Apostolic Possibility!!!

Apostles 2018

One week ago today, I met with my stake president.  He had received personal revelation that it was urgent to give me a message.  Referring to Protect the Children, he said, “Walk away, Sam, walk away.”

He asked me to seriously consider it.  I said I would.  We didn’t discuss it much further.

After our meeting I carefully deliberated.  Within a few days, my decision was firm.  “Walk with the children, Sam, walk with the children.”  I chose not to walk away.  Rather, I would move full steam ahead with preparations for the action on July 28 & 29.

I have purposefully been vague on what the action would entail.  Here are some of  the reasons for withholding details:

  1. Many people surely would have called me out to NOT pursue this course.  I didn’t want to spend my energy in defending.
  2. Many people would have scoffed and called the action meaningless.  Again, I didn’t want to waste the energy in convincing.
  3. I didn’t want to give the church advance warning this time.  In all of our storied history, this would be the first time they have ever faced this type of action

 Meeting in the Wind?

I arrived in Salt Lake City yesterday, Wednesday.  Within one day, unforeseen developments have arisen.  A staunch supporter of PLDSC invited me to an early breakfast.  He has deep connections in the church.

Following, is a very shortened version on the conversation.

SupporterWould you be interested in meeting with an apostle before the action if I could line it up?

SamOf course.

SupporterI’d have to know what you are planning.

Sam(I described all the elements of the action.)

SupporterThat has the potential to cause a real PR nightmare for the Church.

SamThat’s what I’m counting on.

SupporterIf you secured a meeting with the apostle, would you be willing to call off your action?

SamI’d at least be willing to postpone it.

Supporter:  Okay….I’ll reach out to my contact right after breakfast, describe what’s going on and see if he would be willing to contact the apostle.

This afternoon, Supporter had a “long” meeting with his Contact.  They discussed the many risks the church faces by continuing these interviews, the potential PR storm and several other implications.

Contact already knew about my work.  He even AGREES with the changes we are calling for.  How amazingly cool is that!

Memos about policy changes have crossed his desk.  Often he thinks to himself, “This has Sam written all over it.”  I thought, “Nope it has 10’s of 1,000’s of good people’s names written all over it.  And 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of survivors names written all over it.

Within only 24 hours of arriving in Utah, my apple cart may have toppled completely over.  But in a good way.  We have a possibility of making our case directly to an apostle, someone who actually has the power to make changes.

**Update:  Contact just requested my cell phone number.


I’m not terribly hopeful that an apostolic meeting will actually happen.  If it does, I will then have to decide whether or not to postpone.

If nothing is set by tomorrow, it’s full steam ahead.


So now, the Church knows the details.

A major Salt Lake TV station called me today.  I shared the details and swore them to silence.  As a neophyte, I’m hoping the media keeps confidences.

The circle of people in the ‘need to know’ category has now expanded to 15.  Some of them gave me serious push back as described above.

Even so, I’m not ready to release all the details in public….except for the ones below.

The action’s start date has been moved up to Friday July 27th at 7:00pm MT.  It will continue behind the scenes all day Saturday.

Sunday, July 29th

9:00am: I will announce the entire action from the shadow of the Salt Lake Temple.  It will be broadcast by livestream on Facebook and hopefully Youtube.  I haven’t figured that one out yet.

11:00am:  I’m going to sacrament meeting to renew my covenants.

5:00pm:  I return to South Temple and hope to meet many of my friends.

6:45 – 8:00pm:  Still at South Temple, a daily ritual will be established and a special meeting conducted.

Obviously, I have left out the PR nightmare details.  Those will be announced Sunday morning.  At the same time, I’ll be sharing many ways that people in every nook and cranny around the world can actively participate.

The march was historic.  It was magical.  It accomplished so much in so many ways.  It landed the Sacred Stories of  our Sacred Children on the desks of the apostles.  Elder Christofferson took the time to read them all.  Kudos to Elder C.

The coming action, nameless until Sunday, will be every bit as historic.  This will be the first and maybe the only time this occurrence faces the Church.  I have heard many people lament that they missed the march.  Don’t lament missing this action.  I’m depending on YOU to give it a powerful walloping punch felt around the world.

With all that said….a meeting with an apostle may put our maneuver on hold.


39 thoughts on “Apostolic Possibility!!!

  1. Hello Sam. As an active member of the church I support this call for change to better protect children. I admire the creative and energetic way you have been raising awareness and helping people see the light. God bless you brother

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    1. Thank you my friend. I believe there are a ton of members supporting this change. But, most don’t feel confident speaking up. That will change.


  2. Hi Sam, Jan, Jacoba and I (Lesley) prayed for you most earnestly this morning…you will be in our thoughts and prayers this entire weekend.You have already come so far in your journey to help LDS Children and those who have suffered throughout the years..”.without a shadow of a doubt” the Lord has your back.”He will carry you through”.

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  3. Sam the LiionHeart!

    If there’s one thing you do not lack, my friend, it is courage. (I want to write a different word than “courage,” but this is not an anatomy post Do let me say that, regarding courage, you are clearly, obviously, spectacularly endowed.

    I have no idea what you are planning, but it occurs to me to offer this piece of perspective to you:

    1. You are dealing with world-class deceivers, con-artists and congenital liars, Sam. These people lie and deceive FOR A LIVING. This is their very LIVELIHOOD. To the tune of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS every year. Make no mistake about that.

    2. Please understand that you are messing with their SOURCE OF FOOD. Your eyesight is focused on PROTECTING LDS CHILDREN. The Brethren’s eyesight is focused on something else. They see what you are doing in a slightly different light than you do, Sam. If there were such a thing as Truth in Advertising, The Brethren would label what you are doing as PROTECT LDS CHILDREN FROM FEEDING US AS LOW-HANGING FRUIT – AKA EASY PICKINGS.

    The Brethren simply cannot help themselves, Sam. Their ADDICTION to controlling, exploiting and manipulating TBMs for fun (rock star adulation) and profit (10% off the top) is not only INSATIABLE, it is also INCURABLE.

    Guilting and shaming their future FOOD is a tried and true Mind Control technology that’s very effective at neutralizing the victim’s ability to think or see clearly … clearly enough to wake up, see what’s being done to them, and then get away to safety.

    The ONLY WAY The Brethren can be remotely AFFECTED from continuing the guilting and shaming of vulnerable future tithe-payers would be to cause them PAIN and EMBARRASSMENT and LOSS OF REVENUE in the form of spectacularly damning PR on the World Stage.

    Based on what you have leaked so far, it sounds like that’s what you have up your sleeve, Sam … some egregiously damning PR for The Brethren.

    You have been focused on securing a meeting with an Apostle. So what if an Apostle agrees to meet with you, Sam? I would be VERY CAREFUL and anticipate the worst up front. Here are some thoughts:

    Realize that The Brethren will do nothing unless they perceive a benefit somehow for The Brethren.

    Absolutely DO NOT AGREE to a confidential meeting. The reason no Apostle has met with you yet (even when Elder C was in your neighborhood and could have met with you easily and conveniently) is they do not want to signal to their TBMs that Sam Young has their attention. They need to keep you as powerless and inconsequential as possible in the eyes of their TBM food source.

    If your insider contact has your modus operandi details and is sharing all of that with The Brethren or their minions, then the surprise factor is perhaps lost or compromised.

    Hopefully, you are being guided to play some wily chess moves here, Sam. I hope so.

    DO NOT TRUST THE BRETHREN … or … only trust them to reliably and consistently act in their own self-interest … at the expense of all other considerations, including especially LDS CHILDREN.

    All the Best and Every Success 2U, Sam!

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    1. Hi Gary,

      Thanks for your advice. If a meeting happens, it will certainly be uncharted waters for me. But, what the hell, that’s what this entire last year has been filled with.

      I would have several purposes in mind. 1) Express directly to a decision maker what our concerns are. Not through intermediaries. Not through yes men. Direct…man to man. 2) Get an understanding as to where he is coming from. Who knows, he might even favor the changes. 3) Assess if changes in the very near term are likely if I don’t proceed with my action. 4) Active members can play a crucial role in putting pressure on the church. It may help for bolster their support seeing that I am trying to work within the system as well as from without. 5) Who knows what else could come of it.

      What I will be super wary of is a put-off, game playing, dismissal, patronizing. We have momentum. This will either help us build on it, or I’ll go right back to what I already have planned. The 2 men involved get it as to how messy their PR situation could become.

      Love you my brother!

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      1. Where you are honest, transparent, and altruistic, do not make the mistake of thinking that anyone who meets with you will be similarly motivated. Maybe, maybe not. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

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      2. Hey, Sam!

        I vote for “super wary” and then “ultra super wary.”

        My bet is for them to continue to ignore you. They are addicts. Remember that. They have zero interest in stopping their self-serving addiction to feeding themselves at the expense of millions of innocent prey who are not sophisticated enough to see how egregiously they are being used and abused … and consumed.

        Joseph Smith was a genius. He discovered our Achilles heel … that we humans are vulnerable to control by another human who postures himself with “unfalsifiable” special powers and knowledge and abilities and visitations by invisible beings, etc. Then sealing the deal by making your prey feel as low and unworthy as possible only widens the power gap in the master/slave dynamic, which works like a champ!

        Godspeed, my amazing brother … who is so easy to love … and to respect and admire!

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      3. Sam, I hope you have the gift of discernment if and when you get your face-to-face meeting with an Apostle. As I’ve listened to you, read about you, and (most important), read the stories of the victims, I know that the decision you will make will be what you think it best to help those children and the many more who have, are, and will suffer in silence.

        Be strong. Be courageous. For years I have prayed for the courage to do what God wants me to do and be what God wants me to be. I hope you continue to receive that same courage.

        God bless you and your family for your actions and their support. Your voices are the giving hope to those who cannot speak for themselves. My gratitude for you, especially as a Advocate (INFJ), is overwhelming.


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      4. So impressed by your exchange with Gary! Remember: Respond versus react; partnership versus domination; above all LOVE from all of your heart. May He, whom we worship, continue to be with you in every step, whatever the surprises. HE was always ready for any surprise! Love and admiration to you, my friend.

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    2. Gary, unfortunately you are exactly right. You nailed it. Apparently you, as I, have had to learn the hard way about those who feed off and exploit others. I call it power versus love. I believe every human is motivated from within by one road or the other. Power exploits others at all costs to maintain that power and greed. Whereas love sacrifices for others and lifts them up. Power hungry always want people beneath them, Loving people rejoice in seeing people raised up as high as they can go. I’ve found them easy to spot now that I know that. And you are spot on. They will do whatever it takes to keep their power as that is clearly who they are. But PR is the one thing that scares a power person. They don’t want to be exposed. Like con artists, their cover is everything. So Sam, as usual, is hitting them right where he’s most likely to get them to act. Like you, unfortunately I am quite sure they will stop at nothing to protect their power and money. My prayers and whole hearted love and support are with Sam. He is a beacon of love for those of us so wounded it’s affected our whole life. He’s like the warmth of the sun coming out from the clouds. Whatever happens, I am forever grateful for his efforts.

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  4. Sam I was just thinking back …32 years ago when I was a totally TBM, Apostle James Faust gave me a blessing arranged at short notice by the Stake President after a Stake Conference because Elder Faust “wanted” to see me. Granted it was a personal matter but why is seeing an Apostle such a big deal??
    Yours is also a personal matter…protecting your family. Coincidently it just so happens it is also of concern to other members and former members… THE STORIES validate your concerns for your grandchildren. An Apostle should have “wanted ” to see you months ago. That is why Gary’s comment is always worth heeding.

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  5. Amazing Sam! (My fear is though – if you ware able to meet an apostle, he will be condescendingly polite, yet do little or nothing to make any change, or, he will endeavour – is it appears to be the nature and disposition of almost all apostles – to use his top heavy authority to frighten the hell out of you)….. in your case, a fatal mistake.

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  6. Sam – I know you are hopeful that a meeting with an apostle will cause change because you believe they can make changes, but can they? Really? What hoops will need to be jumped through for real change. I think you’d need to meet with 15, instead of one. And do you think they will really go to bat for this cause? Because I don’t. I think they are trying to stall you, tell you what you want to hear and drag the process out – if they start any process at all.

    I’m concerned they wanted to get the details of your plan, meet with you so you’ll “call it off” for now, and feed you a bunch of bologna to protect the church. You NEED to speak their language and that is MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA. If their back is against the wall, you will see more change I believe. Otherwise, I’m afraid they are trying to pull one over on you.

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  7. Hi Sam
    You are just so cool. Just a word of warning. If your action is time sensitive, don’t postpone it because of promises of future change. Now that they are in the know about your action, they could just be stalling. I agree with Gary don’t expect them to play fair and don’t accept to meet in confidentiality. Good luck my friend

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  8. Sam, I have to worry a little bit. The apostle meeting with you sounds too much like a classic stalling manipulation. Dont fall for it!! Be a bulldog. They know you are a nice guy who is looking for friends and allies and are trying to use that against you.

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  9. Sam, by nature, you are a trusting soul. Don’t trust them. They have already proven, many times over, they will protect themselves and the church institution over EVERYTHING else; including the children. PLDSC is a thorn in their side. They will say ANYTHING to give themselves some relief.
    Please be cautious.

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  10. Sam, insist on meeting them with a friend. You need a witness. Also make clear that there should be no expectation for you not to share what they say.

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  11. Praying for you. Love that you will walk WITH the children, not away from them. Primaray song number 140, I’ll Walk With You, ” If you don’t walk as most people do, some people walk away from you, but I won’t! I won’t! If you don’t talk as most people do, some people talk and laugh at you, but I won’t! I won’t! I’ll walk with you, I’ll talk with you, that’s how I’ll show my love for you. JESUS WALKED AWAY FROM NONE, HE GAVE HIS LOVE TO EVERYONE, SO I WILL, I WILL. JESUS BLESSED ALL HE COULD SEE, THEN TURNED AND SAID “COME FOLLOW ME, AND I WILL, I WILL. I’LL WALK WITH YOU, I’LL TALK WITH YOU, THAT’S HOW I’LL SHOW MY LOVE FOR YOU. God bless you for your example. I have been educated and have learned and remembered how I was shamed by the church and it’s messages and leaders. I see things differently now. Let’s all pray for the church and it’s leaders as well as you and this wonderful movement. Let us all visualize a world where all children can grow up safe, protected, and loved truly. Thank you Sam.

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  12. Don’t forget that Utah is a “one=party consent” state. You can record the meeting even if the apostle does not want you to – since you have given consent. Take a small recorder with you and keep it in your pocket.

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  13. Sam, please don’t postpone. This needs to happen NOW before more people are hurt. The top 15 should already be in jail / prison for their complicity i.e. coverup in hundreds if not thousands of sexual abuse cases. These men are heartless, self-serving, corrupt. Be careful, be very careful in dealing with them. Be sure to have a good recorder hidden on you as this is a David vs Goliath situation and they are very very good at twisting the truth. Mckenna’s case is a prime example of what distortions and character assassinations they are willing to commit. One apostle wont make a difference. They all must buy in. I’m praying for you.

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    1. Dear Dixie,

      It’s refreshing to hear someone else calling The Brethren out by painting them in their True Colors.

      These people are Predatory Parasite Psychopathic Monsters who see Latter-day Saint children and adults as consumable food. The teen suicide rate in Utah is a massive smoking gun pointing squarely at Temple Square.

      The Brethren teach kids and adults to hate themselves for what? For the crime of being born human and trying to grow up being who you are.

      The Brethren kill people. And they DO NOT CARE that they kill people. They are murderers with their plausible deniability carefully guarded by Kirton McConkie.

      Masturbation is a sin next to what The Brethren themselves do for a living.

      To be clear, The Brethren do not set out to kill anyone or necessarily WANT to kill anyone (unless they are gay). The objective is to make all members feel awful about themselves in inverse proportion to how well they are paying, praying and obeying.

      Cookie cutter TBMs get by with just feeling like no matter how righteous they are or how much they sacrifice for the Church, it’s never enough.

      Less righteous and valiant members get to deal with even lower self-esteem (administered by the friendly and helpful Bishop). Flunking your Bishop interview gets you the UNWORTHY merit badge along with super extra guilt and shame if you are punished by the No Sacrament “scarlet letter” visible to everyone.

      The objective is for you to feel overwhelmed with self-loathing …. and even thinking about killing yourself. But do not kill yourself (unless you are gay) so you can stay alive to earn tithing for The Brethren’s billion-dollar projects and sweet-deal nepotism and all the other bennies of being owner/operators of a world-class Mind Control Cult.

      Thanks again, Dixie, for not mincing words.

      No amount of disrespect can compensate for the collective lifetime achievement award earned by The Brethren …. to parade themselves around in public with Jesus Hats on their heads … while simultaneously violating the innocence and well-being of millions of unfortunate souls … most of whom were brainwashed from birth to believe that Jesus and the Salt Lake Suits are one and the same.

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  14. Sam, Thank you so much for continuing to focus on this issue, and not letting up. By continuing to focus on the welfare of the children, you show you are a true disciple of Christ . Also more and more will become aware, understand, and join in the cause. Thank you for your example and know that there are literally tens of thousands behind you!

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  15. I may be whistling in the wind, Sam. But I believe you have been given some good advice, and some spectacularly poor advice. The good advice? Be wary. Go with resolve and determination, and don’t be swayed by efforts to sidestep the issue. The bad advice? Treat them as the devil incarnate with no motive other than evil and/or self aggrandizement.

    My advice would be, rather, to consider the discussion about blow-back from the retreat. Remember. Abinadi and Samuel the Lamanite are just fables. Real life tells us we will do much more good if we respect, empathize, and find what common ground we can with those we disagree with. We both know many in the church who are self-serving, hard hearted, and arrogant. We also both know many who are sincere, honest, and truly want to do the right. We may disagree on the highest priority, and we may disagree on the best route to get there… but they have good hearts. I would go in assuming that is true at the top as well as the body of the church. If you go in thinking they are scum whose only desire is to ruin peoples lives for their own good… well, you will have lost already.

    So, be firm, but be gentle.
    Be resolved, but be respectful.
    Have confidence in the right, but have compassion for those who don’t see it the same way.
    Be determined, but be empathic and loving.

    By the way, I can’t think of a better man than you to do exactly that. I feel like the mouse telling the lion how to roar. I have every confidence in you. But, I just wanted to say, do what you do so well, be yourself, and don’t listen too much to the anger around you. Even if they have a right to be angry, (and I suspect most do), what is most important? Their anger, or making progress against a policy that we all want changed.

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  16. I love you Sam! My heart and support are with you! Wherever you go whatever you do, I believe in you! And I know you know what you’re doing. Thanks for all the love you’re putting out there on our behalf and on the children’s behalf. ‘They’ never thought you’d get this far! Look at you go! An apostle thought about talking to a mere mortal! 😉😊 Go Sam Go!! Diamond Melodi #363

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  17. Hello Dear Sam, I am so worried about your course of action…crying as I read about the hunger strike. Is it possible that these people would care about one more precious person (you) when they show no concern whatsoever for little children? They are ostensibly wolves in sheep’s clothing and somewhere they have a pack leader calling the tune.??? Where is the compassion, empathy , love for one’s fellow men? That is the moment when I resigned …when I realised that membership in the Mormon Church did not necessarily encompass those qualities of love etc. as is evidently lacking in the leadership. As my child was told after the blaming and shaming,” you are responible for your own actions, you need to accept the consequences”.Sam please be careful, very careful, measure every step.


  18. A Conference Story, 4/18.
    A Father accepted an attractive job offer. A few days later his elders quorum president came to his home. “Do you understand the significance of the priesthood keys I hold?” the elders quorum president asked. When the father said he did, the president told him that since hearing of his intention to drop out of college, the Lord had tormented him during sleepless nights to give this message: “As your elders quorum president, I counsel you not to drop out of college. That is a message to you from the Lord.” The Father stayed in school. Years later I met him when he was a successful businessman and heard him tell an audience of priesthood holders, “That [counsel] has made all the difference in my life.”

    A priesthood holder magnified his priesthood and calling, and that made “all the difference” in the life of another child of God.

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    1. That’s a fantastic story. Thanks for sharing.

      Now, I’d like to hear this story shared in conference, “When I was 16 years old, a bishop called me into his office all alone, and asked me if I masturbate, under or over my panties and how many fingers I used. Years later, I realize those questions made all the difference in my life.”

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      1. You beat me to it, Sam. Well done!

        I was gonna write something like:

        Well, Brother Graff, if an EQP gets a revelation on career decisions for one of his Elders, can you please ‘splain to me just how FIFTEEN (count ’em) ONE-FIVE APOSTLES OF JESUS CHRIST cannot seem to get EVEN JUST ONE revelation for their Bishops and Stake Presidents that says “NO ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEWS; NO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT QUESTIONS; EVER!”

        BTW, my friend, I am watching your daily facebook video feeds. You are CRUSHIN’ IT, Sam. Every day that goes by with that chair STILL EMPTY is one more count on the CELESTIAL INDICTMENT the Silent Note Takers are tallying up for The Brethren.

        It won’t be a pretty sight at the Judgment Bar & Grill … when what’s burning on the grill is … The Brethren.

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      2. I am totally confused. A career decision is a personal matter. Surely the best one can hope for from a SP is counsel, not what amounts to a personal revelation for someone else? But the best one can do under any circumstances is to take one’s personal matters DIRECTLY to GOD instead of relying on “a so-called priesthood holder”…look at the ensuing mess in the Mormon Church…it is heart breaking. The Brethren need to listen…Gary is exactly right.They need to look at eternal consequences for themselves.

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  19. Oops..good sign that I read Elders’Quorum President as Stake President…I am starting to transition out of Mormonism. However my argument w.r.t.personal revelation still holds water.

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