The Day Mormon god Died

Boxers.jpgNovember 5, 2015!  That’s the day Mormon god died in my heart.  Today is the 4 year anniversary of his sudden death.

While driving to work exactly 4 years ago, I became aware of a new and highly offensive policy.  The Mormon Church didn’t announce it.  It was unceremoniously leaked.  The Church attempted to silently insert their new protocol into the secret Handbook of Instructions.  It’s reserved as eyes-only for bishops, stake presidents and general authorities.   The new policy barred children of gay parents from baby blessings, baptism, confirmation, the gift of the Holy Ghost, receiving the priesthood and temple attendance.  These severe restrictions could only be lifted when the child met all following conditions:

  1. Reached the age of 18.
  2. Moved out of the home of the gay parents.
  3. Disavowed the lifestyle of the gay parents.

I was immediately struck with anger and disappointment.  This was not the God that I loved and respected.  This was not the Christ I revered.  The new policy was as far away from the gospel of Jesus as one could get.  Yet the modern-day apostles pinned the blame on the Savior.  It still makes me sick to even type this.

HYPOCRITES of the highest order.  Christ was the epitome of standing up for the marginalized, the vulnerable and those on the fringes of society.  Here, the Mormon Church leadership was openly shunning children, the most vulnerable children.  And they had the gall to call it LOVE!  It was HATE!!!

That fateful morning, I was done with the Mormon church.  Over the previous year, I had already been troubled by the historical deceptions that were coming to light.  Somehow I managed to find a way around those problems and to stay in as an active member.  But this was way too much.  To openly disrespect the gospel of Jesus Christ and plainly lead the blindly following sheep into darkness.  Nope, I couldn’t countenance that.

So, I exited the freeway and bee-lined it to the local department store.   For the first time in 44 years, I purchased…boxers.  When I reached the office, I took off the Mormon underwear (garments) and planned to never return to an LDS service.  Pictured above is a pair of my colorful new underwear.  This picture was taken 2 weeks ago.  Out of sight but not out of mind, they have served me well these past 4 years.

That night my wife discovered my body was garment-less and boxer-bearing.  If you are or have been Mormon, you know that it would have caused a huge shock.  So much so, that divorce was mentioned.  Immediately, my garments went back on.  My marriage was more important than my damn underwear.

Until the excommunication, I clothed myself night and day in Mormon mandated skivvies.  Even though I continued to attend church, I was not going to remain silent.  While the policy flagrantly flew in the face of Christ’s teachings, I was determined to embrace His example in ways I had never done before.  He stood up openly to the power structure of His time.  Calling the church leadership out in harsh terms.  From November 5, 2015 until September 12, 2018 (Date of Excommunication), I voted opposed at every ward, stake and general conference.

On April 4 of this year, Mormon god changed his mind about this whole debacle.  At least that’s what the ‘Prophet’ told the world.  Nope.  Sorry buddy.  You aren’t going to sucker me into your made-up delusions again.  You, not God, concocted the original exclusion policy.  You recognized it was big trouble, decided to blame the whole thing on God and put it behind you.  If the meantime, children have died by suicide in the wake of this horrendous policy.  YOUR policy.

Mormon god has died a garment-less death in my heart.  Thank heavens.

Happy/sad Anniversary.

21 thoughts on “The Day Mormon god Died

  1. Yup that’s the day. This day four years ago my hubby and I decided to remove our names from tscc. We knew their new revelations could not be from God. Thanks Sam XOXO

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  2. “To openly disrespect the gospel of Jesus Christ…” for Sam his thoughts entrenched in “The Day Mormon God Died” indicate exactly what broke his shelf. As for me it has been the total and utter disrespect for Jesus Christ in the Mormon Church. We were baptized in 1961 and as far as I understood the teachings, we acknowledged “Heavenly Father as the only true God , and we prayed to Him through Jesus Christ as the intercessor. As the years went by the emphasis changed and Jesus Christ became “The Father.” To our children and in YA classes I would stalwartly emphasize that we pray to “Heavenly Father” through Jesus Christ. However uneasiness reigned until in 2010 I discovered the baptisms conducted in the Mormon Church for Jesus Christ. How was that possible ? In fact the MANY baptisms and endowments etc. were all facilitated by the leaders of this church, and despite bringing attention of this state of affairs to the CEO etc. no apology has ever been forthcoming. I was devastated. Whenever we mentioned this to anyone, the response was: “Oh I didn’t know about that!” The cracks became more and more obvious and finally we resigned in November 2017. Jesus Christ plays no part in this “church” whatsoever and this is blatantly obvious in The Second Anointing…it is as simple as that…the so-called apostles, whose mandate was, actually if they had been called of God as were the prophets of old, to encourage people to remember to worship God “I am the Lord thy God , thou shalt have no other gods before me.” and to have love and compassion for our fellowmen (here with reference to Sam’s indignation at the treatment of the LGB community), only use the good name of JESUS CHRIST to gain credibility. THE SECOND ANOINTING says it all. I felt we should resign as for some years I had already expected to be excommunicated w.r.t. my attitude to FamilySearch the business arm of this organization…which is still in such chaos. Resigning enabled me to express concerns regarding the fate of some of our children and grandchildren who are still captive in the MORMON CHURCH. How I wish I could totally disconnect from this is always there lurking in the background after 55 years, despite the fact that I now understand the role of Jesus Christ and his mission…how I wish our TBM family members would investigate for themselves.

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  3. You wore garments day and night until your excommunication? Then how have you worn boxers for 4 years? Your excommunication was a year ago….

    This blog shows how much of a hypocrite you are as well as how much of a fraud. Telling people it was your church and you wanted to help it all while never believing. It’s a shame how much you have lied and decieved.

    I’m glad to see that your followers have dwindled. So you will be nothing more than a bad memory.


    1. Well, at least you still wear your garments even though you know the story is a crock. All of it. That’s the hidden hypocrisy, and you along with everyone else are Mormon because you can’t think of anything else to do.

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      1. Oh good. Sam Young finally admits that his agenda is about attacking the Restored Church of Christ and has f.a. to do with anything other than self-promotion. Keep spending those 501(c)(3) funds on billboards, hypocrite!


      2. Anyone that will embrace another over belief will betray them over unbelief. Merely for not marching to the ongoing fraud. Restored Church? Haha haha. You really need to do some reading.

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      3. Greetings Josh,

        Thanks for taking the time to read my blog article. That’s awesome.

        Agenda, agenda. Oh my how Mormon leaders and some members love that word. How many times have I heard them use the ‘Gay Agenda’ as a way to dodge substantive discussion on LGBT issues.?

        “Sam Young finally admits his agenda” Hallelujah. Praise Jesus…or at least praise Mormon god. At last Sam’s agenda is exposed.

        Sorry Josh, but you have not been paying attention. My agenda has been to ATTEMPT to follow Jesus Christ in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Turned out to be a lot more difficult than I’d imagined. I was calling out policies that had never been approved by the vote of Common Consent. BTW, that’s a LAW of the gospel that has been watered down to complete insignificance. Actually, the practice is worse than meaningless. It’s become creepy and nazi-esque. A required salute to the top leadership if you want to actively participate in church ordinances and callings. This beautiful Law of God has been desecrated. I made a temple covenant to obey the laws of God. By actively exercising my rights according to common consent I was keeping my temple covenants.

        If you really want to know where my heart is, please read one more article:

        All my best to you my friend!

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    2. Jim, the blog and your comment actually show you can’t read. Go back, turn off your Mormon-but-don’t-call-me-Mormon Indignation and reread what he said about putting his magic underwear back on for the sake of his marriage. You could learn something.

      And when you’re done. Start actually reading your church’s history. You may just end up with a pair of boxers of your own.

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    3. Dear Jim,

      Thanks for reading my article.

      What more is wanted? More information about my underwear? Your request shall be granted. In 2015, I wore boxers 1 day, but not that night. In 2016, 2017 & until September 2018, I occasionally donned my new sinful underwear on trips out of town. At most, 10 days a year, And yes, my wife was fully aware of this. From September 12, 2018 until now, I have only worn boxers. After all, your prophet received revelation that Sam Young was forbidden by God to wear garments. Oh that puzzling Mormon God you have. Caring about my underwear at the same time that His bishops are abusing children in their care. This year alone 6 sitting Mormon bishops have been arrested, tried or convicted of sex crimes involving children. The Gods of many other churches are directing their leaders to implement state-on-the-art child protection practices and policies. Yet the Mormon God continues to allow the OneTrue Church to dither decades behind the curve.

      BTW, I have been very open and transparent about my journey. In early 2016, my decision was to attempt to follow the teachings and example of Christ in the Church of Jesus Christ. I explain it all in this posting:

      Best wishes my friend.


    4. Try reading it again that’s not what he said. He bought the boxers wore them a day. His wife didn’t like it so he wore garments until his excommunication.

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    1. Sorry–clarification. I believe many regular members of the LDS Church do, in fact, worship the God of Heaven through their good actions and words. That is *not* the god, however, who is guiding the actions of leaders in that corporate organization however. The god being followed by leaders clearly cannot be a being of holiness.

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      1. The problem is that the members align themselves with those leaders, who are leading them off course…we were conned. It always comes down to the rubbish that is THE SECOND ANOINTING.


  4. Mormon Temple Garments…rags, dusters, floor cloths; only the markings had some significance when we were TBMs. As for Sam wanting to help the church, well he was in fact responding to direct personal revelation from God to which we are all entitled regardless of creed, colour and nationality, in order to protect his girls and beautiful grandchildren from illegal interrogation regarding their chastity in this damned organization. Who are you to question this and twist it around? Recently someone who was always asked as a child “Do you masturbate?” in retrospect said the answer should have been :”Yes do you want to help me?” This in essence is what these questions were about viz. a perverted obsession with SEX. And this continues. Why in fact can you not support Protect LDS children , and Every Child? Hmmm, why not?

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  5. I’ve said it elsewhere and I will again here: church-issued underwear is about the weirdest religious requirement I’ve ever heard of. It’s creepy!

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