Trailblazing–Talkeria #23



Thursday, February 9, 2017, 7:00pm.  Location:  James Coney Island, 11940 S.W. Frwy., Stafford, TX.

Why a Trailblazer Talkeria?  A special visitor will join us…Donald Braegger.  He participated in the “Any Opposed” group that voted opposed at the April 2015 General Conference.  In the photo above, he’s the man on the left.  This was the first time in many years that opposing votes were raised at General Conference.  A courageous act.  He has a fascinating and heart rending story.

Many of the problems facing the church today stem from our open disobedience to the law God set in place to govern His church…the Law of Common Consent.  You can read about it HERE.  Two years ago, Don blazed a trail for others to follow.  A trail of following the founding principles of the restored church.  A trail of standing up for Christ’s commandments.  A trail of standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.  A trail to restore the voice that Christ gave to every rank and file member in HIS church.

What Don did was darn difficult.  It shouldn’t be.  Rather, it should be standard operating procedure.  Someday it will be.   More and more will follow his example of watching out for the church and his love for his ‘fellow citizens.’  Otherwise, more and more will continue to leave the church.  Voiceless and disillusioned.

What’s the Talkeria All About

Our purpose is to provide a safe, judgment free place to talk about ANY Mormon issues you’d like to discuss.  Especially, those you are afraid to bring up at church.  Here are some of the reasons people have come to a Talkeria meeting.

  • You want to share the story of your faith crisis/journey/transition.
  • LDS history and doctrine are troubling you, family members or friends.
  • You have left the church, but still have Mormon issues to discuss.
  • You have a child who is doubting or has left the church.
  • You have a parent, sibling or friend who is doubting or has left the church.
  • Your faith has changed, and you are having difficulty interacting with family or friends
  • Your faith has changed and are having difficulty navigating a mixed faith marriage.
  • The faith of your spouse has changed.
  • You are LGBT, in or out of the closet.
  • You have an LGBT child, sibling or friend.
  • You have left the church, but still want to maintain contact with Mormons.

For the history of the Mormon Talkeria click HERE.

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