A Win for Our Children!!!

Lion Protecting CubsTonight, an amazing message came in from a good friend.  He’s an active member in a far far away stake.  Immediately, I composed an e-mail to my Stake President with his message at the core.  At this time, I can’t share all the details out in public.

The stake has decided to implement every last demand of the petition!!!!   And more…stuff that’s related but wasn’t included in the petition.  I felt that if the petition was to be successful, it needed to be focused on one issue….children’s interviews.  This wise stake presidency totally gets it.

Just so amazing.

Here’s the e-mail I just sent to my stake president.

Dear President _________,

Tonight, an active friend sent me the following message:

(Sorry everybody…I don’t have permission to share the details of what’s happening in this far far away stake.  But just imagine this…all our wildest dreams about changes to how sexuality is approached with our kids.  It is truly amazing stuff.)     

Changes to protect our children are inevitable.  This wise stake president has taken action without directions from Church headquarters.  I’m aware of 2 other stakes who are considering similar changes.

Let’s do the same thing here.  Take the lead.  I’ll follow.  Your flock will be delighted.



4 thoughts on “A Win for Our Children!!!

  1. Great news, Sam!

    I am wondering how The Brethren will react to a Stake President “going rogue” . . . if that’s what is actually happening.

    The Brethren could just remain silent and tacitly approve of SPs taking the lead to Protect the Children who live in their stake. That way, The Brethren don’t have to suffer the public humiliation of having been overpowered and outclassed by . . . Sam Young.

    This is an engaging Chess Game to be sure. But more importantly, LDS Children are being protected.

    You are The Rock, Sam.

    The House of Cards built on a foundation of sand aka LDS, Inc. is no match for you.

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