Is there a Human Being on the Planet…

Lion Innocence…who wouldn’t be devastated by this?

I bawled my eyes out.  It took me three attempts to watch the video before I could watch to the end.

This story was shared today on  I spoke with the dad by phone.  How does anyone recover from this?

I did lose a 14 year old son to suicide in 2014, this petition is correct about the risk of suicide attached to these interviews.

In my most painful moments searching for what sparked my Samuel’s end of life decision, the issues presented in this petition quickly rose high on the list to investigate. Not just one, but two Bishop’s testified while speaking at his funeral just how conscientious Samuel was during his Bishop’s interviews with them. Also comments in his chat logs before he died hint that he was effected by these interviews.

After over 3 years of grueling and intense research and pondering to understand, I place these interviews and the feelings of shame they produce as a major reason for his end of life decision. My haunting regrets tell me he might still be alive if I had not required that he participate in these interviews, God knows how I wished I had a Sam Young to enlighten me before his death.

*** Samuel’s video is the heart-breaker ***


These Interviews Stop NOW!

It’s not just Sam Young….There are now 11,449 thundering voices that will NOT be silenced.  Our cherished children are at stake.

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17 thoughts on “Is there a Human Being on the Planet…

  1. My heart is breaking for a stranger. For their loss, and especially for everything the child lost. (I can’t get the link to work. Might just be me though.)

    I was researching for my blog tonight and became distracted by a beautiful quote by Gordon B. Hinkley, “You cannot abuse your children. You cannot beat them. You cannot mistreat them and have their love and respect.”

    This is true of everyone. The church cannot have the love and respect of it’s members if it mistreats the children. So long as the leaders stand against what is right, stubborn and prideful, self proclaiming their righteousness, there will be no change. They will also continue to lose the love and respect of their members. This child, Samuel, should still be with us. His loss is on the head of the church.

    Thank you for your work Sam. Many of us have shared our stories and our pain with you. The weight of those stories must seem unbareable. We know, we’ve been carrying them and others stories with us all our lives. But we don’t carry them alone anymore, you started something, and you will always be my hero for it. You aren’t strong because you stand alone. You don’t carry anything alone. You are strong because you stand with all of us. 💕

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    1. Thank you my friend. The quote from Pres. Hinkley is very appropriate and applicable. The stories are hard to read and the weight does accumulate. However, I’m their accumulation becomes light when I see the healing, when I see that hope that we are going to save lives and protect our kids.


  2. We must unitedly go after them. Don’t back down from indignant, condescending, abusive, self righteous pedophiles, and their supporters in crime. Identify them and call them all what they are.

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  3. Oh my. This is absolutely heartbreaking, and rage inducing. What a perfect, sweet boy. And now he is gone. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. We must get deadly serious about this abuse. Call it what it is and name those bishops and stake presidents who enforce this shit, ask the questions and actually inflict the abuse. I know some people feel the bishops are only doing what they think is right. It doesn’t matter what they think is right, what they are doing is wrong and they need to be made to suffer the consequences of their actions PUBLICLY! If you can remember the name of your abuser, NAME HIM! He does not deserve protection just because he is the foot soldier. He CHOSE to swing the sword and become an abuser.

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