Something New to Evoke Tears

March 30 MarchTonight I cried anew.  Pretty hard.  This time, it’s not because of the stories.

What an amazing rally!!!  Great local and national publicity.  Awareness is starting to gallop.  The advocacy team performed beyond my wildest expectations.  I’m not crying about the march.  I’m relishing in its afterglow.

Here’s what happened:

We Just got back from a family outing.  I turned on my computer.  Checked email.  One popped up from Paypal.  I was stunned…$15,175 in new donations.  One for $75.  One for $100!  One for $5,000!!  One for $10,000!!!  That made me cry.

Fund raising is uncomfortable for me.  This is the first time I’ve ever done it.  I would prefer to pay every damn bill out of my own pocket.  However, I realize that my friends want to be involved more deeply in our cause.  And…we can achieve our goal faster.

Prior to today, many $100 contributions had come in.  A few at $1,000.  A couple at $2,000.  One at $3,000.

Until now, I had hesitated mentioning the larger numbers, not wanting to diminish the importance of $5 donations.  $5 is huge.  I don’t care what amount you have donated, you are putting your money where your heart is.  Do not apologize that you wish you could have donated more.  Nope.  If you think I have any integrity, then you had better believe me…$5 is gigantic.

As I was greeted with $15,175 tonight, I cried.  I cried at the new confirmation that our cause is not grinding to a halt.  Instead, we are gaining momentum in every possible way.  Even the financial piece.




Approx.  $126,000.

All the costs for the march are not in yet.  There may be a couple more thousand when all is said and done.  You can find a prior breakdown HERE



Including $614.71 cash donated at the march.

I am NOT posting this to request additional money.  This is my spirit of transparency that eases my fundraising discomfort.

I’m blown away at how much has come in.  Obviously, people care deeply about protecting our children,

THANK YOU for your contributions and for you understanding.


9 thoughts on “Something New to Evoke Tears

  1. For those who couldn’t join the march, it’s great to be able to materially support. This cause is of utmost importance, I even got my TBM parents to agree that policies need to change (that’s a true miracle). You’re awesome Sam!

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      1. Great question. The new policy takes a small step in the right direction. However, the changes also have the potential to wreak more severe damage than before. I have addressed this on a Mormon Stories podcast and other interviews. Soon, I’ll be writing exactly why they new protocol is poor. One-on-one interviews are still condoned and sanctioned. It is not required or recommended that a parent even be notified that an interview will take place. Sexually explicit questions are still perfectly acceptable. We are calling for 10 words to be codified in our procedures regarding minors: NO ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEWS. NO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT QUESTIONS. EVER.


      2. That seems a bit extreme to me. No one on one interviews? I do agree that there should be no sexually explicit questions.
        The recommendation is that there is a parent in the hallway. It says, “When a Church leader meets with a child, youth or woman, they are encouraged to ask a parent or another adult to be in an adjoining room, foyer or hall, and to avoid circumstances that may be misunderstood.”
        My concern is with the tone that you’re taking. Asking for change and explaining the reasons behind them is fine and needed. But asking or demanding with anger and disrespect breeds contention. I feel like we have the same objectives but perhaps our methods are different. The conversation needs to happen in the right way.

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      3. Hmmm. My tone?

        I have asked for 2 years. How long do I have to continue to ask?

        My tone? Have you read the stories? During those 2 years more horror stories of tragedy continued to be written in the lives of today’s children.

        My tone? What tone do you want? Bended knee? Pretty please? I beseech you?

        The conversation needs to start right away? THERE IS NO CONVERSATION. I was told to shut my mouth or I’d be excommunicated. What kind of a tone is that from the church whose policies are facilitating the hideous damage to our children?

        My tone? What kind of tone was I supposed to have when I found out that 4 of my children were asked sexually explicit questions by their bishop? How about outrage!!!

        My tone? How about listening to these questions that are totally sanctioned by our wonderful policy:

        Do you masturbate?
        Over or under your panties?
        How many fingers do you use?
        Did you orgasm?
        Have you had sexual intercourse?
        Was it anal or oral?
        What sexual positions did you engage in?
        Did the boy ejaculate?
        Where did he ejaculate?
        Did he ejaculate in your mouth?
        Did your nipples become erect?

        My tone about pornographic interrogations of our children? Why isn’t every member of the church outraged that this is acceptable behind closed doors with our kids. It scars them. It breeds self-loathing. It ruins their childhoods. It leads to suicide attempts and suicide completion.

        So, when someone questions my tone…I now question theirs. How can anyone read what we are doing to our children without doubling over in disgust?

        NO ONE LISTENED…until I roared. Ten’s of thousands are listening now.

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