“Protect the Good Name of the Church.” -Satan

PhariseesI’m starting to think, that as a church, we don’t believe in following the core teachings of Christ nor his example.  Follow the prophet…sure.  But, follow Jesus?

Minister to the “Least

I love the Savior’s parable about the preeminent importance of reaching out to “the least of these.”  Over the past 3 years, I have become associated with more and more members who are on the margins.  Rather than minister, we reject them.  We ignore them.  We silence them.  We force them to pursue their journey in pain and loneliness.  We bury our heads in the sand.  According to this beautiful parable, Christ would say to us,  “Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.  Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.”

Protect the Good Name of the Church

As a church leader, I heard this phrase many times.  I heard it again yesterday.

No way is this the embodiment of Christ’s example.  The babe was born in a lowly manger.  On a starry night.  Filled with peace and light.  But…he didn’t remain a helpless babe.  He grew into the wise, powerful and OUTSPOKEN adult, whose life and teachings we worship.  At least, we say we worship.

Where did He ever command, suggest or intimate that protecting the good name of the church was even a thing?  Never.  Instead, he called out the very top leaders of His church in unequivocal and embarrassing terms.  Here is a sampling of Christ’s words spoken directly to the church leaders of his time:   Fools.  Hypocrites.  Blind guides.  Whited sepulchers.  Murderers.  Generation of vipers.  In one chapter alone, he called the leaders hypocrites seven times.  Openly expressing disdain for these men, their traditions and their policies was a glaring hallmark of His ministry.

Suppose Jesus lived among us today.  If he were to openly criticize the church leaders in the same manner, He’d be excommunicated from His own restored church.  Much like He was 2,000 years ago.  Excommunicated by crucifixion, at the instigation of the highest leaders of the very church that He had founded through Moses.


Christ did not author the sentiment, “Protect the Good Name of the Church.”  He exemplified the exact opposite.  So, who is the author?  Where is it found in scripture?  Where is it found in doctrine?  If our doctrine does endorse it, then our doctrine condemns the very Babe from Bethlehem whom we claim to follow.  I’m pretty sure Satan condemns the Babe from Bethlehem, too.

I have been told not speak out about the wrongs in our church.  I have been told to shut up and sustain the leaders.  I have been told not to criticize church policies.  Finally, many have said that if I continue on my current path, I’ll be excommunicated.

The next time any of these sentiments are expressed, this will be my response:

“I love you, my friend.  Apparently you and I worship a different Jesus Christ.” 

9 thoughts on ““Protect the Good Name of the Church.” -Satan

  1. I like Jesus too, at least a lot of how he is portrayed in the N.T. I like the Jesus who spoke up for poor people, women, children, the sick, the disabled, foreigners, enslaved people, anyone who had no voice or position in his society. And he taught them to have dignity and humility until the higher-ups killed him for it. That’s the Jesus I admire, whether he’s real or fictional.

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  2. Hey, Sam!

    You smashed yet another Nail right on its Head!

    Here is a quiz for you. You authored this quiz, so you should be able to figure out the answer.

    See if you can detect a self-evident error within the following sentence from your post:

    “He’d be excommunicated from His own restored church.”

    Here is your think-about-it music (you have 30 seconds):

    Times up! Please Leave a reply with your answer . . .

    All the Best!

    – Alex . . . er . . . I mean . . . Gary

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  3. OK, Alex…..er…..Gary. Just so you know, I don’t make self-evident errors. My mistakes are other-people-evident. You, being an other-people, are going to have to make me self-aware of my own self-evident error. I’m starting Alex’s timer again, right now!


    1. Hey, Sam!

      Sounds like you might wear your mouse out clicking for more time to answer that Quiz.

      Here is a labor saver for you. It’s a whole HOUR of time-to-think music for just ONE click!

      Try your best to avoid any of those mind-numbing stupors of thought. But if you happen to think of anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report, or praiseworthy, do not hesitate to SEEK AFTER HER … er … I mean … SEEK AFTER IT.

      -Gary … er … Alex

      PS – The foregoing is guaranteed to be the most correct post of any post on Earth, insofar as it was translated correctly. Must be present to win. Void where prohibited. May be corrected up to 3,517 times if necessary when errors, omissions, misstatements, or politically incorrect phraseology is discovered with the passage of time and/or shifting cultural memes, morays and megatrends. Any connection or association or attribution with or to the actual or alleged author of this post will be vigorously denied and disavowed. What post? I don’t see any post.


    2. Hi again, Sam!

      Sorry I did not answer your request for an other-people-evident perspective on what I labeled as a self-evident. It’s a reality that something that’s as plain as the nose on your face can be invisible to someone with a different belief system paradigm booted up.

      So here is what was self-evident to me about your sentence:

      “He’d be excommunicated from His own restored church.”

      If the Church’s truth claims surrounding the founding of the Mormon Church by Joseph Smith are historical fact, and if Jesus was actually directing the governance of the Church today through a living prophet as the current leadership claims, then it is somewhat unlikely that Jesus would instruct Thomas S. Monson to hold a Court of Love for Jesus when Jesus comes again and then excommunicate Jesus and bar Him from membership privileges in His (Jesus’) own Church.

      In other words, Sam, there is a high likelihood (probably a fact) that Thomas S. Monson would waste no time excommunicating Jesus if Jesus showed up and demonstrated genuine love and unconditional acceptance towards LGBT members. This means that Thomas S. Monson is a fraud in the rich tradition of Joseph Smith, Jr. who was not in the same class of fraud as TSM. Joseph Smith was a mega colossal fraud.

      Hope that clears up what was self-evident to me.



      1. Sam, maybe I was still obfuscating the obvious.

        The Only True Church of Jesus Christ … if it were actually True and of Jesus Christ … would probably not excommunicate Jesus Himself for disobeying The Brethren who run the Church.

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  4. When I was a missionary 25 years ago, I read the D&C and then the New Testsment close together. I was struck by how different Jesus of the Gospels sounded compared to D&C Jesus. He was inviting, loving, considerate, helpful, wise, a good friend, enjoyed parties and good food, was no respecter or persons. But the D&C Jesus was so often critical, authoritarian, commanding, condemning, excluding, and even just downright mean. Why? I found the answer, and you are very close to finding it too. Best of luck.

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