A Voice Lifted Up…Long & Loud!

Lion RunningA friend recently sent me this scripture and note.

D&C 124:75
And let him lift up his voice long and loud, in the midst of the people, to plead the cause of the needy; and let him not fail, neither let his heart faint; and I will accept of his offerings.

Your diligent work reminds me of the above verse. For if the innocent LDS children suffering abuse and trauma don’t qualify as needy individuals, I don’t know who would qualify.  Thank you, good sir. And use this scripture to rebut your enemies next time they get after you about causing needless contention. Amen? The Lord has asked us to lift up our voice long and loud for exactly these types of circumstances.

Thank you my friend for your scriptural encouragement.

On July 28 & 29, a roaring voice will be raised long and loud.  It won’t be a lonely voice.  Around the world, a chorus of thousands will join in unison to call for THIS to never happen again.  The church has been put on notice.

Our plans are rather daunting.  It’s my hope that we can stay the course until our two days of action arrive.  I have a couple of purposes in publishing these posts:

  1. To help those involved, especially me, to not change our minds.  That is still a reasonable possibility.
  2. To focus the attention of all those who support our cause so they are ready to join in on the 29th when the details are revealed.

6 thoughts on “A Voice Lifted Up…Long & Loud!

    1. You are probably right, my friend. Regardless of my idiocy, children are being harmed in my church. Knowing that, no way is this idiot going to have a millstone tied around his neck. I’ll speak out to protect our vulnerable kids, just as Jesus harshly admonished up to.

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      1. You are denying all the damage that has been done to our children. Read the stories and then come back and say we have done no harm. Even Elder Christofferson admitted that what these children experienced is tragic. So take up your beef that we are doing no damage with the apostle.

        You are correct about SHAME ON ME. Shame on me if I shut my mouth. That would be denying Jesus Christ and violating my temple covenants.

        Here is the link to the stories of inappropriate, damaging and horrendous bishop interviews: http://protectldschildren.org/read-the-stories-2/
        They were all delivered to the Q15 on March 30. Elder Christofferson took the time to read them all.

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  1. DJ. Adams…There are chidren being harmed in the church. Sam, you are exposing a drama that DOES happen in the church. SHAME ON YOU, DJ. Adams. And btw.. our autistic daughter, Jacoba, raised in the Mormon church for 29 years until we resigned last November, would admonish you saying: “You shouldn’t call anyone “Idiot”… especially not Sam Young. (Who are you anyway?)

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