Bishop Talks Oral Sex to a 7 Year Old

Bishop & little girl

The church places no limit on what bishops are allowed to discuss..…with our children…..all alone..…behind closed doors.  They have free reign to talk about whatever God whispers in their ear.

What the hell do we think is going to happen?  Specific and explicit?  Yep!  With a 7 year old?  Yep!

Comment from the petition

I was 7 the first time I was asked if I “abide by the law of chastity.” Not knowing what that meant, I asked for a definition. In that room in front of a man I barely knew, I was given my first discussion about female anatomy and intercourse, oral sex, and more. Disgusting!

If this disgusts you, plant your signature on the petition and share it everywhere.

Protect our children….from….this….crap.  Sign the petition.


Testimonials of masturbation interviews.

Testimonials of interviews about orgasm and sexual positions.

Why this petition matters.

How to talk to your kids about masturbation.

Is masturbation a sin?

47 thoughts on “Bishop Talks Oral Sex to a 7 Year Old

  1. History has shown that you can get away with just about anything … if you do it in the name of Jesus.

    Note in the headline photo that Jesus is overseeing and approving the proceedings.

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      1. Dear Sam,

        I had a thought while driving home last night that I thought about sharing with you … so I will.

        The goodness and decency that you and I and many others see in the Mormon Church is real and genuine and actually exists.

        The thought process where many people go off track is to NOT realize the following true statement:

        “The root cause SOURCE of the goodness and decency that pervades Mormon society IS the personal Core Values of the MEMBERS … and has NOTHING to do with The Brethren or the collective core values of Mormon General Authority leadership … especially the Q15 who run the place.

        Mormons are brainwashed to presume they are good and decent BECAUSE they are Mormons. This message is a load of crap. In truth, they are good and decent IN SPITE of being MORMONS.

        If you wanna see what kinds of people the Church manufactures, just take a look at THE BRETHREN and how they treat innocent human beings born with traits and attributes they don’t like. Used to be that wrong skin color was all it took to win a spot on The Brethren’s Shit List.

        Nowadays, all it takes to make their list is unapproved use of ANYONE’s personal underwear contents … even children. And of course, enforcement requires that a Church official make a detailed inquiry of what you’ve done with your gonads lately.

        So, Sam, my friend, please see if you can more successfully avoid confusing the good and decent core values of most Church members with the very different core values of The Brethren.

        Most Mormons are good people IN SPITE of The Brethren, not because of them.

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      2. Oh Gary, Gary. I was reading your post in earnest intensity. Until….well just burst out laughing and then chuckled during the rest of the article…when I came across this phrase…”unapproved use of ANYONE’s personal underwear contents.” You really should do stand-up comedy. You’d make a mint. Still chuckling. I really ought to print that phrase out and post it for easy viewing when I’m feeling blue,

        Now, after all of our interactions, do you still not know where I’m at? I’m not confusing anything about the source of goodness in Mormonism. But, maybe you are just trolling me.

        You and I think pretty much alike. For various reasons we have to approach things from different sides of the mountain. But, when you and I are together, with no mountain in between, we look into each others hearts and see that we have the same beautiful view of the world.

        I really love you my friend.


      3. My Dear Sam,

        Well, in spite of our fairly public “bromance” aka mutual regard and respect, I do not believe that our respective views of The Brethren in general and Joseph Smith in particular are totally on the same page. Nor do I have any need for us to agree on everything.

        You can correct me if I am wrong, Sam, but my interpretation after all forms of communication with you leads me to believe that your perspective on the founding of the Mormon Church is that Jesus Christ was somehow personally involved with Joseph Smith in the creation of the LDS Church.

        Unless I misinterpret your meaning, when you quote “revelations” in the D&C as if they originated from Jesus as claimed by Joseph Smith and thus represent the Will and Mandate of God … then you and I are not on the same page.

        There are two separate “arguments” here. You have argued that The Brethren today are ignoring the Law of Common Consent as described in the D&C. That is a valid argument as long as The Brethren claim that the D&C is the Will of God revealed through Joseph Smith. In that case, THEY are not practicing what THEY preach. That argument stands by itself as logically defensible.

        Where you and I part company, seems to me, Sam, is when you write that the Law of Common Consent came FROM Jesus, and not from the mind of Joseph Smith. If you write that The Brethren should put changes to Church Doctrine and Practice up to a vote of the members … why? …. because Jesus commanded it in the D&C, then you lose me.

        If you say The Brethren should allow the Members to vote because it says so in the D&C, then you don’t lose me as quickly, Sam.

        That is a nontrivial nuance, in my opinion.

        The historical record shows that Joseph Smith rewrote both scripture and history as he pleased. The Brethren continue to do so as they continue Joseph Smith’s legacy of fraud and deception. The last thing they will ever do is voluntarily relinquish their total control of their very successful Mind Control Cult to the controlees.

        Ain’t never gonna happen, Sam. (double negative for effect) The only times The Brethren change something is when external influences virtually force them to adjust to the evolving collective values of a critical mass of human society. Egregious racism is no longer openly tolerated on this planet. Egregious homophobia and sexual preference discrimination will be the next domino to fall, but don’t hold your breath. A few nicely dressed dinosaurs must go extinct before that will happen, which is not very many years off.

        (In the meantime, destroying young Mormon psyches with sexual shaming and abuse in the form of criminally offensive interview questions can cease immediately and not be too soon.)

        Long answer to a short question, my friend. You can let me know where I misinterpret your views. And I truly have no need for you and I to agree on everything.

        I see The Brethren as extremely toxic to the health and well-being of every Mormon. When I write toxic, I mean egregiously harmful. When Mormons wake up, smell the coffee (and even drink some of it) and then get their asses far, far away from the toxic effluents from Salt Lake City, guess what, Sam? They take their good and decent core values with them.

        Thought experiment: If ALL of the members were to leave the Church except The Brethren, what would remain? Would an Incident Response crew wearing orange HazMat suits be called in to clean up the mess?


      4. My short answer to a long argument:

        “The Brethren today are ignoring the Law of Common Consent as described in the D&C. That is a valid argument.”

        I totally, totally agree with that sentiment.


      5. The Brethren are also continuing the legacy of Joseph Smith to ignore any “revelation” they do not like. They have Joseph Smith’s ‘permission by example’ to essentially do whatever they feel like doing just because they feel like doing it. Lying for the Lord is routine behavior.

        I think it is futile to expect The Brethren to conform their behavior to the D&C when they full well know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the D&C is Joseph’s Myth BS. Joseph Smith himself ignored any “revelation” he did not like, or lied in public to conceal his behaviors in violation of the D&C or any other commandment.

        Unlike Joseph Smith, The Brethren are living under the microscope of the Information Age where their every public move is shouted from the rooftops. They have learned to just say nothing most of the time. When your core truth is “Toxic Liar”, keeping your trap shut is a good idea.

        Sam, later when you feel like it, I would appreciate your clarification on how you see Jesus’ role in the founding of Mormonism. I truly do not know if my interpretation of your view is on target. And, once again, I totally respect your right to your personal opinion on that and everything else.

        I do not have to agree with you to love and respect you, Sam.


      6. Hi Gary,

        “I do not have to agree with you.” I have news for my good friend, I am determined to get you TO agree with me. But, that effort would take way too many words to conduct here. So, check your email. I trust that you’ll find the words that I’ve sent to you so effective, compelling, and enormously eloquent that they will muscle us into total agreement.


      7. Sam, I read your illuminating email, and then from a freshly enlightened state of full illumination, replied to you via email.

        By “illuminating email” I really meant “effective, compelling, and enormously eloquent” email.

        So, having been muscled into total agreement by my Beloved Friend, Sam Young, I have no choice but to bow my head and say Yes.

        That will do.

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      8. My wife loves to hear me chuckling in bed as I read late at night. Right now she’ really loving it a lot.


  2. Gary and Sam, you two are adorable. Your bromance is being enjoyed from afar, by a stranger to you both. If only the two predominant political parties could interact with with such grace. 😏

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    1. Jan, you are so kind to speak up from the usually-silent Peanut Gallery.

      Your positive feedback is truly helpful and encouraging, particularly coming from an alleged “stranger.”

      Please chime in more often to share your point of view. We’re ALL in this together, so we may as well help each other along the path at every opportunity.

      If we don’t help each other, no one else will.

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  3. Sam,
    Even the first presidency has been aware of this problem in the past and have instructed bishops to stop:
    “One of the General Authorities once interviewed a young man who had gone into the mission home who had made confession of a transgression which disqualified him from missionary service. The General Authority was amazed at the sordid nature of what the young man had done and asked, “Where on earth did you get the idea to do things like this?” He was shocked when the young man answered, “From my bishop.”…there must be nothing immodest or degrading in your interview. Our interviews are not to be indelicate, or offensive, or pornographic in any way.”
    -President N. Eldon Tanner, First Counselor in the First Presidency

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      1. N. Eldon Tanner’s sensible remarks are dated 1978?

        That would be the same year all of the previously RACIST prophets, seers and revelators were thrown under the bus.

        Today in 2017, President Tanner is thrown under the bus as well. He must have been speaking as a MAN at the time . . . yet again.

        The problem with Mormon Principles and Practice is that the whole shootin’ match is dreamed up by whichever mere mortals du jour happen to be holding the reins of the Church.

        Nobody in charge at the COB remotely qualifies as a prophet (they prophecy future events), seer (they see stuff ordinary people cannot see) and revelators (they receive revelations and announce them).

        For heaven’s sake, People! They actually HAVE Joseph Smith’s actual Seer Stone IN THEIR POSSESSION, and not a one of The Brethren has a clue what to do with it.

        Could it be they know full well that it’s a . . . duh . . . rock . . . and nothing more?

        Dieter likened the Seer Stone to his iPhone?

        Is that incredulous insult to anyone with two brain cells to rub together supposed to strengthen my testimony?



        Then throw your goddamn iPhone away, Elder Silver Fox, and show us how it’s done, you disingenuous lying bastard!

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