Love Dan Peterson. Protect Our Children.

DanPetersenYesterday, a prominent and well respected Mormon apologist wrote an article about a campaign that’s abrewing.  Oh boy, do I ever hope he’s right about that.

Here’s my comment on his blog.

Dear Dan,

Thank you for bringing this issue to the forefront of discussion.  I really appreciate that.

“I’ve read online complaints about sex-related questions for quite a few years.”  Obviously, you are way ahead of me on this issue.   Until this year, I was not aware of ‘complaints’ about probing sexually oriented interviews.

As children, neither you nor I were asked probing sexual questions.  During our bishoprics, neither you nor I asked probing sexual questions.  Your one friend who was asked….well, he turned out fine.

That’s all well and good.  You, me and your prominent friend…we are all fine.  But, I’m not really concerned about those who are doing fine.

Like you, the teachings and example of Jesus speak to my heart.  I’m trying to be like him and follow his gorgeous teachings.

I’m touched by the way the Savior framed His parable of the Good Samaritan.  First, a priest saw the wounded, half-dead man and “passed by on the other side.”  Then the Levite, another priesthood holder, came upon the same bloody and beaten human being.  At least he “came and looked on him.”  Ultimately, the Levite also turned up his nose and scurried away.  It was the lowly and vilified Samaritan who had compassion, bound up wounds and cared for the man in misery.

This parable points a finger directly at me.  Like the priest and Levite,  I hold priesthood.  The high priesthood.  The Savior wants me to act like the despised Samaritan.  Not like the priest.  That’s what I’m attempting to do.  And sometimes, I really suck at it.

Over the past few months, I have personally heard hundreds of stories from those who carry deep wounds from their childhood worthiness interviews.  No way am I going to walk away from them.  My choice is to listen, understand, help, build, support, & serve.  And….work to prevent future damage to our children.

Dan, you are obviously a very good man.  I invite you to help me raise awareness, healing, and protection for our children.  Changing our interview practices will also safeguard our bishops and the reputation of our church.

Thanks for all you do to defend the faith,

Sam Young

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