It’s Official. Eleven year olds are now fair game in the Mormon Church

Mountain Top GirlThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is changing up programs for children and youth.  Their official announcement from December 14, 2018 can be found HERE.

New Policy For 11 Year Old Children

“Young women may receive their first temple recommend and young men may receive the Aaronic Priesthood and then their first temple recommend in January of the year they turn 12.”

“Ordinations and obtaining limited-use recommends will typically take place throughout January.”

This means that a child born on Dec 31 is to be interviewed within his/her first month of being 11.  It moves the assessment of ‘worthiness’ up by almost a full year from the past practices.

Here we have a mere child being taken behind closed doors with an untrained older man.  In June of 2018, the church openly declared that bishops are to ask the question “Do you live the law of chastity?”  That is a SEX question….with a child who is barely 11.

Can bishops ask “Do you masturbate?”  Absolutely!!!  Protect LDS Children has challenged the Church to condemn 29 Questions that are being used to prob our kids.  Masturbation is at the top of the list.  The church’s response?  “Bishops should not ask unnecessarily probing questions.”  What the hell does that mean?  It sends a loud and clear message that bishops can ask any question that they deem as ‘necessarily probing’.  Now they are free to do it to kids 1 year younger than they we allowed to previously.


Dec 12, 2018:  Bishop Charged with Sex Abuse

Two days before the church announced that 11 year olds are now to be interrogated about sex, a Mormon bishop was charged with sex abuse of young people in his congregation.   How ironic that both these news stories appeared at the same time.

Much of what this bishop did is CONDONED by the LDS Church.  You can read the news stories at FOX13, 2KUTV, and KSL.

What Does the Mormon Church condone?

One night, after a church activity in August of 2017, Head drove the boy home. But when he got to the boy’s driveway, he “locked the vehicle doors and stated, ‘We have to figure this masturbation thing out. You’re not leaving until we figure this out,'” the charges state.

A bishop all alone with a young boy?  Bishops are totally sanctioned to be alone with the children and youth of their congregations!!!!

A bishop behind closed doors?  Absolutely.  Whether it be an office, a car, or a home, the church allows children to be taken behind any closed door by any bishop.

Bishops talking about masturbation with a minor?  You better believe it.  That’s the #1 question on the list of 29.  In many stakes and wards, the leaders have been told that masturbation specifically should be asked.

Another boy told police that Head would discuss sex “all the time,” according to the charges.

A bishop talking about sex all the time?  Bishops are mandated to interview the youth at least 2 times per year.  If he perceives the child needs help with a ‘problem,’ he has the purview to call the child into interviews as often as he deems necessary.

A decade after it happened, I found out that at age 12 my daughter was probed by the bishop, “Do you masturbate?”  I asked her if that question was ever posed again.  Like the boy who was abused by his bishop, her response was “All the time, dad.”

The Mormon Church provided this statement in response their bishop being charged with child sex abuse.

“Abuse of any kind cannot be tolerated in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”

My rebuttal to this statement:  LIARS!!!  Their policy of one-on-one interviews opens the way for abuse.  Asking sexual questions IS child abuse!!!  Thousands of witnesses provide a monstrous monument to the massive abuse the church has facilitated.  You can SEE and READ hundreds of those stories at

News Conference

There was a time that I wondered, “Why do the Mormon apostles allow this?”

There was a time that I asked, “Why do Mormon bishops continue to take children all alone behind closed doors and interrogate them with sexual questions?”

There was a time that I pondered, “Why do the good members of the church tolerate this practice?”

I no longer care why the Mormon Church harms children.  At this point, I just care that children are in harm’s way.   It must stop.  It will stop.

On Thursday Dec 20, 2018, I will hold a news conference in Salt Lake City.  The plans for our next action will be publicly announced.

This will be a MAJOR action.  Bigger and more comprehensive than anything we have done before.  Our message will be expanded.  The audience will be extended.  Its impact will be a gigantic and historic hammer blow to protect ALL children.

To the Mormon Church

I never wanted to embarrass you.  I never wanted to shame you.  You were my church.

But now the time has come.

You, without apology, shame children into self-hatred.  It’s time you be shamed.  From the mountains tops.  All around the globe.

Banners are about to be unfurled, calling to all the world: 


59 thoughts on “It’s Official. Eleven year olds are now fair game in the Mormon Church

  1. When people ask “wwjd” they don’t always remember that flipping over tables and getting out a whip is an option. When people seek to cover these sins, they take on some responsibility themselves. Seeking to cover these sins can be choosing to report a story as “ex utah church leader” vs “LDS Bishop”… KSL

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  2. 11-year-olds?

    Same reason the missionary age was reduced to grab LDS youth right after high school graduation.

    The reason:




    That is why.

    Dirt simple.

    Allowing babies, toddlers, children, teenagers or adults extra time to THINK about what they are doing to themselves by being a MORMON is risky behavior for The Brethren.


    Yes. They risk losing their MIND CONTROL GRIP on the wallets of future tithe payers.

    Most ex-Mormons do not pay tithing.

    Let these vermin in nice suits have it, Sam!

    ( … and my apologies to vermin everywhere … who DO take tender loving care of their own babies.)

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    1. Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!! There are not enough letters and exclamation points on this keyboard to agree with everything you just said!!!! I did not go on my mission until I was 21 and I attest it was far too late. I saw through it all 5 months in. I left the church shortly after I finished the damn thing. Loser the age and lowers the low retention rates. I remember thinking when I got home…”I am so glad I have all this religious garbage behind me now.“ I had no idea at the time how sick to death I was of Mormonism until I was finally old enough to really be done with it. And sending me on a mission at 21 did that for me. If I would not of had those years in between high school and the time I left it would’ve been so much more difficult to leave. I am very concerned that all the changes that are coming to this church this year especially with the new youth program is geared to absolutely brainwash the youth in a way that was even more wretched than what I went through in the 80s. It will be far more of a Gestapo situation and for parents who are completely indoctrinated, they will put pressure on their children like never before to remain in the church. I am very disgusted with what I am witnessing.

      The church has always said that it’s two generations away from distraction. The church induces shame as early as possible to keep people in. They have to instill self hatred and fear because of free and happy person will never submit and obey anyone. Freedom brings it’s own happiness and happiness does not need patriarchy. I remember being an 11-year-old girl and to be asked sexual questions at that age by a strange man would have destroyed me for future sexual encounters between me and a male. How do I know that? Because for me, being asked those questions at age 12 by a strange man all the way up to age 22 when I Finished my mission, completely broke me in regards to trusting men sexually and intimately. And to this day I cannot be with a man. The thought of that makes me feel like a used piece of trash and only there for his sexual gratification. And I know I am not the only woman to feel that way.

      But I will say this, when I turn 12 obviously the lessons in the young women’s and Sunday school changed from focusing on Jesus to focusing on the profits of the restoration. And it was then that I started to really wake up to what polygamy was And what this church was built on regarding men’s sexual lust towards underage girls. And I would really really like to think that I am not the only girl/woman who awoke to the realities of the sexual predation and the sexual slavery that becomes and is Mormonism.

      When I look back now at my years in young women’s seeing how my young mind was being groomed and then the push of a push and the push in the push for me to have a temple marriage having no idea what I would be promising away in the temple is absolutely foul and unforgivable. I will forever give gratitude to my own soul For waking up to the horrors that is the Mormon “plan of happiness” and refusing to marry anyone in that foul temple. It is just slavery for a woman and satisfies every single lust a man has. This comment is not to bash men, But I know there are several men who love the idea of receiving several women for themselves. Their own personal hear him in the skies.

      No woman would agree to any of this if she was given full disclosure of what was happening to her from even a very young age. From the time she is blessed in her father’s arms she is expected to give up her sovereignty in every way to please a man to be a slave to the church and it cannot happen unless she is sexually shamed and is terrified of herself.

      Thank you Sam.

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      1. Lori,

        Thank you profusely for that impassioned statement of your own truth and awakening process!

        Congratulations on graduating yourself from that Spirit Prison aka Mormon Church!

        Janice, I hope you will read and contemplate Lori’s heartfelt sentiments. One fine day, you will resonate all over what Lori wrote.

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    2. From a link on the Church website page announcing the new 11-year-old Young Men and Young Women worthiness interview policy, it appears that all LDS Scout Leaders are required by the Boy Scouts of America to register with the BSA and complete online Youth Protection Training.

      Youth Protection Training.

      Training designed and intended to Protect Youth.

      That means that Boy Scout Leaders are ALL required to receive TRAINING to increase their awareness and vigilance of the real-world risks to the safety and well-being of youth engaging in Boy Scout activities with adult leaders.

      Good thing that The Brethren are proactively SEVERE ALL TIES with the Boy Scouts of America on December 31, 2019!

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      1. Sam,

        Thanks for your empathy … and entertaining yourself at my expense.

        If WordPress would grant us EP edit privileges, it would take your readers a bit longer to figure out that I am an Emotionally Disturbed, Trolling Charlatan, Lying Fraudster and Con Artist thinly disguised as a Wise and Erudite Teller of Profound Truth in addition to being a generally all-around nice-enough dude with a randomly triggered potty mouth..

        Janice saw through me long ago, Sam.

        I continue to wonder what is taking YOU so long?

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      2. I severed my ties with the BSA several years ago. I saw what was happening with the scouting organization that the trouble that could happen allowing them to engage in the changes that are now full part of the scouting program. I did not want to be a part of any of that. Yes, Youth Protection Guidelines were a great thing. but, the direction the direction they are going, they are throwing away all the good that they have done and what good that Youth Protection Guidelines, could provide. The Church has throw all of that away. I am wondering if Bishops ever took that training? If any Bishops got “certified” and if they carried that card?
        Even if they took the training, I don’t think all bishops took it to heart if they asked those probing questions that they had no right to ask! If those bishops held true to that training, NONE of them would have ever been alone with ANY youth under their auspices.
        This whole contrived abuse must be stopped. This is child abuse and child endangerment! I am appalled that this is allowed to continue. This pains my soul!
        Knowing how far some men are allowed to go, or think that they can get away with what they have done! This latest case in Draper reminds me of abuse I encountered as a youth. The shaming of me by a man who would later be my bishop and ruin my marriage and the life of my children!
        To say I am incensed is an understatement I am angered past anything I could ever have dreamed of. This abuse MUST STOP!

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  3. Sam, you were a Bishop. How did you determine if a young person was deemed worthy of entering the Temple. If we believe that the Temple is indeed the House of the Lord, how can a Bishop deem one worthy to enter the Temple without asking if they live the law of chastity. Read the 44 chapter of Ezekiel and it is spelled out pretty explicitly who is worthy. We know people lie to their Bishop all the time. But it is the Bishop’s duty to oversee the youth. That doesn’t give him the right to ask inappropriate questions. The parents should be educating their children. They should be encouraged to get up and walk out if the Bishop asks questions they don’t want to answer. I do hope that your latest ploy gives you the results you want. Maybe then you can come back to the Church and have your family with you for eternity where I know you belong. The new age requirement makes perfect sense to me having been a Primary President.

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    1. It is a ridiculous line of questioning. Masturbation has nothing to do with worthiness or morality, only control! and furthermore, even if it were immoral, it’s less immoral than having a priest one on one with an alter boy, or a bishop and a preteen behind closed doors for sex talk.

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    2. Janice,

      “That doesn’t give him the right to ask inappropriate questions.”

      Any idea WHY The Brethren continue to allow Bishops to ask “necessarily invasive” questions?

      I know why.

      Do you, Janice?

      By the way, Sam WILL BE with his family members in the Spirit Realm after death, JUST LIKE 100% OF HUMANS ON PLANET EARTH.

      Janice, will you be PISSED after you die? … when you see that EVERYONE has their family around them?

      How will you feel then? How will you feel when it hits you that a lifetime of OBEYING THE BRETHREN has bought you an entire lifetime of MISSED OPPORTUNITIES? And absolutely NOTHING MORE? How will you feel then, Janice?

      The true purpose of Temples is to maintain/maximize tithing revenue, Janice. If there is a temple within reasonable driving distance, any respectable TBM will have to hold a Worthiness Card to feel socially acceptable and show up at the temple at least occasionally.

      The price of a Worthiness Card is ten percent.

      Worthiness Cards are SOLD by The Brethren.

      They SELL them, Janice.

      For money.

      LOTS of money.

      Ten percent and JUST ONE LIE will get you your Worthiness Card.

      If the nearest temple is 600 or more miles distant, TBMs have a good excuse to not attend the temple very often. When you don’t attend the temple, whether or not you hold a Worthiness Card is private information between you and your Bishop. Other ward members can assume you have a Worthiness Card because you attend church meetings.

      One fine day, Janice, it will finally dawn on you that The Brethren care only about MONEY, not about YOU.

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    3. A few ideas for you to ponder as you wait for Sam to come back to the church:

      1. Ezekiel’s teachings were part of OLD Testament law. Jesus gave a new commandment that superseded the OT, so if you believe in Jesus and his message and his mission, then you also have to believe that whatever Ezekiel may have said doesn’t apply.

      2. You say yourself that a bishop has no right to ask inappropriate questions. Why, then, are you supportive of a policy that gives a bishop a blank check to do exactly that?

      3. If we *know* that people lie to their bishop all the time, what does that tell us about the value of the worthiness interview process? Are you saying that the temple is full of liars?

      3. As a former Primary President, it would make more sense for you to be trying to protect children from policies that endanger their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. If you really care about children, you should support Sam in his efforts. Instead, you are presuming to call him to repentance when his only “sin” has been to challenge the church’s protection of predatory practices. The church should be thanking Sam for showing it a better way.

      4. The church is not always right. If it were, there would be no need to constantly adjust, recant, and revise itself so it looks better to observers.

      My wish for you is that some day soon you will truly understand the problem so you can understand why Sam is doing what he’s doing, instead of trying to shame him.

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    4. I have worked with the elderly all my life.. Guess what Mormons and nonmormons alike have famiky come get them when its time to go. An afterlife with your family is not exclusively Mormon.

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    5. No one wants to offend you, as writing one’s response to your comments.
      Can you see your opinion is inconsistent with the conditions/situations you present in your comments?
      Can you see you just assume, without considering the conditions you present?

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    6. Correct …we should have been educating our children BUT had we educated ourselves before joining this so-called church we could have avoided placing our little ones in such a vulnerable position designed to remove parents from the stewardship granted to them by the Lord God. I shrink with horror as I recall hours devoted to serving in Primary where I recall being sub- consciously aware of the indoctrination that was taking place and yet being unable to turn the tide as I too was caught up in such threats as if you wish to be with your precious family in your second estate, tow the line or else! Leave your little ones to us if you desire to be with them for eternity:you need to account for your stewardship or you will not be with them in eternity.(Confused?) And remember you cannot be saved without your dead so find them and submit their names to the temple (so that we can actually hand those names to our business partners to enrich ourselves when you have to pay subscriptions to research your family!!) What absolute RUBBISH!!! The Lord God is in control. We need to read to educate ourselves. We are no longer living in the Middle Ages: we do not need “monks” to interpret or corrupt scriptures for us.” Surprise, surprise …this church will not determine whatever befalls one in the eternities. It is merely administrative and at present it is really messing up big-time. Our level of COMPASSION and the Lord God will be the deciding factors. How can “coming back to Church” possibly determine where Sam will be in the eternities? His level of Compassion supercedes anything that is portrayed by this church.

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  4. If we are going to talk about worthiness, what kind of a God needs people to behave in a certain way to worship him? If anybody gets up out of bed brushes their teeth and wants to try to be a better person isn’t that as much as we can ask anyone? I am so sick and tired of the disrespect of the human race when it comes to religion. You have to be a certain way active certain way look a certain way and it’s all garbage. Religion divides and Shamed and shuns And disrespects. It has nothing to do with love or cohesion or community or compassion. For me personally I don’t care where you came from or what you look like or what you did, I just care about where you are now if you have a roof over your head and food in your belly and if you’re nice to me. It’s pretty simple. Whatever God they are worshipping is disgusting and petty. Religion is such a broken mode of human control.

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    1. Lori,

      “Religion is such a broken mode of human control.”

      I respectfully disagree with your verbatim statement … while totally applauding your post.

      As a mode of human control, Religion is not broken at all. It continues to function quite well … to control those who have not yet awakened to their enslavement in the name of Jesus or other Sky Daddy of choice.

      On the other hand, Religion can be seen as in the process of breaking or self-destructing … as more and more humans on this planet are waking up and walking away from the Religions of our parents and ancestors.

      Just say “No.”

      If you wanna be polite about it …

      Just say “No thank you.”

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    2. to both Gary and Lori:
      Re: “broken”, Lori meant mal-functioning, while Gary meant existing.

      Talking about human control (or social control), can we blame religion itself, or can we blame the particular human who run the particular religion? Double standards, favoritism, corruption and abuse by the particular human contaminate the particular religion. The religion does not contaminate itself, and is innocent instead.

      In a broader view, is “control” bad enough for us to break or kick it?
      Yes, if control is inconsistent and thus becomes a human control.
      No, if control is the fair means for a human to develop his potential.
      For example, hot water steam is more well-taken when it is injected into a steam engine, than when it jets out only into the air.


  5. Has not Sam testified of the wrongs of what have occurred from asking CHILDREN sexually explicate questions? Yea, he has boldly, and what was the LDS / Brighamite church done in response, they want to cast him out, and have said Sam Young is of the Devil and will not get back in his place where he belongs and we need to remove him from our ranks. All while at the same time protecting the one on the right of the picture. Who had his books sell in Deseret Book until recently as the LDS / Brighamite church trying to hide or be secret about what is going on. I have never read any of his books, but I can speculate it would of had things that mostly tickled peoples ears, especially considering he has not had the baptism of fire or if he once did he has lost it because of his sins and crimes against God and the people. A repentant man will confess of his sins, not hide behind the law or lawyers. Now also take a look at which man the LDS / Brighamite church is supporting and which one they are forsaking. To me this is a very dirty rotten fruit of theirs.

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  6. I love and admire you and your message. I’m still so amazed that it had taken this many geration of abuse before someone had the fortitude to take a stand. I almost wish I could be in Salt Lake City to hear your message on the 20th. Bless you ❤️

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  7. That bishop committed these crimes of abuse in 2016. The church’s deceptive and strategic press release this week saying they acted quickly to remove him from his position and cooperate with authorities is suspect at best and an outright lie at worst. #ProtectLDSChildren #StopProtectingSexualPredators

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    1. Virtually EVERYTHING the Church writes or publishes is thinly veiled Propaganda PsyOps designed to cloak their patently obvious Mind Control Agenda in the robes of Jesus.

      When you know what The Brethren’s true intentions are, it becomes quite easy to see through the syrupy rhetoric repeating ad nauseam that everything they do to and with LDS children is to help them live closer to Jesus and enhance their spiritual maturation and development.

      Here is an exercise you can do if you are curious. Follow these two links and read what the Church published about the new Youth Programs.

      ” … to strengthen youth everywhere as they develop faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This new approach is intended to help all girls and boys, young women and young men discover their eternal identity, build character and resilience, develop life skills, and fulfill their divine roles as daughters and sons of God. ”

      The word “Jesus” appears in nearly every paragraph of this news release.

      Instead of “The-Church-Is-True” rose-colored glasses as you read, put on a pair of “Make-Damn-Sure-These-Kids-Pay-Tithing-Until-They-Die” colored glasses.

      How do The Brethren intend to accomplish this what-could-possible-go-wrong … new Youth Ministry agenda?

      Well, howzabout kicking it all off by asking 11-Year-Olds if they have started masturbating yet? This way, nearly all of the little children will be thoroughly shamed … with their fragile innocence blown to hell … several months shy of their Twelfth Birthdays.

      Then they can spend the rest of their lives trying to buy back their self-esteem … on sale by The Brethren for only ten percent.

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  8. The changes soon to be instituted by the church is good news. It shows the church is failing and the leaders are worried. I hate that more children may be hurt. But the adults heap condemnation upon themselves as the choose whether to honor and protect God’s children or the brighamite church. More and more members are beginning to see the oight.

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  9. The changes are indeed an indication that the leaders are worried but Eric Hawkins please if your opinion carries any weight, advise them to stop …STOP controlling our kids, please…this is only ultimately bringing greater condemnation on them, not our children. Many are now feeling righteous indignation. Elder James Mason referred to his wife as the light of his priesthood …seems to a lot of load-shedding in SLC.!!!

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    1. Lesley,

      ” … Eric Hawkins please if your opinion carries any weight … ”

      Eric is a prostitool for The Brethren. They pay his salary and benefits. He follows their orders … while pretending to be a reasonable, regular human being before the media.

      The Brethren need Eric because … The Brethren are WAY TOO BUMBLING AND INEPT to ever appear on camera or be interviewed UNSCRIPTED ever again.

      To be a successful LIAR LIAR LIAR, you gotta be SMART SMART SMART enough to REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER all of your lies and keep the fake dots connected.

      Church employees are required to hold Temple Recommends … so I’ve been told. In other words, they are required as a condition of employment to report what happens in their underpants to their Bishop.

      This means that Eric Hawkins could LOSE HIS JOB if he ever jerks off … and does not LIE to his Bishop.

      ” … Eric Hawkins please if your opinion carries any weight … “

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  10. Truly a shame that Sam is headed down dark roads. Lucifer was also a son of the morning but became an accuser of his brothers. His road to perdition isn’t much different than the paving I see Sam doing. And how many will follow Sam?

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      1. One of two options here Sam. Either you are correct and the Lord’s prophets are frauds and you actually are on the Lord’s side, or, you are incorrect and the Lord’s prophets are acting under revelation which puts you on the devil’s side being in direct opposition to the Lord. There isn’t another alternative.

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      2. Robert,

        “…the Lord’s prophets are frauds …”

        Begging your pardon … for begging the question.

        Please replace “Lord’s” with “alleged, self-styled”

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      3. Hi Robert. First, there are always more than 2 options. I no longer see things black and white.

        Second, you have not provided me with 2 options. I have never said the “Lord’s prophets are frauds.” I only have 1 contention. Taking children all alone behind closed doors and interrogating them with sex questions is wrong. I have never heard the prophets say that this is Christ’s true doctrine. It’s a policy. One that can easily be changed.

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      4. Robert,

        I should have thanked you for correctly characterizing the binary nature of “who’s on the Lord’s side, who? ”

        It’s one or the other.

        TBMs can get cocky like that and set themselves up for a House of Cards Collapse. GBH did that multiple times. Paraphrasing … “Either God and Jesus appeared in person to Joseph Smith , or not. If not, this Church is a fraud … etc.”

        The Cards come a tumblin’ down with the next question, “Uh … er … President Hinckley … Your Honor …, to which version of the First Vision might you be referring?”

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      5. Sam, go back and read all your posts. If you aren’t saying they are frauds you are doing a horrible job at it. It’s clear to everyone you no longer believe the prophets are led by the Spirit. But because the prophets do claim to be led by the Spirit you thus assume by implicit language they are frauds.


      6. Robert,

        Sam does a good job of keeping his focus on point … Protect LDS Children.

        The Brethren have described their process of alleged “revelation” …

        It goes about like this:

        1. Pick a topic somehow
        2. Discuss the topic as a quorum
        3. Pray about it
        4. Discuss more
        5. Pray more
        6. Discuss more
        7. Form a consensus
        8. Announce a new revelation

        Notice anything missing? Their communications link to Jesus is no better than my mailman’s communications link to Jesus. Or my cat’s.

        I personally don’t even believe it’s always done this way … or even similar … even.

        A good example is Rusty’s revelation that Jesus gets offended hearing the words “Mormon” or “LDS”. No way in hell did the Q15 all agree that such a butt-stupid geriatric brain fart was a revelation from Jesus. In that case, my bet is that Rusty was feeling his oats as King Corp Sole and just edicted his brain fart to roll forth unto all the world.

        Of course, that is all my conjecture. But my bet is that 99 out of 100 active TBMs agree with ME, not with Rusty.

        Anyway … just thought I would comment on Sam’s Eye-Single-To-The-Protection-of-Children.

        At this juncture … after all that’s been said and done … you would have to have your head shoved so far up your butt you’re looking out through your own teeth … to still believe Church leadership serves anyone or anything beyond their own selfish interests in money and … what else?…. mostly money.

        Their business model?

        Brainwash babies to hand over ten percent until they die.

        Babies have no defense.

        Adults have the opportunity to either know better (and never become members) … or to unbrainwash themselves and take their lives (and their money and freedom) back.

        Or hand over ten percent until they die.

        Free agency … if you wanna call brainwashing babies … respecting their free agency.

        I call it child abuse. If your core values allow you to systematically execute mind control methods against innocent children to take their money when they grow up, then sealing the deal with generous troweling of guilt and shame is just frosting on the licked cupcake.

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    1. Robert,

      Your belief system is … unfortunately … just a cartoon … created by your enslavers … for THEIR benefit … NOT yours.

      If you need evidence, it’s simpler than dirt.

      In other words, to figure it out, all you gotta be is smarter than dirt.

      Just follow the money. Robert.

      Just follow the money.

      YOUR money.

      Follow YOUR money.

      You don’t even know WHERE your money goes or WHAT your money gets spent on.

      Why don’t you know WHAT your money gets spent on, Robert?

      Again, simpler than dirt. You can figure it out if you win an IQ contest against … dirt.

      If you KNEW (what The Brethren did with your money) … you would KEEP your money.

      Among many other investments, YOUR MONEY helps to fund HUSH BRIBES to keep Mormon child abusers out of prison … and out of the news.

      On behalf of the child abusers PROTECTED by The Brethren with what?

      With what, Robert?

      Protected with YOUR tithing money, Robert?

      On behalf of THOSE child abusers, I thank you for your faithful generosity … and for your TRUST in The Brethren.

      YOU personally contribute to the cost of keeping Mormon child abusers OUT OF JAIL.

      And you are dissing Sam Young?

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      1. Nathan,

        Sorry for my delay in responding to your post of over a month ago.

        Hate-mongering Trolls … they gonna troll and monger.

        If I pushed your button, you might wanna investigate why you have buttons.

        Free Pearl of Great Price 4U: Our buttons are only about US, not whoever or whatever pushed the button.

        -Hate-Mongering Troll aka Your Button Pusher

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    2. How many will follow Sam? Count me in. The light of Christ shines in him. If you cannot see it perhaps it’s because you were one of the lucky ones who managed to escape your childhood without the battle wounds.

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  11. Sam Young the Lord is obviously sustaining you…big time. You know all “The Stories”…what a burden you carry; and yet you are committed to your goal. I have read but a few and reading the latest two have distressed me beyond measure. Membership in the LDS church was actually an horrendous nightmare and while living through it with occasional flashes of ” something is not right”, or in colloquial South African terminology ‘lekker’ (nice), one misunderstood the concept “all is well in Zion”. My nightmare has not yet ended as I now recall so many incidents that raised alarm bells. I have to pray constantly to God for help, for the nightmare to end. So please Sam, do not give up, do not be discouraged, ignore the facetious trolls, the Lord is on your side…that is plain to see.

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  12. Sam, sorry to hear you have left behind the knowledge that took a lifetime to discover.
    As you can see from the comments above, your new friends are a bag of disgruntled, angry, contemptuous hifalutin malcontents.
    You’re better than that Sam.

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  13. Sam,
    As a former bishop I take it you did all the things you are saying are wrong? I have given worthiness interviews to both adults and children. never did I have anything happen when asking do you live the law of chastity . other then once the person I was interviewing ,said they did not know what that was so I said ask your parents. I have an 11 year old daughter who is looking foreword to her worthiness interview. Our bishop told her there was some question that ask if we are keeping Gods commandments. one being the law chastity he then told her to ask my wife and I about what it is so she could say yes or no when asked the question. In 44 years of church membership having worthiness interviews I have never been asked more than do you live the law of chastity. Even when I was asked if I knew about my soon to be wife’s checkered past and I was asked straight out if I knew she had had premarital sex once I said yes or no nothing more was said. I understand that there has been horrible experiences and that no child should ever experience anything like sexual abuse and assault. But it is not the normal experience and it is dealt with . I was in your corner until I went back and read your blogs and saw your podcast dating back several years . You are not trying to do anything but draw attention to yourself. And you can not say you support a leader and a church and then say except for this or that. Even the church Christ formed had the same problem and the church members were told they were wrong. I am sorry you have had bad experience and I truly wish there was never any pain or hurt committed in the LDS or any other church. Or in live but that is not possible but I have learned that bad things happen to good people and to judge a whole people or church or organization or whatever you want by the actions of the few is wrong. I have had a couple bad experience with law enforcement personal dose that mean all law enforcement personnel are bad no the vast majority are good people the same as bishops who give worthiness interviews or as I asked at the beginning you were one so dose that mean you are bad also

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  14. Matt…you stated “this is not the norm and it is dealt with”, please elaborate because blanket statements and shallow excuses don’t save children. Actions do. One Bishop can harm hundreds of children so the policy Sam suggests has validity. Being the daughter of a Bishop that wasn’t the norm and was never dealt with….I stand with Sam. You’d feel differently had it happened to you.

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    1. Michelle,

      When I said this is not the norm and it is dealt with. I was saying that the majority of bishops and youth they interview do not have the bad experiences that others have had. I also said I know that yes in some cases the bishops do do harm both mentally and physically and spiritually. I wish this was not so but again the majority of the time it is dealt with I personally have been there when a bishop was turned in to the police by the church. I know that some policy’s are no to my liking. But I also know that if I don’t believe in something I can leave. I truly wish no one was ever harmed by a church official and not just LDS. Any church but we are in a imperfect world with imperfect people. And maybe the true test is how we respond to things like this. And by the way I was a bishops kid also and I didn’t always think my dad should be bishop. But if I truly believe that the church is run by God I then turn to him. Again I am sorry if you have ever had any experience like what these kids have had

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      1. Matt,

        “But I also know that if I don’t believe in something I can leave.”

        “And maybe the true test is how we respond to things like this.”

        You are giving yourself wise counsel.

        You get to decide whether or not (and how soon) to heed your own wise counsel.

        We each get to decide whether to continue eating soup with little pieces of shit floating on top. It is possible to carefully dodge the shit-bits with your spoon and make sure not to ingest any obvious chunks. That coping mechanism can work for a while (or for the rest of your life if that works for you),

        The other option is to open your nose, realize you are eating toxic soup, and pour the entire bowl into the toilet bowl and flush it to where it belongs.

        Then get some untainted soup … with nothing unseemly floating on top.

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    1. That’s a big step my friend. For a long time, navigating family waters was a treacherous undertaking. It took well over a year for my wife and kids to see I was not a monster. I wasn’t attacking their beliefs. Rather, I was completely supportive of following the teachings and example of Christ. Eventually, that made all the difference. Today, they all are supportive. That being said, there were some very tough times.

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    2. Programming members to attack their own family upon the slightest whiff of doubt or questioning is one of the very effective Host-Control methods employed by OBPB Our Beloved Parasite Brethren. Shunning and back-turning could be grounds for a DC Disciplinary Council. Instead, it is tacitly encouraged.

      Fortunately, many (hopefully the majority of) members refuse to mistreat their own flesh and blood when FIAGBOL falters … Faith In A Geriatric Band Of Liars … who are well-schooled in doing whatever it takes to keep PPO going Pay, Pray, Obey.

      I am lucky. My late TBM parents always maintained a cordial relationship with me and 4 of their 7 offspring who woke up and smelled coffee. My TBM siblings are also cordial, if not distant, with one exception, who acts cordial at funerals but never returns an email. In his case, he married a ruthless controller who keeps her eternal companion’is balls in a mayonnaise jar and only lets him strap-em-on temporarily for rare family gatherings (funerals) so he can almost act normal. (I understand my brother’s plight because I was married to a ruthless controller psycho/socipoath for 18 years myself.)

      (I digress, but maybe some will find a snippet of my personal soap opera faintly entertaining.)

      I was more fortunate than my entrapped little brother. My parasite eteranal companion nearly succeeded in literally killing her Host. Her rage-a-holism exceeded her strategic long-term planning ability. It is self-destructive for a parasite to kill its host … unless the parasite does it for sport and expects to find a replacement host with minimal difficulty.

      The Brethren are in the process of “killing” their Host … the TBM members of the Church. This is what happens when Low Consciousness entities do strategic planning. They are too spiritually dimwitted to grasp the dirt-simple concept that WIN-LOSE deals are destined to FAIL eventually … as more and more of the LOSERS figure out they are being figuratively BFBTB butt-fucked by The Brethren. The Brethren simply cannot fathom … let alone creatively design and implement … a WIN-WIN strategic plan for long-term survival of their BFIBM butt-fucking ingenious business model.

      “Fortunately” nearly all of the reigning OBPB dudes will be maggot fodder before all of the HandCartWheels fall off.

      PS – I apologize for all the lame acronyms. I clearly went off the rails this time. So sorry.

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