Let the Shunning Begin


Tonight’s communique to my Stake President.

Dear President______,

I have an acquaintance with inside scoop about Church headquarters.  A couple of months ago, he informed me that a Church security person and a public relations person had been assigned to keep watch on me.

My inside source also told me that orders would eventually be sent down to my stake president to ignore me.  At the time, he speculated that you likely had already been told to shun me months ago.

All this, after a member of the church stalked my private Facebook conversations for months and reported them to you.  Kind of weird that both the Church and its members have a need to stalk, spy and tattle.  Doesn’t sound much like Christ to me.

I have now been told that you have received instructions regarding my “Letter to the Apostles.”  The directive is to disregard me and my concerns.  I don’t KNOW if it’s true.  However, the source has been dead on in the past.

If you are ignoring me, don’t worry about it.  You are in a difficult position between me, a mere mortal member, and the powerful Seventies.  The issue I’m bringing to the fore is a headquarters matter anyway.  Of course, I’d love to address it directly with them.  That’s one of the reasons I’ve been so transparent about everything.  So far, not a peep out of any of the ranks of leadership.  Sounds like shunning orders have been issued.

I find it ironic that the Apostles say, “Don’t send letters to church headquarters.  If you do, they will be sent back to your stake.”  Then, when I send my letter to the stake, the General Authorities tell the stake to ignore it.  Oh well….like always….I’ll just keep moving forward.

Here’s what I’m hoping about my stake president…Deep down in his good heart, he’s secretly rooting for my success in protecting the children.

All My Best,


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9 thoughts on “Let the Shunning Begin

  1. Hi, Sam!

    A couple days ago, my sister and I agreed that you are occupying a Strategically Powerful position with respect to the Church and The Brethren regarding your public opposition to their egregious toleration (tantamount to encouragement and approval) of institutionalized sexual shaming and abuse of LDS children (including adults).

    They cannot DO anything TO you . . . like try to shut you up . . . or threaten disfellowship or excommunication. Such a stupid move would be a PR disaster for the Church. It would be the same as publically announcing something like this:

    “We don’t see a problem here with our Bishops’ engagement in “sacred opportunities” to assist young Church members to develop and maintain high principles of moral worthiness and personal virtue. Interrogating children and adolescents in private about details of their sexual behaviors and development without their parents’ knowledge or consent is truly in the best interest of the children. Moral standards of sexual purity are an essential component of living a Christ-like life. Children must be taught in detail which acts and behaviors are not OK with Jesus so they can know what not to do. Sam Young has blown the issue far out of proportion. As a result, his stake president and bishop will eventually find it necessary to handle the situation as appropriate for cases of apostasy and non-support of Church leadership.”

    The Church already displayed its complete inability to deal with this issue with a lame attempt at their trademark spin and issue obfuscation . . . intended to paint the Church in glowing (or at least not damning) colors. Their statement to the media after your Temple Square sidewalk appearance was a whitewash so thin as to not hide anything from discerning readers.

    Their directive that you be ignored by Church leadership at all levels will only postpone the inevitable . . . as you move boldly and courageously forward to very effectively execute a PUBLIC SHAMING OF LDS CHURCH LEADERSHIP at the highest levels.

    The ONLY response to your initiative that will not unleash a firestorm public outrage against The Brethren will be for them issue orders to Church leadership worldwide to cease all private interviews with LDS youth. Or at least forbid Bishops and Priesthood Leaders to discuss sex with minors under any circumstances.

    In this game of Chess, Sam, you already have The Brethren in checkmate. They cannot move without shooting their toes off. Their only sane move will be to agree with you and stop the sexual interviews.

    I should mention WHY The Brethren do not want to voluntarily stop sexual shaming of young Mormons. It is a well-understood, foundational method employed by Mind Control Cults to “own” the psyches of their prey.

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  2. the Apostles say, “Don’t send letters to church headquarters. If you do, they will be sent back to your stake.” Then, when I send my letter to the stake, the General Authorities tell the stake to ignore it.

    SO true.

    Best of luck Sam. That heart of yours keeps getting bigger!

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  3. Sam, the Brethren have a way they of dealing with individuals , like your self, who do dot agree with their policies. They have a hierarchy of responsibility that goes from the First Presidency. To the 12, to the area presidents, stake , bishops. I don’t see where you are being shunned at all. The doors have always been open to you. You chose to leave and now return because you have been given a platform to speak with the new curriculum. I have no doubt that the Brethren are studying the letters you have received and with what little info they are providing, trying to decide how best to handle the situation. I also have no doubt it has happened, or I would have never signed the petition. Where are the names of the perpetrators and those harmed? It’s kind of like Hollywood. Only those who were abused are naming names and filing lawsuits. Yes, the Brethren could outlaw interviews. A lot more would be accomplished if parents came forward and just said “no more”. I don’t want molesters teaching my children, going to the temple, or as scoutmaster.

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  4. Sam,
    Most leaders in the church are filled with love. Like you, they want to serve and protect. That includes general authorities, prophet, and apostles. One of my sweet daughters had a supervisor (sister in charge at boarding school of 16 HS student girls aka mom #2) at Benemerito in Mexico City HS that was so hard on all the girl students regarding the gospel, the way they dressed, the way they behaved, and the supervisor even lied to parents (at least to me) regarding activities of the girls under her care. As I talked to my daughters, I mentioned to them that the supervisor was just trying really hard to be Christlike in the only way she was raised. I know you personally. I know who you are! Your greatness and amazing heart! Just like you and many condemn the lack of action toward important issues by those chosen by our Savior to direct His church, many condemn you and those around for trying the best they can to be Christlike. I’m sorry to hear about the insider information directing for you to be ignored. You do not deserve to be ignored. Never mind that you are successful, smart, hardworking, kind, charitable, witty, fun, funny, sincere, embracing, and many other things. It is your Christlike devoted life that will prevail before God. Heavenly Father is with you as you continue to fight in protecting little ones from bishops that abuse their position of authority. I don’t understand how some wonderful, God-fearing and loving young men who grow to become bishops allow their hearts and minds to become so corrupted as to hurt a child with interviews and topics that destroy and make permanent wounds for a child. Couple years ago, one of my recent bishops serves his heart out in the ward and I loved serving along his side, yet in a meeting with 5 other people around a table, he told me that I’m not a good mother and compared me to Hitler. I’m grateful to know that as we all try our best, Christ sacrifice makes up the rest for us to one day return to God’s presence with clean garments. We each have a duty and I can’t think of many that fulfill it as courageously and lovingly as you do. You so rock! Sending you my love, respect, and admiration. Always your friend, Rebecca.

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    1. Thank you my friend for your amazing validation and affirmation. I’d really like it if you would be my next bishops.

      My jaw literally dropped when I read this, “in a meeting with 5 other people around a table, he told me that I’m not a good mother and compared me to Hitler.” So wrong for bishop to say such a thing. I’m sure it hurt to the core. Fortunately, you are an adult. You won’t be scarred forever as a result. But, our children are being scarred for life, childhoods ruined. Shame and self-loathing…suicide attempts. Yeah….if I don’t step up to protect our kids, shame on me.

      Thank you for your kind words.


    2. Hello, Rebecca,

      As I read your spot-on assessment of our mutual friend, Sam Young, I listened to myself echoing all of the adjectives you chose to describe him. I feel very fortunate to have met Sam less than a year ago, and now count him as a dear friend.

      In the spirit of offering you an alternative perspective on Church people, I’m going to point out what I see as a blind spot in your outlook on human behavior, evidenced when you wrote:

      “As I talked to my daughters, I mentioned to them that the supervisor was just trying really hard to be Christlike in the only way she was raised.”

      I see this as gross mislabeling, Rebecca. You are mislabeling abusive, un-Christlike behavior as somehow Christlike. Using that same twisted logic, one could say that Hitler was just trying really hard to be Christlike in the only way he was raised.

      Of course, that statement is ridiculous. Abuse is abuse. Abuse is not Christlike. Does not matter who the abuser is or what title or label they exhibit.

      It also does not matter if the exhibited label is “The Brethren.” If Church members who hold The Brethren in high esteem as earthly spokesmodels for Jesus Christ ultimately kill themselves because of what The Brethren told them to believe about themselves, an unbiased observer would conclude that The Brethren line up way closer to Hitler than to Jesus.

      The Brethren are just really trying hard to be Christlike in the only way they were raised.

      And members of their Church are killing themselves? Because of what The Brethren are teaching as the word of God?

      Rebecca, what you just read is fact. It’s not anti-Mormon BS. It is fact. People kill themselves as a direct and proximate response to what The Brethren teach.

      I find it most curious how common it is for Church people to recite wisdom from the scriptures, and then totally ignore what they recite.

      “By their words ye shall know them.”

      You caught the error in that sentence immediately. That’s not what it says. We all know that words can be worthless. Talk is cheap. Liars lie. Every day. It’s what liars do. Lie. They lie.

      “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

      Fruits do not lie aka behaviors do not lie.

      The Brethren can say the words “Jesus Christ” a thousand times every day. It’s not by counting how many times someone says “Jesus Christ” that we figure them out.

      We look at their behaviors, their fruits, and compare their actions with what would Jesus do.

      Sam passes that test all day, every day. Sam actually practices the teachings of Jesus in his daily behaviors and choices.

      You can decide, Rebecca, how well The Brethren do by that same standard.

      Thank God for Sam. The children need some serious protection. Protection from whom?

      Yes, but . . . .

      No buts, Rebecca.

      If this is the best Christlike behavior The Brethren can come up with, then . . .

      Then what?

      Our children are in danger. Some are at risk of Death. That is not a typo. Some Mormon kids are at risk of d-e-a-t-h because they are Mormon kids and not some other kind of kid.

      Sam gets it.

      The Brethren are either clueless . . . or they are evil dressed in expensive suits.

      If your spiritual teachers are either clueless or evil, seems to me that could be a problem worth resolving.

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