A Transgender Human Being Makes Her Appearance

Good Samaritan2

Sometimes I struggle with the current path I’ve chosen.  I’ve taken shots from both inside and outside of the church.  Sometimes I feel like quitting.  Giving up my hopeless crappy quest.

Then a strike of lightning!  Thundering directly into my heart.  Raining tears from my eyes.

I have many gay friends and family.  But, that I know of, I have never met a transgender person.  After reading the Church’s apology “You’re not Broken–I’m Sorry,” she sought me out and sent this touching message.

“Thank you so much for the heartfelt apology. I’m very moved. You’ve hit on a heavy part of my heart. I was so confused for so long. I believed in the gospel so deeply, and it caused my self hate and shame to go even deeper. I pushed so hard against the bloom within me. I’m so thankful there are members like you, sharing and standing up for right. I hope your words will mend hearts and save lives.
Thank you.”

A transgender woman.  Lifting my heart.  Encouraging my path.  Giving me hope.

All I feel right now is this:  I love Jesus Christ. I love His teachings. I love His example.

Did Jesus really say that I can only go to HIS heaven if I love the least-of-these?  I want to go to HIS heaven.

3 thoughts on “A Transgender Human Being Makes Her Appearance

  1. As a bishop for six years, I had a dedicated young man serve as my financial clerk. He was single and in his late 30’s/early 40’s so everyone was trying to get him “married.” He went to both his parents and his bishop (me) to let us know he was transgender. I gave that information to my Stake President and we both agreed he was a wonderful young man and not only should he stay in his calling, but have a temple recommend.

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    1. Dear Former Bishop,

      Here’s what I have to say to that, “Hallelujah!” Thank you and your stake president for your Christ-like actions and attitude.

      During my time as bishop, I only encountered one gay person in my ward. A returned missionary. Wonderful person. Struggling. He managed to stay in and active for the next twenty years. The week of November’s gay policy leak, he had had enough. He’s gone from the church now. That saddens me. So unnecessary. Fortunately, we are still very good friends.

      I said that I only encountered one gay man during my bishopric. Turns out there were several gay members in the ward. They were just in hiding. Dealing alone with a heavy challenge. Without adequate trust that it was safe to talk to leaders, friends, parents or spouse.

      I am working very hard to make sure I send the message to those around me that unconditional love and a safe place does exist within the church. Unfortunately that message is not supported by my stake or ward…yet. I yearn for the days when all the church is Christ-like, rather than just a few, like you.

      And, oh man! Thanks for reading my blog.


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