Four Strikes….You’re Out


**If strong language offends you…read no farther**

Discouraged tonight.  So much effort, time and money over the past 2 years.  Yet, one-on-one interviews with sex questions are still the norm.  This practice is repulsive to every person I have spoken with outside the Church.  Yet most of my former Mormon friends and some of my extended family see no reason to change.  They believe that it’s necessary for children, their children, to be quizzed by a bishop about sexual activities.

Time to write an angry post.  Some of you will condemn me for expressing ire.  I will admit that I do not understand how a human being could not be angry at what follows.

Some have asked if I plan to seek readmission to the Mormon Church.  Well…that pompous corporation has 4 egregious strikes against it.

Strike #1

At 12 years old, one of my daughter’s was asked if she masturbated.  A probing question asked by her bishop all alone behind a closed door.  She didn’t know what it meant.  Her 12 year old friends didn’t either.  So, she did what any resourceful child does.  She googled it.  And what did she find?  In her words, “Dad, I found out what masturbation was, how to do it and I found pornography.”  Was she ever asked again?  “Yes, dad.  All the time.”  Did she ever lie?  “Of course, dad.  Just like all the other kids.”

Despicable treatment of my child!!!  Yeah, I’m angry.  Mormon Church…why the hell would I consider coming back when you still do this to children.

Strike #2

At 19, another daughter was big with child as she sat across from her bishop for a worthiness interview.  He asked, “Do you masturbate?”  You son-of-a-bitch.  Asking a pregnant woman if she masturbates.  And this is sanctioned by the Mormon Church.  Stupid.

Strike #3

At 18, another daughter, her first Sunday at BYU.  Her bishop calls her in for an interview.  All alone.  My adult daughter…well an 18 year old barely adult daughter.  The bishop probed with such explicit sexual questions that she was done with Mormonism.    She never wanted to see that man again and stopped going to church.  At BYU!  She finished the semester and then transferred to  Texas A & M.  Good for her. At the time, she didn’t tell me why she was no longer interested in the church.  That was discovered 10 years later.

Strike #4

Another daughter’s experience during her first year at BYU.  Up to this point, she had never dated.  Her professor bishop interrogated with several deviant sex questions.  Like, “Have you had anal sex?!!!?!?”  What the hell.  You disgusting pervert.  Were you propositioning my child, you bastard?  Oh yeah, your church sanctions this rancid and revolting behavior by its bishops.

Nelson…Oaks…Eyring, you permit, promote and facilitate filth.

I have dreamed of going to Washington D.C. and calling on every embassy.  I’d expose to them the evil practice that the Mormon Church is spreading in their homelands.  For those countries that don’t permit proselyting, I’d give them more ammunition for continuing to outlaw missionaries.  I’d love to speak with the Russians.  They got it right when they restricted Mormon proselyting.  And…they likely don’t even know about the despicable interview practices they are saving their children from.

I feel sorry for the missionaries.  They don’t comprehend that they’re spreading an irresponsible and degrading practice that will harm children all around the world.  They should.  After all, many of them are quizzed about masturbation every six weeks.

On the other hand, I have no sympathy for the mission presidents.  They are experienced adults.  What blinds them from seeing the idiocy and danger of one-one-one sexually charged interviews?  Ambition?  Arrogance?  Degeneracy?  Blind obedience?  Whatever it is, I cut them NO slack and hold no respect for them.  They are the field generals responsible for the propagation of Mormon-style child interrogations across the globe.

Four strikes.  Yeah, Mormon Church, you struck my family four times.  I will not forget what you have done and will spread the warning whenever I get the chance.




The Very First Ward to Openly Eliminate One-on-One Child Interviews


Father and son

Two days after the October 5th March to End Child Abuse, I had a conversation with the current bishop of the Olympus 8th Ward in Salt Lake City, UT.  In August of this year, his ward and stake were rocked by a very public scandal.  The prior bishop, Steven Murdock, was arrested for photographing a woman undressing in a clothing store’s changing room.  At the time of the arrest, the former bishop was serving on the stake high council.

As a result, the current bishop began to rethink  the application of church policy regarding interviews with children.  The normal practice is to have one-on-one meetings where the child is asked about their sexual practices.  This good bishop had concerns about this protocol.  He also wanted to follow the instructions from in Handbook 1 which contains directives from the apostles.

The Olympus 8th ward bishop studied the handbook, consulted with his stake president and called the Church’s bishop helpline.  With the new understanding he gained, the bishop has proceeded with a program to “normalize” the practice of always having a parent or other trusted adult in the room during meetings with children & youth.  The only exception will be if a child initiates the interview and desires to meet alone.  This will eliminate the vast majority of one-on-ones.  Questions relating to sex will be strictly limited to: ‘Do you live the law of chastity?’  Regardless of the answer, there will be no follow-up questions probing for further details.  The new interview policy was presented at a meeting with all parents.  It was well received.  If the new protocol is successful in the Olympus 8th ward, it will likely be rolled out to the entire stake.

Here are the bishop’s own words regarding our discussion:

I appreciate your desire to protect children and youth. I also appreciate the leaders of the church for their same desire. The information that I shared with our ward did not come from me, it came from the church handbooks. What I have learned in the past 5 weeks is that the bishops really need to study these handbooks. We need to use all the many resources that are available to us to lead in a way that will bless and protect the sisters and brothers in our wards and neighborhoods.

There are several things in the handbooks that have been updated that add further protection for youth, women and all the members of the church. The church no longer prints the handbooks. I assume this is due to the rapid inspiration, hearing and listening to concerns from the membership of the church and making the adjustments that are necessary for our day.

This past general conference is another indication of these changes.  If it appears that I am doing something different in my ward it is only because I have very recently, thoroughly studied the handbooks, consulted with my stake president and contacted the church bishop helpline and then shared what I have learned. There are many traditions and a general culture that are changing for the better as the Gospel of Christ stands unchanged. Normalizing the new information in the handbooks by teaching what is there will certainly protect the children and center much of the responsibility back to the parents and the home where it belongs. 

I firmly believe that we are led by living prophets and apostles and that they are listening and learning as hopefully we all are.  I am a follower and I believe in who I am following.  I am teaching and carefully following what has been taught with hopes for a better safer experience for us all!  I trust in and have faith in those who have dedicated their lives to this work.

I also respect all who have desires for goodness, kindness and love regardless of religion or nationality. We are all in this together.  Being well informed by keeping up on the handbooks will keep us on the right track.

Oh boy, do I ever love what this bishop is doing!  Eliminating one-on-ones & tightly limiting sex questions down to just one.  Then, to be rolled out to an entire stake?  Just WOW!

Over the past 2 years, at least 10 bishops have reached out to me, sharing that they completely support what Protect LDS Children has been calling for.  These bishops have quietly implemented safer interview protocols in their own wards.  However, none were willing to risk being open about it.

The bishop of the Olympus 8th Ward has done his due diligence and is willing to take action openly.  He is also very emphatic in stating that he is not the author of this new protocol.  It all came from church resources and leaders.  Good for him.

I have read the most recent Handbook instructions regarding interviewing children.  There are NO instructions that interviews should include 2 adults.  The good news is that there is NO instruction that the interviews should be private, just between the bishop and the child.  That is a change.

I wish to publicly commend the bishop of the Olympus 8th Ward, the stake president of the Olympus Stake and the church bishop help-line for coming together to end one-on-one interviews and explicit sexual interrogations of children.  At least in one ward.  The very first ward.

Take heart my child-protecting comrades.  We are winning the battle.  One bishop, one ward, and soon, one stake at a time.




Mormon God


  • I was Mormon for 66 years of my life. During that time, I never met God.  I never saw God except in paint and sculpture.  He is a concept in my mind.  My kids are real, living flesh and blood.  Abraham is a stark example of Mormon God.  I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry.  If God were to tell me to kill my child, I would firmly let Him know that I was not willing to commit an immoral act.  And, that He as God should embrace the common morals that mankind already understands:  Killing children is heinous.  If my morality (not being willing to kill my child) sends me to hell…fine.  I’m still going to love my children above the “invisible God,” as Paul referred to him.
  • In January 2018, my stake president threatened excommunication for publicly speaking out against Mormon policies that were harming children. He said that he had an obligation to protect “the good name” of the Church.  I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry.  I put the safety of children above “the good name” of any church.  It’s ironic & detestable that ‘Jesus Christ’ would be part of the name of a church which puts protecting their name above the interests of children.
  • On the eve of my hunger strike in July 2018, the stake president told me that he’d received this revelation for me: “Walk away, Sam.  Walk away.”  According to Mormon doctrine, the stake president represents Mormon God’s will.  Well…I no longer revere a God whose will is that adults are to “walk away” from children who are being hurt.
  • In September 2018, the Mormon Church told me to disavow my words and actions regarding their treatment of children. If I didn’t, they would excommunicate.  A threat from the Mormon God.  If I didn’t shut up, sit down and stop my warning cry in behalf of all children in the LDS Church, I would be branded with the scarlet letter ‘A.’  ‘A’ for apostasy.  Sorry Mormon God, but I’m not sorry.  I have more respect and love for children than I do for a God who loves silence over safety.
  • Mormon bishops are called by Mormon God. This year several sitting bishops have been arrested for sex crimes.  One was caught in an undercover human trafficking investigation trying to recruit prostitutes to work for him.  One for sexually abusing boys in his ward.  One for molesting over 30 children.  And a few days ago, a bishop was arrested for distributing child porn.  The police believe he has sexually assaulted children in Utah and other states.  All these men were called by Mormon God and given “unfettered access” to children alone behind closed doors.

Really?  This is the God Mormons worship?  I used to be Mormon.  I used to worship Mormon God.  Excommunication was a gift that opened my eyes.  No longer will I revere a God who possesses less decency than a common man.

Ending Child Abuse–It’s time to Go Viral!

Eve MooreOct 5, 2019:  the very first national March for the human right of every child to grow up in a world free from abuse!!   The civil rights movement of our day.  It will be historic.  Be a part of it.  A big part of it.

Can’t come to Salt Lake City?  Every person on the planet with a computer can be a huge part of this epic march.  Past movements like women’s suffrage, civil rights and LGBT equality did not have the empowering social media platforms of our day.  Each and every one of you has a tectonic task for your fingertips…making the march go viral.

Oct 5th’s event will be live streamed from the Protect Every Child facebook page.  Here’s what to do during the broadcast:

  1. View the livestream.  The complete schedule of the march is listed below.
  2. Comment.  Lot’s of comments.  You can comment as many times as you want.  There will be interviews with marchers all along the way.
  3. Share on your FB timeline and on whatever other pages you can.
  4. Like…Like….Like.
  5. Tell your friends, family and neighbors about the march.  See if they will also help raise visibility to this horrendous epidemic on our kids.

Doing this from your remote location will magnify many fold the awareness and visibility of what is happening on the ground in Salt Lake City.

This is truly a national march.  People are converging on Utah from 27 states in the union.  It’s also a global rally with representative from 9 different countries.

All we need now is virality.  YOU can make that happen.  March with your fingertips while others march with their feet.  It’s time to save generations upon generations of our children.

Our goal, and that of our 18 member coalition, is to end child abuse.  Some people say that our dream is impossible.  A couple of days ago, I had a chat with Matthew Sandusky.  He said that his goal was also to end child abuse and  that sometimes he hears the same critique.  He responds with this quote from Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done!”

Schedule for the March to End Child Abuse, Oct 5, 2019

  • 8:00 am:  Gathering begins at Salt Lake City/County Bldg, 451 S. State St.
  • 8:30 am:  Rally begins with MC (Local radio personality) along with music by Eric Herman and survivor remarks.
  • 9:00 am:  Keynote speeches.
  • 9:30 am:  March to the Utah State Capitol (1.1 miles).  A van will be available for those not able to walk the route.  If you would like to take advantage of this service, please message Protect Every Child on Facebook to receive further instructions.
  • 10:00-11:15 am:  Marchers arrive at Capitol.
  • 10:30-11:15 am:  Live music will greet marchers at the Capitol
  • 11:15 am:  Keynote speeches resume
  • 12:00 noon:  Rally ends.


  1. Parking. We’re asking attendees to scope that out themselves.
  2. For those who can’t walk 1.1 miles, you can come to the rally at the beginning and then drive or Uber to the capitol, use the van, or simply meet the group at the capitol.
  3. Times may vary depending on attendance. We don’t know exactly how long it takes for thousands of people to walk from point to point.
  4. Restrooms will be located at both starting and ending venues.
  5. Water will be available at the capitol. Please bring your own water container.
Registration is not required. However it allows us to gauge attendance expectations and to communicate useful information.

Please register HERE.

This is going to be an amazing & epic event. Bring your family, friends & neighbors. There is no greater cause.

Powerhouse Panel of Keynotes

Powerhouse Lineup

I am excited to announce the keynote speakers for the March to End Child Abuse on Oct 5th.

We will have the honor of marching with Jan Broberg, Tanya Brown and Matthew Sandusky.  In turn, they will have the honor of marching with thousands of you.

The members of our powerhouse panel are nationally recognized child advocates.  They are pursuing the very same goal as Protect Every Child:  A world free from child abuse.

Don’t miss this historic moment in history.  The very first national march to stand up for the human right of every child to grow up safe from abuse.   As of this moment 1,048 have registered, coming from 27 states and 9 countries.  This truly is a ‘national’ event that will be epic in the annals of protecting our children.   Please register HERE.

Matthew Sandusky

Watch Matthew’s worldwide TV exclusive on Oprah Prime.

Matthew Sandusky  was a victim of childhood sexual abuse from the age of 8 to 17 at the hands of his adopted father, Jerry Sandusky.  Matthew has turned his traumatic personal experience into a mechanism to prevent childhood sexual abuse and help other survivors heal.

Matthew raises awareness around child sexual abuse in local communities, supports the life-saving work of children’s advocacy and sexual assault treatment centers, and advocates for legislative changes.  Matthew also works with researchers, clinicians, the media, politicians, social workers and child protection professionals to raise awareness and improve the quality and availability of services to survivors nationwide.

In addition to his advocacy work, Matthew is committed to empowering and educating children to use their voices and help protect them against abuse.  He is working with other advocates to implement an in-school curriculum to empower children to use their voices as a first line of defense, along with parents and teachers.

Jan Broberg

Earlier this year, Jan Broberg became known as the subject of a movie chronicling her horrific kidnapping at the age of 12, and again at 14, by a trusted family friend.  The documentary film Abducted in Plain Sight was released by Netfix and is still available for viewing.  It recounts a jaw dropping tale of manipulation, brainwashing, kidnapping and child sex abuse.  All at the hands of a man who successfully groomed young Jan, her parents and the entire church community for his malevolent purposes.

Her triumph over those early, unspeakable events was instrumental in her speaking out to “end the abuse of every child on the planet. ”  She views this cause as a primary driving force in her life going forward.

Jan is an actress, singer and dancer who has appeared in more than two dozen feature films, numerous television series, and countless stage productions.

Tanya Brown

Tanya Brown is no stranger to adversity or trauma.  Her family name was seared into the national consciousness at the time of the O.J. Simpson trial for the murder of Tanya’s sister, Nicole Brown Simpson.  With the loss of Nicole, she has faced overwhelming life challenges but used these obstacles to ultimately improve the quality of her life.  Tanya became a domestic violence advocate, doing speaking engagements and training that would inform people about the horror of abuse at home.

Ten years after the loss of her sister, Tanya suffered a mental breakdown; and as a result, she has made a personal commitment to speak on the issues of how to overcome adversity and promote HEALTHY mental health for overall well-being.


High on a Mountain Top–Two Weeks to Go


Cindy Wells Hayes-TimpGreetings my FRIENDS!

Many adult survivors of child sexual abuse have written to Protect Every Child (PEC) expressing gratitude for all that you are doing through your activism, to help change the world.  You are lifting up the rocks and shining a bright light upon the darkness of child sexual abuse.

On their behalf, and on behalf of today and tomorrow’s children…THANK YOU!!!

A week ago we announced the Fall Color Tour of Protect Every Child banners, posters and signs. With the march now being only 14 days away, I would like that day to dawn BRIGHTLY.  I know it will.  The October 5th Children’s March will be triumphant in part because it was preceded by 9 months of climbing mountains, hills and driveways to save children.

A week ago, we requested that supporters invite a friend to unfurl a banner. Whether or not you go to your mountain together, on the same date, or separately, your participation and publication of your efforts will continue to help raise public awareness.

A week ago we expanded the definition of a mountain to include any institution that had the power to harm or to help a child, the power to hurt or to heal a child. The difference, of course, lies in the human element. What safety policies does the institution have, and are the people who run that institution following the policies?  The first place to start, of course, is with having proper institutional child safety policies for people to follow within every organization that deals directly with children. 

Months ago, Protect Every Child was perceived by some as a Utah movement.  Perhaps even a Texan movement because of where I am from.  Some perceived PEC as being a Mormon movement, because it was born out of the Protect LDS Children movement. The truth is that Protect Every Child is an ecumenical movement whose influence is felt across the country and around the world.

Protect Every Child is now a SIXTEEN-member coalition working to change things for our most vulnerable.  Our coalition partners are actively engaged in prevention, training, recovery, research, justice and legislation surrounding the issues of child abuse.  They all support the mission of PEC and the historic March to End Child Abuse.

So far in America, our banner has flown in the states of Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming , and Washington D.C. 

Across the world, our banner has been raised in the continents of Africa, Europe and North America. In Africa, our banner has been raised atop Mount Kilimanjaro.  In Europe, our banner has been raised in England, Norway, Scotland and Switzerland.  In the continent of North America, our banner has been raised in Belize, Mexico, Canada and the United States. 

The Spirit of Determination to Protect the Children is awakening around the world! On the same day that Protect Every Child will be marching in Salt Lake City, the Catholics will be staging a protest at the Vatican and ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses will be marching in multiple locations on multiple continents.

During the next two weeks, I would like to challenge PEC supporters to fly their banners and publish our message far and wide.  Let’s plant A Banner In Every U.S. State and A Banner On Every Continent and Fly it Among As Many People Of Different Faiths As Possible. We want the world to understand that child abuse has no boundaries, and that it’s rampant spread must be ended. That is our Mission Impossible. That is the Impossible Dream we dream.

Thank you for helping us spread the word through your participation in the Fall Color Tour to Protect Every Child.  We are excited with the momentum that is building as the date for The Children’s March draws ever nearer.  None of this could be possible without your help.  Like each of the beautiful autumn leaves on every tree, like each tree in every forest, our united one-by-one efforts are making a Mighty Unity of One Voice, roaring out to Protect The Children. We need each of you. We love and appreciate all of you. We thank every one of you.

Fly those banners high!  See you October 5th in Salt Lake City.


Video to share explaining Why We March

Register for the march HERE.

Supporting Organizations

Sign the Petition

P.S.  If we’ve missed your banner unfurling, let us know, and we’d be thrilled to add your story to our website.


Three More Weeks to Unfurl Banners

Ana Leyendo-3In preparation for The Children’s March which will occur in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 5, 2019, Protect Every Child would like to share an update on the Climb A Mountain Save A Child portion of our activism for this year.

Many of our supporters have already participated in this effort. They have done a fantastic job raising public awareness of the epidemic of child abuse. It is our hope that through this awareness, more and more people will join us in calling for protection measures to be put in place in all child-serving institutions. These wonderful people have created or purchased flags, planned climbs, scaled obstacles and unfurled their banners. I wish to personally thank every one of them for the caring and courage they each so freely gave to our cause.

I don’t want the world to forget what they have done. At we now have a growing series of posts connected to the page called Banners Unfurled. Any interested persons can go there to see the pictures and read the messages that our intrepid supporters have submitted to me and to PEC. With the march being only 24 days away, I would like that day to dawn BRIGHTLY because it has been preceded by the colors of a three-week Fall Color Tour of our Protect Every Child banners.


I would like to invite anyone who hasn’t yet climbed a mountain to save a child to make the attempt now. You can make your own flags, or buy them from Protect Every Child. Your banner can be as simple as a hand-lettered posterboard, or a picture drawn by a child with our slogan on it . We’ll take it! We know that many of you would like to do more, but that distance, health, finances or the timing have simply made it too busy to climb this summer. Many have told me these issues are also preventing them from being able to join in our projected 5,000 member Children’s March on October 5th. We honor your good hearts. We thank you for your belief and encouragement.

So that you may feel at one with us, when we march in Salt Lake, we invite as many of you as possible, across this nation and across the world, to let your local and online participation over the next three weeks be your contribution to the children and to this cause on their behalf.

Second, I want to stress that for a child, mountains come in many forms. I encourage supporters to continue to hike their hills and scale their mountains. However, I would also like to invite you to choose to take your stand in front of any child-serving institution in your community.  For a child who is vulnerable, endangered or being abused, their mountain may very well be an institution. On the other hand, their way over and out of their mountains may be the help that they find because of a child-serving institution. So stand in front of those homes, those churches, those schools and day care centers, those public libraries and public recreation centers, those runaway and homeless youth services. Stand in front of those places which society roars out, “This institution should be a safe place for kids!” If the place you are thinking of serves children, it qualifies.

Third, I invite PEC supporters to take pictures and video at that chosen place and then share it. Email it. Post it on your social networks and in social media. Hashtag #ProtectEveryChild. Hashtag #FallColorTour. You can even share your story with us, to whatever degree you feel comfortable, by emailing it to . With your written permission, my small team of volunteers and I will help everyone know how beautifully and well you have joined in on the cause to Protect Every Child.

Fourth, I invite past, present and future Climber-Unfurlers to INVITE A FRIEND to participate in the Climb A Mountain And Save A Child campaign during this three-week Fall Color Tour leading up to The Children’s March. Plan your event and take them with you. If they live too far away plan a date to climb together or simply invite to tell them about the cause of protecting children. We want to spread the word. Despite being eight months into our effort and less than a month away from the March, there are still too many people who don’t know about Protect Every Child.

May those practices and policies which have caused too many children’s hearts to fall… be ended. May the colors of autumn, combined with the hopeful colors of our banners, remind the children that things can and will change. As sure as autumn follows summer, a harvest of hope will come. With every color of the rainbow, that hope will look forth on that October morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun and terrible as an army with banners. It will rise, 5,000 people strong, through the streets of Salt Lake City… and shine.

You can register for the march HERE.