Thank You Mormonad!!


Over the past  couple of years my religious beliefs have evolved.  However, discussing my new world views have often been met with criticism, disdain and a call to be silent.

Then a delightful discovery.  This 1992 Mormonad.  You can follow the link on HERE.

What really caught my attention was this phrase: “Standing up for your beliefs can be music to other people’s ears.”  Oh my gosh!  I have been very open about my beliefs. Over and over again people have told me how much my words have meant to them

So, thank you Mormonad.  Your validation is super meaningful.  I HAVE been blowing my own horn.  It HAS been music to people’s ears.  Sometimes it has been scary to let my voice be heard.  Now, I’ll fresh courage take.


4 thoughts on “Thank You Mormonad!!

  1. Hey, Sam!

    Been thinking about you after an unusually long “radio silence” on your blog. Thanks for coming up for air and showing signs of Eternal Life!

    I gotta object, however, to your “discovery”. You know damn well that how YOU interpret that Mormonad has nothing whatsoever to do with how The Brethren intended for those words to be interpreted.

    You forgot to quote the words between the lines, which I will provide right now at no extra charge:

    “Standing up for your [aka “our” aka “The Brethren’s”] beliefs [in lockstep correlation with currently programmed Mormon dogma] can be music to other people’s ears [as long as the brain betwixt those ears is likewise in total alignment with correlated teachings].”

    That Mormonad is actually a clever Mind Control Cult tactic: Stroke the controlee’s immature, undiscerning ego by suggesting that otherwise admirable character traits will accrue to the controlee when the controlee publicly espouses the agenda of the Cult as it were the controllee’s own personally held beliefs.

    The KJV says: “… line upon line, precept upon precept … ” Isaiah 28:10

    The Joseph Smith translation should read

    ” … lie upon lie; decept upon decept … ”

    That Mormonad contains Kleverly Koncealed Kudos for those who proudly and boldly proclaim Joseph’s lies as their own.

    Sam, you can be damn sure that if you find what looks to you like a gem of individual empowerment buried deep within the Mormon Lexicon (like 25 years ago), you can be sure you have misinterpreted the intended meaning. The Mormon Church is ALL about empowering The Brethren, and NOTHING about empowering the members.

    Of this I somberly testify with every fiber of my bran muffin, and beyond the shadows of my everlasting doubts. May peace bewitch you, dis way and dat way.

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    1. Hi Gary,

      As always, you have a great point. I don’t really know exactly what “the brethren” wanted me to get out of this Mormonad. That’s why I love the Book of Mormon so much. The quintessential prophet, Nephi, set the quintessential example in 1 Ne. 19:23. “For I did liken all scriptures unto us.” I’m quintessing his lead by likening Mormonads to me.


  2. Odd coincidence, but I believe the photographer that took that picture, Steve Bunderson, was in the Houston stake back in the 70’s.

    Keep tooting your horn Sam. There will be many that disagree with you, but there will also be those that align with your beliefs and gain comfort from knowing they are not alone. I might not align with your beliefs 100%, but we are all different and we should not expect to be exactly like someone else. Unfortunately, the church teaches that we should all have the exact same beliefs and all act the same way. Somewhere along the way they lost sight of the free agency given to us and have the misunderstanding that different viewpoints indicate pride or sinfulness.

    I have a very simple view about our relationship with God. I don’t believe he is overly concerned with our strict adherence to the LDS teachings and ridiculous requirements to prove one’s devotion. As a father myself, my only desire is that my children treat others with respect and pursue what makes them happy and confident in themselves. If we can all live by the rule of, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” the world would be a much better place. Wake up each morning and see the beauty each day has to offer and be kind to those you interact with each day. What father would want any more from their child? I don’t need my children to glorify me and praise me. I want them to know they are loved and respected and hope they know that our house is a safe house where they are always welcome.


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