I am Heterosexual–And I’m Normal

temple-visitLet me say that again, I am heterosexual….and I’m normal.

You may be gay.  Nevertheless, I’m just as normal as you are.

You may be lesbian.  Well guess what.  I’m every bit as normal as you.

You may be transgender.  You are not one whit more normal than me.

After 64  years on this planet, I can finally say that I am a normal human being.  I confidently claim that rank, among my fellow gay, lesbian and transgender human beings.


I trust in God more than I ever have.  He knew what he was doing when he created my species.  On purpose, he gave me my straightness.  On purpose, he gave to gay people their gayness.  I love the variety of our skin color, hair color and eye color.  Now, I marvel at the diversity of gender and orientation.  It causes me to marvel at God and his creations.

Book of Mormon

My view of the Book of Mormon has changed over the past couple of years.  Of late, I have again come to regard it as a marvelous volume of scripture.  Here’s why.  We have been taught that it is the “most correct on any book on earth.”  The fullness of the gospel is contained in its pages.  It was written specifically to address the major issues of our day.

And…it contains…not…one…word…condemning the creations of God.  Gay, lesbian, transgender and even straight people were never turned against each another by teachings against our sexuality.  All God’s creations are honored in the keystone of my religion, the Book of Mormon.


4 thoughts on “I am Heterosexual–And I’m Normal

  1. Name one thing in your Book of Moron that is “true” and why haven’t you excavated it’s real origin of being a plagiarized hoax? I’ts easy to look up. We live in the information age. Check out the very thing you say you love. Really delve into it’s history, and see for yourself… no “feelings” for proof, no “teachings” from others. Just pure, unadulterated, truth and proof. Check out the thing you say you love and don’t live in fear. Remember, the truth shall set you free!

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  2. Just curious. Do you still believe in Mormonism? I think there are 2 avenues for this tooo. By culture and or by belief. Do you belive rest of teachings with your new awarenesses?

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