Take Responsibility for Destroying the LDS Church


You are destroying the Mormon church–my church.  That’s right.  I’m pointing a finger directly at you…all of you who continue to vote approval.  You are destroying my church…one member at a time…thousands every month…tens of thousands every year.

Your sustaining vote upholds the violation of Christ’s law of common consent.

Every vote of approval gives license to unrighteous dominion.  Our own scriptures warn us of the certainty of this colossal danger.

Every sustaining vote condemns Christ’s system of checks and balances, converting it into nothing more than a hollow & pointless practice.


Our current prophets have condemned 160 years of our racist past.  They have Condemned the racism of our policies, practices, doctrine and teachings.  I don’t completely blame the prophets for our condemned racist history.  Yeah…they do SHARE blame.  But, I place the majority of the blame and shame on the members…you and me.  Our racist past is our fault.  All of our racist doctrine was implemented…without our consent.  We sat by and let it be implemented…without exercising the rights, privileges and responsibilities that Jesus had placed squarely on our shoulders.

Today, we are operating under a whole system of policies and teachings that have never been exposed to the light of common consent.  At best, that makes them temporary policies.  At worst, they are the misguided ideas of men.  According to scripture, doctrine and prophetic pronouncements, they all MUST be put up for a vote of the church body.

Three Hundred and Eighteen

318 brothers and sisters have now broken with the ranks of silence.  We have taken on the responsibility of saving the church.  Actually, we took on this burden when we were baptised and committed to follow the commandments of Jesus.  We further committed in the temple…where we made a covenant to obey the law of God.

On the other hand, those of you who choose to sustain MUST take responsibility for the dire effects that disobedience is wreaking on the church.  Five, ten, twenty years from now, we will condemn and disavow current tenets that were never presented for approval.  That will be on your heads, not on the heads of the 318.

We are taught that there is safety in keeping the commandments.  Well, the church must be in grave danger as it openly defies Christ.  No favors are done for the apostles by simply saluting everytime they ask for a vote.  Rather, we are putting them in danger of the corrupting influence of unfettered power.  Christ has provided the check.  We are dismissing it.

Twenty-four days from now, general conference will be upon us.  You can take the responsibility of contributing to the church’s destruction.  Your sustaining vote will sustain the subversion of common consent.  Or, you can stand on Christ’s side and vote to uphold His law.

For me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Follow Jesus by Voting Opposed

There is only one way that this beautiful part of the restoration will be restored to its rightful place.  It up to us to take it into our hands and to lift them in opposition to the continued disobedience of the Savior’s Law of Common Consent.

Go to conference, in your home, in your chapel, or in SLC, and vote to have our rights and privileges of consent restored.

You can start by registering with 318 other members on the Common Consent Register …HERE.

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11 thoughts on “Take Responsibility for Destroying the LDS Church

  1. The problem is that these men were ‘called of God by prophecy’. The circular reasoning is that God himself called these people as prophets and these prophets call other leaders as God instructs them. Voting against them would be going against God’s will.

    Well, I voted with my feet. I’m done with the church.

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  2. Why would you want to save a church founded by a con man who cheated its members combined with 177 years of misleading prevarication so members will stay and pay.


  3. Had an interesting conversation with someone about common consent. For the Pathway Program I had to write a persuasive essay on a subject of my choice, and I chose the abandonment of Common Consent (which I decided to post here: https://faithfullyoblivious.wordpress.com/2017/03/10/the-abandonment-of-consent/), and I had a fellow Pathway student (who is quite TBM, unlike myself, haha) read it to tell me if it was persuasive or not. He said it was and I make a lot of good points, and that it was something he had never actually thought about, but he also tried to argue a counter-point.

    One of his main points was the worry of members voting in ‘false’ doctrines or practices, like allowing gay marriage in the temples or women holding the priesthood, that the membership shouldn’t be allowed because it’s the natural man’s tendency to do wrong, as if he had no faith that the membership of the Church would vote for the right things. When I asked him what he thought God meant by ‘all things’, he couldn’t answer. While he still seemed set on not having common consent, he was starting to think about it a bit. Maybe next time I see him I’ll be able to bring up some more points.

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    1. Your article on Common Consent is outstanding!!! I’m going to feature it on one of my upcoming blogs. It’s much better than anything I could write. How long ago did you compose this piece?


  4. The racism is not “past” … it is “Mormon Scripture”. What you claim is “past” is present time with no end in sight. The Mormon crimes continuum does just that … continue.

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  5. Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve been this impressed. Well said, blind approval is extremely destructive no matter what organization or country it is about. This is an extraordinarily healthy and admirable thing to do.

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