Next Big Action!!!

LionWith their most recent excommunication antics, the Mormon Church has decided NOT to protect their children.

However, the Church HAS chosen to protect what they view as more important:

  1. The apostle’s power and reputation.  Hypocrites!  Their first priority should be the children, not themselves.
  2. The Mormon right to expose children to physical sexual abuse.
  3. The Mormon right to expose children to psychological abuse.  Also known as covert abuse.

I have news for the Mormon Church.  As they continue to enforce the absurd policies that damage kids, the reputation of their leaders will continue to be trashed.  Not by Sam Young.  Their character will be vilified by their own actions.

Furthermore, they have NO right to employ sexual interrogations.  They traumatize children.  In the state of Texas, child abuse includes: “Inflicting mental or emotional injury impairing a child’s growth, development or psychological functioning.”  Thousands of testimonials witness that this type of child abuse has been perpetrated over and over and over in bishop’s offices around the world.  IT…IS…CRIMINAL!!!


The Church used it’s biggest hammer to pound me into silence.  I will not be silent.

The all powerful Mormon apostles intended to intimidate me.  Intimidation by hypocrisy does not terrify a moral cause.

They sought to stigmatize me with shame.  Only I have the capacity to stamp myself with shame…by walking away from my friends.  Well…I am not going to take that shameful bend in the road.  The apostles have chosen the shameful path.  I will not follow.  The children and the gospel of Jesus Christ are of infinitely greater import.


I have decided to publish The Book of Stories.

The Crescendo of awareness has dramatically increased.  Each action has built on the success of the previous action.  Publishing The Book is going to be bigger than anything we have done so far.

The target audience is no longer the apostles nor the membership of the Church.  This Book will be written to the general public.  Church leaders and their obedient followers will be relegated to the sidelines.  They will witness a national discussion unfold regarding “covert” child abuse.  The Mormon Church will be highlighted as the biggest and baddest example of unacceptable behavior.

Over the past 3 days, I have been tutored by a publishing expert.  An exciting course has been charted.  It will generate a ton of exposure in both national and local media.  A lot of work lays ahead with a plethora of moving parts.  I now see a clear path to producing a gigantic impact.



When stories were originally submitted to, I had no vision that a book could eventually be the result.  So I didn’t ask for permission to publish the stories in print.  That process began 3 weeks ago.  An email has sent to each submitter requesting permission.  At this point, several hundred permissions have been granted.

Below is the email request.  If you submitted a story and have not responded to the permission request, please do soon.  Simply contact me at

If you experienced an inappropriate youth interview and have not submitted your story, feel free to do it soon.  Story submissions can be made HERE.


Dear Story Contributor,

First, let me thank you for taking the time to write out your story and submit it to Protect LDS Children’s website.  That alone has helped protect many children today and has promoted healing of yesterday’s children who are now adults.  I hope that sharing your story has been therapeutic for your childhood wounds.

I’m writing today to give you a heads up and ask your permission. 

As you know, I have implemented several actions to encourage the Mormon Church to revise their dangerous and irresponsible interview protocol for minors.   I’ve now decided on a major next step…to publish the stories in book form.  I’m very sensitive to the survivors and have decided not to publish any story without permission.  So, if you would like your story included, please respond to this email indicating that you give permission.  If you prefer not to grant authorization, that is perfectly ok and understandable.

I’d also like to list geographic info.  If you are willing, please provide the following.  This is not a requirement to have your story included.

Where did the offensive interviews occur?  List which state/states or which country if outside the U.S.

Where do you currently reside?  State or country if outside the U.S.

Here is what I hope to accomplish by publishing:

  1. Create additional awareness of what the Mormon Church sanctions behind closed doors.
  2. Raise consciousness of what damages are being caused by Mormon interview policies.
  3. Assist more and more Mormon parents to decide to protect their own children.
  4. Continue to promote healing for those who have submitted stories and the tens of thousands who don’t feel comfortable sharing their story at this time.
  5. Nudge the Church into implementing the protections that all other institutionalized churches already have put into place:  No one-on-one interviews, no sexually explicit questions, ever.


  • How will each story be titled?  1) ‘Name Hidden’ or 2) with the first name and initial of the last n name.  Generally, I’ll follow the instructions from the initial submission.  If you want it to appear differently, just let me know when you email in your permission.
  • Not all stories will be included.  Currently, there are about 950 submissions.  The editor will give input on how much the length of the book will need to be adjusted.  I can’t guarantee which stories it will actually contain.
  • If any profits accrue they will go to Protect the Children Association ( to fund further actions.

I’ve never undertaken a project like this before.  So, I have no idea what a realistic time frame is.  My hope is to get a book out in the next 6 to 18 months.  Every week that goes by, thousands of children are put at risk.  As a result, I feel urgency in my gut.

Thanks for your consideration.

Love and warm regards,

Sam Young,


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  1. Awesome. I wish you the best of success as you publish this book. Hopefully leaders of states, nations and legislative bodies will read it.

    If Mormonism was smart they would have the wives of bishopric members assist them in their duties, including youth interviews. I think it would be awesome if both the bishop and his wife worked together as a team (both being present) during interviews.

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    1. HaroldTheCat, I have to disagree with your wish for wives to help….who will be with their kids? Maybe the interviews are not even necessary at all. Maybe it should be like the Sacrament, if you feel worthy to partake, then you do. The time away from home is already demanding on families. Doubling up on people in every interview will just require more of the active members. Interviews do not do anything. I know people who lie in temple recommend interviews and at tithing settlement.

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      1. Great points. I agree with what you stated. People should be able to access their own “worthiness,” which should be between God and the person — no middleman needed. I do support a policy for criminal background evaluations for those who would work with children in a church.

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  2. Sam you are amazing and you are rising even stronger from the ashes of their fire to show that you’ve only been strengthened and more focused than ever
    The church is incredible at hiding information from their active members , so this is a great step you’re taking. to take it beyond the church and into the general news where it can’t be hidden anymore!!! God be with you

    We are all with you

    God wants to protect his children and your doing his work

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  3. It is my prayer that those who wrote the original stories told the truth. That they didn’t just jump on the Sam Bandwagon to crucify the leaders of the Church. as we have seen in the political arena as of late, people do lie about these things. And because the people who have made the accusations are not asked to reveal who did this to them, you are just taking their word for what happened. The church has no recourse to those stories because there are no names being given. This , to me, is a book of slander. I don’t doubt that some of these things happened. but when? Was it before or since the Presidency changed the policy? The change in policy should have been enough to stop any Bishop from asking any question that might be construed as sexually explicit. If they didn’t, they are stupid. My fear is that most of the stories happened years ago. And to now publish a book is too little to late considering you have already published the stories on your page. I look at this as an opportunity for you and your publisher to make money off the Church. If you truly care about these kids, why not get an attorney and file a class action lawsuit against the church. You could get these kids a lot more money for future and past treatment. I read so much bitterness in your post, Sam and that’s not who you are. You keep saying that you were excommunicated because of your cause. You have to know that wasn’t the reason. Your attack on the Brethren in leadership of the Church was the reason. My heart breaks every time I read one of your posts. You are so bitter. Satan is alive and well in the world today as I watch the “righteous and good ones” falling away.


      1. Dear Harold,
        I wonder you might have been off track from Janice’s meanings, but I might be wrong.
        I think Janice’s meaning is as follows, but still I might be wrong. Please correct me, if I am wrong.
        (1) Janice meant the stories might be exeraggerated and thus slander, (or even worse, a lie). Harold took this meaning correctly.
        (2) Janice meant Sam is bitter. Janice supposed the logical feelings of Sam to be indifferent. Bitterness and love are with the same nature, just two sides of a same coin. I guess it will years for anyone to become indifferent, for some reasons.
        Yet, for me, just not attending any interviews, and no needs to say any words. Such coping would have to take much time for you and me to develop, no matter whoever we are.
        (3) Janice meant Sam takes advantage of Church. Perhaps, a book free of charges might take away this allegation, as nowaday publication could be very cheap in costs. Furthermore, I am concerned about the themes or purposes of such a book. Testimonies to prove whatever right or wrong? Wide publicity via publication? Insights (or pattern research) into psychological healing? Justice for victims (or psychological resolution for victims)? If Sam wants to achieve the 4 types of above purposes/themes, the book must have a very well-organized editing work, which might need the professional efforts of psychologists/therapists and authors/writers, at least. It would not be an easy job, in terms of monetary costs, professional knowledge of language and psychology, fair and justice attitudes, humanity/conscience.
        We should thank Janice for good reminders! Good luck to Sam and all of us!

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    1. Would you call Jesus bitter? He called out his church leaders as hypocrites, liars, thieves, whited sepulchers filled with dead men’s bones. I don’t view bitterness in the Savior’s harsh words. He was speaking truth to power. He was speaking out of love. Love for the victims of the priesthood leaders’ policies and duplicity.

      I’m not going to debate you on whether or not I’m bitter. That’s of no concern to me. My interest is in protecting children.

      The stories are not anonymous. There is a name and email behind 95%. If the apostles were true followers of Christ they would reach out to those who have been harmed. The church has recourse…sit down and talk with their victims. To date, they have not uttered a single peep of outreach. For 23 straight days, I gathered victims and invited the apostles to meet them. They were silent. I will not be. Thousands of children have been harmed. The apostles don’t care. Many of these children, now adults, have been interviewed openly on TV, radio and newspaper. They exist and are easy to find. I can direct the apostles 1,000s of them.

      When did these things happen? Read the stories Janice. Many provide the dates.

      Any recent? How about a suicide 2 weeks ago. The original story of her childhood shame was submitted months ago by her parents. The distraught mother submitted a tragic update last week. You can read it here:

      Does another suicide make me bitter? I don’t know. But, it certainly makes me angry at the men who allow policies that facilitate the shaming of our children.

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      1. (1) Besides all the above mixed feelings, being hurt in a heart is most deep inside oneself.
        (2) Church does not care any damages of its members. Money-corruption and power-abuse from the levels of Area down to Stake, down to ward. The lower levels just imitate the upper levels, and boot-lick, for money’s sake. This is Church’s culture, and this culture damages the normal development of the children and the adults. I have mixed feelings about this culture, and gradually become indifferent to Church.

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      2. Your arguments are so full of fallacies, its actually sad. Would you also like to point us to where Jesus called out His leaders as “hypocrites, liars, thieves, whited sepulchers filled with dead men’s bones?” Because that scripture has reference to the Pharisees, where were NOT leaders in any church the Christ organized.

        You say only 5% of the “stories” are anonymous? Why do so many not have full names then? These stories are 100% biased. You solicited stories addressing abuse, that is what you got. Biased means: “that the author has taken a certain stance in the argument, and presents statements, opinions, and facts to support this argument.”

        You still have not provided any recent events of abuse. The link above has no date and cannot be verified as recent. Someone taking their own life 2 weeks ago is not evidence of recent abuse. In fact, the author in that link clearly stated that the individual was an “ex-mormon.”

        I see this as a pure money making scam. Why would you take something that is on the internet, accessible world wide and in every language, to publish it in a book that only a few will have access to and in one language?

        It is clear that your cause has faltered. You have lost steam and support. The only ones supporting you now are the few that have been with you the entire time.

        It is truly a sad state to see someone that was in such an esteemed position, one called of God, to fall so far. But we have seen this before, haven’t we (Alma 30).



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    3. Dear Janice,

      “The change in policy should have been enough to stop any Bishop from asking any question that might be construed as sexually explicit.”

      OK. Let’s run with that. When the Bishop asks, “Do you obey the Law of Chastity?” and Billy says No? Oh, right. The Bishop then says, “Thank you for being honest, Billy. I don’t want to know any details about why you answered No. I do encourage you to repent and sin no more. In the meantime, I’m sorry that you won’t be going on the temple trip with the other kids.”

      Janice, is that how it plays out?

      Your suggestion for a lawsuit is curious. The Church has such deep (tithing) pockets that Kirton McConkie can simply starve out any lawsuit opposition … which is what they have done in many cases.

      “You keep saying that you were excommunicated because of your cause. You have to know that wasn’t the reason. Your attack on the Brethren in leadership of the Church was the reason.”

      Janice, Sam was excommunicated for disobedience. The Brethren do not tolerate disobedience when it’s highly visible on the World Stage.

      Anyway, Janice, I do appreciate your previously expressed opinion that asking children sexually explicit questions in the Bishop’s office should never happen. For sure, and thanks to Sam, it is happening less frequently these days, but Bishops STILL have carte blanche to ask anything they feel is needed to help the young sexual deviant in his office to change his or her ways and attain worthiness before the Lord once again.

      You accused Sam of publishing his book for the money.

      Have you asked yourself why so many General Authorities write books?

      A friend of my late brother knew someone who was a ghostwriter for a General Authority. Nice work if you can get it (either General Authority or ghostwrriter).

      Anyway, Janice, thank you for posting. I always read what you share.

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      1. Many of the General Authorities, if not all, donate the money they make on the sale of books back to the church. The others, who aren’t GA’s, I do not know.
        I do not know what goes on in a Bishop interview with a youth. I would hope that the Bishop had a clear understanding that the youth understood what chastity meant. Then that youth should be denied entrance to the Temple. As should any adult. My feeling is that Bishop should ask the youth if he would like his parents to join him for an interview.
        Sam was not excommunicated for his cause. He is not the only person that cares about our children. He was excommunicated because he no said a lot of derogatory remarks about the leaders and continues to say things like “they don’t care about the youth.” He doesn’t know whether they have been contacted. He knows what these now adults and some youth have told him.
        I love Sam and his beautiful family, however he has allowed himself to become the voice of change for things that he feels need to happen.

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    4. Janice,
      I have been writing about and talking with people about the harm of worthiness interviews for more than 10 years. I was one who shared my story on I have close family members who were raped, one by her bishop and one by a counselor in her stake presidency. I’ve had many conversations, both online and in real life with people regarding their self hatred caused by sexual teachings in the church. I’ve attended the funerals of friends, children of friends, and of friends of my children over sexual guilt and shame. I have gay friends who truly believed that they were gay because the Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W. Kimball told them that masturbation caused gayness. (Masturbation leads to homosexuality which leads to bestiality…according to this “paragon of virtue.”/s) This is the same man who taught that a person is “better of dead than defiled.” As a father, I would far rather my child “defiled” than dead.

      I’m a member of a number of Facebook secret groups which discuss overcoming the sexual shame and inhibitions that negatively impacted their marriages and their lives. I’ve read literally thousands of accounts OUTSIDE of You project the idea that this is limited in scope…that if this occurs then it’s comparatively seldom.

      We are not “slandering” anyone. We are telling our stories. Many of us know that we are screwed up from the effects of these worthiness interviews…but we really didn’t understand that we were being spiritually and emotionally abused. We didn’t know that the bishops and counselors were asking questions that crossed legal boundaries. We were indoctrinated to think that such behavior was normal, okay, even expected.

      Then someone comes on here, (you, Janice) implying that we are lying. Accusing us of “slander” when the only name we are mentioning is “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” or “Mormon Church.”

      Get out of our bedrooms. Quit shaming us for being HUMAN. Quit trying to own our sexuality. Quit trying to tell us the our sexuality isn’t under our sole control. Quit trying to shame us to death. What ANY person does in the privacy of their bedroom is NONE OF THE CHURCH’s DAMN BUSINESS.

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      1. I never once said that all the stories were lies. My own daughters were asked questions by the same Bishop. However I believe some may well be fabricated.

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    5. Hi I’m #945
      My story is truthful.
      I have no reason to lie.
      I don’t have hatred in my heart for anyone, Including the leaders of the Mormon church.
      These interviews are hurtful even when done correctly.
      Please feel free to read my story and decide for yourself if my Bishop was out of line and caused damage that was unnecessary.
      If you feel he was justified then I don’t know what to tell you.

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    6. Janice, my story isn’t a lie. I wrote a version of it on my wordpress blog a few years ago, and I also wrote a version of it for Sam. I can witness to you, from having gone through the process of making a submission, that emails and real names ARE attached to submissions. I made a mistake in my original story and accidentally wrote the real name of my abuser (who is still living). I had to contact Sam in order to get it removed, and he did.

      To address your other points: McKenna Denson isn’t a liar (and even the conservative Joseph Smith Foundation thinks that). Kristy Smith isn’t a liar. And I have read EVERY SINGLE STORY on the protectldschildren website. A few were odd, yes, and maybe a handful lied… but… Sam still respected them and posted what they wrote. I don’t think the families in West Virginia were liars either, nor were the other individuals harmed by a certain Brother Curtis that this same lawyer, Tim Kosnoff, defended earlier.

      Here is a very recent podcast where one of the sets of parents from WV were interviewed:

      I would encourage you to read the following article, but I don’t think you will take the time to do more than continue to do what’s easier, which is to mock from the Great and Spacious Building:
      View at

      In conclusion, if you’ve ever seen that famous 1956 film, The Red Balloon ( ), here’s what I have to say. If you were the little boy who had the Red Balloon… and those you thought were your friends were the ones who chased you down and killed your balloon… you’d be left with the following choices: talking about what happened to you at the hands of your friends; flying away from it all with EVEN MORE Balloons; or waiting for the little girl with the Blue Balloon to open her mouth and witness that, however ugly it made your mutual “friends” look, there was TRUTH in the story of her friend with the Red Balloon. To me, Sam is like the girl with the blue balloon. And all that was done was that his balloon was killed, too.

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  4. May God continue to bless you in your efforts Sam. May God bless these innocent children. This needs to stop! Church should be a safe haven, unfortunately it isn’t always.

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  5. This weekend I had to make a decision to put my beautiful Thoroughbred Horse down…the lady with the boxy hoof. Two years ago we all left our small-holding in the “Cradle of Mankind” after our house burned down, and returned 6 months later. A daughter in law had given her to me about 10 years ago. Mulani had been bullied by other horses because of her hoof. We all love living here, especially Mulani…she had free range of the small-holding so she had people to see, things to do. We monitored her movements by means of our Robo-Guards, and we knew her routine. This year her winter coat was unusually long; she hated blankets and would tolerate only the purple ones. A month ago she presented quite lame but rallied and life went on. Last Thursday she was limping badly but I was praying for her recovery and she was grazing and eating normally. On Saturday, our daughter Jessica looked at her hoof. Mulani however, lay down. we called the Rhino and Lion Park…no response. I asked Jan to call our security co.They are close-by and patrol on horses. What followed was the most COMPASSIONATE experience. The lady in charge of Horses and Dogs at the Company arrived. She administered a sedative orally with the help of the daughter, who” knows everything”. Later a second dose followed.She said that the horse had Cushings an auto-immune disease. The following morning an official from the Park arrived with a member of the security co. and the lady from the night before. I had found Mulani hobbling, but grazing. She called to me …I went out and thanked her for being my friend, for trusting me for allowing me to be her whisperer. Then the lady told the 3 girls that we were going to the mall. I told them that I had to stay, she needed me…absolutely not! I pointed out that her eyes needed to be covered. Later Jan told me that the gentleman held some food in his hand and his other hand was behind his back. She did not see it coming and crumpled immediately. We returned in time to see her covered “cortege” coming through the gate.I know she is happy and painfree with the Lord God. Our daughter insisted on taking us out. I wanted to stay at home…no,no, no. Three of our sons have been so amazing: “Mama do not look at pictures now!” Mom keep busy, do this. Our eldest daughter further away was so distressed for my part, that she could not attend church. Our youngest son did not comment but I said; “Think of that…that was good…she did not attend church!” He smiled and gave me a long understanding bear-hug. He too lost a horse when he was just a teenager, and he is out of the church. I am grieving (it hurts so much) but so are our neighbours and our children…compassion is filling my world. The Thorougbred will be greatly missed…so many people care. God allows us to grieve, not so Satan. All those abused in the LDS Church are/were entitled to Compassion…that is the mission of prophets as we learn in Isaiah… to be compassionate. One will not find that forthcoming from the untouchable building in SLC; on the contrary they are the cause of the pain. Mulani was enabled to fulfill her commission on this earth…following protocol, I had insisted that her remains became part of the eco system in which we reside, and the park took care of the process in such a sensitive caring manner (no cost involved). Sam you are so amazing ; you have gone the extra mile…how many extra miles? You have set the example …you have shown such incredible compassion…”A true messenger from God”. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Sam the COMPASSIONATE. ( I just had an awful thought: try to ensure that they do not purchase all the copies of the stories; they do have The Money.

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      1. Thank you Sam. Certainly those in contact with my beautiful Thoroughbred have shown such compassion. This might sound harsh but perhaps ERIC HAWKINS could suggest to the Q15 that they cultivate compassion for those whose stories you have presented and those yet to be abused by their policies and also for those whose stories are as yet untold. For those who have not walked in Sam’s moccasins, well…your negative comments are unsubstantiated.

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    1. Dear Lesley,

      So sorry you had to say goodbye to a dear friend.

      Our relationships with our beloved fuzzy companions can be truly amazing … if not undeniably sacred. The unconditional warmth they so freely give us is a real blessing and a precious Pearl of Great Price.

      It is sobering to realize that most of our companion animals easily put The Brethren to shame when it comes to basic loving kindness and compassion.

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      1. Gary thank you so much for your kind words..this morning I walked partly where Mulani walked, and although she will always be in my heart, I can now edge forward.Compassion is indeed very comforting and healing.

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  6. This is wonderful news, Sam! Penni

    On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 10:08 PM Tocubit Is Invisible’s Cubit wrote:

    > Sam Young posted: ” With their most recent excommunication antics, the > Mormon Church has decided NOT to protect their children. However, the > Church HAS chosen to protect what they view as more important: The > apostle’s power and reputation. Hypocrites! Their first prior” >

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  7. I guess this has surprised me. Growing up 1960-1970s, and even the temple recommend interviews, a single simple question was asked … Do you observe the law of chastity? A simple yes or no, no gory explicit details. In fact I made myself go to my then Bishop and confessed about breaking the law of chastity and followed his counsel. TODAY, our Local Leaders are SUPPOSED to have the needed inspiration and discernment according to that 10/6/2010 “leave the General Authorities alone” statement so why what where and how did this line of questioning, which I agree is wrong and inappropriate for our otherwise untrained lay leaders, even get started? It’s not right. And the post I saw in Mormon Trauma Mama about Apostle Roberts saying the victim is partially responsible. What a crock of …

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  8. Sam I think you really ought to stop thinking the LDS church has the “biggest and baddest examples” of unacceptable behavior. Really???? The Catholic church in case you are havent heard has thousands of cases of ACTUAL criminal molestations to its credit. Please stop your lies.


    1. The biggest baddest example of COVERT sexual abuse. Taking children behind closed doors and probing them with sex questions. This is not a lie. It is a fact. The Catholic church prohibits this practice. Call it a lie all you want. But, the Mormon church has a WRITTEN policy that mandates this practice. No other church including the Catholics allow this to happen to their children. Wake up my friend. The Mormons stick out like a sore thumb.

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  9. Has not Sam testified of the wrongs of what have occurred from asking CHILDREN sexually explicate questions? Yea, he has boldly, and what was the LDS / Brighamite church done in response, they want to cast him out, and have said Sam Young is of the Devil and will not get back in his place where he belongs and we need to remove him from our ranks. All while at the same time protecting the one on the right of the picture. Who had his books sell in Deseret Book until recently as the LDS / Brighamite church trying to hide or be secret about what is going on. I have never read any of his books, but I can speculate it would of had things that mostly tickled peoples ears, especially considering he has not had the baptism of fire or if he once did he has lost it because of his sins and crimes against God and the people. A repentant man will confess of his sins, not hide behind the law or lawyers. Now also take a look at which man the LDS / Brighamite church is supporting and which one they are forsaking. To me this is a very dirty rotten fruit of theirs.

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  10. I am about to writ something that won’t set well with many of you who believe Sam is some sort of martyr. His cause is good, but if he was truly trying to help these victims , he would remember Christ ‘s most important teaching. As he was dieing on the cross he said “ forgive them father for they know not what they do.
    I just watched a video with Elizabeth Smart telling her story of repeated rape and abuse for 9 months of her life. Was she bitter? No, in fact she even has forgiven the perpetrators who victimized. And most importantly, she has not allowed what happened to her, define her. She has moved on and instead of dwell on what had happened to her, has become a victim’s advocate. It would mean so much more for these victims Sam has found to come forword to identify themselves, to name the perpetrators, and bring it to the public eye. They may well find out that they weren’t the only victims of that individual.
    To blame the Leaders of the Church for a he said, she said accusation is not the answer. To bring these accusations up after the statute of limitations is long past is not the answer either. And for Sam to think that the problems in the Catholic Church are over because they have a rule against closed door interviews, is ignorance on Sam’s part.


    1. We are calling for an end to one-on-one interviews with sexually explicit questions. As long as this protocol exists in the Mormon Church children will continue to be harmed.


      1. Sam, one on one interviews are necessary. It gives individuals the opportunity to confess the sins that may keep them from the Temple. Yes, people will lie, but the Bishop has given them the opportunity to confess and to let individuals have a voice in explaining some thing they may not understand or agree with. I don’t want people serving in the Temple who don’t believe in the principles. I am not naive enough to believe that there aren’t unworthy people working there, but I believe many more would be there if it weren’t for interviews. I see nothing wrong with the question about living the law of chastity as long as the individual knows what the word means. Living the law of chastity is an intregal part of living the gospel. The opportunity to have a trusted adult with the youth solves that problem, in my opinion. What about children who are being abused at home or elsewhere. They need to be able to have someone they trust to talk to such a a Bishop, youth leader or school counselor. We need to be teaching at home unless that’s where the abuseabuse is occurring to talk to someone. We also need to be teaching them to report abuse no matter where it is coming from. This problem is so much larger than the asking of a single question.


      2. Janice, we obviously have a difference of opinion. I’m OK with that. But, I’m not OK with the harm that has been done and continues to be done to children.

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      3. Most abuse and exposure to pornography and sexual material happens in the home, not the church. So I am left curiius as to why Sam refuses to address where the real problem is.


      4. You might want to check with every other organization that has eliminated one-on-one access to children and sexually explicit questions. Ask them why made this decision? Why do the scouts have a strict policy of no one-on-ones and no sexual discussions? Go ask them why they stopped this practice.

        Everybody but the Mormons know that this practice is way too dangerous. And add in the fact that bishops have no training to be peppering children with sexual questions.

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      5. Janice,

        Thank you for a very thoughtfully expressed perspective on why TBMs believe that Bishop worthiness interviews are necessary to keep sinners from entering the temple … even though people do lie and there are sinners in the temple anyway … but admittedly not as many sinners as there would be without lying to the Bishop being a temple ticket for the unworthy.

        Your point that children need access to trustworthy adult guardians is a fact of nature. Animal babies have immediate access to a trusted adult … their own mothers. In most cases, mothers will fight to the death to protect their babies. They do not first decide if their babies are worthy of their protection. They are worthy because they were born.

        Mormon kids are also worthy because they were born.

        If the temple is such a wonderful place, wouldn’t that be the BEST PLACE for sinners to go? Where they can feel the spirit and get inspired to live a righteous life? When members lie to the Bishop to get temple access, the system makes them even MORE UNWORTHY to be in the temple.

        Just LET EVERYONE attend the temple! What a great solution!

        Of course, The Brethren WILL NEVER let that happen. Why? Because money. That’s why. If tithing is not a requirement for temple access, then tithing receipts would drop like a lead balloon. That’s why, Janice.

        The temple is not about spirituality, Janice. The temple is all about money.

        Wanna rub shoulders with liars, Janice? Go to the temple. You will be surrounded by liars.

        Wanna get scammed by affinity fraud opportunists? Move to Utah. Liars lie. It’s what they do. Some liars found new churches … with temples … where liars congregate.

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  11. I agree it’s just going to be a book of slander and heresay against the church. The church has no real recourse against it. Will it drive change to stop one on one interviews? No. It will just create more hatred by fringe members and those already questioning the church. Think about that Sam, the end result will be to just create more hatred. Oh, and where is all the money going to go that you will be making for slandering the church?


    1. Robert,

      Ask the other question, please.

      How much MONEY will The Brethren make by collecting lifelong tithing from members who spend a huge chunk of their time and energy coping with a trashed self-image overburdened with guilt and shame … while relying on their Bishop to decide if they are lovable or not … respectable or not.

      If YOU THINK The Brethren are not fundamentally motivated to do WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to maximize the continuing flow of revenue from their brainwashed mind-controlees, then you will get precisely what YOU DESERVE for keeping your head hidden from where light shines.

      Hearsay (not heresay) is third party testimony. The stories in Sam’s book are first-hand witness testimony … not hearsay. Your mind-controlled brain thinks like The Brethren. If you do not like the stories in Sam’s book, then just slap a HEARSAY label on it … and you can ignore the preponderance of evidence with impunity.

      Don’t like real Church history? No problem. Just slap a label ANTI-MORMON LIES on it and it goes away.

      The time will come when the covert child abuse happening in Bishop’s offices WILL STOP. Then you will get yet another chance to check your hindsight and see that … once again … Robert was on the wrong side of history.

      You’re such a tool, Robert. You are a tool in The Brethren’s toolbox.

      What about your admission that you DO NOT BELIEVE in the heaven and hell taught by The Brethren?

      Why are you a member of Church you do not believe in? If The Brethren got it wrong about heaven and hell (btw, I do agree with you that they got it wrong) … then what in heaven or hell did they get right?

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  12. So much sadness, so much conflict in families, so many lies, so much RUBBISH (we use that terminology instead of the more appropriate colloquial expression) has been experienced firsthand by many of us here on this blog, directly as a result of policies FACILITATED by the LDS/Mormon Church. Why do some commentators seek to undermine what Sam has accomplished? Are your contributions merely academic? Have you not experienced in your families the consequences of the bishopric interviews? We have and thank the Lord we have survived the ill -effects although the consequences were awful. Perhaps the worst consequence is one of our children, who remains defiantly TBM …probably terrified of the judgement he faces if he so much as imagines that the prophet is not actually a prophet in the true nature of prophets. Someone pointed out that one can only break a covenant of chastity after such a covenant has actually been made. God entrusted our children to us…this church can only ever claim an administrative function in our lives: set church meeting times, collect tithing, organise camps etc.etc. In hindsight it was so wrong of Jan and myself to have handed our precious children over to these so-called men of god. The Lord God had not sanctioned such a move. Please at the very least, give Sam Young the respect he deserves. Your negative opinions count for naught.

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    1. Sam is slandering the church and the Lord’s annointed prophets. It’s a two way street. Why don’t no one in here give me respect for helping the youth?

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      1. Robert,
        Sam isn’t slandering this church, church leaders are slandering it by their inaction to create sufficient policies and speak to the victims about it while hearing them out. Their deliberate indifference and legalistic ways speaks volumes. Sam is simply bringing that truth to light with a great solution. Top church leaders aren’t always right about everything — they’re fallible, and in this scenario they’re wrong. It’s reasonable to call out church leaders or anyone else when they’re being unreasonable.

        I haven’t heard of any victims coming forward saying that any general church leaders have had dialogue with them. I don’t believe many of them would stay quiet about that, especially those who’ve submitted their stories to Sam. Wouldn’t it be great if some of the apostles had a group of victims come to the Assembly Hall on Temple Square in Salt Lake City to have back and forth dialogue with them. That’s what love, caring, and charity are about — church leaders aren’t above that, and they should model the behavior they espouse.

        That is great you are helping the youth. There are many talented unsung people out there who help the youth in various different ways and under different contexts. All youths need mentors, not only those who struggle under the most common problems.

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      2. Thanks for helping our youth, Robert. I too worked with the youth for many many years. Many cherished memories. Personally, I’m proud of the work you are doing. Carry on my friend.

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      3. Haroldthecat,
        I do believe the church has addressed the issue with allowing other adults of the youths choice to be with them in interviews if they so decide. It’s important though that interviews are still conducted so that youth can confess and repent of past grevious immoral sins or discuss abusive problems they have been part of as either a victim or witness of.
        The problem Sam is addressing is he wants that to stop. It’s non negotiable for him. Sam has failed as a member to sustain the leadership of the church in their ability to lead and guide by the Spirit. For the day we live in, the church leadership feel the current process in place does the most good. Sam is not accepting of that and in fact is in complete arms against it. I really do hope the best for Sam, that he will have a change of heart and come back into fellowship. But he and others shouldn’t continue to mock God with a voice of criticism against the Lord’s chosen apostles.

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      4. Robert,
        For every rat you see there’s fifty you don’t …

        Ex-Utah church leader charged with sex abuse, lewdness involving boys

        A Draper man described in court documents as a “leader” in a local church was charged Wednesday with sexually abusing a boy in his congregation and being lewd around other boys.

        Jeffrey Byron Head, 54, a former bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is charged in 3rd District Court with two counts of forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony; and two counts of lewdness, a class B misdemeanor.

        In May of 2016, Head went to a boy’s house unannounced, asking him about a recent surgery to his genitals, according to charging documents. After asking “to see the surgery,” the boy pulled his pants down and Head inappropriately touched him, the charges state.

        A church spokesman said Head was removed from his position after the allegations surfaced.

        “Abuse of any kind cannot be tolerated in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Anyone who engages in such behavior is rightfully subject to criminal prosecution and will also face discipline from the church, including loss of church membership,” spokesman Eric Hawkins said Wednesday. “Upon learning of these allegations, we took steps to notify authorities and to support their investigation into this matter. This individual was also immediately removed from any position in the church.”

        Head did not immediately return a message for comment Wednesday.

        The same boy said Head rubbed his shoulders, removed his (the boy’s) shirt and also placed the boy’s hand on Head’s thigh during an outing to buy milkshakes, according to the charges.

        Another boy told police that Head would discuss sex “all the time,” according to the charges. One night, after a church activity in August of 2017, Head drove the boy home. But when he got to the boy’s driveway, he “locked the vehicle doors and stated, ‘We have to figure this masturbation thing out. You’re not leaving until we figure this out,'” the charges state.

        The boy later told police he stayed in the car because Head “was a family friend, a leader for him to look up to, and that (Head) would be angry if he (the boy) ran away from (him),” according to charging documents.

        About a week later, Head came into that boy’s house “without permission and without announcing himself” while he was home alone with his younger sister, investigators wrote in the charges. Head sat on the boy’s bed and the teen said they resumed their prior conversation of a sexual nature.

        A third boy told investigators that Head was awkward and “really touchy feely,” but said “the only touching between (them) involved shoulder rubs, hand rubbing and thigh grabbing,” according to the charges.

        A $150,000 warrant for Head’s arrest was issued Wednesday. He is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

        Court documents do not indicate how old the alleged victims were except to identify them as “14 years of age or older.”

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      5. HTC,

        Yeah … we know that there will always be a few misguided souls who unfortunately happen to also be members of the Only True Church. Just because some individuals succumb to temptation … well … that’s about THAT individual … and does not in any way impugn the spotless reputation of the Church … which is always above reproach … as evidenced by Eric Hawkins’ clear statement indicating that Church leadership has always, does now, and will continue to have … zero tolerance for child abusers.

        As long as there remains at least ONE apple in the barrel that has not gone rotten … ALL IS WELL in Ziontology.

        ALL IS WELL.

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  13. Sam when I wrote my story for you I kept if brief. If you send my story or tell on to locate it I will add the rest. Only if you think it will help.

    Malissa J Dalton Reyes

    On Mon, Nov 26, 2018, 9:08 PM Tocubit Is Invisible’s Cubit Sam Young posted: ” With their most recent excommunication antics, the > Mormon Church has decided NOT to protect their children. However, the > Church HAS chosen to protect what they view as more important: The > apostle’s power and reputation. Hypocrites! Their first prior” >


  14. Rob Osborn, please if we accept the fact that the Mormon Church teaches that we have been placed on this earth to learn to distinguish between good and evil and/ or that we may be required to choose to obey the greater of two commandments, then this was Sam’s dilemma viz. either ” to sustain the leadership of the church in their ability to lead and guide by the spirit” or to respond to a personal revelation from the Lord regarding the well-being of his children and grand children. Taking into consideration many factors in determining which of these two “commandments” is the greater, first and foremost is the instruction presented by the church as a guideline that our priorities are to be as follows: !) The Lord 2) Family 3) Work 4) The Church. Also Sam, as the patriarch of his family…Patty, his daughters and his grand children, will be required in the final analysis to account for his stewardship. Far from “mocking God” as you put it (ROB I wish you would stop doing this it is such rubbish), he has honoured and sustained the Lord God by following his promptings. Judge not….as members of this church we judge so readily. Look at me , I am so elect, I am a member of the only true church upon the face of the earth, I am not an apostate doomed to outer darkness. I wear the garments of the holy priesthood …look at her she is not dressed appropriately at all, at least I do not shop on a Sunday and as for drinking coffee! I can testify that communicating directly with the Lord God is the most amazing experience ( actually I was doing that anyway even as a member of 55 years because I prayed to God as a child before we yoked ourselves to the church). He loves us and forgives us despite our weaknesses. He answers our prayers and if the answer is yes we can be happy but if it is no we can rejoice even more because that is God’s choice. As one communicates with God, a dialogue follows …it is private and sacred. One does not need to follow a medieval practice of receiving instruction and condemnation through a third party acting on instruction from a hierarchy…we are able to read and write ourselves….we do not need “monks”. That is certainly not the Lord’s way. The portfolio of a prophet is to act independently to warn us and to instruct us to be compassionate. Sam Young thank you for your obedience to the Lord, for your courage and compassion, and your example. Do not be discouraged and be happy. Sadness is Satan’s method to deviate us from pursuing the work of the Lord God.

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  15. Here’s a story….. When Sam was a Bishop he participated in these same exact discussions with youth.
    Nice try Sam but think about it, the internet has destroyed the very things that meant the most in your life.


    1. There is a VERY GOOD reason The Brethren have no interest in Protecting LDS Children.

      It’s not at all complicated …
      I can spell it out in 7 words:


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      1. Gary’s use of the words BRAINWASHED BABIES alludes to the words BORN IN THE COVENANT, and more. Years ago, posted on the tall billboard of our local interdenominational church, were the words; “Before one can go forward, one needs to look back”. Yesterday my husband asked me just how many times I had read : “A HISTORY OF GOD” by Karen Armstrong: several times, and I delve into it as the need arises, considering that we ought to have investigated the LDS Church intelligently in the first place. The Yorkshire Post states : A HISTORY OF GOD is superbly well-researched…its chief attraction lies in its being non-polemical”. Armstrong’s work is definitely not “Anti-Mormon”. Many concepts which may be seen as having been thrust upon us, e.g.Trinitarianism, the definition of Elohim as Heavenly Father and Yahweh as Jesus Christ..(.extremely interesting as this definition is not correct}, and also the covenant itself, are seen in historical context. In addition one learns that the Temple of Solomon was similar to the temples of the Canaanite gods. In order to level the playing field, surely members of the church ought perhaps to read information beyond so as to consider the position of former members, many of whom still have family in the church and whose chief concern is the safety of children and grand children? The question: “Do you masturbate?” was asked repeatedly… it was illegal and asked behind closed doors and in many instances had dire consequences that we may never know. Surely we should all be of one mind w.r.t. this matter? Sam deserves support …he laid his membership on the line (he could in fact have resigned) but he was amazed when he was met with resistance ..the reason : “brainwashed babies are their source of food.” We are all entitled “to worship according to the dictates of our own conscience”, and I for one have made an objective informed decision. Perhaps former members are considered apostate and no longer eligible to claim their families in the life hereafter …but only according to ldsorg.or whatever. The determining factors will rest with us individually and the Lord God alone, and our level of COMPASSION.

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  16. “An unwashed brain is the enemy of God.”

    Damn straight on that!

    Oops! I just cited myself as an authoritative source.

    Looks like anyone can make up scriptures.

    I wonder how much it pained Joseph’s Myth ego to have to attribute all of his creative writing to God of fictional prophets instead of taking authorship credit and accolated for himself? (Not counting the massive proportion directly or indirectly plagiarized without attribution from the creative works of others.)

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  17. Smithmas! What an apt neologism! JS definitely deserves an accolade for Plagiarism! Or would he not have preferred to credit that to an accomplice?


    1. My exmo brothers and I used the word “smith” in sentences regularly. It’s a very handy word … as well-camouflaged profanity. It enables you to use very bad language in plain sight in public … without being detected.

      “Geeze, Einstein! You really smithed up that time!”

      “How many times are you going to smith that up before you do it right?”

      “The more I looked into it, it became obvious it was completely subar (say soo-bar) … smithed up beyond all recognition.”

      And at this special time of the year …

      ♪♫ It’s beginning to smell a lot like SmithMas ♫♪
      ♫♪ Everywhere you go … ♪♫

      Just remember … No Success Can Compensate For … Joseph Smith, Junior.

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    1. Sir Nathan,

      Thank you for paying attention.

      Sometimes, truth ain’t pretty …’specially truth about Joseph’s Myth.

      Stay tuned …

      Endless revelations still to come …

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