Protect The Children–Stop Mormon Masturbation Interviews


These interviews are dead wrong.

Let’s stand up together.  Let’s speak out together.  Let’s do what is right… what is right for our kids.

I invite you to sign the petition.

Click Here:  Protect the Children–Stop Mormon Masturbation Interviews

Whether you are a parent or grandparent.  An aunt or an uncle.  A member or former member.  Or…simply a human being who is concerned with what we are doing to our Mormon kids.  Please register your call to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for this practice to cease.

Resources & Testimonials

Testimonials of masturbation interviews.  Click HERE.

Testimonials of interviews about orgasm and sexual positions.  Click HERE.

Is masturbation a sin?  Click HERE.

How to talk to your kids about masturbation.  Click HERE.


14 thoughts on “Protect The Children–Stop Mormon Masturbation Interviews

  1. Masturbation and sexual shaming are a form of sexual grooming. This practice humiliates children and teens (and adults too) and leaves young people vulnerable to sexual predators. Those predators can even be those doing the interviews.

    This practice is sexually abusive and needs to stop immediately.

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  2. Dear Sam,

    I just worked overtime and crafted the Enforcement Badge you should wear to the Mass Resignation jamboree in Utah this weekend.

    Instead of just a badge, you could enlarge it poster size and wear it as a Sandwich Sign.

    The Devil made me do it, so don’t blame me.

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    1. Oh boy, Gary. I just looked at the badge. Hahaha. Hehehe. Oh my! What’s sad is that many church leaders are wearing this badge with pride as they interview our children behind closed doors, all alone with a kid, whose parents are clueless about what’s going on. It’s got to stop.

      Have you signed the petition yet? Have you shared it yet?


      1. Hi, Sam,

        We laugh at the badge, but then you pointed out that Church leaders are silently, invisibly wearing that badge during worthiness interviews. They should be FORCED to pin that badge on their lapel during all interviews as Truth in Advertising.

        I have not signed your petition for the same reason I declined years ago to join “Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth.”

        When you send a civilized petition to an authority figure who is clearly and egregiously misbehaving, you are tacitly submitting to … and acknowledging … their egregious authority. Once you have displayed your submission to their authority, you have authorized them to completely ignore you, which is precisely what The Brethren will do with any and every petition or grassroots initiative originating from Church membership. LDS Church members have zero authority and no rights whatsoever in opposition to The Brethren.

        When the stinking leaks, the stinking has been done.

        They do not care what you think. The ONLY thing you can do that has ANY effect whatsoever on The Brethren is to vote with your feet and leave. And as you have observed, many tens if not hundreds of THOUSANDS of formerly faithful, tithe-paying members can LEAVE THE BUILDING AND NEVER RETURN without having ANY effect on The Brethren.

        Sam, I continue to genuinely support your desire to retain your Church membership and to continue the activism and change initiatives that make sense to you.

        My perspective is that The Brethren are toxic, and so is their Mind Control Cult. Petitioning the pig to wear some lipstick only insults pigs by comparing them to The Brethren by metaphor.

        People gotta do what they feel like they gotta do for whatever reasons they feel like they gotta do it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what you feel like you gotta do, Sam. I support you doing whatever that is for as long as you feel motivated to do it.

        This is how Life works. We have emotionally engaging experiences and learn from them eventually … sooner or later does not matter. We WILL learn eventually what our Lives are teaching us.

        A pivotal difference between you and me, Sam, is that you believe there is hope that The Brethren can be entreated to behave better then they do. Tall order when The Brethren believe they can do no wrong.

        Ignoring all of the above, I am delighted you will be speaking at the Mass Resignation Event on Sunday. If nothing else, you are One Complicated Dude who likely gives nearly everyone wrinkled eyebrows … on both sides of the TBMExMo fence.

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      2. I just hope you know how much I love you!!!

        Will the brethren listen and make changes? How the hell would I know that. Probably not, though.

        But there is one huge thing that I have learned. I didn’t learn it by observation. I’ve learned it from several people who have reached out to me personally. They have been hurt, damaged, and deeply shamed by these interview practices. Here’s what they have said. It is a big help in their healing process to see someone stand up, in public, clearly and loudly stating that what was perpetrated on them was wrong, dead wrong.

        The second thing that is happening is there are now members who are aware of what’s happening and are taking steps to protect their kids.

        So, if the high command takes no action, except to excommunicate yours truly, I have already given aid to the hurting and protection to the vulnerable.

        I can’t tell you how much I enjoy our interchanges. Perhaps to you and to most people reading our dialogue, it may appear that we are far apart in our worldview. To me, I feel like you and I see things more alike than anyone in the circle of acquaintance. And we have only met twice! How loverly is that.


      3. Dear Sam,

        I only hope to resemble your reply. 😉

        Regarding hope for The Brethren … that would be your department. I happened to notice that the majority of items on my Changes list just made things worse. It’s possible that after several more of the obsolete dinosaurs become mercifully extinct, that some of the younger general luminaries will lean more towards civilized behavior than their unfortunately-not-yet-dead superiors.

        Time will tell. Lots of time most likely.

        You are an inspiration and courageous ally for any and all decent people who have the good fortune to know you and/or be near you, Sam. And that applies to wherever you happen to be standing at the time, be it in, out or in the doorway.

        Whatever might be happening, standing near Sam Young is a good place for anyone to be. I know that from personal experience … twice so far.


  3. Sam,

    I should amend my statement that departure of tens to hundreds of thousands of members has no effect on The Brethren.

    History shows that The Brethren do have the capacity to change, but not very often, and at the speed of a Tectonic Plate in second gear and leaning forward.


    1. Blacks receiving the Priesthood.

    2. Changing the Utah Chainsaw Massacre special effects features of the temple endowment

    3. Two-piece temple garments

    4. 3-hour block Sunday meeting schedule

    5. Delete nearly everything that used to be some kind of fun and socially satisfying and rewarding about being a Mormon.

    6. Correlating lesson delivery to virtually stamp out unwelcome vestiges of individual creativity and semi-quasi-independent thought by members called to teach

    So, I corrected myself. The Brethren can and have changed their behaviors in the past. It will likely happen again in the future. This should give you hope, Sam.

    Sorry to be such a downer without cause.

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    1. I forgot to mention the denial of membership privileges to babies of gay couples, and the elevation of gay couple status to excommunication fodder.

      I probably forgot a few other Change Achievements of The Brethren.

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      1. You have been gone for so long. Yet you have a better grip on what’s going on than most active believing members.


      2. That thing that is monitored by your badge was created and exploited..and lied to by all including take no responsibility for your observance of a immoral act on an exoeriment


      3. Jack,

        Thanks for replying to a year-old post.

        Only trouble is … I do not understand what you wrote.

        Sam, can you make sense of it?

        Jack, maybe you can write it again in different words. I might reply if I understand the thought you are conveying.


    2. The disavowal of the chainsaw massacre does give me hope. Thank you for pointing that out. What I really hope is that it gives YOU hope.


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