Talkeria Takes a Turn


Talkeria #25

Thursday, May 18, 2017, 7:00pm. Location: James Coney Island, 11940 S.W. Frwy., Stafford, TX.

The Talkeria Turns

My faith journey is now 3 years old.  In February 2016, I made the fateful decision to follow the teachings and example of Christ in the Church of Jesus Christ.  Over the intervening months, I have come to several realizations.  As a result, I’m taking a major turn in direction.

There have been two intentions behind the my blogs, the Talkeria, and the voting opposed initiatives.  #1:  To help the church.  #2:  To help people.  I’ve decided to drop #1 and advance #2 to #1.  The Good Ship Zion leaves a plenitude of damage in it’s wake.  Damage to real live human beings.  I’m turning away from helping the corporate church and turning exclusively toward helping those being beaten up by the boat.

I’ve discovered a new spiritual experience.  A spirituality that is satisfying and long lasting.  It’s certainly much easier to access than my old paradigm of being touched by the Spirit.  And this is it…simply connecting with people through understanding, empathy and validation…without judgment.

Please Come If You Need a SAFE PLACE to….

  • Discuss Mormon questions
  • Discuss Mormon doubts
  • Talk about your faith journey
  • Listen to other’s stories
  • Vent
  • Express anger
  • Express sadness
  • Explore new conclusions
  • Discuss gender questions and challenges
  • Discuss family difficulties resulting from a faith transition
  • Etc…etc…etc

Anyone is welcome regardless of where they fall on the believing/non-believing spectrum.

For the history of the Mormon Talkeria click HERE.

P.S.  I love the amazing people who have come to talk in past Talkerias.  I wish you Godspeed on your journey.

P.S.S.  Many experience great pain and turmoil during and after a faith transition.  I’ve often heard it described as gut-wrenching, excruciating and lonely.  Today, a reader shared the bit of wisdom below.  Sounds like a great maxim for the Talkeria.

“You’re not a victim for sharing your story.  You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth.  And you never know who needs your light, your warmth and raging courage.”



11 thoughts on “Talkeria Takes a Turn

  1. I think you have have made a wise choice. Although I can think of no other David to battle Goliath, I believe your big heart and love for people makes #2 a better fit.

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    1. If I did it would just be one of those false and and dead churches. There is only one true and living church on the face of the earth.


    1. “Your not a victim for sharing your story. You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth and raging courage.”

      Now that’s inspirational!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Sounds like a great motto for the Talkeria.


  2. As it stands right now, I’m going to have a go at attending tomorrow evening (if it is still happening). I will have a better idea mid day tomorrow if that will turn into a reality.

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    1. Hi Mr. Magic,

      It would be a great pleasure to meet you. The Talkeria is definitely still on.

      Now I’m super excited for tomorrow night. I never know how many or who will show up. It could be just you and me. It could be a dozen. Whatever, the company and the conversation are always great.

      All my best to a fellow Houstonian (I think)


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