Would You Go To A Church?

IMG_0175Would you go to a church where your ideas and opinions are worthless?

Would you go to a church where you are told to keep your worthless ideas and opinions to yourself?

Is there a church that DEMANDS 10% of your income in order to meet God….and…. DOES value your ideas and opinions?

15 thoughts on “Would You Go To A Church?

    1. I got ya brother. Family first. I think there are several good reasons to.

      But, if I were looking at joining a church and were presented with this, my answer would be a resounding NO.


      1. It still isn’t a good reason, it is and understandable one, but not a good one. To have your thoughts and opinions held hostage by the fear that if you speak out against the cult you will loose your family is not a good one, just an understandable one.

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  1. Is it the church or the people? I am a Mormon, born and raised in the church and now inactive. I don’t for a minute believe that the church, as it stands today, is what god would have it be. I don’t believe that only card carrying mormons are getting into heaven. I don’t believe that god expects women to cover their faces before him. I don’t believe that god would have the church, that carries his name, spend the vast majority of its considerable wealth on hunting preserves, shopping malls, luxury housing developments, and multi-million dollar houses of worship for a select few. I believe that the people running the church had strayed so far from what god wants that I can’t support the church any longer. And when the time comes for me to look god in the eye and account for my life I believe that he will understand.

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    1. The church is the people and the people who run it. I can’t see how it can be separated. IMO, it’s a lousy excuse made by members when things go awry.

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    2. Hi Susan,

      Shopping malls, luxury housing developments, and hunting preserves. It’s embarrassing to me that this is where my church is spending billions of dollars. When did Jesus in any scripture in any dispensation give those kinds of investment instructions. Never! His instruction was to clothe the naked, feed the poor, visit the sick. To those investing their billions elsewhere he would say to their surprise, “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.” A severe rebuke for our misdirected billions. It turns my stomach that the number starts with a B. Billions.

      Christ goes on to say to the church leaders of his time, of the church that he founded at the time of Moses, “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses.”

      The way we spend the Lord’s money is just one of the reasons that I vote opposed today.


  2. Sam,
    You have absolutely hit the nail on the head with this one. The LDS church values obedience over everything and the cost and consequence of such a demand is extremely high. This is evident in today’s church: Inability to tolerate uncorrelated opinions and ideas, boring lessons and talks (because we cannot stand to hear uncorrelated thoughts), lack of empathy and compassion (because we are so busy being obedient over everything else). And while there are plenty of lovely members of the church, the corporate church discarded Jesus and Zion a long time ago.
    There is an odd correlation between one’s ‘value’ as a member and one’s willingness to not deeply think about anything, or at least keep quiet about it if one does. It’s really such an unhealthy dynamic. I have spoken to people who are old enough to remember the uncorrelated church, and nearly all of them agree the church lost something big with aggressive correlation and the silencing of members who think/speak off script.
    Both my husband and I have been reported to the bishop more than once both for asking questions in meetings, as well as for including noncorrelated material in lessons. I was reported once for quoting MLK, Jr “too many times” in a RS lesson….We left the church together with all of our children. Ultimately, we didn’t want them to endure what we have endured our entire adult lives (silence, pain, keeping quiet about history and truth, compassion for those the church would prefer not to associate with, trying desperately to fit in, the weird gossip and tattling, and just plain inability/unwillingness to allow others to be who they are).

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  3. My ideas were worthless as my life as a SAHM was only mormonism and it became a joke because of the predictability. I would ask the bishop, “Would it be possible to …” and my friends said my voice had the impact of wondering if it really was a breeze that just blew by. When I stopped going to church and got involved with volunteer work at our local state park, I was listened to. My ideas were considered and some implemented. I was asked to teach new volunteers and got involved in local government. I’m respected in the new world outside of mormonism. Wish I left sooner and became human instead of being the wind for so long.


  4. Sorry y’all have had such negative experiences with leaders you have dealt with. I have had very few and those were personalities butting heads. I have lived all over the US and just haven’t had these problems.

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