Looking for an Apostle

March crush at COBThe following email was sent to my stake president tonight.

Dear President,

Over the past year, I have been very active in working to bring awareness to the dangers of our interview policies:  The petition.  The Sacred Stories.  The march.  The news conferences.  All the TV, radio and newspaper coverage.  The top tier media coverage in Australia and the U.K.  Finally, National Children’s day.

This has led many parents to protect their children by establishing wise boundaries.  A wonderful thing.  It has enabled and facilitated healing.  A gorgeous thing.

It has also led the Church to make changes.  Unfortunately, they were minor.  Although they were steps in the right direction, all the inherent dangers remain.

My next action is planned for July 28 & 29.  Of course, it will be a peaceful undertaking.  It’s an action that the church has never faced before.  It will draw every bit as much attention as the march.  In fact, it will have a much bigger impact.  Millions of people who have never heard of our cause will become aware of what we Mormons subject our children to.

A few months ago, I visited the building which houses the apostles’ offices.  I requested an appointment.  They didn’t let me through the locked doors.  Rather, they talked to me through an intercom.   I was informed that a security detail would meet me in front of the building.

Sure enough, within just a few minutes, three guards in business suits appeared.  They didn’t emerge from the front door.  They just seemed to materialize out of nowhere.  Although I was a bit nervous, we had a delightful conversation.  They told me how to secure a meeting with an apostle.  My stake president would have to make a request to his supervising seventy which would then be relayed through the area presidency.

So, here’s my request.  Please relay to your supervising seventy that I’d like to meet with an apostle. 

I’ll be in Salt Lake City on Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th.  The action will last all day, both days.  However, what happens on Saturday will not be visible unless someone is really paying attention.  On the 29th, what happened on the preceding day will be revealed and it will continue all day Sunday.

Preparations have been quietly underway for the past few weeks.   The elements are coming together to enable thousands of voices to unite to protect our children and to protect the good name of the church.

Please rest assured that this action will be completely peaceful and legal and……HUGE.  It will pose no threat to anyone or anything….except to a dreadful policy.

BTW, if you are ready to stand with me to protect our kids, I’ll gladly buy your plane ticket to Utah for our meeting with an apostle.

Please keep me advised,


27 thoughts on “Looking for an Apostle

  1. I haven’t read anything by you in a while, so I thought you were somewhat satisfied with what has taken place as far as interviews are concerned. In fact , I though you were pleased with the progress and the comments made about you and what Elder Christofferson had said about your work. What is missing as far as you are concerned. Should anyone be allowed in the Temple regardless of their lifestyle? Should the position of a Bishop as a judge in Israel be taken away? Should Stake Presidents take the word of all young people over their Priesthood leaders without a fair hearing. I am just trying to understand what your disagreement is with the Brethren now. It seems to me like they are making good progress.

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    1. no one should ever ask kids if they masturbate, what the particulars of a consensual sexual relationship are, or be in alone in a room with a minor under 18. Period. it’s pretty simple. 🙂

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    2. Janice: Asked and answered… and answered… and answered… and answered. But for those who are hard of hearing, here it is once more. Next time you are confused just ask yourself, has the church implemented the following: “NO ONE ON ONE INTERVIEWS. NO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT QUESTIONS, EVER!” It really is very simple, just 10 words. Do they imply anyone in temple regardless of lifestyle? I don’t see that anywhere in “No one on one interviews. No sexually explicit questions, ever!” Judge in Israel taken away? No, that doesn’t follow from “No one on one interviews. No sexually explicit questions, ever!” Take word of young over leaders? No…. no, no, no! Now you are just being silly. None is so blind as he who refuses to look, none so deaf as she who refuses to listen. So now I ask, what is so hard to understand about “No one on one interviews. No sexually explicit questions, ever!”

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    3. I don’t think any of the things you’ve lost above have been part of Sam’s agenda. All I’ve seen him ask is to require a parent to sit in on interview of their minor children, and to require no sexually explicit questions to be asked during interviews with minors.
      These efforts are to help protect children from being conditioned. Psychologists all over are saying children who speak in detail about sex and sexual thoughts in a closed room with an authority figure are more likely to feel guilty and at fault if they are ever assaulted.
      The catholic church and public schools have realized its unsafe to have their children alone with adult leaders. That’s why classroom doors are left open if a teacher meets alone with a student.
      Not only would this protect children, this will also protect the church and their leaders. If a bishop is never alone with a minor child, then it would protect him from being falsely accused of any wrongdoing with that child.

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    4. why should a young
      person have to ask for another adult to be there??? Wouldn’t it be better for the young person to just have a standard for this? It’s about the children feeling safe and protected💖

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      1. Sherrie, good questions.

        I will rephrase your questions:

        If the Church cares about protecting LDS children, why doesn’t their “new and improved” interview policy simply PROHIBIT one-on-one interviews with minors?

        The answer is obvious.

        In truth, the Church WANTS its entrenched practice of one-on-one interviews with minors to continue … as much as possible. Guilting and shaming children (and adults) is an extremely effective method of hooking their enmeshment with the Mind Control Cult and making it much more difficult for members to think for themselves, figure out they are being used and abused, and then vote with their feet.

        The very best way to protect LDS children (and adults) is simply to leave and never return.

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  2. Dear Janice,

    Sam has already answered all of your questions in his previous writings.

    Almost all improvements in the protection of LDS children in response to Sam’s initiatives are coming from newly informed parents who no longer cluelessly believe their kids are safe when they are alone with the Bishop in his office. Even if the bishop does not ask any pornographic questions, the kid is still being groomed to believe it’s OK to be alone with a “trusted” adult. That is only a good idea if ALL adults are trustworthy alone with children.

    The Church continues to indicate this is a risk worth taking … when the risk-takers are the children … not the Church.

    The Church’s supposed “progress” is to allow the kid to request another adult to be present if desired. This policy “improvement” puts the onus on children to parent and protect themselves.

    Janice, your post shows that you are dangerously biased to protect the Church and continue to risk LDS children as unimportant consequential damage should something go wrong with Bishop’s worthiness interviews.

    Let me help you see more clearly. You are supporting a policy where all of the children in your ward are herded into a room. A line is painted down the middle of the floor. In the back of the room, two large signs are pinned to the back wall. One sign reads “WORTHY GOOD CHILDREN”. The other sign on the other side of the room reads “UNWORTHY BAD CHILDREN”. Your Bishop then takes each child into his office, then emerges to assign each child to go stand under one of the signs.

    Janice, I want you to seriously imagine in your mind’s eye that instead of your Bishop, the person interviewing the children and then grading their personal worthiness is … Jesus Himself.

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  3. Sam, their second anointing make them immune. I stopped giving interviews to these nuts when I was 18. My sex life was none of their damn business. I didn’t owe these Mormon bigwigs nothing. When I was 12, a Mormon fucker ask me if I masturbated. I didn’t know what the hell he meant. The next day at my school, I got the webster dictionary out and found out what masturbation was . The asshole was doing something to me that I know now is called sexual grooming and it’s against the law. May these fuckers and the Mormon church get was it deserves. All this shit is going to bite them in the ass. 32 billion dollar LDS Inc and is evil. But I left the church When I was a kid. When I found out about the masonic underwear was when I was 2 years old. I never wanted to be a Mormon, but had no choice. I felt this way since 2 years old and I saw the long johns. We lived and texas and I knew the normal people didn’t wear that. I was fascinated with the underwear section of the sears catalog. I knew I was not going to turn into my parents. I was right. I’m thank God for my smart brain. Yes, I believe in God, And when these Mormon leaders are judged by god they will get the karma they deserved. Thank you for trying to stop this corruption against innocent children.

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  4. Sam you are simply quite amazing: the reason being your tenacity and your absolute trust in God. (Refer Karen Armstrong :The History of God …she differentiates between belief and trust in God). It is your trust in God which reflects your testimony and will to carry on, with all the “soldiers” who support you and you know there are many, many of us.Of course there are those like myself , who secretly wish the leaders of the LDS Corporation would come clean and simply close the doors permanently but for the need for opposition in all things. And there are others like Janice (and myself for 55 years been there done that, follow the prophet ..who.do not question God’s anointed) may God bless her as she is probably afraid to so much as utter a word in disagreement. I had become so obssessed with finding our ancestors…our house was a veritable library and had so many photocopies and books. One day I had a prompting to be more concerned about the living. In October 2016, our thatched roof house burned down, We lost everything. I am sure some people regarded that as a punishment for ?. One of our daughters said:”Mom you should have listened.” God knew what he was doing…I knew he could have stopped that fire. Our lives turned around …a year later we resigned from the church. God replaced everything we could possibly need. As for photographs…recently one of our sons visited my mother in Vancouver and returned with so many photos of our family etc. We still live on our smallholding in the stables converted to a beautiful cottage surrounded by our familiar trees.We are able to worship God so merciful and benevolent directly. We still have opposition from some of our children, our former home is nearby still a pile of rubble. However Sam’s spiritual strength and the love of his family give me the strength to carry on with hope for our children and 10 grandchildren… otherwise there would be despair. As I had occasion to tell one of my sons: ” It isn’t your religion it was ours…you were BIC …you were not given a choice” W..R.T. Heather Duncan’s .”.I had no choice.”. Sorry to be so long- winded but I feel safe on ProtectLDS Children.


  5. My husband and i facilitate a training called Stewards of Children by a non-profit organization called Darkness to Light. No one from our church has ever been interested in taking this training to protect our children. Makes me sad. In the training we learn that the risks to children being molested decreases 80% by eliminating one on one scenarios. And if they cannot be eliminated they should not happen behind closed doors. Why wouldn’t our leaders pray to gain inspiration about protecting our children. They will all answer for this. Better now than later.

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  6. I am in support of Sam Young as I have been from the beginning of this movement. The LDS Church’s changes, while helpful, are not sufficient. The Church has yet to reform its practice of allowing local leaders to ask sexually explicit questions to youth. It has not implemented a public process of training Bishop’s in protecting youth. It is not uniformly following its own child safety policies with regard to one on one contact between youth and non related adults. In it’s young men’s and young women’s programs it has not instituted background checks or universally implemented its own polices. The Church has not denounced or clarified teachings of past leaders on sexuality that provide a basis for local and general leaders to teach harmful rhetoric about masturbation and virginity and to be unaware of sexual assault, child abuse, and normal child development and thereby discipline youth who are victims of crime rather than supporting them appropriately.

    They are yet to make provisions to mandate elimination of on on one interviews or adequately restrain bishop’s questioning.

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  7. I have never read so much hatred and judgement against someone you know nothing about. My question which was directed to Sam, who I have known and respected for years, was a simple one which I personally felt was being addressed. I have read the directives the First Presidency has sent out to Bishops and the questions are not sexually explicit and the youth and their parents are given the option of who is present in those interviews. Those interviews will be repeated throughout their lives to determine Temple attendance. I have questioned some of the decisions of the brethren throughout my life. Until, I worked in the Temple, I never realized the importance of worthiness to be there. I totally supported Sam’s initial project, and was questioning what more did he feel was necessary. I didn’t expect the judgement and hatred, but considered the sources and realized those who jumped all over me would have done the same to any active Mormon.

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  8. Janice, your TBM persecution complex is showing. Hatred and judgment? You are taking it personally when others are expressing differing opinions on whether The Brethren are serious about protecting LDS children.

    They clearly have no intention to just STOP the guilting and shaming of children. The could easily STOP the abuse by writing TEN WORDS in a letter to all Church leaders. They have not, and will not do that.

    Their obviously weak and toothless overtures are PR stunts to give the appearance of responding to Sam Young pressure to stop harming LDS youth … while actually doing NOTHING that Sam has not already accomplished himself.

    WIth NO HELP from The Brethren, Sam has educated thousands of TBM parents that their kids are at risk during worthiness interviews with Bishops. The Brethren are generously giving parents permission to safeguard their children … if they so choose. If not, the kids are STILL at risk of being asked sexual questions … often before they even know what masturbation is or where babies come from. Stories abound of childhood innocence being ruined by Bishops who think it’s their job to know what’s happening in everyone’s underpants.

    How about your underpants, Janice? Does your Bishop know what happens “down there” with YOU?

    You are saying that it is important for Bishops to monitor the underpants of everyone who is awarded a Temple Recommend. Temple Recommend winners either have to be: 1) Pure and chaste; or 2) OK at lying.

    Many of those you see in the Temple are #2 above, Janice. They lied about what happens in their underpants to get into the Temple..

    Janice, I respect your right to maintain your TBM blindness to the evidence staring you in the face. Please note that I am not expressing hatred. I do confess to pointing out your refusal to acknowledge the obvious. That can be considered judgment, if you please. Or you can call it discernment if you like that better.

    Regardless, Sam is protecting the children … NOT The Brethren.

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  9. Sam you are doing wonderful work. As an active member of the church I thank you. The changes still do not prohibit the bishop for discussing sexually explicit topics with youth. Please I pray for our leaders to issue clear and explicit prohibitions on discussions of sexually explicit topics. These detailed and explicit discussions such as the ones described in so many of the stories sent to you are just plain disgusting and unnecessary. No one on one interviews with youth. No sexually explicit discussions.

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    1. Hi, Doug,

      I will point out the obvious … obvious, that is, to those of us seeing The Brethren in our rear-view mirrors with unobstructed crystal clarity.

      I assert to you that the following is a true statement:

      Your personal core values DO NOT MATCH – ARE NOT IN ALIGNMENT WITH – ARE DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED TO the core values of The Brethren at the controls of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

      Maxim: When you truly want to see clearly, turn the sound OFF and use your eyes to watch BEHAVIORS instead. Talk is cheap. Liars will consistently TELL you what they want you to believe about them. In other words, liars lie. It’s what liars do. On the other hand, BEHAVIORS are inexorably, unequivocally driven from core values. BEHAVIORS do not and cannot lie when viewed with a wide-angle lens.

      I assert to you that the following is a true statement:

      The Brethren have clearly communicated (by their BEHAVIORS) that they have NO INTEREST in protecting LDS children from the proximate guilting and shaming caused by overt, intentional invasion of sexual privacy during worthiness interviews.

      If The Brethren actually cared about protecting LDS children, Sam has already drafted their TEN-WORD letter from the First Presidency to world-wide Church leadership:


      Hate to break it to you, Doug, but you belong to an organization whose leadership’s core values are nothing short of an egregious insult to your personal core values.

      You have a decision to make. Take your time. But for your own sake, make that decision eventually.

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      1. Joe, thanks for resonating with me.

        It’s curious that “crickets” have a special place in Mormon folklore … what with the fabled Miracle of the Seagulls story we all heard … as yet another proof that God blesses his Only-True-Church faithful with miraculous interventions on occasion.

        Maybe it was locusts, not crickets. Yes, I think it was locusts. But locusts ruin my story, so I will just distort reality and say it was crickets, not locusts. Close enough. Six legs. Creepy crawly. Makes noise.

        Cuz that’s how TBMs frequently respond … when you display annoying, incontrovertible facts and evidence for their perusal and consideration . . . What do you get? It’s that handy insect to the rescue!

        . . . crickets . . .

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  10. It is interesting that those who are sustained by many as prophets do not appear to be in tune with the Lord, do not receive revelation that things need to be changed, but instead have to be pressured by the lay members to make desperately needed changes. Where is the gift of discernment? The Lord said it was better that a millstone be hung around the neck of offenders and they be dropped into the depths of the sea than to allow such offense to children. But the men who supposedly speak for the Lord lie, cover up, and perpetrate such evil. The LDS Church is no different than other churches who are more concerned about power and massive wealth than the spiritual welfare of their people.

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