Get Our Bishops Out of the Sex Interview Business–They Need Our Support

Supreme Court

West Virginia Supreme Court says Mormon Multi-State Sex Abuse Lawsuit Can Move Forward

For the story and a link to the supreme court ruling click HERE.

Up to today, my major concern with masturbation interviews has been the harm done to our children.

However, the bishops are also in the cross hairs of possible sexual abuse lawsuits.  I have several friends who serve selflessly in this calling.  It’s time consuming, often thankless, and sometimes downright depressing.

Then add to their burden the liability of posing sexual questions to a child.  Forty years ago, the risk of being hauled into court may have been low.  Today, being alone with a child behind closed doors is frowned on by society.  To ask the child about sex is unacceptable.  The risk of lawsuits is no longer minimal.

Take Action

  1. Protect your children from private masturbation interviews.
  2. Protect your bishops from the frightening legal risks of inappropriate interview practices.  Don’t allow them to perform private interviews on your children.   Never allow them to probe into sex.

Sam’s Promise

  1. I am going to write a letter to my stake president requesting that changes be made to the youth interview process.  At present, there are 23 members of the stake willing to sign the letter, 14 anonymously and 9 openly.
  2. Compose a petition where anyone around the world can register their request for changes.


Until the Register for Interview Changes is available, you may want to add your name to the Common Consent Register.  435 members have chosen to actively participate in the Law of Common Consent.  I urge you to consider it, too.  For details, click HERE


9 thoughts on “Get Our Bishops Out of the Sex Interview Business–They Need Our Support

  1. Hi, Sam!

    At the risk of stating the obvious (looks like I’m gonna take the risk now, doesn’t it?) . . . seems like it might be intelligent to ask yourself if it’s a good idea to continue affiliating yourself and your children with ANY organization with a need to keep itself regularly updated with details of what’s going on inside its members’ underpants … young and old.

    What if there’s a very good reason we call them Private Parts?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Gary,

      I love your comments! I’m still chuckling as I type. It’s making it real hard to hit the right keys. “Any organization that needs to keep itself updated on what’s going on inside its members’ underpants.” That is so funny. Tragic and hilarious at the same time. I’ve got to remember to come back to this comment whenever I’m in a bad mood.

      “What if there’s a very good reason we call them Private Parts?” More laughter. Could you let me know when your next comedic performance is scheduled for the Tonight Show? I’ll fly out there for that one.

      Love you brother,


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, Sam!

        I’ll confess that I’m tickled by your reaction to what I wrote.

        Curious that others have accused me of doing Stand-Up when all I thought I was doing was talking about stuff.

        Thanks for the feedback!


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  2. This is the beginning of the END of these inappropriate private worthiness interviews.
    I say it’s going to change in less than 23 months. Last month I said 2 years.
    Hmmmm maybe I’m a prophetess!!!
    Funny so many of US heathens have gotten inspiration on this before God’s mouthpiece!

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    1. Hi Sally,

      I really hope you’re right. At this point, I know several parents who have decided to END these interviews for their children from this point forward.

      A heathen? You are sounding pretty prophetic to me!


  3. Sam, I agree with you on this subject 100%. It needs to stop, and I hope it’s before, Sally, the prophetess says it is. IMHO only two questions are needed. To the youth: Have you read “For Strength of Youth”? Do you understand the section on the Law of Chastity? To Adults seekiing a Temple Recommend, :”Are you worthy to go to the Temple”. Parents need to accept their responsibility on this issue. Adults need to accept their worthiness and realize it is between them and the Lord. They can and have lied to get into the temple, that won’t work with the Lord on the other side.

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    1. Hi Janice,

      I’ve just published a new petition. Its title is MAKE JANICE THE FIRST FEMALE BISHOP. Expecting there to be hundreds of thousands of signatures. I hope you are ready for something big.

      All my best, Sam


  4. It’s about time to stop this very appearance of evil, but this does overstep that mere appearance. I attended a summer choir concert at the Anglican Church and noticed that they have changed things from the original words and teachings straight from Christ as much as any other one and only true church of Christ has. Mormon 8:32-41? I don’t think Christ would feel comfortable that any church today follows Him fully, but have all stepped beyond the mark and made their own commandments to please Him, and idols which they can’t identify as even being idols, even every one of them.

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