important positions.

Meekness is the principal protection from the prideful blindness that often arises from prominence, position, power, wealth, and adulation.”

What a great quote.  Of all people, certainly the apostles must have the quality of meekness in spades. 

Elder Bednar described me perfectly:  less experienced and holds no important position.  And he goes on to say that the meek have the spiritual receptivity to learn from politically inept people like me.

And who needs the personal protection that comes from possessing meekness?  Those of prominence, position, wealth and adulation.  That fits you, my friends, to a tee.  According to this potent conference talk, you are susceptible to the blindness that often arises from prominence, position, wealth and adulation.

I am cheered by the insightful teachings of Elder Bednar.  It’s encouraging that you are meek and willing to listen and do what’s right no matter how severe my ineptness is.  The meek learn from the incompetent and do what’s right because it’s the right thing to do.

The pompous, petty and infantile dig in to protect their prominence, position and adulation.  Fortunately, that can’t possibly describe you.

By now, you should know that I represent the 56,000 people who signed the petition that was delivered to you on March 30th.  I, along with 1,000 other members and former members, also presented a book for each and every one of you.  Irene Caso accepted them on your behalf.  The books contain “Sacred Stories of Sacred Children.”  They detail the egregious damage that our current interview policies are causing. 

I trust that you have read many of the stories and are horrified at what we are doing to our kids.  Let’s make the changes now before any more children are hurt. 

This is an urgent matter.  Every week more and more of our children are harmed.

It’s high time that we put into place state-of-the-art protections.  Every other church and youth serving organization already has. 

It’s high time that we protect our bishops.  Our policy puts them in the cross hairs of temptation and false accusations.  Their liability grows everyday.

It’s also high time that we protect the good name of the church.  Certainly, you must know that everybody outside of the church views our practice with disgust.  Our growth in the U.S. has slowed to a crawl.  Continuing our outdated protocol will drag it down even further.  And what about the Church’s liability?  In today’s environment, you have to realize how vulnerable our church has become.

Here are the 2 changes that tens of thousands of us support you in making.

1)  Eliminate one-on-one interviews.
2) Forbid sexually explicit questions from being asked of our children.

These simple changes will protect our children, protect our leaders and protect the good name of our church.

Love and best wishes,

Sam Young and 56,475 concerned friends of our children

What Can You Do Now?

Help bolster our army of thundering lions.  Our petition currently has 20,161 signatures.   Our next goal is 30,000.  Care2 also has a petition that has garnered over 36,000 signatories.  Between them both our total is over 56,000 strong.

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Every week that goes by, children continue to be egregiously harmed behind bishop’s closed doors in Mormon churches all around the world.



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