Calling Stake & Ward Leaders to Stop Masturbation Interviews

imageTonight, I send this e-mail to the stake presidency, the bishoprics and stake high councilmen in the Houston Texas South Stake.

Greetings All,

We have a great stake with wonderful leaders.  Thanks for all you do.

This e-mail is about a practice that likely is not happening in our stake.  At least, I hope it’s not.  But, it appears to be a widespread practice in many other areas of the church.  I have grandkids that will soon be entering our youth programs.  I’d like to ask for your help to insure that this practice doesn’t continue.

A few months ago, I discovered something disturbing.  It happened to my daughter when she was 12 years old.  During a bishop’s youth interview she was asked about masturbation.   Even though she had no idea what it meant, she was embarrassed.  After the interview, she asked her friends.  They weren’t familiar with the term either.  She googled it.  Of course, up popped pornographic images and descriptions.   Effectively, my daughter was introduced to masturbation and pornography by the bishop.  I asked if this question was ever posed again during her YW years.  She responsonded:  “All the time!”

I was outraged.  I had no idea these questions were being asked.  My daughter’s innocence was violated.  My rights and responsibility to protect my child were abrogated and circumvented.

Since finding out about my daughter’s experience, I have become aware that this is still happening to children throughout the church.  Many members have reported the harm, the shame and the lasting damage they have endured from these questions. 

As a young man, I was never asked invasive sexual questions.  I served as a bishop for 5 years.  Never once did I ask any child or adult about masturbation.

Here’s what I’m asking.  I’ve created a petition to raise visibility for this issue.  Please lend your support by adding your signature.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

To see the petition—click HERE

All my very best wishes to your families and in your callings,

Sam Young

If You Haven’t Signed Yet…Please Help Protect Our LDS Children

Link to the Petition to stop Mormon Masturbation Interviews.  Click HERE.

Testimonials of masturbation interviews.  Click HERE.

Testimonials of interviews about orgasm and sexual positions.  Click HERE.

Is masturbation a sin?  Click HERE.

How to talk to your kids about masturbation.  Click HERE.

6 thoughts on “Calling Stake & Ward Leaders to Stop Masturbation Interviews

  1. These interviews are perverted. They ARE sexual abuse. They are a TEST, a test to see if leaders and members will follow perverse commandments of men blindly (D&C 46:7).

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  2. I’ve signed because I think the interviews are wrong but I don’t think anything will change though. The first step of repentance is to know that you’ve done something wrong. To have church leadership say, “Yep, we were wrong about this and this is what we’re going to do differently.” That just doesn’t happen. This is an example I look at for a church institution taking responsibility:

    Now I have issues with the SBC but this is not one of them. This kind of statement would never come out of SLC, alas.

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  3. As part of my profession I teach parents how to combat porn in their own lives and in the lives of our kids. First off did you know the target age of the porn industry is age 11. In this day and age porn is only a few clicks away. You can load porn on a phone, computer, or gaming divice in about 15 Sec. All youth will be exposed to porn before turning 14 years old. It is not a matter of if our kids see it, it is now a matter of when. I have also been in the young men’s program of the church for 20 years now and you would not believe the stories I hear about school and how bad it is. As a bishop I would ask the parents to have the sex/masterbation talk with their kids before my interview, and yes this would be at the age of 11 or 12. How can you defend your self from something your know nothing about. Please teach your kids what porn and masterbation if you don’t somone else’s will, and that someone my just be google and at that point it is to late.

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    1. So it’s your profession. That sounds great. I love that. Unfortunately, the vast majority of bishops and their counselors have no training whatsoever. Then putting them behind closed doors, alone with an 11 year old compounds the problem beyond the pale.

      I agree with you 100%. This should be the in the parents purview…only.

      Thanks for sharing a great perspective from your long years of service.

      All my best to you, my friend.


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