Temple-side Chat with Jesus

EmptyChairFor 15 nights, I invited the 15 apostles to come to temple square and meet with adults who have been hurt as children.  Over those 15 days, upwards of 800 people, members and former members gathered with anticipation.  Every night their hopes were dashed.  They were greeted by an empty chair.

The apostles are fully aware of the thousands of children who their policies have dreadfully hurt.  They are fully aware that their protocols continue to put our kids in harms way.  They continue to refuse to even recognize their victims.  The apostles remain in their comfy ivory tower and look down with, what appears to be, dismissal and disregard for the masses.

Well, fine.  If that’s the way they want it, I am going over their heads…directly to the master of the universe.  For the last 4 nights at Temple Square, I’ve invited Jesus to join us.  

Will he actually show up?  I don’t have certain confirmation.  However, I’m pretty sure He will not disappoint.  A chair will be awaiting Him.  Not a red velvet throne fit for an apostle.  Nope.  A lowly camp chair.  The same humble seating that the apostles treated with disdain.

Tonight’s Temple-side Chat with Jesus will include 3 significant events.

1) Christ will occupy the empty chair.  I hope.

2) This night will be my Ezekiel evening.

3) A new ritual will be established and continued for the last 4 nights of our Chats.

If you are a victim or survivor of abuse and shame please come. The next 4 Temple-side’s are designed specifically for you.

This is all something completely new to me. I’m a little nervous and also very much looking forward to it.

Of course, you can watch it on FB livestream.

Wednesday 8/15, 7:00pm, South Temple St, SLC


20 thoughts on “Temple-side Chat with Jesus

  1. You’re gonna have to find people who will file charges against the people who’ve committed these crimes!! It’s the only way to get validation for the pain and suffering of the victims. And to make people understand that the LDS CHURCH has some apologies to be made, as well as crimes against them that must be settled in a court of LAW, not some silly court in the high council.
    Great job Sam, I pray for you.

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  2. The Church is true, the priesthood restored, but mortals are involved, so some people do bad things. Help those who have been hurt and love them. Act on behalf of the Savior as you are called to do as his disciple. Don’t attack His Church.

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    1. Though I don’t think the church is true, i truly admire your statement. Because wherever we find ourselves in our faith, love should be our guiding light. We can all come together on that one principle. Love. And surprise! Jesus said HE is love!! In Sam’s words, ‘How cool is THAT?!’

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    2. Why can’t your apostles help and love and care for the victims? If they were really sent from God, they would be there talking with, consoling and apologizing to the victims that their policies hurt.

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    3. Dallas. First of all, Mormonism isn’t s , church. It is s business corporation which masquerades as a religion. And if you are ignorant enough to believe that their disgusting beliefs are true, then I’ve got some swampland to sell you…in UTAH!

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    4. Sam is not, in fact, attacking the church. He is challenging policies that are proven to be harmful and dangerous to children and youth and ecclesiastical leaders. The fact that people do bad things shows exactly why these changes are needed. The church leaders should be all over comprehensive change in this regard. It is sad they don’t appear to care about those who are put in harm’s way so regularly as much as they do about their policies.

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    5. Sorry, that doesn’t cut it. CHildren’s lives are at stake. Not to mention, no one’s attacking the church. We’re holding the top leaders accountable for abusive policies.

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    6. That’s how abuse continues, by the lack of acknowledgement that parts of the church are rotten. Look to the Catholic church for verification of that.

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  3. Leslie …A movie script is being written about a Mormon musician from Orem who was subjected all his life to invasive sexual questioning snd worthiness interviews Bishop Shaming snd Mormon brainwashing snd mind control.When he got engaged to an intelligent beauty who had left the church, and thus was not “Worthy” they sent him to England on a mission to break them up, snd when she went to rescue him, they put
    his girlfriend in a British prison for trying to de program him and help him with impotency caused by Bishop Shaming snd Mormon brainwashing.
    then the Mormon PR machine waged a huge smear campaign to ruin her reputation so the church could save face and their vile invasive questioning of children not be exposed.
    She could have criminal charges against them for false information to police, as well as a huge slander action for 41 years of sheer hell. And thanks to the work of our wonderful Sam Young. She will have thousands of victims to attest to the reality of Bishop Shaming snd the cults practice of Aversion Therapy. They threw her in jail for trying to do sexual therapy to cure the impotency THEY caused, and to save the multi-million dollar Mormon Missionary Image and they painted her as the bad guy by ruining her reputation with a worldwide PRESS HOAX using newspapers they owned with connections to major wire services. They later used the internet and even a Utah distributed fictional counterfeit 2011 movie on her story but from THEIR twisted point of view which caused her mother to commit suicide from seeing her only child degraded snd slandered so maliciously. She has suffered so much, but maybe her trsgic story will expose Mormon brainwashing snd Bishop Shaming. Are there any lawyers other who sue destructive cults who cause psychological scarring,,,? If you know of an attorney who will take the case. Or victims of Mormon brainwashing and Bishop Shaming
    of if you want to contribute to our script. you may write us at Pink Carn Productions, PO Box 823, North Hollywoid, Ca. 92603

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  4. Considering Jesus said the next time He would return would be the Second Coming, I doubt he will come tonight. Besides, remember the phrase “do not test the Lord thy God.” Then again, Jesus is not responsible for the LDS church; they never worshipped the Christ of the Bible to begin with. Stick your focus where it belongs: on the First Presidency of the church of Joseph Smith of Latter-Day Saints.

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      1. Fallacy 1. Mormons aren’t Christians; they are a cult who worship a man who supposedly became a god and that Jesus, Lucifer, and all humanity existed as spirit siblings, birthed by a celestial mother in heaven.
        Fallacy 2. Christians should and do focus on Jesus. Your point states the obvious.

        God has never existed in the LDS temple, nor does he care about your secret handshakes behind the veil. Perhaps you should take your own advice instead of snap-responding with asinine commentary.

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  5. Please don’t take offense. This is just an observation:

    “Hero”… “Powerful Sam Young”… “We need your voice and leadership”… “We all love you”… are the phrases used so far in only 5 comments on this post. I am not saying a man doesn’t need a break, even if it is as something as important to him as this; but some of this just comes off as, I don’t know, a replacement of a psychological tendency of us to participate in group-think and hero worship as a result of our prior development within the church? This isn’t an attack on Sam — even if he could garner some personality of cult for a good cause, then if it’s good, why not? It certainly is not an attack on the cause he and you all are championing.

    I understand that this is a high-pressure situation in which everyone is involved and so it may seem offensive to even offer a perspective like this in relation to the enthusiasm inflating this noble cause. But does anyone have any thoughts on this? Maybe I am the only one. Cheers!

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    1. Yes. I’ve got a thought on this. Don’t call me a hero. Instead you be the hero. We need thousands of heroes standing tall and speaking out for our children. Together we are a great chorus of lions out to protect our kids.


    2. Well, I took offense. You actually think it’s a good thing to let up on a campaign to save the lives of children from abuse?

      I’m glad you weren’t giving advice to Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi, or for that matter, Jesus himself–all people with a cause who wouldn’t let up.

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  6. Sometimes I think you’re crazy, or well on your way to it, Sam. Then, all of a sudden, I get an old, familiar feeling deep in my bosom, the feeling I used to get singing an unusual, lesser known hymn, or a well-known one sung with all of the verses, or when I’d play “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” as prelude, and someone would recognize it and thank me. It’s the feeling that is really the real thing, the real Holy Ghost. I’ve not felt it often since I went through an angry phase of hating God and trying to define her or him for myself; now I feel it. It’s goodness. It’s a crazy, out-of-the-ordinary thing, like Jesus defying the traditions of his day. God bless and He will be there. I think He’s already visited and walk by; each life that touches ours for good sort of thing. thanks for touching lives, Sam.

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